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Cancer Zodiac Sign: June 21 – July 22

What Does Astrology Reveal About Your Cancer Personality

Symbol: Crab

Cancer Date: June 21 – July 22

Element: Water

Planet: Moon

Zodiac Quality: Cardinal

Birthstones: Moonstone, Pearl, Yellow Topaz, Red Coral, Garnet and White Jade

You are indeed fortunate to be born under the sign of Cancer. This is a karmic blessing and represents spiritual development as the water signs are strongly linked to the higher evolutionary processes within us.

The appearance of a Cancerian is usually top-heavy but slim, with large head, high cheekbones and prominent brows. The eyes are usually small and far apart. The face is generally moon-shaped, with soft skin, a wide mouth and a charming grin. The cheekbones can also be distinctive and strong-looking.

Another great quality of yours is adaptability. Like water, you can move and change to fit the circumstances and to accommodate the people you deal with. Although you have a very strong mind when it comes to your own desires and needs, you’re still able to compromise when you feel it supports the group as a whole.

Being a water sign, you have a cooling yet invigorating aspect to your personality. In tough times people have a tendency to be drawn to your selflessness and nurturing traits as they know your open ear and warm heart will help them through their difficult times.

The fourth sign of the zodiac, under which you were destined to be born, relates to the domestic sphere of life and therefore you love to be part of a family network. It is here that you really excel and do your best. The Cancer home is very comfortable and even strangers usually feel quite at ease when invited to dinner to spend time in your company.

Many Cancers extend this caring, nurturing vibe to their professional activities as well. It comes so easily to you that it’s no wonder you’re able to work in healing and consoling professions. Your key life phrase ‘I nurture’ demonstrates this fact. When you read the segment on the best professions suited to you, you’ll see what I mean.

Your star sign is very sensitive and you tune into other people’s vibrations, moods and thinking processes effortlessly so you are able to understand others instinctively. Your perception about their character is usually spot on.

There is a downside to this, however, as you also tend to absorb the negative emotions of others in the process.

If you feel this is overloading you, you need to get yourself out of the situation quickly, even for a short time to recover your clarity and peace of mind.

Cancer and its ruler the Moon reflect much of your own personality and, because the Moon regulates the emotions, you can find yourself challenged by incredibly extreme mood swings. Even though your family and friends are well aware of this it can be a little trying for all concerned at times.

As a woman, you have maternal and nurturing qualities so you’ll be absolutely well suited to the roles of homemaker and mother. Men born under Cancer also fare well as caregivers and so sometimes they exchange their roles as they do such a good job of looking after the kids as well.

Be careful not to lock yourself away in your own private lifestyle because being reclusive, enjoying your own company, can sometimes overtake your desire to connect to the world at large. Don’t deny others the wonderful qualities you have to offer.

Many Cancers are nocturnal as the Moon shines most brightly in the evening hours. You’ll feel creative and enjoy that stillness and reflective quality of the night hours.

Many Cancers take their cooking skills to a new height by starting restaurants and showing their love of the world at large through this unique skill. Music, writing and also gardening seem to be popular pastimes for Cancers. You’ll never forget a kind deed and always reciprocate tenfold. You appreciate that same caring attitude in others.

You also realise you’re more nostalgic than many other star signs and memories are important to you, keeping scrapbooks and old shoeboxes full of black and white photos as mementos of the good old times.

Cancer has a wonderfully expressive and inviting face. Because the eyes are the windows to the soul, and your eyes are large and expressive, people feel as though your heart is open enough for them and you are guileless in the way you share your thoughts and feelings.

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Cancer Zodiac Sign: June 21 - July 22

The Cancer Personality and Influences

Key life phraseI Nurture
Zodiac totemThe Crab
Zodiac symbolAs above
Zodiac factsFourth sign of the zodiac; cardinal, fruitful, feminine, moist
Zodiac elementWater
Key characteristicsIndulgent, adoring, vulnerable, benevolent, kind-hearted, sensual, dependable, instinctive and temperamental
Compatible star signsTaurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces
Mismatched signsSagittarius, Aquarius, and Libra
Ruling planetMoon
Love planetsMars and Pluto
Finance planetSun
Speculation planetMars
Career planetsNeptune, Jupiter, and Mars
Spiritual and karmic planetsMars, Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune
Friendship planetVenus
Destiny planetMars
Lucky numbers and significant years2, 3, 9,11, 12, 18, 20, 21, 27, 29, 30, 36, 38, 45, 47,48, 54, 56, 57, 74, 75, 81, 83 and 84
Lucky gemsMoonstone, pearl, yellow topaz, red coral, garnet and white jade
Lucky fragrancesGeranium, sandalwood, white rose, ylang-ylang and bergamot
Affirmation – mantraI am lovable as well as loving
Lucky daysMondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays

Cancer Profile


You were born under Cancer, the 4th sign of the zodiac, indicating sensitivity, motherhood and emotional warmth. Your sign is not an easy one to understand and this has much to do with the fact that the waxing and waning Moon is your ruling planet.

Having sway over the tides and also the animals that occupy the ocean, most notably the crab, your totem, reflects some of these complex mood swings that the Cancerian native experiences. Like the crab, your totem, people will notice that at times you exhibit a hard exterior but underneath that, your sensitive and caring nature is by far your most prominent trait. You mustn’t hide this behind this impenetrable mask.

Although at times you do try to hide your feelings, it’s difficult for you to not show just how caring and compassionate you really are. The Moon also reflects your mothering and nurturing qualities and more often than not you’re the first to respond when someone is in need, displaying your extremely compassionate nature.

Your intuitive powers are strong and you always use them in the service of others. You are ruled by the element of water, which makes you adaptable, at times outgoing, but mostly living life in the world of the heart and emotions.

You are adaptable and can easily fit into most circumstances but are certainly most comfortable in your home environment, which you put a great deal of energy into for yourself and the family members you love. You work best in a supportive role with others, and keeping the peace and equilibrium amongst family members and friends is vital to your well being.

At times you are not altogether that trusting, which is why you tend to prefer a smaller group of friends and family members as your mainstay, socially speaking. Even though your personality is quite vibrant you have a preference for dealing with people one-on-one in a most intimate and compassionate way. You feel the plight of others so intensely that at times you absorb the qualities of those you associate with which is why it is so important for you to live and work with those who are positive and upbeat.

If you do end up living or pursuing a career with negative individuals, this could have an adverse reaction to your emotions and, in the long term, your overall wellbeing. It’s imperative that you choose your friends and co-workers as wisely as possible.

The quickest way to a Cancerian’s heart, and thereby friendship, is to touch their sentimentality. You love anything that will kindle your sense of the past, loving memories and warmth and closeness. Flowers, a candle-lit dinner or anything which elicits your sensitivity will attract you to others and create a feeling of love for them.

At times you feel vulnerable which is why I mentioned earlier that there are periods in your life where you don’t necessarily trust others all that quickly. This will be highlighted if you’ve had some bad experiences in the past, and you must therefore learn to let go of these negative experiences of your life.

Astrologer’s Note:

Cancerians do have a tendency to hold onto the past and their memories like elephants, never forget.


You’re probably a night owl due to the fact that the Moon shines most brightly in the dead of night. Your imagination which is rich and varied comes to life in the twilight hours.

Arts, craft and other home activities such as gardening, interior design and just generally an interest in making others feel good are all typical creative Cancerian traits, and I’m sure you possess them in full measure yourself.

You are indeed an individual who can withstand the blows of life and are extremely adaptable under duress and under circumstances which others might fail miserably in. This is possibly what has given you your tough exterior yet at the same time made you aware of the subtler spiritual influences in life. You are able to blend the pragmatic with the spiritual. This gives you the edge in life, making you capable of forbearing troubles and sufferings and coming out the other side enriched with a great deal of wisdom.



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Cancer Cusps

Are you a cusp baby?


Cancer - Gemini cusp

If your birth falls between the 22nd or 30th of June you will possess qualities and characteristics of both Gemini and Cancer. Cancer, you are undoubtedly a feeling and emotional individual and added to this are the intellectual traits of Gemini which would tend to balance you out.

Gemini has a curiosity and mental agility that is hard to match but this can counteract some of the more emotional traits possessed by you Cancer.

Astrologer’s Note:

 As a Cancer- Gemini cusp, your mind clashing with your heart as the Gemini influence rules your head and the softness of Cancer rules your heart.

It is quite likely that this will cause you to procrastinate in matters of the heart especially.

You are able to mediate for others as you have both the intellectual traits of Gemini as a communicator and the feelings and ability to understand others that can be attributed to Cancer. You are a loyal and loving friend and will always try to understand where the other person is coming from.

The influence of Gemini could make you rather more excitable than you are comfortable with and perhaps unsettle you in some ways. This will be evened out by the Moon’s influence and as the tides ebb and flow so will your moods. Some people may find this hard to deal with, but it is just part of the nature of a cusp baby.

You will be the one who contact people when they are caught in a situation they cannot resolve and it will be your wisdom that you bring to the table. Added to these are your knowledge and warmth and these attributes will put you at the top of everyone’s list. It may not necessarily be where you want to be given that you don’t like upsetting people, but your desire to help will override your hesitation.

Cancer, you are able to take a balanced view and Gemini’s intelligence will certainly help you out here. Having the head and the heart both working to capacity should be able to help anyone anywhere solve their problems and you will be much sought after for this talent. This trait may even open doors for you professionally later in life.

Cancer - Leo cusp

If you are born between the 16th or 17th to the 23rd July makes you a Cancer – Leo cusp baby. In your case, the water sign of Cancer certainly does not put out the Leo fire but rather cools it just a little, and temper the exuberance of Leo.

Astrologer’s Note:

As a Cancer – Leo cusp, Leo’s fire will heat up your nature considerably but you must be mindful of not letting this spill over into your emotional life.

You could become extremely demanding or even prone to dramatic outbursts, which are not usually your style if you don’t get your own way.

This goes against the grain somewhat for you as you are at heart a mediator but this is what the fire of Leo can bring to your calm gentle world.

Cancer and Leo are both very loyal signs and you would certainly be a good friend to have. You are extremely faithful with those you love and in relationships or friendships, your nearest and dearest will get to see this endearing part of your personality. They will actually get to peep inside the hard exterior that typifies the sign of Cancer and be privy to the wonderful soft interior that you possess.

With the influence of Leo your ideals are not always in keeping with the reality of your life. You’ll always be surrounded by friends and family and seem to be constantly giving to others, but don’t forget to nurture yourself along the way as well. This will keep you more in balance and take care of your compassionate nature.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Don’t let Leo’s influence burn you out as their enthusiasm can be at times overwhelming when all you really want to do is crawl back into your shell and relax.

The influence of Leo can make you feel a bit insecure at times as you prefer to know where you’re going and when you’re likely to get there.

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The Three Types of Cancer


June 21 - July 3

If you were born between the 21st of June and the 3rd of July, the power of the Moon is exceedingly strong in your case. Your moods will shift very powerfully in keeping with the phases of the moon, and to understand yourself more adequately, why not keep a calendar of the lunar phases so you can be a step ahead of what’s happening. Your romance and love life perfectly reflects who you are, particularly because you are so capable of nurturing others.

July 4 - July 13

Being born between the 4th and the 13th of July means you’re an individual who has developed a high degree of concentration and are focused on achieving more than the average sort of life. There are times when you are possessive and domineering of your loved ones, but by the same token you’re exceedingly loyal and will sacrifice much for their happiness. Be careful to allow others independence and freedom, rather than trying to keep them under your thumb.

July 14 - July 22

If you are born between the 14th and the 22nd of July, you have the influence of Pisces as well as Cancer, and this means that you’re able to love others unconditionally. Your selfless attitude endears others to you and you may be drawn to the helping or healing professions as a result. You may be compassionate but try to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground as well.

Cancer Man ♂

SNAPSHOT: Susceptible, Considerate, Perceptive, Family orientated, Learned


Cancer men are reliable and devoted, and they stretch their limits to embrace and care for others. Exhibiting the true nature of your zodiac totem, the Crab, you can come across as aloof, superior or simply snobbish but only until people get to know you! This mistaken belief withers in the wake of your innate tenderness. What may come across as condescension reveals itself to be a shy and reticent nature.

You are empathetic and generous, Cancer, and your altruism is best expressed in the home. This nature ensures that you stretch your limits to become an ideal husband, father, and provider for your family. You are acutely aware of your responsibilities, and even if you don’t make a million bucks, you stand wholly convinced that the greatest wealth you have is devoting yourself to the love and care of the ones you love.

Even though Cancerian men are ordinarily soft-hearted, when they are confronted, their exacting brain prevails over the tender heart. Not only are you inept at accepting failure, you also fuss over not being able to take the reins.

If you aren’t able to exercise control and steal the limelight, you sulk and brood for days at a stretch. Not only that, Cancerian men have an astonishing tendency to bear grudges for an eternity.

Although the Cancerian male takes immense pride in nurturing his family home, he is also an astrologically movable sign, which means that he has a fierce need to travel and connect with others. Most Cancer men that I’ve encountered are highly social and flaunt an extraordinary depth of knowledge that makes for lively discussions.

Astrologer’s Advice:

To prevent internal conflicts that translate into external disharmony, you need to be more self-aware and receptive to others’ reactions.

Working on this aspect of your character will create happiness that will flow into other aspects of your life as well.

Two other qualities deserve a mention. Although you are a little old – fashioned in your approach to life, you’re as honest as the day is long. Notwithstanding your oscillating temperament, people know exactly where they stand with you. In addition to this, life is your greatest teacher, and you have an amazing ability to continually learn from experience. This can make you quite lettered, even though you may not have much formal education! You always add colour to discussions with your fascinating viewpoints, and you are startlingly impartial by treating king and beggar alike.

In a nutshell, a Cancer male is adoring, compassionate and loves reaching out to others, especially in their time of need. You are likely to attract a woman with the same intense commitment to family values and will make a great husband, father, and homemaker. When it comes to children, you can whip up a meal and let fun times roll! All in all, you score magnificently in all areas of family life.

Cancer Woman ♀

SNAPSHOT: Affectionate, Empathetic, Orderly, Responsive, Dedicated to family


You can’t possibly overlook a Cancerian woman, especially when she presents you with a warm, home-baked apple pie and a cup of coffee when you least expect it. Such is the hospitality and mothering qualities of a woman born under this soft and giving star sign.

Astrology is replete with examples of how the Moon, your zodiac ruler, is endowed with the archetypal stronghold over femininity, motherhood, love and family life. Unsurprisingly, this tendency to rear and mother happens to be an intrinsic Cancer trait that you can’t help but surrender to. Being a water sign and under the influence of the Moon, another positive attribute is your selflessness and modesty, even with perfect strangers. You’re closely linked to the water sign of Pisces, which is the most self-sacrificing of the star signs.

The Moon also stirs up some erratic qualities in your personality, which you may find difficult to grapple with. In the ancient Sanskrit language, from which many of the Indo-European languages emerged, the word manas, or mind, is ruled by Chandra, the Moon. The link between the quick-moving lunar cycle and human mental and emotional states has been known for thousands of years.

Astrologer’s Note:

Being born under the sign of the Moon means that your emotions and mental states are as changeable as the Earth’s nearest neighbour.

You may often find yourself completely swathed in intense emotions, struggling with ways to counter them. In your attempt to pull yourself out of this predicament, you become big-hearted and enormously compassionate towards others. This is a great outlet for the swarm of emotions within you and a constructive way to express what you feel towards the people you care about.

Riding high on imagination, your creative flair finds expression in art and crafts, cooking and gardening. This can prove to be therapeutic for your Cancerian personality. After all, cooking and handicrafts are emotionally engaging activities that express love for others.

Enormously receptive, you are able to feel the pulse of your environment and the people in it. As a result, you take on the attitude of the people you surround yourself with, and negativity in your environment will naturally create turmoil in your own life. This is where your tough, Crab- like exterior comes in handy. It enables you to buy time to handpick the right friends and people to be a part of your life.

Point to remember:

Positive friends can have a remarkable effect on your psyche.

You like to pour warmth and care on your family and friends, and you find raising children deeply fulfilling. The downside, however, is becoming too insecure and not letting your children build their own nest. Also, you rate self-care as you lowest priority and forget to give love to yourself. Awaken to the significance of your own life and respect yourself as well!

Cancer Child

Children of the Zodiac - Cancer

Cancer children need intelligent parenting. By intelligent I mean almost being a master psychologist!

Astrologer’s Advice:

As a parent of a Cancerian child, you must bear in mind the complexity of your child’s Crab-like personality and stand on guard against their formidable nippers that hurt – if they do decide to attack.

The oblique crawl of a crab explains why your child can be somewhat mysterious, in spite of also being spontaneous and affectionate. They’ll probably never divulge what makes them so uncomfortable and as a parent wondering the why and what of your little crustacean’s temperament, it would be rather beneficial to discover creative ways encouraging them to open up instead.

That’s exactly why I mentioned employing the art of psychology to work best with your Cancerian child. In case you find yourself inept at dealing with their enigmatic personality, guess what – you’ll just have to watch them grow and still deal with it!

ASTROLOGY-CHILDREN-CANCERCancerian children thrive best in the company of peers, a haven where they love, care and sharing unstintingly. Here they would be absolutely exemplary in their display of emotions. To illustrate, if they find their friend devoid of a toy that they may have, your Cancerian child will unreservedly share theirs, at times to their own detriment. They have an instinctive ability to throw open their hearts and look to treating others with empathy.

If only the friends of your Cancerian child knew the gravity of infuriating your little one, they would never even attempt foraying into such zones. Cancerian children take slander quite personally and can be astronomically unforgiving, much to the dismay of others. They’d keep you guessing the reason for their moroseness for a long, long time.

There could be times where your child may be a victim of bullying or insult. Those are the times when their emotional turmoil scale to a degree where you wouldn’t even have an inkling of the dilemma they’d be under. Employ thoughtful care to unobtrusively delve deeper and get to the bottom of things. Don’t forget your little wonder is hugely capable of silently carrying the burden of such damaging experiences for life, impacting relationships even as they mature.

Instinctive, imaginative, curious and creative – Cancerian children favourably respond to the world of learning and soak information with natural flair. Although they may have initial jitters in grasping the entirely of a subject, repetition fosters greater retention. Thus, never dismiss their need for a little more tuition, especially with regards to education.

Cancerian children seek a sense of belonging and comfort before letting their guards down, another Crab-like trait. In families experiencing divorce or disharmony, though the impact on children is always substantial, it is considerably pronounced on a Cancerian child.

Astrologer’s Advice:

As a parent you must endeavor to create a happy and relaxed atmosphere at home, imbued with love, care and nurturing to allow your children, particularly if Cancerian, to blossom into fine adults.



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Cancer Lover 💕


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that love and warmth are critical to secure a happy and enduring relationship. With Cancer-born individuals, this understanding goes to a whole new level. When a Crab opens up to reveal the sweetness within, you get a good idea of what they are going to be like as a lover. Strongly governed by emotions, they’re natural lovers through and through, and they believe that love lasts forever.

Sexually, Cancer, you like your emotions to translate into intimate physical contact. In that respect, you don’t respond well to sex without feeling and eventually lose interest if your sex life is mechanical and dry. However, such idealism also brings with it some dilemmas.

LOVE AND COMPATIBILITY REPORTSPenetrating your hard exterior is often difficult, especially for those who are too impatient to wait. You tend to safeguard your privacy, testing the waters before committing romantically, and this is the heart of your problem. You must be vocal instead of shy, and let your prospective partner know how you operate. Through open dialogue you can create an atmosphere in which the other person is happy to commit their time and patience to win your heart completely.

As I said, you’re an instinctive lover, and once you choose a romantic partner, you go the extra mile to pamper, nourish and mother them in every conceivable way. In many ways, you are the ideal lover. You also seek someone who completes you emotionally and physically, and who fulfills your practical and familial needs.


What I reveal now will have a crucial bearing on your future happiness in relationships, so read it carefully, Cancer.

Before you rush into making a romantic commitment, build confidence within yourself first.

If you lack a strong sense of identity, you may become more insecure and expect your partner to gratify all the needs that you are unable to meet yourself, and this will take a toll on your relationship.

Once you become the master of your emotions, Cancer, you will comfortably and happily enjoy the experience of romance and love. Unfortunately, some Cancerians attract partners who are cold, aloof and indifferent. Because physical closeness is important to you, hugs and kisses need to come your way, or frustration will build within. While it’s always good to trust your gut, don’t forget to employ some brain power as well.

You must avoid fanning your emotional insecurities, which can wreak havoc in your relationships. Your mood determines the landscape of your relationships, pushing you into reclusiveness and punishing your partner with your painful silence. Though they may put up with this initially, they may walk out in the end.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Release the hold on your innermost feelings and allow for open dialogue.

Since your mind and relationships respond to the lunar cycle, find inventive ways to offset this. Be perceptive to the early signals of discontent you will be able to iron out complexities before spiraling into emotional desolation. This single piece of advice could have a long-lasting impact on your marriage or long-term relationship. KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR POTENTIAL PARTNER →» CLICK HERE!«←

Cancer Friend 👏


Loyalty happens to be your defining element as a Cancer friend. As the nurturer of the zodiac, you value friendship and prefer to have quality over quantity.

You take tremendous interest in the lives of others, including their highs and lows, and you have an intrinsic ability to make others feel good about themselves. Your inherent ability to nurture enables you to reach out to others, and you prove to be the reliable confidante they never had. That’s one big reason why people love having you as their friend. This beautiful quality of encouraging others is how you’re able to win friends and influence others without being overpowering or difficult.

For some, this sincerity and affection means that you are taken for granted. However, it can mean quite the opposite for an evolved Cancerian. You are insightful and observant when it comes to picking friends and long-term partners, and correctly employ your sixth sense to grasp people’s true intentions.

Another noteworthy quality is your interest in general knowledge and how you use it in practical ways. You celebrate information and unhesitatingly share it with others. At the same time, you are humble enough to be receptive to other people’s point of view, regardless of whether you take their advice!

Cancerians have a natural tendency to make their nurturing, never-say-no spirit the guiding light of their life.

However, as much as you give yourself to others, you may not always enjoy an equivalent degree of reciprocation. The reason for this is fairly simple. You like to seal off the dark feelings you experience and are reticent about sharing them with others. Unwilling to burden them with your woes, you prevent people from fussing over you. But in the end, they do just that, and it’s exactly how you would like them to behave!

If you want to elicit concern and warmth from others, you need to be open in the way you express your emotions.

While you strive to be a friend to others, allow them to be a friend to you. This means that you need to trust them as much as they trust you. Yes, you may need time to achieve this, but the more you do it, the more you’ll be loved without being taken for granted.

The key word in any friendship has to be loyalty and with Cancer this comes naturally. Being the nurturers of the zodiac, they value friendship but not necessarily in quantity so much as in quality.

You, Cancer, are able to make others feel great about themselves, and by taking interest in their lives, their circumstances and the highs and lows that come with life, you are appreciated as a great friend. Actually, you probably don’t know it, but this one point of taking interest in others, not speaking so much about yourself, is a great secret in winning friends and influencing others. You’ve got it, and you may not have even realised it.

You are selfless in the way you approach friends and when you regard someone in this way you will do anything for them. You realise that people want to be wanted and loved and to be made to feel good about them. And this you do in full measure with your friends.

You are irresistible, because you really do want to help others and really are interested in them. Your loving nature is a standout trait, and puts you in everyone’s Top 10 as a friend and confidante. The way you share your feelings inspires others to do the same.

For some, this openness and warmth can mean you could  be taken on a few rides. If you are an evolved Cancerian, though, it will mean quite the contrary. You are shrewd and perceptive when it comes to choosing friends and long-term partners, and use your intuition to understand people’s motivations.

You have another great talent: an interest in general knowledge, which you put to use in very practical ways. You are also keen to share your knowledge and are never too proud to listen to another person’s view (you may not take their advice, though!). Many Cancerians make their nurturing, never-say-no-to-anyone spirit, the guiding direction for their lives.

What may surprise you at times, (and this will probably happen over a longer period) is that, as much as you give to others, you don’t often find that they reciprocate to the same extent. Have you ever wondered about this? Well, let me tell you one of the main reasons for this happening to you, Cancer. You have a tendency to hold much of your emotional inner life as private, even secret. When it comes to sharing how you feel, for whatever reason, maybe because you think you’re imposing on others and don’t want to burden them, others observe that you prefer them not to tamper with this sacrosanct area of your life.

Eliciting the same sort of response from your friends requires a greater degree of openness on your part. Perhaps not strangely, this involves trust. If you regard someone as a friend, and have done so for many, many years, they would also like to feel as trusted as you do. It may gradually take time for you to open up. But the more you do, the more you’ll be able to deepen your friendship and ties of love with those who genuinely care as much for you as you do for them. KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS →»HERE!«←

Cancer Enemy 😠


The water sign of the Crab is hypersensitive and you’ll be amazed at your capacity to stretch things beyond measure. If rubbed the wrong way, you can misconstrue seemingly harmless trivia and hold it against someone. This can make you difficult to deal with.

If you notice a Cancer friend withdrawing and straining the chains of communication, rest assured that you have consciously or unconsciously offended them. Before you know it, they will have distanced themselves from you, and any attempt at placating them will fall flat. This passive-aggressive attitude can be quite disconcerting, but it is typical of the Crab, which moves obliquely when it anticipates threat. The more you chase after it, the quicker it gets away from you! The best advice is to let them go. Give your Cancer friend the time to heal and, hopefully, their caring nature will bring them back.

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Cancer Light and Shadow 🌓


The light and the dark are part of human nature and each star sign exhibits this polarity. It is the yin and yang of life and once we confront these shadowy areas within ourselves the sooner we are able to break free of all self-limiting behaviours and habits.

Cancer: The light side 🌕

Because you’re so connected to your feelings and understand how feelings affect others, you’re able to make this a part of your life, which impacts favourably on those with whom you come in touch. You’re a deep ocean of sensitive knowledge and your open and generous nature puts you at the top of everyone’s list of favourite people.

Your openness and warmth need to be monitored, however, as other unscrupulous people will take advantage of you. You can be shrewd and perceptive when it comes to choosing friends and this is more the case that your intuition has been developed and you’re able to see into others’ motivations.

Many Cancers have an incredible arsenal of general knowledge that surprises others. You probably like to read a lot and are curious about this, that and the other. Overall, your nurturing spirit is the highlight of your sign and that will always hold you in good stead, wherever you go.

Cancer: The shadow side 🌑

It’s not often evident but you can be rather dark emotionally and once people see this it can adversely affect their perception of you. Along with the fact that you’re sometimes stubborn, it seems you may be a complex individual to deal with.

Sometimes an innocent comment can set you off and underneath that calm exterior your emotions will be boiling over, sulking about what someone’s said. You can blame this on the Moon, which tends to heighten your sensitivity to the world and people around you. Occasionally you don’t take too kindly to constructive criticism, seeing it as an attack on your nature rather than an intention to do good things.

Although your sensitivity to your environment is an asset, you must be careful not to let these dramatic mood swings undermine your life and relationships.

Much of these problems relate to your early life and some Cancers need to get more in touch with this part of their nature to overcome these sometimes overwhelming feelings.

Cancer – On the Home Front 🏠


Home is your haven and you are fairly rigid about having a secure, warm and comfortable environment to slacken in. Although this applies to a few other star signs of the zodiac, for you Cancer, this need is undeniably fanatical. Here again, you are ruled by the Crab influence of a hard exterior protecting the softness within. Ensure you stand vigilant against turning your house into a guarded fortress, intimidating others when they come visiting.

Because of the ease of unwinding in a familiar comforting zone, some of you may tend to develop a rigid attachment to family space, preferring the company of your family in the confines of your home, rather than socialize with friends or work mates. Allow me to reiterate, practise a healthy measure of moderation and balance towards building a fulfilling and satisfactory life. Lopsidedness may work for you for momentarily, but can get hugely suffocating for the other instead.

Along with the ease of comfort, you thrive best in a space that encourages you to sink in memories, reminisce over the past and give shape to your thoughts. Many Cancerians like a display of memorabilia, photographs, artifacts and seemingly insignificant sweet nothings – all representative of a loving past they so deeply cherish.

Your sense of style and decor at home is dominated by a rather conservative approach, and you like your furnishings and artifacts to reflect an element of practicality rather than be emotionally appealing. Though you prefer functional interiors, yet you’re equally open to simple, aesthetically pleasing shapes and forms. As an example, you happen to respond well to furniture with flowing lines, and warmer tones of creams and comforting colours have a soothing touch on your psyche.

You seek security at home with fanatical fierceness due to the Crab influence of a hard exterior protecting the softness within. Ensure you stand vigilant against turning your house into a guarded fortress, intimidating others when they come visiting.

With the moon as your ruling planet, also being watery in nature, silver, milky and aqua shades are colours that lend positivity and happiness, enhancing your decor to no ends. What could be even more fascinating and worth a thought would be to somehow create open sky verandas allowing moonlight to flow in bounty, your ruling planet enveloping you with a sense of peace and spiritual awe.

Since the Moon shines best at night, you too Cancer, are naturally bound to become creatively alive after the sun goes down. Therefore, it will be a good idea to have your abode creatively reflect this very spirit and affinity towards the Moon, accommodating your needs and lifestyle in the twilight hours as well.

Home style living a must for Cancer born. For a sense of true fulfillment, Cancer demands an appealing home, with care and affection flourishing all around in absolute bounty. They like to be family oriented and harmony in personal life translates as overall joy.

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