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Free Tarot Readings

Free Tarot Reading

 Tarot Cards are an ancient method of foretelling events which may occur in a person's future. To obtain a free Tarot Reading, select a spread from those listed below and click the "Shuffle and Read" link.


The Tetraktys spread is based upon Platonist thought and Pythagorean mathematics. The ten card spread gives a snapshot of the querent's overall state by exploring everything from the most basic physical elements to the spiritual self.

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Cross and Triangle Spread

This is a query spread used to explore questions concerning the overall direction of the querent's life. To use this spread concentrate on a question to put before the cards and click below.

Shuffle & Read

Celtic Spread

The Celtic Cross spread is probably the most popular spread in use today. It is intended to shed light on many aspects of the querent's life. To use this spread, concentrate on a question to put before the cards and click below.

Shuffle & Read

Astrological Spread

In this spread each card is read as an entity onto itself. Individual cards represent each astrological house and should be interpreted with the strengths and weaknesses of the corresponding house in mind. You need not ask a question before using this spread.

Shuffle & Read

Relationship Spread

This spread is used by querents to explore their relationships with others by exploring the needs and views of both parties. Think of your relationship with a specific person and click below.

Shuffle & Read

Planetary Spread

This is a query spread that may yield insight into a number of different aspects of your life's current state. To use this spread concentrate on a question to put before the cards and click below.

Shuffle & Read

Birthday Spread

The birthday spread is used to help plot a course toward achieving goals you would like to realize before your next birthday. Think of what you would like to accomplish before your next birthday and click below.

Shuffle & Read

Mandala Spread

This spread is used to explore the spiritual side of the user. You may pose a question to the cards using this spread, or may explore your overall spiritual self without making a specific inquiry. Click below to use this spread.

Shuffle & Read

Star Spread

This spread is often used to explore a very specific question. To use this spread concentrate on a question to put before the cards and click below.

Shuffle & Read

Tree of Life Spread

The Tree of Life spread is a very thorough method of exploring the general path of the querent's life. To use this spread concentrate on a question to put before the cards and click below.

Shuffle & Read

Wisdom of The Moon Spread

The Wisdom of The Moon Spread is used to create a general inventory of your life at this time. Its locus is to help you make decisions concerning your life overall.

Shuffle & Read

Dream Exploration Spread

This spread is often used to explore a recent or recurring dream. To use this spread concentrate on your dream and click below.

Shuffle & Read

Past Life Spread

This spread is used to explore how your past lives effect your current life. The spread can be used as a general overview, or by concentrating on a specific aspect of your life you can produce a more focused reading.

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State of Being Spread

This spread produces a broad snapshot of your current state of being. You may use the spread for more specific readings by concentrating on a specific aspect of your life before going to your reading.

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Tarot Cards and Synchronicity

Tarot cards reveal the synchronicity of events and intention.

Tarot cards have a history dating back to the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and possibly even the Chinese. It was, however, only around 700 years ago that the first written evidence of the Tarot was mentioned by Johannes of Breheld. He was a monk who referred to the tarot as "The Devil's picture book". Obviously not impressed with the growing appeal, he was unable to stop the powerful influence of this divinatory art.

There are 78 cards in the classical tarot deck. They are divided into the major and minor arcana of 22 and 56 cards respectively. The word arcana is derived from the Latin which means secret or hidden. Each of the cards has reference to specific aspects of human endeavour and activity but also points to the psychological condition of man as well as the evolutionary process from ignorance through the self-realization and enlightenment.

Generally, the cards are used to answer simple day-to-day questions however, the more esoteric approach as given in say, the book of Thoth, the tarot deck is truly a cult system for revealing the spiritual path and destiny of those who make an enquiry of it. It's a valid question as to how the random selection of cards at any given moment can relate do anything specific or concrete in the life of the questioner. But you must look at how everything in this moment is in its own way serendipitous. There are not isolated events occurring at this moment but rather one homogenous universal "now".

Essentially what the tarot cards say, as does astrology, and let's remember that there is a direct link between the tarot deck and astrological principles, is that each and every moment is simply Fractalic in its nature. This also echoes the ancient astrological dictum "as above, so below". Effectively this means that everything that is occurring now is reflective or representative of everything else. The cellular level is simply a mirror of the celestial level. What's happening on a planetary level can also be deciphered here on earth at the most fundamental human and individual level as well.

In this way, tarot can also be seen to be a fractal of what's happening in the greater immediate and larger celestial environment. The sequence of cards that is pulled during a reading is therefore not all random but serendipitous with what's happening around and that each card is it is laid on the table is deeply reflective of the questioner, his mind, emotions and immediate experiences and problems.