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Self Empowerment in Relationships

Self Empowerment in Relationships

The only way to gain power in life and improve yourself is through deep self-analysis and spiritual awareness. This can be done through self-empowerment in relationships. So, these are the keys to any sort of success not just in a philosophical sense but in practical life as well.

By understanding your weaknesses, gradually improving your personality traits and the way you interact with others in the world at large you can indeed empower yourself to do bigger and better things.

In this part of the site, we focus primarily on self-empowerment in relationships, sexualityromance and self-esteem. These are key areas for improvement if you are to enrich your romantic life. Too often we project our problems on others, finding fault in the people we supposedly love all the while forgetting because relationships are primarily a mirror being held up to show us where we ourselves are lacking. 

By looking closely at your own character you can overcome these shortcomings and become a much better person. Use these self-analytical tools to your advantage and you will shortly see just how much more improved your relationships and life generally become.


How Romantic Are You?

Are you swept off your feet when you meet the right person? Do you believe love conquers all? Or do you think there is no room in your life for any romance.

How Intimate Can You Be?

Do you tell all to everyone or are you as tight as a clam with your feelings? Take our short intimacy assessment to find out the level of intimacy you are comfortable with.

How Sensual Are You?

Are you an ascetic or hedonist or somewhere in between? To discover your sensuality level take our short assessment. Before taking the sensuality assessment, settle yourself, get comfortable. 

How Do You Feel About Sex?

Sex is an important part of our lives whether it’s a casual or seriously committed one.  The physical, emotional and spiritual connection makes us wanting it for more… but what’s your sex style?

Comparing your Biorhythms

Compare your biorhythms with those of another person, you may gain insight into how to interact with them more successfully. 


Individualize your forecast report for your specific date, time and place of birth.