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How Intimate Can You Be?

INTIMACYDo you tell all to everyone or are you as tight as a clam with your feelings? Take our short intimacy assessment to find out the level of intimacy you are comfortable with.

Before taking the intimacy assessment, settle yourself, get comfortable. Try to avoid any distractions while responding to the statements. When selecting your responses it is important to think of how you usually are, not just how you are at this moment. It is also very important to be honest with yourself.

Finally, remember this is not a test, but a private assessment to help you discover or confirm your attitudes towards sex and intimacy. There are no right or wrong, good or bad answers.

To find your intimacy comfort level fill in the statements below. Once you have responded to all the statements, click the "Show Me My Results" button at the bottom. To personalize your assessment, you may enter you name in the appropriate textbox (this is optional). We do not store personal assessments, so your privacy will not be compromised by entering your name.

  1. I am open about my feelings with others.
  2. I enjoy close relationships with others.
  3. I enjoy it when other people share their feelings with me.
  4. I am afraid others will reject my feelings when I share them.
  5. When I am in a close relationship, I worry about the other person dominating me.
  6. When I feel I'm in a close relationship, I worry that the other person does not feel the same about me.
  7. Sometimes I worry that I put too much trust in others.
  8. I feel closer to others when we share our feelings.
  9. When I believe my feelings would hurt another person, I don't want to share them.
  10. I am very critical of people in intimate relationships.
  11. When I find someone I am attracted to, I want to feel close to that person.
  12. I have a tendency to share my deepest feelings with others.
  13. When I am strongly attracted to another person, I do not like sharing my sexual feelings.
  14. When someone is attracted to me, I want to be close to them.
  15. I avoid being close to others because close relationships involve conflict.
  16. When I am attracted to others, I want close relationships with them.
  17. People in close relationships tend to stop listening to one another.
  18. I derive a great amount of satisfaction from relationships that are intimate.
  19. I seek out intimate relationships.
  20. Forming close relationships is important.
  21. I have no need to share my feelings and thoughts with others.
  22. Intimacy often leads me to see things in a person I find difficult to accept.
  23. I am usually accepting of most things about people I know intimately.
  24. I keep a barrier between my personal space and others.
  25. It is difficult for me to trust people who raise concerns about closeness and intimacy.
  26. Close relationships threaten my individuality.
  27. Losing control in an intimate relationship concerns me.
  28. I feel closer to a person when I am open and honest with them.
  29. If I was someone else, I would want to know me.
  30. I look for people who have the same interests as I do to be close to.
  31. When I reveal my secrets about sex to someone, I feel closer to that person.
  32. I can be as close to members of the opposite sex as I am those of the same sex.
  33. Often I want to become more intimate with a person who finds me physically attractive.
  34. It is difficult for me to be intimate with more than one person.
  35. I feel good when I am honest and intimate with someone.
  36. Most of the time I can see someone's viewpoint.
  37. I need to know my self-control is working properly before I attempt intimacy with someone.
  38. I fight intimacy.
  39. Stories about people's relationships have an impact on me.
  40. Disrobing in a group increases my sense of being close to them.
  41. I attempt to be close to and trust others.
  42. I believe people seeking intimacy have ulterior motives.
  43. One of the dangers of becoming close to someone is that you become more vulnerable to manipulation.
  44. Usually I am very private.
  45. Sex and intimacy are the same and can only exist in tandem.
  46. I need a physical relationship to be intimate.
  47. The expectations of others you are intimate with often decrease my fulfillment.
  48. I am willing to compromise to maintain an intimate relationship.
  49. Being physically attracted to someone makes me want to become intimate with them.
  50. I know that intimacy conjures both good and bad feelings and I am willing to take the good with the bad.