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Feline Horoscopes

What Does ASTROLOGY Say About Your Feline Horoscopes?

Feline Horoscopes


Independent of mind and spirit, cats have always displayed outright indignant behaviour at any attempt to train them. Having a mind of their own and a highly changeable nature,  cats are unlike any other animal you’ve owned. The favourites of many but they are misunderstood by all.

Astrology Cat Horoscopes

Specifically, feline horoscopes help us to understand some of the quirks these highly intelligent animals display. Are they good house pets? Or will they drive you crazy until against your better judgement you let them out?

Refined hunting skills and sharp instincts are common traits of most cats. And some are known for their patience, or perhaps for nurturing others.

But others just prefer your lap, or to lounge on the sofa until served their favourite meal.

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