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The Cheeks

If status and position mean anything at all to you, therefore, you’ll begin paying a lot more attention to this part of your own and others’ faces. Cheeks tell the story of industriousness, power, and authority in a person’s life. 

Although as westerners we have a preference for a prominent and bonier style of cheek, the eastern (especially Chinese face readers) have a different perception.

Ideally, your cheeks should be prominent, fleshy and high set with full body, color, and a warm glow. These attributes must be balanced against the position and strength of your nose. Both these features should harmonize with each other. The cheeks should stand somewhat apart from the nose not crowding it, nor too distant. 

The height of both should not detract from each other. If you do indeed possess fine cheeks of this description, you will have very good chances of all-round happiness.

Cheek and Cheekbones


Rounded or somewhat fleshy cheeks as is the case in your face, show that you are caring by nature and you extend your love and goodwill to friend or stranger alike. You have a natural capacity to nurture others and family life is therefore most important to you and you will ultimately excel in creating a safe haven for those you love.

Social life and dealing with people is a great way for you to express your innate nature and careers that give you this opportunity to interact with others as a focus is ideal for you as a professional path. Your kindness will endear people to you and create lifelong friends in the process. If your cheeks are overly fleshy it indicates excesses, especially if your cheeks also happen to be red.

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Your commanding nature is represented by the fact that you have high set cheeks. You’re a classy and refined character and exhibit these personality traits in everything you do and cannot stand anything that is petty or beneath you. By the same token, you are the type of person who likes to let others know who’s boss as your authoritative quality and power is something that appeals to you.

There’s no problem in asserting yourself and achieving big things, but never forget that the simple things in life may also offer you some inner satisfaction. Your strong ambitions, high expectations and intense level of desire will be exhibited in both your love and work. You demand a lot from those who would team up with you and at times they may find the going a little hard. You need to lighten up in your ruthless expectations of them. You are somewhat secretive about your personal matters and don’t like to reveal too much. You feel as though this gives you the edge with others.

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With your flat cheek bones you prefer a more casual and easygoing attitude to life and may even avoid confrontations, even when those head-on collisions so to speak are essential for your own and others’ development. By avoiding these important lessons in life you deny yourself an enhanced quality and inner understanding.

At times you tend to use more aggression that is actually necessary to achieve the success that you hanker after. You cannot handle being dominated by finding yourself in a submissive position to anyone and for that reason would far prefer to work alone.

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Because your cheeks are prominent, yet not too fleshy, it shows your frugal and economic disposition. That natural thrift where money matters are concerned is fine, but you may find this creeping into every department of life as you hate waste, but may begin to appear to others as a penny pincher. Are you the one that has to eat the last vegetable on the plate screaming “waste not, want not”? This may put people out as you appear fastidious and over the top.

At times opportunities in life pass you by and this will be all the more certain if the skin on your cheeks is lacking and appears to be stretched. One thing however your well-defined cheeks also signal your assertive nature and a need for power in your close relationships. By looking at the other features in your face the way you use this power, whether for good or otherwise, will be known. Fortunately, in your case your cheeks aren’t too overpowering and so this means you’re likely to use your strength wisely. These type of cheeks are a mark of your cordial and social nature.

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Because your cheeks are narrow, yet at the same time strong, you have a stubborn streak which is not easily changed. The harder people try to point this out to you the more inflexible you become and in argument or even friendly debate your opinions are never swayed, nor is your course of action shifted once you set your mind upon it.

You’re extremely vigorous in the way you present your opinions and ideas to others and in your love life, you must make concessions for the other person as you’re never too old to learn. What goes around comes round and in the case of the need for the assistance of others, people often have long memories and will, therefore, undermine you just at that crucial moment when you need them. Try being nicer and your karma will improve proportionately.

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Because your face possesses sunken cheeks, it is said you prefer to take the shortest distance between A and B, sometimes even cutting corners to get there in the quickest possible time. In other words, you could be considered lazy in certain circumstances. You hate submitting to others but by the same token aren’t exactly great at self-management and these influences on your life and characteristic traits show themselves to be precarious from the age of 30 to 50.

This is because your cheeks indicate this point in time in your life and this is when those effects will manifest. Your finances may also come under scrutiny during the same period and you must carefully structure your plan and your savings so that your laziness doesn’t create any losses or financial instability. Taking the advice of professionals will help avert any financial obstacles.

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There is no doubt you are a dominating character with your high and wide set cheekbones. This one character trait causes you great difficulty in your personal relationships as you tend to not get on all that easily with others. Whilst you demand absolute loyalty and fidelity from the people around you, if you’re honest enough with yourself you’ll see that you yourself are not quite capable of giving what you demand.

You must set an example to the world as the world truly is a reflection of your own self. You have a strong taste for authority and power but have to strongly resist the temptation to misuse it. Abusing the power that has been conferred upon you will cause an ultimate downfall. On a positive note your tenacity, strength of will and vision will inspire others and, if you can manage these issues of power correctly, you can have a successful life and the respect from others that contribute to fulfilment all round.

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Your prominent cheeks are strangely sunken so this indicates a contradictory element to your nature – one in which you exhibit power but also have a changeable disposition. It’s essential for you as part of your life development to clearly understand your sense of purpose and not send out mixed signals to others who need clarity in their association with you.

By refocusing your energies and meditating on the concept of clarity you will avert many problems in your life – both personal and professional. Others respond favourably to you, even though you give them concern on a daily basis and it is quite likely that your strong sense of power and determination gives them the sense that you do have the ability to steer a ship. As Captain of that ship make sure you’re navigating it in the right direction as others are dependant upon you.

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You may be shy in your interaction with others due to the fact that your cheeks are unbalanced. This could be that one or other of the cheeks appears higher or lower than the other. If your left cheek is higher you tend to miss the fantastic opportunities that life has to offer and this is due to your procrastination. Learning to develop intuition and trust at the moment will help you to seize those opportunities and as the old saying goes “Carpe Diem” i.e. seize this moment.

What do you have to lose? Others tend to trust you and if your cheeks are fleshy then you too will actually have good intentions for those people and the decisions you make will turn out amazingly successful, probably much to your surprise. If you possess less flesh on your cheeks it shows the world that you have a slightly more selfish attitude.

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You may avoid situations out of fear or may have suffered illness or severe setbacks in your life and this is shown by the fact that your cheeks are gaunt and drawn. You are changeable in love and lack a certain amount of self-esteem that is necessary as a basic foundation for a good and harmonious relationship.

You have to try being more forceful in your communications, especially if you’re unhappy with what life’s dishing out. Do something about it! Now! Apathy results in lost opportunities that may never come around again and here’s your chance to forcibly seize what life has to offer you or forever hold your peace.

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You have a need to control situations because of the squarish shape and the wide set cheekbones that you possess. In fact, issues of power and control may have been the result of earlier childhood problems, most notably with that care who had the position of power within the family. Unless you address these early childhood issues it may again perpetuate itself in abuse of privileges if you don’t have sufficient discipline to exercise fairness in your dealings.

As with many of these early developmental problems, the perpetuation of the problem is found to be passed on much like a relay baton, only with far worse consequences on an emotional level. You have the ability to solve these problems, you just need the desire to do something about it.

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In describing the ideal cheeks, Santa Clause may spring to mind with his rosy and shiny set of chubby cheeks. But according to the eastern opinion, the excessively shiny cheek is indicative of digestive trouble. 

The cheeks are a pretty good barometer of health changes from time to time. Keep a close watch on your own biological gauge your cheeks. Other cheek colors to take note of in yourself and others are…

  • Overly red cheek: lung and bronchial imbalance
  • Shiny and red: gallbladder and/or heart problems
  • Red and rashy: trouble in the intestinal region

And in the sphere of personal relationships, the color of the cheeks may also herald some very important changes. For example,

  • Blue or greenish tinge – turbulence or difficulty in love life
  • Dark or grey tinge – inner dissatisfaction and poor circumstances generally
  • Any moles or marks which appear suddenly are indicators of danger or trouble through deception

So the stronger the cheeks, the more authoritative you are. Those in positions of control, executive power and leadership will often be seen to possess very strong, prominent cheeks. In romance and marriage, the partner with the more powerful cheeks is said to control the other. When meeting others of the opposite sex take note of the strength of the cheeks.

Compare your own and study the play of energies between you. Who is the dominant partner? Do you or the other person own the stronger cheeks? In this way, you should foster the spirit of understanding and insight into your relationships – both for business and pleasure.

If your cheeks are prominent yet not flashy, it shows your frugal and economical disposition. You have a natural thrift not only where money matters are concerned but in virtually every department of life. You hate waste! 

You may be one in the family who must eat the last vegetables left on your child’s plate for fear that they may end up in the bin. Or, if you have a pet, you take pleasure in seeing that no scraps have been discarded. by being offered.

In the case of undeveloped cheeks means, you’re not that forceful in your communication style. And tend to be a little laid back but usually quite happy with what providence brings along. Be a little wary that this doesn’t deteriorate into an apathetic stance, which may cause lost opportunities for you.

Sometimes the cheeks appear to be strong in their presentation and are pronounced but lacking at the base. This means you are a forceful individual who is combative by nature. You are reactive to the circumstances of people around you and learning the lessons of graciously living and letting live.

If your cheeks are narrow but strong you have a very stubborn streak in your nature. You’re not easily changed in opinion or swayed from the course of action you set your mind upon. Also, you are extremely forceful in the way you present your opinions and ideas to others. This may not serve you as well as you think. Especially if you require the support of your peers and superiors in your professional arena.


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