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The Forehead

the-ForeheadThe Forehead can be broadly categorized as follows A wide forehead expresses your cleverness and practicality being someone capable of executing duty diligently. This gives you high idealism and a wealth of ideas. 

A high rounded and deep forehead depicts your idealism, but with a focus on strong friendship. A narrow forehead is considered an obstacle to fulfillment, especially in social situations. Constraints in family life. Need to think things through.

Shallow forehead with a low hairline may cause many obstacles to your career success and parental troubles between the ages of 15 and 30.

Flat forehead gives you a more pragmatic nature, given to factual expression.

Exaggerated forehead reveals you are certainly a dreamer one who needs to anchor your ideas firmly to a plan of achievement.

The receding or “flying” forehead betrays your impatient and spontaneous manner in life. Possessing an indented forehead is not a good omen for your employment or business prospects. Plan and work carefully. Indented with powerful eyebrow ridge means you are quick-tempered, impulsive and ambitious.

A pointed forehead shows your high intelligence if your hairline is set back and not too narrow.

Types of Forehead

Oriental face readers refer to the forehead as the Heavenly area of your face. It could have something to do with the fact that your forehead relates to your brain and therefore all of your higher and more evolved mental and spiritual processes are included in this part of your features. Such things as your reasoning and decision making can be seen from your forehead. 

Your dreams and aspirations and how your imagination functions are also clearly observable from the type and quality of forehead that you possess. The more finely shaped your forehead, the more refined your intellectual capacity – so say the Chinese. It will, in fact, be noticed in practice that this very true.


Because your hairline is higher than most you could expect a far better career path and success in your profession generally speaking. Due to your high hairline, your forehead will be quite visible and probably more pronounced than a lot of your other features. This shows your incredible imagination and strong intelligence. Having a high hairline also means that you exhibit a lot of loyalty in your friendships and value what others think of you. You’ll, therefore, have a strong sense of integrity in the way you conduct your business affairs. As this part of your face relates to your earlier childhood, depending on how clear and pleasing to the eye this feature is, you will have been well supported as a child and into your teens and will have good memories of your interactions with your family during the earlier part of your life. This, of course, is a great foundation for your future relationships and your own family affairs.

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A narrow forehead – one where your hairline sits low, is considered an obstacle to the fulfillment of your ambitions. And the more blemished, scarred or discoloured the greater the difficulties. As the forehead rules the period of 15 to 34 years of life, the quality and complexion of your forehead reflect most importantly the above period of life. So the quality of each feature is not only a gauge of the “what” but also the “when” of your life. Your narrow forehead reveals your discomfort with social situations. This may be as a result of your troublesome childhood and family dynamics. You will need to carefully think your plan through and also maintain independence in all of your decisions. At times your family members may show an utter disregard for your wishes and can obstruct you in your desire to express and fulfill your ambitions. You need to learn how to articulate your feelings much more. In this way, you can determine the link between early patterns of emotional and mental development and your current inter-relational trends. You’ll notice a greater clarity in high foreheads as a result of good family upbringing – as compared to your own narrow forehead shape which seems to result in repeated dilemmas throughout your life. Intelligence, thinking, and idealism, as well as moral and ethical foundations, are seen from your forehead.

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A distinctly dome-shaped forehead as in your case indicates your absolute love of excitement. You love the thrill of life and are ever ready to take up the offer of exhilaration, either in a social context or are simply exploring what life has to offer generally. You’ll spice up your aspirations with adventure, travel and cultural interchange which makes you eclectic in your tastes. Please note however that if your dome-shaped forehead exceeds the profile line of the nose (as in a baby’s forehead), your character may take on more a dreamy than practical hands-on character which means you must work hard to make your dreams and ambitions a reality. If you possess an exaggerated dome-shaped forehead you are likely to dream your life away and never quite get your projects off the ground. Effective planning and tackling life in smaller, more steady steps will help you in achieving realistic goals.

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Because you possess a flatter and straighter forehead this means you are more pragmatic rather than idealistic about the way you see things. Life for you must be touched, seen and heard for you to give anything credibility. In other words, your motto in life is to see first before believing. You far prefer to see all the facts and figures on the table first before committing to any path of action. For this reason, you should do well in business as you’re not likely to rush headlong into airy fairy ideas which are not supported by a common sense foundation. The shortcoming in your character is that you may lose touch with the purely imaginative side of your personality preferring only cold, hard facts. Practice a little more creative visualization to open up these other innovative corridors in your mind as you do also possess artistic and even spiritual elements which are probably buried deep within you.

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Your receding, or flying forehead as it is known, displays a somewhat impulsive nature. You like to implement your ideas quickly and without any interference. You are also quite restless, even wilful in the way you live your life. You’ll need to anchor yourself to a long term plan if you are to succeed as you are certainly capable of achieving the goals he set for yourself. Spontaneity and improvisation are also positive attributes of your character and you’re able to creatively come up with ideas when others least expect it. Your forehead also says that says you have difficulty in making up your mind at times and are particularly egotistical about your knowledge. You certainly do not like subordinating yourself to others and often feel as though your knowledge is superior to theirs. You should be careful not to appear too cocky especially with employers who may see this as a threat to their own position. Throughout life, you will need to work through moral and spiritual dilemmas before you find peace. As you grow older you could develop far more interest in spiritual and philosophical matters as you have keen insight into the life and its meaning. You could find yourself in a conflict between your thinking and actions in the earlier part of your life.

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Because you possess a wide forehead this suggests you are more of a practical person and possess a fine mind with sharp intelligence and good common sense. There is nothing you dislike more than ideas which have no idea the grounding to them. In fact, any airy fairy ideas will evoke your scepticism as you need solar proof for opinions and suggestions which are offered to you. And even philosophical matters will need some scientific basis for you to accept them an otherwise you would prefer to reserve your judgment. In the extreme, your forehead could be excessively wide. If so, it should be counteracted by other features as it is a negative sign if you happen to be female, especially where relationships with the opposite sex are concerned. It reveals turbulent and unfulfilling associations socially and perhaps a challenging time meeting your soul mate. You must not despair and feel as though you are unlucky in love as your challenges will only serve to make you stronger and eventually attract the right person into your life.

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You’ll be pleased to note the positive attributes of character if you own this sort of forehead. You are capable and serious in any endeavour you embark upon, your work ethics are clear and people see this in you. You are very prudent in your affairs and exhibit high intelligence both personally and in the way you deal with finances. You never enter into a transaction or relationship without due consideration.

Collecting all the data, facts and information necessary to make a decision is important to you and you’ll spend inordinate amounts of time to get things just right. Because you possess a wider forehead at the upper part of your head, it means you are quite likely narrower in the chin area. This shows your creative and fiery temperament and strong physical endurance. You tackle your work with commitment and are prepared to spend as much time as necessary to complete the job. You often overwork and need to supplement your energy reserves with ample rest.

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Your forehead appears to be narrow as you look at the top of your head. Chinese face readers are of the opinion that your type of forehead can be rather unfavorable for your fortunes. It’s a reflection of your confused and disorderly thinking processes. As a result, your actions at times are anything but well planned if you are the owner of this type of forehead.

This won’t be quite as obvious if there is additional height to this feature of your face. Overall you have high aspirations to achieve success in your chosen path but may prefer to keep your field of vision to specifics rather than being too broad based on your attitudes. This may also be the case if your eyes are quite closely set. It is important to consider not only the height but also the other characteristics of your head before drawing any final conclusions though.

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Your forehead is a variation of a high forehead and in your case, narrows to a distinct point. You’ll be pleased to note the very positive attributes if you own this sort of forehead. You indeed very capable and serious in your endeavours and work ethics. whatever you attempt you do so with the find concentration and dedication to the task at hand. You’re very prudent in your manner and exhibit high intelligenceIn everything you do.

You never enter into a transaction or relationship without due consideration for the repercussions of doing so.others may, therefore, find you a little difficult of all cagey to deal with. For this reason, you may excel at business and other forms of negotiation especially from an early age as of this part of your body relates to the early teens. Your pointed forehead is a very good reflection of character if it’s found on a reasonably high forehead. The point, again, is caused by your hairline. It refers especially to your fine mental qualities, higher aspiration, and keen imagination. try to keep your ideals on an even keel and practical for the most part.

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