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The Eyes

The-eyesMost importantly, look to the eyes. Prominent eyes with bright sparkle or glitter are preferable to small, squinty or shifty eyes which reveal an introverted and secretive nature. In fact, the eyes are the most important feature in your close encounters of the business kind.

In your search for that employee or partner, look for eyes that sit firmly whilst gazing steadily. This reflects a solid and persevering nature and a person of stability and forthright disposition. In contrast, a wandering or shifty eye portends a nature given to unsettled and inconsistent habits. 

Restlessness will be evident and other features supporting your observation and gut feeling, a tendency to dishonesty and unreliability will be marked in this type. In short, this is a person of meager commitment.

Unevenly set eyes convey a unique meaning. Firstly, the person is capable of seeing things from a different perspective and applying lateral thought processes to resolving problems. These people will analyze your comments and observations with a “left-of-field” mentality. 

Often you will be amazed at the impromptu insights that they offer. If you are looking for someone with a flair for shifting paradigms – then here’s your man or woman. These people become invaluable assets to a company looking for ingenuity in its approach.

Eye Shapes

The eyes are one of the most important features on your face, if not the most important.The inner soul of a person is clearly expressed through their eyes and this segment will tell you about your intelligence, soul power, and overall vitality.


Your round eyes are one of the more attractive shaped eyes that draw people to you due to your outgoing and fun loving nature. This will be accentuated, particularly if your eyes are round and large as well.

You love to be surrounded by people and have a very expressive character and this is how you share your experiences – through social contact. If you are like many of your round-eyed brothers and sisters, you take great pleasure in artistic pursuits and even if you yourself don’t produce works of art or music as such, you will develop into a connoisseur of cultural interests over time.

Your round eyes also show a compassionate aspect to your character and you therefore often find yourself playing nursemaid or counselor to those in need. Through this type of activity, the deeper spiritual parts of your being will slowly mature and bring you considerable wisdom later in life.

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You have an interest in the physical side of life due to you possessing almond-shaped eyes. How you use this physicality will be determined by how slanted your almond-shaped eyes are. Unless you are careful in developing a wholesome view of yourself in relation to others in the world, you may end up developing narcissism and coming across as a vain individual.

You have a shrewd nature and there’s no doubt you’ll be able to make inroads in gaining success through your profession and the people with whom you come in contact, but you mustn’t become too self-centred, forgetting the needs of others who have helped you on your path. You tend to have an innate sense of opportunity and can extract value from any given moment, if and when the situation arises.

Again, it’s very important for you not to be seen as someone who uses others to gain your own ends without giving back. The laws of karma will eventually be an important philosophical lesson for you in that an understanding of the benefits of giving and sharing ought to be highlighted on your path. This requires considerable trust on your part and as with everything else, practise does make perfect.

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Philosophy, deep meaning and a search for truth are the hallmarks of your character due to the rectangular shape of your eyes. Because of this, you are not content to simply accept what people offer you, nor what culture, society and the world at large have told you about God, the Universe and everything else in it.

You are the type of person who wants to find out first hand through direct experience the truth behind the façade. In relationships it is important for you to meet someone who can appreciate this deeper, more observational side to your character.

This is essential as you need a partner in your life who has an equal level of insight and desire to learn about life. These character traits will be very strongly marked if your eyes are deep set as well. If this is the case, your philosophy and spiritual perspective on life will slowly transform into an passion for business and finances in the later year, and profitably so at that.

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You have a wonderful eye for detail because your small eyes show you are a highly sophisticated person and have an inward thinking mind. The traits of perfectionism are strongly indicated in those with small eyes. You have a strong aspiration to produce work of great excellence and you are, as a result, a highly valued worker in any organization in which you find yourself.

Because your eyes relate to a period in your 30’s, it’s quite likely that you will achieve your greatest successes in this life due to the meticulousness that you apply to any task given to you. At times you bring this meticulousness and painstaking eye for detail to your friendships and other more romantic involvements which could create difficulties for you.

In this case, you may need to keep some of your observations to yourself lest you come across as a nit-picking fault finder. Generally speaking, however, you have a polished and successful air about you that will bring overall satisfaction on your journey through life.

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Your large eyes show that you are outward looking – and absorb much of the world and its experiences. Always keenly interested in what life dishes out, you never take anything for granted and like to understand as much about something as you can. Your sensitivity is unusually marked and very evident to those who meet you.

Sensuality and charisma are revealed by your large eyes as well. You are expressive, emotional, loving and romantic and others will feel your presence in your gestures of generosity – both in feeling and material offerings. In other words you are demonstrative about your love. The desire to control one’s own destiny, and ones own affairs – is also an important aspect of your large eyes and this sets you up prefectly for a position of authority and leadership in your life.

In some cases, if eyes are overly large in comparison to the rest of the face and in contrast to your other features, it can show that you are somewhat naïve and even gullible so therefore likely to be taken advantage of. Don’t let your childlike innocence get the better of you and keep your wits about you when dealing with individuals who are more calculative and shrewd. In relationships of a romantic nature, this will be especially important as you tend to see life and the world through rose coloured glasses.

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Your droopy eyes indicate moments of confusion in your life when the direction you should take becomes an almost impossible decision for you to make. Perhaps role models in the past and in particular, your early upbringing, didn’t allow you to clearly see the proper course of action to take and now you find yourself procrastinating on many different issues.

It will be essential to take stock of your strong desire nature and ambitions and carefully prioritise and time what you believe is essential in your life. In this manner you can make some headway and finally stop treading water. There may also at times be a certain gullibility regarding your associations with others. You must put others to the test before believing what is presented to you.

Your deepest motivations are good and come from a sincere space, but this still shouldn’t stop you from assuming that a lot of the people in the world are simply wolves in sheep’s clothing, waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce and take advantage of you. A little more astuteness on your part in your personal relationships wouldn’t go astray.

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You possess a most unusual shape eye i.e. square, and although this is not all that common, it does indicate your high degree of intelligence and skilful observation. You’re capable of logically coming to a solution when confronted by a problem. You are not afraid of a challenge and like to feel as though you have achieved some worthwhile end in working through any issues you are confronted with.

The other extreme to having square eyes is that you at times are somewhat lazy, which seems to be quite the opposite of the hard-working and intelligent person your eyes reveal. Maybe delegation of tasks is your forte in which you can get the job done but prefer to be at the helm and have others do the dirty work for you.

In some instances, shyness and timidity may be a problem for you. This character trait could develop into a crisis where your personal relationships are concerned. You mustn’t be afraid to share your good qualities with a partner you think is worthwhile.

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Your intense, possessive yet observant nature is shown by your deep-set eyes. When someone looks into your eyes they can be sure they are dealing with an idealistic, if not inspirational, character. Very often writers and creatively driven people possess deep-set eyes such as yours.

With this type of eye, you are romantic to the very core and share this facial character with some very famous actors such as Omar Sharif and Val Kilmer whose eyes were also very deep-set. Your idealism will be tempered after you turn 35 and surprisingly reveals a more than capable ability in your financial affairs.

You have sound judgement, and a compassionate, though somewhat serious mind. Some philosophers also display deep-set eyes. That being the case, it’s almost contradictory to say that from a commercial point of view your eyes are a distinct asset to you, especially after mid-life.

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Bulging eyes have several possible meanings, the first of which may relate to some innate health or constitutional weakness. People suffering some type of imbalance in their thyroid or parathyroid glands, and who have an iodine deficiency, often exhibit bulging eyes. Goitre is another possibility.

You should take precautions to check out this condition with your health practitioner to make sure this is not a serious medical condition. Ancient Chinese face readers however, consider the protruding eye a mark of your hypersensitivity and you may indeed take many things to heart and should attempt to be a little less thin-skinned.

Of course, there are different degrees to which the eye may bulge and if this is only slight, it shows you are amenable to meeting many new people in a social context and have a spirit of adventure as part and parcel of your character. One of your main lessons in life will be to learn the art of keeping secrets as you do have a tendency to want to share all the latest and hottest of gossip that comes your way.

Incidentally, you should be careful not to gamble your money away, as lucky as you may feel. There are times when your finances will be adversely affected by your speculative tendencies.

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Becoming more reliable will be an important karmic lesson for you as your sleepy or drunken eyes reveal a tendency to short circuit issues of responsibility. Others may find you lacking in punctuality and incapable of holding to your word.

In the long run, this may present you with a situation in which you have very few friends or people upon whom you can rely. With your sleepy eyes, you also have the tendency to want a casual and more easygoing style of life and will consequently not be pushed into areas that do not suit you and in which you feel uncomfortable.

This also relates to your friendships and deeper romantic relationships in which you would prefer to walk away from an argument rather than confront certain issues that need to be dealt with. Due to this fact, others will find it difficult to get to know you and again it is far better for you to overcome these weaknesses and connect with others through straightforward honesty rather than pretend that everything is O.K.

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As the label describes, your eyes are full of desire, love and sensuality. The other term to describe your beautiful eyes is the “bedroom look”. You share these eyes with such famous Hollywood stars as the screen goddess Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren. Omar Sharif also possessed the sensuous look that we talk about here.

In short, you make a great lover, a wonderful companion and someone who is extremely interested in the opposite sex. Taken to the extreme however you may be placing too much faith in others for your inner satisfaction and lifelong fulfillment. Periods where you spend time alone in deep meditation and contemplation would be an excellent way to balance this almost compulsive need to be with others and to sensually engage with them.

Because your sensuous eyes are extremely alluring and attractive to the world at large, there’s no need to believe you won’t be successful in anything you attempt. You should however be cautioned not to mix business with pleasure as complications are likely to arise as a result.

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Your scowling and angry looking eyes don’t help you in your journey through life. Unfortunately, short of cosmetic surgery changing your appearance, you’ll need to accept that your eyes do have a rather confronting and challenging energy about them and this may immediately put people at odds with you.

Finding and more importantly, keeping friends may become a continual challenge for you with eyes that appear angry. Knowing this, you can begin the practice of compensating using your other features such as your smile and your forehead to counteract these negative responses by smiling and showing the more attractive side of your character. This will at least give people a chance to understand that you are not necessarily as angry or mad as you appear all the time.

Combining breathing exercises with creative visualization in which you see yourself as a happy relaxed and fulfilled individual will also slowly change the contours of your face and bring a softer look to your eye, thus resulting in an improved life all round for you.

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You have large eyes which indicates your interest in the world at large and an inner desire to express your feelings, however your small iris shows that you may be a little introverted and incapable of doing so, much to your frustration.

Your capacity for leadership is strong though, and you do have a keen eye for detail. Your stubbornness also shows your determination and an intensity of purpose that makes you a capable “go getter”. There’s no doubt with these character traits you can achieve a tremendous amount in a short space of time and become a forerunner in your field of choice.

You have a special blend of selective magnanimity and that is hinted at with your large eyes and small iris. It may not be all that easy for you to enter into a relationship as you scrutinize others to a great extent and they may sense your aloofness as apathy or even lack of interest in having anything at all to do with them.

Work a little harder on showing your feelings and not worrying too much about how others react. This will improve your chances in the love stakes.

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Triangular shaped eyes are not that common yet in your case, this shows your almost relentless pursuit of ambition, even to the extent of possibly using others to get what you want. You must be careful of not using your power to alienate others and to manipulate them emotionally as you do have the ability to get whatever it is you want.

You could ascend the ladder of success and in particular do well in big business or government where your hunger for power would find satisfaction. Due to your eye shape, it is found that although you achieve success in the material world you are not always altogether popular and could find it hard to sustain relationships of a personal nature.

Affording others the chance to exhibit their talents and their power will not always be easy for you and therefore the partners in your life will feel as though the relationship is somewhat one-sided – one-way traffic – your way. Give and take and learning to share pleasure in the successes of others will be one of your most important karmic lessons.

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Your close-set eyes indicate an over-dependence on parental and family structures and therefore one of your major life lessons will be to develop and rely upon your own independent lifestyle and choices that you yourself make.

Strengthening your willpower and seeking for the answers within yourself will ultimately result in a better level of self-assurance for you. This may not be an easy task as you constantly seek the approval of others in a lot of what you do.

Your close-set eyes indicate a very fine level of concentration and a desire to complete the tasks you commence, but there may be a lower than normal tolerance level which indicates that under pressure you could crack and must learn to handle the tension of modern life far more graciously.

Trivial matters are sometimes blown out of all proportion by you which can leave you feeling especially frazzled. In relationships and more personal matters, this attitude could create an unending series of clashes because you’re unable to let go of the “nitty gritty” and rather unimportant details of life.

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Your elliptical eyes are extremely attractive but being elongated reveal another side to your nature. Being excitable and enthusiastic it shows you approach circumstances and people with complete and undivided attention, yet if that interest is not reciprocated almost instantaneously you can and will lose interest.

Because of this, your friends will discover you to be quite fickle, if not adventurous and lacking in commitment. In any relationship to which you finally commit yourself, you will be quite jealous and changeable in nature. You must bring your shifting moods under control as this will spark discontent in your partner.

If you can learn to see your commitments through and bring your changeable mind under a greater measure of control, your enthusiasm for life will bring you the success and satisfaction in love that you seek.

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Shallow eyes represent your easygoing nature and you are a person who prefers to take life as it comes. Possibly the famous nursery rhyme, “Row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream” would aptly describe your philosophy on life.

If you also happen to have cheekbones that are not quite so prominent, this will be even more evident and mustering up enough energy to make something of your life will be quite a difficult and demanding task. Because you don’t tend to look into the whys and wherefores of situations and people, you often make the wrong decisions in your choice of partners.

A more astute approach to understanding the personality of those you engage with is absolutely essential if you are to find deeper meaning in your life. Having shallow eyes will however prove to be a boon for you in your social affairs as you are a proverbial “butterfly” and people do have a lot of fun in your company that you seek.

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The whites of your eyes are visible above the iris and this is not common. Part of your nature can be prone to extreme and possibly even violent mood swings that could cause you to be dangerous to yourself and others around you.

Your powerful temper is latent and your hair-trigger fuse shows your violent outbursts surprise everyone around you, including yourself. Due to this explosive and fiery part of your nature, anger management, meditation and other forms of self-help would go a long way to helping calm your mental storms.

In relationships, your frustrations may also become so pent up that you take out your fears and anger on your partner. When you are confronted by these almost uncontrollable urges you must do your best to redirect them through such activities as sports and other physical exercises. By redirecting your energies you will avoid the pain of separation and also guilt that arises as a consequence.

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Eye Definition

What does the look entail? Some looks are cold, others endearing, angry, weak or strong. It is the look and also other eye settings which can override an otherwise attractive face. Soft, enticing features will be neutralised by a stern and unfeeling eye or a look which is hard and cruel. 

We will now to move to the definition and setting of your eyes to reveal even more about your character. Some people’s eyes are set unevenly, others wide or closely and then again there are the changes which occur from day to day that give you either a generally sparkling and clear glitter or a glassy-eyed look. All of these factors add even more detail to the character reading.


Your doggy-eyed look actually works to your advantage at times as people are more prone to want to help you when you request their assistance. There’s something endearing about your look and people see this as a way to make themselves feel good by giving you a helping hand. That being said, you must never take advantage of people’s goodwill by using them.

On a more personal note, you have a tendency to be more self-deprecating and less than self-confident in your own abilities. This will be manifest in the earlier part of life up to your mid 30’s when certain experiences will teach you that it is not at all a comfortable thing to feel that you are at the mercy of others.

One important lesson for you in one on one relationships will be the need to forcefully say “No” when you feel as though you yourself are being taken advantage of. At heart, you are a kind person and wish to help others, but by the same token, you must learn to help yourself first.


Your upward slanting or what are otherwise known as “cat’s eyes” are opportunistic eyes which tell the world, and those who are able to read you, that you never waste an opportunity and in fact can sometimes be ruthlessly driven to take advantage of others, even when you know this may not be exactly appropriate.

You are an observer of human nature and intuitively understand people’s weaknesses, which is why you are able to make great inroads where others fail. Many great and famous models and actresses possess cat’s eyes and this attests to the fact that your eyes will help you achieve great successes in future.

Try to be a little less ruthless and insensitive to those you become personally associated with as some people possessing your type of eyes do end up pushing others away. You will, however, be successful and if you learn to share these successes with others, you will begin to understand the joy of an all-encompassing attitude.


Even if you are sad and having a hard time, the naturally laughing quality of your eyes gives others the opinion or the sense that nothing holds you down for too long, even when it seems as though your problems are insurmountable.

In other words, you have an extremely optimistic approach to life, which makes you popular, and usually easy to be around. One aspect of your laughing eyes could be that when others wish to be especially serious, they may unconsciously feel that you are not on the same page or taking them as seriously as they would like. You need to give them some assurance at the outset that you understand their dilemma and this will put them at ease.

At the end of the day, your laughing eyes are a distinct asset and will bring you popularity and success as it is a well-known fact that others far prefer to hang around someone who is happy rather than sad. As the old saying goes, “Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone”.


Your tired eyes may not actually be a genetic factor, one which you were born with, although this is possible but relates more to your overwhelming timetable in which you now find yourself exhausted, lacking in sleep and perhaps even dietetically starved.

It’s obvious you need rest and plenty of it, along with a nourishing diet to sustain you through your very intense work and play schedule. By factoring insufficient time for rest and good food, that tired look which is currently part of your countenance will gradually start to improve. The result of that is that others will also feel much better in your company.

If your tired eyes are also accompanied by dark rings, this feature usually represents a distinct lack of sleep and could also have something to do with your kidney and liver function. It may be a good idea to check with your health practitioner to make sure these parts of your body are working as they should be.


You have unusual eyes in that if you look carefully, they are of a different size. This conveys to us that you have one side of your character which is outward-looking and keenly interested in the ways of the world, whereas another side which is introverted and perhaps even self-seeking at times. This also tells us that your luck in life is not always consistent and that the high times and difficult periods fluctuate with very little consistency throughout your life at all.

You must consider safeguarding your future security by saving or investing wisely and if this is not something that comes naturally to you, engage the right people to advise you appropriately. This pendulum effect also extends to your personal relationships where you may have years of satisfaction alternating between years of extreme dissatisfaction. Living a steadier lifestyle will be the secret to a successful life for you.


The deceased Princess Diana of Wales and Michael Jackson both share a feature that you possess, and that is eyes which have three-sided whites. What this basically means is that your irises appear to float, revealing the whites under them.

Having three-sided whites usually reveals an inner turbulence that you are dealing with and the fact that on some level you are at odds with the world. You may not be particularly happy with yourself and this is reflected in the complexity of the circumstances that surround you, both in your personal and professional life.

Notwithstanding these difficult attributes of your character, you are known to be a spiritual person and can actually, in truth, be a far more evolved person that even you consider yourself to be. You have very high aspirations and your standards make it difficult for others to understand you as you do express high expectations of those around you.

Oriental face readers name this feature ‘Sampaku’ and state that physical danger could be possible at some time or other in your life. Other famous people sharing these same features historically were Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln. Use your spiritual development as a practical means of improving not only the quality of your life but your internal happiness and bypassing whatever dangers may be attracted as a result.


With your unevenly set eyes, you have the uncanny knack to be able to see things from completely different perspectives and applying your lateral thought processes to resolving any problems that life dishes out. You approach and analyse comments with a left of field attitude. Others will often be amazed at your impromptu insights but you do have a tendency to set extremely high standards for yourself and are bitterly disappointed when you fail to meet your own objectives.

You must be a little kinder to yourself and not expect the impossible. Emotionally your unevenly set eyes tell us that you have an overreaction to even the smallest things that occur and you should relegate these instances to the level they deserve, i.e. trivia bin. You’re continually hammering yourself for things that go wrong in relationships but this is not altogether true as life does have a karmic twist or two from time to time. Learn to go with the flow and not assume responsibility for the events that occur.


Because you were born with wide-set eyes it shows us that you are usually quite tolerant of people around you, even if they tend to press your “hot” buttons. You’re able to forebear those daily nasty comments and take things in your stride. Your broadmindedness is also reflected in your wide-set eye structure and you, therefore, like to learn about different people, cultures and topics.

One interesting character trait you possess is that you have a flagrant disregard for authority and advice, preferring to do things in your own stubborn headed way. As you get older and mature in your wisdom you will become far more balanced in this area and learn that this is not always in your own best interests ie to obstinately hold your ground. You’ll definitely need a creative career where you have room to breathe and determine the course of your own destiny.


Your glassy-eyed look will be noticeable to those people you come in contact with and indicates that you are undergoing stressful circumstances in your life. It is quite clear the overload red light is flashing so you need to take note of that and also take adequate time to recharge your emotional batteries.

At times watery or glassy eyes reflect sorrow and could be the result of a recent death or separation of someone close to you. This again is usually a temporary state of affairs, but nevertheless gives you a keen insight into the fact you’re walking an emotional tightrope.


Your sharp cutting and dazzling eye-light or brightness that is seen in your eyes are called glitter by some of the ancient face readers and it is one of the more important aspects in the study of human character which reveals not only good health and keen intelligence but usually a very successful future for you.

Depending on how clear and controlled your eye glitter is, to that extent your internal clarity and sense of purpose will be revealed. Through careful but sustained observation you will note that many very famous people possess strong brightness and clarity in the eyes and this one factor has a lot to do with their success. This is because like them, your eyes radiate an attractive quality that other people wish to be around. It’s almost as if just like these famous people, your eyes also act like a magnet to draw those people into your orb that will bring you good fortune and the opportunities by which to make it happen.

Creativity is very strong in your character and you wish to be with someone who can share this same ideological trait. You love intelligent conversation and witty discussions and will never settle for someone who doesn’t have a similar degree of intelligence and intellectual rapport with you.


Ordinarily, the size of your pupil changes with the shifting intensity of light at any given time. Your pupils react to these changes and either open up when there is insufficient light or shrink when the lighting becomes brighter, but this is only part of the story.

Your pupils also react to different emotional and chemical stimuli within your body. If you are excitable and this includes sexually, your pupils tend to expand as a consequence. The reverse is true and therefore when you feel less excited, bored or disinterested generally, your pupils will shrink. Given the above facts, your large pupils indicate that, other than the light factor being taken into consideration, you have a tendency to be rather excitable and enthusiastic about what you do in your life and don’t tend to be held back by any problems or difficulties that confront you.

You always see the best in others, including yourself, and try your best to overlook their faults and shortcomings. Due to this, you’re the sort of person others love to befriend and also confide in when they have problems as you are able to help them see solutions and keep a positive and bright outlook on things.


Your small pupils, if unaffected by lighting factors, show a more introverted disposition to your nature, bordering on shyness or insecurity from time to time. You live more in the world of thoughts and ideas and may not always feel free to express your opinion on different things for fear that what you have to say may not be accepted by those around you.

If you’re able to use your high degree of intelligence to carve a professional niche for yourself and you develop the confidence in your ideas, then expressing yourself may not necessarily be a problem. You still, however, will not wish to speak as much as you listen. This is not a bad thing. When it comes to your relationships, expressing yourself may also not be quite an easy or flowing experience for you and in this case, you could find yourself with partners who demand a lot more of you than you are able to give.

For you, saying “I love you” is certainly not as important as expressing that fact by actions. The problem these days is that people too often wish to hear these three magic words and this could create setbacks for you in your love life.


Because you have large eyes you have an incredibly creative and potent mind that endows you with the ability to come up with fresh ideas and different solutions in any aspect of your life. Coupled with the small pupils, you are able to think deeply and in an undisturbed fashion on problem-solving and you as a consequence possess the best of both worlds – inner resolve and outer acceptance by people at large.

You somehow have the knack of remaining aloof and restrained in your communication without making others feel you are holding out. This brings you an immense amount of respect and long term friendship. You are likely to have good relationships with this combination of a large eye and small pupil because you know the secret of timing, i.e. when to speak and when to hold back. You don’t mince words but by the same token, you are diplomatic and sensitive to another person’s feelings and will never say or do anything which brings pain to them. You have lucky eyes.

Stubbornness and intensity of purpose make you a capable go-getter. There’s a special blend of selective magnanimity that is also hinted at in your case. You tend to only give help to those when very deep and prolonged scrutiny has been applied to the would-be recipient. Sometimes you remain aloof or appear apathetic and use this to your advantage.

Eye Colors

The color of your iris is also an important determinant in the appraising of character. This colored area should be clear and blemish free with a rich a clear color. The area surrounding your iris is the white of the eye. The whites should be an ivory white and if so indicate good health and vitality.


Your golden brown eyes are a shade lighter than chocolate and show that you are particularly sensitive and loving but also reasonably passionate when aroused. You are the type of person who needs to demonstrate your love and also have that love reciprocated but will not do so in a way that is crass or demanding.

You have a strong creative imagination and like to put forward your ideas to those who would listen and prefer situations in which you can share these concepts with others of like mind.


Your chocolate brown eyes reveal some of the genetic traits of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern races and indicate you are an extremely passionate character who loves social life and meeting many different people.

Your passion is also tied in with loyalty, however, that loyalty must be found in the partner of your choice as well, otherwise, your eye may become a wandering one at that. You like the idea of a committed life with one partner if they reciprocate your demonstrative nature and look forward to happy family life as a result.

You work hard and earn money to provide creature comforts to your family and the ones you love. Brown eyes usually indicate considerable generosity.


Your deep blue eyes indicate your highly sexed nature. As well, you have a gentle caring and sensitive streak to your personality but you must learn to bridle your passion when you first meet people as you may sometimes overlook their weaknesses.

The colour blue is supposedly ruled by the planet Saturn which is considered steady, stable and conservative. As a result you have a desire to find stability in the world and to have a fine bank balance with which to buy the material security that will give you inner fulfillment. You mustn’t however emphasise this over your emotions which at times may not be altogether satisfying.


You have an intense love of people and need to explore the many varieties of human beings that are out there. Flirting and teasing others to satisfy your harmless vanity will be evident from your light blue coloured eyes. In relationships due to your social, butterfly-like nature you could come across people who instantaneously take a greater interest in you than you do in them.

If they happen to be possessive or jealous types, this will create great difficulties in your personal life as you love to roam around footloose and fancy free. How long can you continue along this path? At some stage you may need to curb your bohemian style appetite and settle down to someone who will offer you a far more secure emotional future.


Your grey eyes strongly hint at your impressive intelligence and fine imagination but this may be so at the expense of some of the more creative or even sexual aspects of your nature. Your sexual passion may be less obvious to those you get involved with and the question has to be asked – is this natural or is it something you have subdued in your erotic nature?

Whatever the answer, there’s no doubt you are a refined individual who also possesses a fastidious streak to your personality. When you do something – anything, you do it properly and with great zeal and cannot handle sloppiness of any sort. Your standards are very high and others may not meet your expectations. This could set you apart if you become inflexible in allowing others some degree of latitude. Try to be less rigid in your expectations.


Your grey eyes show your conservative nature but somewhere within you is a deep desire to break free of your traditional constraints. You are able to fit in with either a culturally traditional environment, or equally enjoy a more avante garde setting. You may be frustrated if you don’t follow your heart’s desire though and sometime down the track could feel very despondent if you turn away opportunities that are presented to you.

You are a loyal friend but your sexual passions may not be the dominating influence in what you consider a successful partnership. You will need to carefully assess your romantic partners to see if this is a demand which will cause troubles for you later on after you’ve made a commitment. Grey eyes individuals like you are also quite fastidious about things – keeping everything in order and knowing where everything is.


Your very warm and convivial nature is strongly indicated by your hazel eyes, but unlike the deeper, brown-eyed individuals amongst us, yours are less constant and your mind could waver on many matters, including your life direction and choices of partners with whom you would wish to share your life’s path with.

Because of this, you must learn to be more decisive and to stick to your guns when making a decision. This is not to say that others don’t find you thoroughly entertaining and fun to be with, however at the end of the day, having fun is really only half the fun.

In your choice of careers try to follow a profession that affords you the opportunity to mix with many people and also gives you the freedom and independence you desperately need, without the burden of someone breathing down your neck. In your relationships as well, you may need that same type of independence or freedom that may not always sit well with the partner of your choice.


Similar to blue-eyed individuals, your green eyes tell of your highly sexed nature. Yet green eyes also represent your inventive and creative mind so not only are you highly sexed but you are extremely fascinating when it comes to lovemaking. Both your practical and bedroom affairs will be highlighted by your skillful and creative approach – much to the pleasure of those who choose to share your bed with you.

Friends, family and lovers may not always find it easy to understand your spontaneous and often willful mind but nevertheless they will never be bored. It has been said that both men and women of the caliber of genius often possess your green coloured eyes. It will be absolutely essential for you to mix with others of highly intellectual standing as boredom is not exactly one of your favourite pastimes.


Your lilac eyes are extremely rare and when encountered are very striking. Elizabeth Taylor, the famous film star of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, also possessed the plum or lilac coloured eye. You have an intuitive, psychic sense but also strong spiritual leanings as part and parcel of your character.

You may be seeking the ultimate state in both your relationships and life as a whole, but could be severely disappointed as you learn that perfection is not something easily gained in this life. As with Elizabeth Taylor, you might seek out many partners hoping that the next will outdo the previous, again, only to find that human beings are never all that perfect.

Part of your spiritual lesson will be to look closely at your own shortcomings and find some measure of emotional satisfaction within yourself, rather than projecting these needs onto those around you.

If the eyes slant upwards the person is an opportunist more so if the brows also slant in that direction (cats eyes look). Many models like Elle McPherson and Claudia Schiffer possess these eyes. They know how to get what they want. If the eyes are of the opposite slant i.e. slanting downwards, the person may be a little self-deprecating and at the mercy of others. They are hardly able to say “no”.

The late Princess Dianna and Michael Jackson share a feature of the eyes. They possess floating irises also known as sampaku. The whites are visible under the iris. This indicates an inner turbulence – a person at odds with the world. Though spiritual in nature, they are hard to please or understand and have very high expectations of others. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln also shared these traits.

The whites visible above the irises may indicate some dangerous elements within the personality. An explosive temper may be latent in this type and the nature very forceful. Caution is the operative word in this case. Charles Manson exhibited these eyes. Chinese face readers call them wolves eyes.

Look at how close or widest the eyes are. Ideally, there should be at least one eye width between both eyes. That being the case, you can assume your subject has a balanced judgment and clear view of the world. The closer set the eyes the narrower the opinion and view of the world at large. It may also reflect an overdependence on parental and family structures. 

These people may need a nudge to develop their own independent lifestyles. Their willpower should be strengthened in the search for their own self-assurance. Employees and workers displaying eyes of this type certainly need continual encouragement to grow in self-confidence. You will find these types possess little forbearance or tolerance and may crack under stress. Trivial matters can be blown out of all proportion.

In contrast, the wide set eyed character is far more tolerant and broadminded in perspective. People of this class may present a flagrant disregard for authority and advice. A delicate blend of firmness and understanding will iron out the initial stresses between you and this type. Offer them alternative choices in their decision-making processes. 

In respect of career, these types need room to breathe. Give them plenty of space to explore their creative potential. At times these types possess too broad and superficial an opinion. Pauline Hanson is a case in point.

Deep set eyes betoken an intense, possessive, yet observant nature. When you look into the deep set eyed person you can be sure that the mind motivating them is idealistic and inspirational. Often writers and creatively driven personalities possess deep set eyes. They are romantic to the core. Omar Shariff’s or Val Kilmer’s eyes represent this class. 

This idealism is tempered by the age of 35 and surprisingly, reveals a more than capable ability in financial matters. They are of sound judgment, compassionate and serious minded. A philosopher’s face may often also display a deep set “soul window”. You will need to carefully analyze and balance the other facial features to see whether this type is scattered and impractical.

The square or round chin will anchor this type to a more empirical lifestyle. In this case, from a commercial point of view, the middle aged with deep set eyes may be a positive asset to you.

Besides, a roving and unsteady eye, one incapable of looking at you directly, is an attempt to mask inner intentions. Sometimes though, the shy and discouraged will also reflect a similar eye. The look in these cases is an important factor in discriminating between one or the other. Through practice, the “look” can be ascertained quite easily and can reveal amazingly accurate character snapshots of your subjects.

What does the look entail? Some looks are cold, others endearing, angry, weak or strong. It is the look which can override an otherwise attractive face. Soft, enticing features will be neutralized by a stern and unfeeling eye or a look which is hard and cruel. Always balance your judgment of character by the look in the eyes that present themselves before you.

Be watchful of people who look drunk even when they haven’t had a single beer. Their eyelids sit very heavily over the eyes. Remember, don’t jump to conclusions in any of your assessments. For example, the heavy-lidded one may have had little sleep the night before. A sleepy or drunken look is one that is seen in both men and women. It offers a preview of a personality given to strong sexual desire, more so if the lips are excessively thick and slightly opened. 

Here is a libidinous nature, but one which may be lazy too. Periods of misfortune and despondency are also revealed in this look. Unless you prefer a casual and uncommitted worker or relationship… next, please. Cold and unflinching eyes with small pupils and sharp eye light may appear cruel. If the person possesses other features such as a pointed and downward turning nose, sharp angular shaped face and tightly pursed thin lips, be certain that the individual is indeed cruel – both mentally and even perhaps physically. This is a combo for ruthlessness. Accentuated jowls add more weight to your testimony.

The “look” of the eye and its internal expression is something that cannot be taught in words but doesn’t necessarily require years of experience to learn. In fact, we more or less instinctively do it when we meet people in various situations.

The color of the iris is also an important determinant in your appraisal of character. A deep blue color means that you are in the company of a highly sexed yet gentle and sensitive being. Light blue eyes suppose an individual who is likely to enjoy flirting with the opposite sex.

Deep green eyes are not only highly energized like their blue-eyed cousins but very inventive too – both in practical and personal affairs. You will need a lot of time to understand the spontaneous and sometimes willful mind of a green-eyed person. Men and women of genius often possess this colored eye. You’ll need to sharpen your intellectual skills with green eyed people.

Grey eyes reveal a high degree of intelligence and imagination but passion may be less pronounced in this type as reasoning may subdue a part of their initiative. They are a refined class of people with a fastidious streak.

Black eyes are very rare and when encountered are extremely striking. They are somewhat strong natured individuals and don’t always present their case with what you’d call, finesse. You’d need to toughen up your skin to live or work with a black eyed character. A tumultuous road lay ahead if you opt for a life of black eyed fun?

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