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Studies in Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology and its technique

For most western astrologers who have spent years studying the technique of the tropical system with its aspects and other nuances, making the jump to the use of Vedic or sidereal horoscopes can seem a daunting task.

Apart from the myriad of different names and terminology, chart shapes and aspects, many an astrologer I have spoken with are taken aback when they read the descriptions of planets in specific signs, accusing the ancient Vedic writers of being extremely fatalistic and negative in their interpretations.

Western tropical astrologers prefer to take a more psychological and humanistic approach to the interpretation of the chart, claiming that Vedic astrology leaves very little room for self-determination, these statements come obviously from a lack of in-depth study across a wide range of systems within Vedic astrology and its gamut of writers who have their own perspective.

Probably the most illustrious of the Vedic astrological sages is Parashara, who has enunciated the elaborate technique with all its planetary, Zodiacal and subtle interpretations for analyzing not only character but also the future and destiny of individuals.

The system of Vedic astrology is therefore, a complex exercise, but best explained through the use of examples to show just how, precisely, accurate, the interpretations can be. Yes, there is a fatalistic element to the way a Vedic horoscope is studied, but this may have something to do with the origins being in the subcontinent of India where over thousands of years the people, as a result of great poverty, have for the most part not felt that empowered to change their circumstances. That is now changing. With the advent of the great technological revolution in India and there are many astrologers now who agree that there are methods for helping one overcome the constraints of the horoscope, of what one is born with as a karmic legacy.

No less impressive in the Vedic astrological system, apart from the sheer magnitude of information and the insights that can be gleaned from a chart, is the novel use of remedial measures to help one overcome the handicaps and other shortcomings that one is born with as reflected in planets which are weak or harmful to the individual.

Following are examples to show you some unique techniques for studying horoscopes. For both professional and lay person alike this may throw some light on the procedures that are used to ascertain not only the meaning of the planets but how and when, during their cycles, they are likely to play out in the life of an individual.

Serial Killers and the use of Jamini Bhava and Arudha Pads in the determination of Psychopathy

Pada basically means division and can be attributable to the division of virtually anything. For example a chapter in a book may be broken down into any number of padas or sections, if the author so wishes. The nakshatras or 27 stars are commonly ascribed 4 padas or quarters and depending on which pada the nakshatra falls it gives different shades of meaning to the interpretation of the fixed star.

Another type of division is that of Jaimini astrology and the reflective division of the houses – called arudhas. The definition for arudha has been hard to ascertain precisely. It seems that everyone knows what it is so there is no set statement. Perhaps the most common understanding is that arudha means the way in which subtle division of a house is further extended to add more subtle meaning. Some of the most important arudhas are:

1. Lagna, called Arudha pada or Arudha lagna

2. 12th house called specifically Upapada 3.

3. 7th house, called Kalatrikapada 7th or A7 or Pada 7 or P7.

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3rd house, called Bhratrupada 3rd or A3 or Pada 3 or P3 etc etc and this can apply to any other house also.

The way to count the arudha of any sign is thus: Count from the house to the position of the lord of the sign and then count the same number of signs from the lord, in a clockwise motion. There are three exceptions to this general rule:

1. Where the lord of the house falls in its own sign then the arudha of the house falls in the 10th therefrom

2. When the lord of a sign falls in the 4th house from the house in question then the 4th house is the arudha of that house

3. When the lord of the sign falls in the 7th house from the house in question then the 4th house from the house in question is the arudha house of that house.

Also take note of the Karakas or significators;

1. Atmakaraka (AK) is the planet with the highest degrees (up to 30) and represents self

2. Atmayakara (AMK) is the planet with the next highest degrees and represents the sub-lord or mind of the individula

3. Bhratarukaraka (BK) is the planet with the next highest degrees and becomes the lord of the brothers

4. Matrukaraka (MK) is next highest in degrees and is lord of the mother

5. Putrakaraka (PK) is next highest degrees and lord of the father

6. Gnathikaraka (GK) is next highest and is lord of relations

7. Darakaraka (DK) is next highest (or least) and is lord of spouse.

8. The house in the navamsa in which the AK falls is called the karakamsa Rahu and Ketu do not become Karakas, except under unusual circumstances.

Let us take some examples of some serial killers and see if we can ascertain what in their chart makes them so. Let us first make observation of some of the inclusions in the profile of a serial killer as compiled by forensic psychiatrists in the USA. The person is more likely to be male than female and is white, heterosexual, in their 20s or 30s, are sexually dysfunctional having low self-esteem; methodical rampages are almost always sexual in nature; the killings are almost always part of an elaborate fantasy which builds to a climax at the moment of their murderous outburst; murders strangers, with cooling off periods between each crime. is estranged from society; derives sexual organism from the thrill of the victim’s pain and/or actual moment of death ; is cannibalistic, enjoys necrophillia and keeps trophies like body parts or locks of hair as part of their enjoyment. ; is sadistic ; has an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs ; has a history of cruelty to animals in childhood, which can include vivisection ; is violent and viscous and often sets fires ; presents as sweet, smooth and affable to the public ; has a secret hidden inner life ; is very intelligent and plans well ; returns to the scene of the crime to relive fantasies ; often inserts himself into the investigation and/or deliberately leaves clues ; has an abused upbringing with a history of chronic bedwetting ; maybe genetic inheritance.

The houses to look at for deeds and profession are 2, 6, 10; for desires 11; maraka houses 2 & 7; for homosexuality and other aberrations of the mind including murder, torture etc 3, 6, 7, 8 & 12. Take note of the badhaka house ( karmic obstructors )which are the 11th houses for a movable or chara sign; 9th house for fixed signs and 7th house for mutable signs. Let’s look at a serial killer and his birth data ( For those reading this article, the charts will have to be calculated or, if you wish we can email them to you for further study ) –

Jeffery Dahmer, born 21 May 1960 16:34, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, serial killer.

Jeffery Dahmer

Serial Killer

All the arudha lagnas have been inserted in the chart. The AK is Venus so the karakamsa is Sagittarius. One of the important aspects to bear in mind for a Virgo ascendant is that you do not know what goes on behind the scenes, and especially with Mars as 8th lord there is an outwardly smooth, sweet, affable nature with a hidden and often vicious streak.

In 1992 Dahmer first talked about his crimes, and he confessed to 17 killings of men and boys. In 1994 he was killed in prison by a fellow inmate. His 18th victim escaped death by blacking out. When police investigated his apartment there was a horrible stench, deadbolts on the bedroom door, 55 gallon drums containing torsos of his victims, various skulls in the freezer, photographs of his various victims and various body parts scattered around. He insisted he didn’t hate his victims, he did it because that was the only way he could think of to keep them with him.

It also gave him feelings of total sexual control. His early upbringing was influenced by a sanitized upbringing, his mother’s mental illness and his parents’ violent and cruel marriage which ended in divorce. He dissected dead animals as a child, and rattling their bones sent a sexual shiver up his spine. Note the exceptions when determining the arudhas of this chart. With the 2nd house, Libra, it’s ruler, Venus, falls in the 7th from the 2nd, Aries. However the exception states to use the 4th house therefrom, so counting 4 from the 2nd we get to Capricorn which becomes Arudha of 2nd house or A2.

With the 4th house, Sagittarius, it’s ruler, Jupiter falls in its own house, therefore the exception states to take the 10th therefrom which brings us to Virgo as A4. In Dahmer’s chart the Lagna lord has gone to the 9th house where it is associated with the 12th lord, Sun. The dispositor of the 9th is Rahu. The lord of the 8th, Mars, is aspected by the Lagna and is conjunct dark Moon, lord of desires and wishes.

Lord of 6th, Saturn, aspects the Lagna and is conjoined with Jupiter, lord of 7th and 4th. There is a yoga, kemadruma, which states that when the lord of 6th is associated with badhaka (Jupiter for Virgo Lagna) then the person is cursed. This combination also falls in the 4th house of the mother and a genetic house. The 6th lord has its energy carried along by a badhaka. Interestingly enough Jupiter is (GK) lord of relations, which it destroys absolutely.

Jupiter is lord of two kendras, 4 and 7, which gives it added power, and it aspects houses 12, 10 and 8. Also note that both Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde, which again gives added strength and power. Jupiter, in the nakshatra of Ketu, aspects 9th lord Venus, in the nakshatra of Sun, in the 8th house owned by Mars, in the nakshatra of Saturn. It is bad for the 9th lord to be aspected by a badhaka. Jupiter aspects Rahu, in the nakshatra of 12th lord Sun, in the 12th house of Leo, which is owned by Sun. Jupiter aspecting Rahu tends to destroy Jupiter, and the houses it owns, which are 4th and 7th.

Ketu, in nakshatra of Jupiter, is lord of past karma, and is in the 6th house which is also A8 and Upapada (A11). Ketu and Jupiter have a mutual reception as nakshatra lords This is called nakshatra parivarthana yoga.

Rahu, in nakshatra of Sun, has a malefic influence from 12th house. Rahu/Ketu falling in 12/6 axis brings ….. And being right on the cusp of each house gives added strength. Moon/Mars combination in 7th house gives unstable emotions, especially in partnerships.

Mars as lord of houses 3 & 8 is malefic and aspects houses 10, Lagna and 2.

Sun, in own nakshatra, is conjoined combust Mercury in Saturn’s nakshatra, in 9th house owned by combust Venus. This is a nice combination as it endows intelligence and higher learning.

With Mercury as Lagna lord and Venus aspecting into its own sign in the 2nd house it makes for a nicely spoken, pleasant personality. Venus at nearly 29 degrees makes the planet weak, however it is right on the 8th house cusp, gives influence to the 8th house, and thus gains strength and sexual appeal. However, Sun is 12th house lord which rather spoils things. The lagna also falls in Mars’ nakshatra and is not good as Mars is ruler of 3rd and 8th houses. Gulika in 10th house gives deeds and activities an insidious, devious, malicious aspect.

Arudha lagna and A2 are in 5th house Capricorn, owned by Saturn, again bringing in badhaka influence. (hint: study the 5th house as the mind of man and see what you come up with.) Houses 2 (Libra/Venus) and 7 (Pisces/Jupiter) are maraka houses, which makes Jupiter doubly bad. Ketu in the 6th acts like Mars and owns the house of weapons (3rd).

A3 has gone to 11th house owned by dark Moon. Dahmer had an extensive collection of weapons. In the navamsa chart Saturn, Mars and Gulika have combined in 4th house of Scorpio owned by Mars. Saturn owns 6th & 7th. Venus (AK) is conjoined with Rahu in 6th house and is opposite Jupiter conjoined with Ketu in 11th house of desires again destroying Jupiter and here its houses 6 & 8. Moon is again aspected by Mars and is again in 7th, this time conjunct Uranus and Neptune, which combination gives a kooky twist to an unstable Moon in the house of relationships.

Sun is in 8th house Pisces, owned by destroyed Jupiter. Mercury is again in 9th house, and aspects into the 3rd house of communications, courage, and weapons. Mars aspects 7th, 10th and 11th houses, whilst Saturn, again from 4th house, aspects 6th, 10th and Lagna.

From karakamsa in Sagittarius, Venus and Rahu are in lagna, opposite Jupiter and Ketu in Gemini, 7th house of relationships. The karakamsa is the 4th house, which reinforces the hereditary/genetic background. Jupiter and Saturn have gone to the 12th house, Rahu and Ketu are on the 8/2 axis. From Arudha lagna (which has gone to 6th house) A1 and A11 have gone to 2nd house owned by malefic Saturn, A10 has gone to 4th house owned by malefic Mars, A4 and A7 have gone to 9th house Virgo owned by Mercury, A6 has gone to 10th house Libra, owned by Venus; A5 and A11 have gone to 11th house Scorpio owned by Mars.

Dahmer’s chart shows a continual repeat of destroyed relationships. Destructive Jupiter aspects 11th house of desires, and 3rd house of communication, courage, weapons. Saturn, Mars and Gulika have gone to 12th where Saturn aspects 2nd and 9th, whilst Mars aspects 3rd and 7th. The constant repeat of houses in a 2/12 or 6/8 position shows lots of strife, losses and undoing.

Moderator Kevin Barrat, President of the ACVA: “Dadhichi would greatly appreciate it if you would look at the above charts and analyse those as an exercise in research and let him have the details. It would be further appreciated if you would also look at arudhas, karakamsas, etc in other charts you have as additional research.

This is all to understand the subtle shades of meaning and to see whether they really do enhance chart reading or are really just a waste of time. For example would you see in advance that these men are serial killers’ What shows in the chart the taste for human flesh? Can you see Dahmer’s death before the end of 1994′ How did he die and what shows this in his chart?” More on this later.

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