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How Do You Feel About Sex?

  1. I have no need for a commitment with someone to have sex with them.
  2. I don't see anything wrong with casual sex.
  3. I would enjoy sex with a variety of different partners.
  4. I would enjoy an occasional one night stand.
  5. I see nothing wrong with having sexual relationships with more than one person at a time.
  6. It is acceptable to manipulate someone into sex as long as no promises that will not be kept are made.
  7. Having sex just for the release is fine.
  8. Sex is best when it is commitment free.
  9. If people were more open to casual sex life would have far fewer problems.
  10. I can enjoy sex with a person and not really like them.
  11. I prefer sex with someone I don't love.
  12. Pressing someone to get sex is acceptable.
  13. Having many sexual encounters before getting married is acceptable.
  14. Cheating on your spouse is okay as long as you don't get caught.
  15. Open marriages are a good idea.
  16. Sex for its own sake is fine.
  17. Having sex with someone in front of other people would not bother me.
  18. I do not believe prostitution is bad.
  19. Sex doesn't have to be about anything more than sex.
  20. Loveless sex is meaningless and empty.
  21. Sex must have some underlying meaning to be good.
  22. People should at the very least develop a friendship before having sex.
  23. Sex must be meaningful to be good.
  24. Birth control is a part of a responsible sexuality.
  25. A woman should share in the responsibility for birth control.
  26. A man should share in the responsibility for birth control.
  27. Sex education benefits young people.
  28. Safe sex should always be practiced when you are not sure of your partner's sexual habits.
  29. The use of sex toys during lovemaking is okay.
  30. Masturbation is an acceptable practice.
  31. Massaging your partner's genitals during lovemaking is acceptable.
  32. The deeper the relationship the better the sex.
  33. Sex is the deepest form of communion two people can experience.
  34. When deeply in love intercourse can be a spiritual experience.
  35. A sexual encounter between two people deeply in love is the ultimate human interaction.
  36. During sexual intercourse, intense awareness of your partner is the best mindset you can have.
  37. Love is what makes sex special.
  38. Having an orgasm is the greatest experience in the world.
  39. Having an orgasm with someone you love is the greatest experience in the world.
  40. At its best, sex seems to be the merging of two souls.
  41. For me Sex is usually an intensive, almost overwhelming experience.
  42. The responsibility for my partner's orgasm is entirely theirs.
  43. Sex is good.
  44. Sex is best when you let yourself go and concentrate on your own pleasure.
  45. Essentially sex is primarily the taking of pleasure from another person.
  46. The primary purpose for sex is to enjoy oneself.
  47. Sex is primarily a physical act.
  48. Sex is primarily a bodily function, like eating.
  49. Sex is mostly a game between males and females.
  50. Sex is sex and nothing more.