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The Chin

This relates to the stamina of the individual and the stronger the jaw line the greater the degree of stamina and endurance. People with very strong jaw lines can sometimes be considered stubborn. 

If the jaw line exceeds the balance of other features in the face, don’t be too hasty in your judgment as this may simply mean a person who has strong convictions and who is not easily swayed by the opinions of others.

The chin should be rounded or square in shape with a gentle fullness. If this is the case, the latter part of life, during the 60’s and 70’s will be satisfying and lucky.

A protruding chin displays a strongly independent, determined individual.

Weak or receding chin reveals a weaker willed personality.

Jawline extending beyond ear line betokens an individual who doesn’t like losing and who may brook no opposition.

Chin Shapes


Your chin is considered ideal to a large extent because it will more than likely be in proportion to your forehead, nose, and cheeks. Because yours is somewhat square, with a reasonable amount of fullness, it offers you great luck in life. Coupled with hard work and this innate luck that you’ve been born with is a distinct asset. You are tenacious in the way you approach most of your worldly affairs and your health and vitality are also supplemented and revealed by the strength of your square chin. The later part of your life will be satisfying and fortuitous.

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With your oval shaped chin petulance and irritability are the key characteristics that are reflected in your character. You are a petulant sort of individual. When dealing with others you may need to foster a far more patient and forbearing attitude which in turn will create a more reciprocal arrangement, especially in your most personal one-on-one personal relationships.

You seek various emotional exchanges and variety in life and your oval chin also points out this fact most notably. You have such strong stamina that you are prepared to see things through, no matter how difficult the going gets, however, your testiness will make your journey all that much harder for you and the people who choose to share that journey with you. One of your life lessons will be to soften your rather hard edged personality.

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Because your chin is pointed and especially because this pointedness is accentuated in respect of the rest of your face and the other features, you will find it very difficult to make up your mind on most things. You are very much like the proverbial astrology sign of Pisces, which is symbolised by two fish swimming in completely and diametrically opposed directions – and this sums you up perfectly.

You tend to vacillate in your opinions and decisions and even seem to be somewhat narrow-minded in the viewpoints you offer to others. Could it be there is a necessity for you to broaden your base of knowledge and interests to accommodate differing perspectives? Perhaps. Consider this as it may assist you in developing far more decisive approach to your life.

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Your rounded chin is a mark of your love of friendship and social intercourse. You love being with people and enjoy working in an environment that afford you plenty of social communication and interaction with people of varying temperaments. Furthermore, you are seen favourably by your peers and friends and even your employers who feel that you are trustworthy and reliable.

Being easygoing in nature is also another characteristic which is reflected in your rounded chin, but sometimes you will be seen as too easygoing and wanting in the required initiative or drive to achieve your desires, but desires you have! Lacking in careful planning to achieve these ends could result in a frustrated attitude, especially if you don’t acquire a position of financial stability by the time you hit your mid-life years. You have a tendency to rely on the generosity of others rather than developing your own self-reliance and this, in short, warns that you are not really demanding enough of yourself and the need is therefore clear – a plan of action to fulfil your purpose and your great talents in this life.

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Because of your short chin, your mind may well be agile but is equally as changeable. Sticking to your guns, holding to your position, or following through in any personal or professional resolve may not be an easy thing for you. It’s quite clear that developing a more determined attitude will be a distinct asset for you as life goes on.

Depending on the other features of your face, it could simply mean that your opinions vary from time to time and may be used more as a matter of convenience rather than any real conviction that you hold dearly. Because of this, you need to learn to develop the further attitude that the way you live should always be in line with certain principles that have been born of experience and the wisdom of others whom you trust.

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You must accept that life comes as a total package, challenges and all, but your receding chin shows that although you intellectually understand this, you don’t put it into practise and as a result become easily discouraged due to a lack of innate willpower. Basically speaking, your short and receding chin shows a lack of strength and follow-through that ultimately heralds unfulfilled ambitions and disappointment generally.

This is not to say that you cannot overcome these traits of character, but you certainly need to make a commitment to do so. It’s hard for you to sustain a family life as a result of your short and receding chin, but don’t jump to conclusions as these readings must basically be supported by other features in your face for them to be fully manifest.

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Your long chin is a dominating one and it is therefore clear that there is an instinctive need in you to control others, be they friend, kin or co-worker. This is something you probably have an awareness of, but don’t do much about, and as you age you’ll start to feel that this is more obvious due to the fact that no one enjoys being around a bossy boots.

You have another inclination which is that you enjoy hearing news but the type of news we’re talking about here is not current affairs or the usual information of topical interest but gossip relating to people you know and this will ultimately cause trouble by alienating you from those you would otherwise like to become closer to. Try to avoid back-biting or even simply associating with those who would try to find fault with others. If you can learn to redirect your powerful domineering attitude to your own personal character traits, you can become a great person in the long run.

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Arrogance is a word that may be used to describe you by the people who’ve come to know you, but somehow, irrespective of this fact you still tend to attract people around you. It’s possible that others look up to you and perceive this arrogance as a form of power and even dignity, but don’t wear out your welcome, as sooner or later these types of attitudes will wear thin on those that mean most to you.

In life, you’ve always believed you must struggle or fight for what you must achieve but this is not particularly true. There are other perspectives and if you choose to consider the alternatives your journey through life may just become a bit easier. You’re rash in your behaviour, and impulsive in your love life. Relationships will, therefore, become a bitter experience if you’re not able to curb your arrogance and your fighting spirit. Success will no doubt be something you can achieve, but the question is “At what cost to your personal relationships?”

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Because your chin appears to be blunt or not quite rounded or not quite square, as if it were coming to a dead end, it indicates your firm and immovable nature. This is a good trait to possess but in the extreme may make you somewhat intransigent and stubborn when that need not be the case.

On a brighter note, you are dependable and see things through to the very end, no matter how difficult. Throughout your challenges, you are known to be dependable and demonstrate a calm almost serene exterior, even though your inner self may be turbulent and prone to quick bouts of temper, possibly even violence if other features on your face confirm this.

Your lesson in life is to consistently align your inner and outer self in a most harmonious way. This will take effort but with your stoic and persistent nature you can achieve the harmony you seek.

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Your cleft chin is an unusual one and is seen to be an attractive facial marking in males throughout many cultures. It is a genetic trait usually indicating one parent also possesses the same trait. But for women who are seeking a partner in life, the cleft chin on a male should caution them as it indicates a level of emotional immaturity in the character to whom this chin belongs.

You need to develop your emotional quotient through a deeper understanding of the implications of your actions and your outbursts. You react very quickly to many situations and could be unsteady in your commitments romantically. There is no doubt your cleft chin provides you with sensual or magnetic appeal with the opposite sex, however maintaining integrity by deepening your understanding of the opposite sex is itself the major karmic lesson that you must learn this time around.

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Your amiable, welcoming and extremely outgoing disposition are some of the most prevalent characteristics of your personality that your double chin strongly indicates. Because you possess this double chin you have developed an excessively self-indulgent nature, particularly with respect to food and drink and the finer things in life.

It could be wise for you to regulate your habits in these areas if not just for the health benefits you derive but for the inner freedom you can achieve through the strength of discipline by taking control of your baser nature. Notwithstanding these traits, you do have a generous disposition and love to share your material resources as well as your advice and emotional insights with those in your immediate circle.

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So, you possess a protruding chin. President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis also shared the same chin shape as you possess and exhibited strong character traits including a powerful sense of independence and a determined course of action through life.

Your personality, like theirs, is keen to assert itself and no doubt due to this you will have moments of intense disagreement and clashes in your personal life, especially if you attract someone who has a taste for supremacy in the relationship as you do. Because you possess the protruding chin you are somewhat pugnacious but also stubborn and in a positive sense, this will work for you where your material concerns are indicated.

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Your receding chin hints at weakness of willpower and even a certain lack of physical strength. Mental purpose may be lacking and it is this one factor that needs to be worked on by you. The Chines face readers refer to this as one of the five exposures and therefore requires careful attention and a re-orientation of your values so that the mental strength we refer to here can be refocused and re-established to your benefit.

It may become far too easy for you to escape the responsibilities or duties of your life by taking a reclusive or secluded position rather than standing up to the challenges that life presents and dealing with them fairly and squarely. Alcohol and narcotics or other pharmaceutical drugs are best avoided in your case as under stress you do have a compulsive and addictive personality. Your receding chin also informs us of your argumentative, impatient and somewhat trivial disposition.

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Your chin is considered ideal because it is in fine proportion to your forehead, nose and cheeks. If your well-proportioned chin is also either rounded or somewhat squarish with a gentle fullness, this is a great feature and tells us that your life will be lucky. Your health and vitality are strengthened and the latter part of your life will be satisfying and generally fortuitous.

You have fine social appetites and the type of chin you possess will never find you at a shortage for friendships or love. If other features lend support to this fine feature of your face, you will be most happy in your relationships and the latter part of your life will also be fulfilling.

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