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Moon Transits

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MoonWhen the Moon transits your horoscope the likely effects that can be expected are numerous and depend on the type of relationship the Sun is having with other planets. There are the hard as well as soft aspects and also the conjunction which is sometimes considered a mixture of good and not so good. These aspects determine the effects that will be experienced in your life.

When looking at the Moon’s square aspect to other planets you can include to some extent, the opposition, semi-square, quincunx, sesquiquadrate and other lesser-known hard aspects to arrive at a similar conclusion.

Moon Transits and Conjunction Aspects

Moon conjunct Sun invigorates you today, bringing feelings to the surface. Your relationships with others, especially women, will be more harmonious. On a more practical level, this is a good time to effect subtle changes in your social life.

Moon conjunct Moon signifies the beginning of a major emotional cycle. Clear thinking is critical today as emotions are brought to the surface. You may have the opportunity to step into the limelight in some way today.

Moon conjunct Mercury confers a tendency for moodiness, which may confound rational and practical thought. Don’t let petty issues overwhelm you. Today is a good day to just take a step back and reflect.

Moon conjunct Venus instills a heightened artistic inspiration which may manifest itself in creative work or just the urge to experience the beauty of nature. Your good cheer today enhances your social life and may intensify romance.

Moon conjunct Mars makes you somewhat impulsive today and you may find yourself doing things you normally wouldn’t. You may experience a period of irritability today, but it will pass relatively quickly.

Moon conjunct Jupiter gives you a love of life today that manifests itself in good cheer and generosity. This is a time when relationships (especially with women) are good. This is an aspect of good fortune.

Moon conjunct Saturn has a depressing influence on your feelings, inhibiting self-expression and encouraging disappointment. You may have strained relations with a woman (regardless of your sex). Shrug off guilt and pessimism, they are unhealthy.

Moon conjunct Uranus makes you impulsive and restless. Avoid important decisions during this transit (which lasts only a few hours) as a rash decision may prove unfortunate. Also, you may have difficulty concentrating now.

Moon conjunct Neptune heightens your sensitivity and you may listen to someone else’s problems today. You are very serene today with the tendency to daydream and indulge in escapism, especially in art or cinema. If channeled properly, it can be constructive.

Moon conjunct Pluto confers intense emotion which can manifest itself in self-analysis or deep emotional experiences in romance (for good or ill). Try to remain somewhat objective today.


Moon Transits and Hard Aspects (square, opposition, semi-square, quincunx, sesquiquadrate etc)

Moon square Sun may bring difficulties to your home life. This transit may bring personal conflicts to a head.

Moon square Moon may make you more aware of petty problems between you and a friend. Don’t try to a force the issue during this short transit.

Moon square Mercury disposes you to engage in conversations of a serious matter with loved ones. Opening up to a close friend may help a great deal.

Moon square Venus fills you with a desire to be with friends and have a good time. Engaging in any type of social activity should bring favourable results.

Moon square Mars indicates a time when it is best to keep to yourself. You may feel inadequate, and this is a good time to search for your true abilities.

Moon square Jupiter instills you with a spirituality that actively seeks to help others. Volunteering your services to a friend can be most rewarding now.

With Moon square Saturn, you may feel cut off from friends and loved ones. Don’t worry if you can’t tell them your problems. Being alone frequently helps.

Moon square Uranus makes you restless. You will probably actively seek out a good time with friends. Don’t be hasty in deciding what you’re going to do, though.

 Moon square Neptune may make you lose touch with friends and family. Be careful not to daydream too much during this transit, for friends may rely on you.

Moon square Pluto invigorates you, making you restless for excitement. Use your creative energy wisely and you will succeed.

Moon Transits and Soft Aspects (sextile, trine etc )

Moon sextile Sun makes you relaxed and “at ease” with yourself today. It’s important at this time to be with friends, for it will prove most beneficial. Meeting members of the opposite sex is enhanced with this transit.

Moon sextile Moon marks a time when it’s important to be around close friends and relatives. Confiding your true feelings to those you genuinely care about is a good idea during this transit. Emotional release is paramount now.

Moon sextile Mercury makes you festive and desirous of a good time with friends and family. Communicating with long-distance associates and engaging in social functions with close friends is enhanced during this transit.

Moon sextile Venus creates a pleasant environment at home and fills you with the desire to be with friends and enjoy their company. Having a party or a family get-together could be most enjoyable during this transit.

Moon sextile Mars fills you with self-assertiveness today. Working on a project could prove beneficial, especially if you elicit the aid of friends or associates. Also, this transit marks a good time to “open up” to loved ones.

Moon sextile Jupiter brings you a sense of togetherness with close friends and relatives today. Relating with old chums is easy and extremely pleasant during this transit. This is not the best time to make new friends, though.

Moon sextile Saturn instils a deep sense of responsibility and seriousness to you. Engaging in social activities is not the best of ideas at this time. Rather, look to close friends and relatives for emotional support and release.

Moon sextile Uranus empowers you with energy to seek out new friends and activities. Now is the time for something completely different. Look to close friends for release of this restless energy.

Moon sextile Neptune fills you with a caring spirit. Sympathy for friends and family is great now, and many may turn to you for help. You may be of great help to someone today without even being aware of it.

Moon sextile Pluto brings subtle changes to your relationship with loved ones. You may desire to meet new, “exciting” people at the sake of forsaking those you already know. Strengthen ties before they are weakened irreparably.

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