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The Philtrum

The groove on the upper lip, below the nose, is worth mentioning. It is called the philtrum. If it is clearly marked, deep and long, it augurs well for a strong and healthy energy levels and vitality. Flat, weak and unpronounced philtrums are a mark of reduced life force and drive.

Philtrum Shapes

The philtrum is a lesser known feature of the face, found between the lower portion of the nose and the upper lip and defined by its groove like nature. In most systems of face reading your groove relates to sexual energy, procreation and to a large extent the longevity factor of your life. 

The cheek lines also have much to do with how long your lifespan is and how high your energy levels are. You should, therefore, balance the readings in this segment with the later assessment of your cheek lines to have a fuller picture of the true longevity available to you.


Having a broad groove between your nose and lips is a clear cut sign of your abundant energy as well as positive mental vibrations. If your philtrum is too broad or too long this indicates certain unexpected turns of fate throughout your life. You must pace yourself with the dynamic energy you possess, in case you overestimate your abilities and find yourself expending energy in areas with little value and even less return on your investment.

Wastefulness and carelessness with your financial affairs and monetary matters lead to problems in your relationships and show that you must develop a greater sensitivity to these issues in satisfying your partner’s needs, which may be quite different to your own. If your broad philtrum is at the same time deep and well formed, it forecasts an extremely, long life for you.

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The depth and length of your philtrum indicate a good and healthy long life, powered by loads of vitality and enthusiasm which tend to be infectious to all around you. Friends and family members hold you in high esteem as your positive energy is able to neutralise the negativities of the less optimistic around you. Sometimes people will rely on you to prop them up in their lives and you must guard against becoming the victim of others who are too lazy to sort out their own problems.

Although you have a generous nature and wish to support your friends and lovers, you must learn to draw some safe boundaries in this respect. Because of the length and depth of your philtrum, you are able to be self-directed in matters of work and are seen to be a productive individual who can achieve at least a moderate amount of success.

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Your deep and wide philtrum shows a good life span and generally reasonably good health to accompany your extensive longevity. Apart from longevity factors shown by your well formed and rather prominent groove, you have a very strong sense of friendship and exhibit loyalty to those you choose to bring into your circle of trust. Your sense of faith and camaraderie will also become a strong part of your more romantic affiliations and will again be the basis of what should be a good and long lasting association.

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It seems that with your deep philtrum, you have an endless supply of physical energy and if this groove on your face is well-formed without any blemishes, it indicates that you will enjoy these powers of vitality good health uninterrupted throughout life. In your personal life, you very much value romance and one of your stronger character traits are your loving nature and demonstrative care you offer all around you. With the right person, you are able to share your mental, emotional and sexual energies and do so unreservedly.

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Because your philtrum determines your lifespan and general physical wellbeing, it is not particularly favourable to have a shortened groove. In your case, these are hints that your diet and in fact your mental attitudes may need significant reappraisal and adjustment to get you back on track to increasing your potential for a long life and happy future. If your philtrum is unusually short, longevity, according to ancient face readers, may not exceed 51 years of age. Of course, you have a hand in your destiny and must not be deterred or limited by numbers, but should do your utmost to draw out of yourself the highest level of energy you can and capitalise on the better parts of your nature.

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The philtrum, i.e. the groove on your face, is best when blemish free, however, yours is lined, and it means that in respect of children and family life you may not reach a level of satisfaction you hope for. If you are fortunate enough to have children, it’s incumbent upon you to put aside the requisite time and energy to demonstrate your love and affection for them.

With your blemished philtrum, you may find yourself distracted or continually preoccupied to such an extent that you miss the valuable opportunities to connect with them on a heart and soul level. This would be a shame later in their development to find that you have alienated yourself and do not gain the satisfaction that most parents wish to with offspring. Spend a little more time surrendering some of your own needs for those of your children and these problems can certainly be averted.

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Your philtrum deals with such issues as physical energy and drive, longevity, sexual power and also the issue of children and your relationship with them. Due to the several vertical lines on your own philtrum, this precludes you from either having children or gaining sufficient satisfaction from them throughout their development.

Some women developing these lines, especially if there are several on the upper lip area, are found to have adrenal gland issues, particularly during midlife. Vertical lines on the philtrum don’t necessarily deny children outright but indicate challenges to conception and perhaps the birth of children later in life even when totally unexpected.

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You have an abnormally high sex drive and this is seen by the raised centre in your philtrum or the groove between your nose and lip area. You like to do things lavishly and have no problem in chasing an excessive lifestyle and doing what it takes to have as much of anything you can. Having such powerful and creative sexual urges is exhilarating but by the same token exhaustive over time.

You need to pursue a hedonistic lifestyle for some years before you tire sufficiently to make the requisite changes. Because of this character trait, you will not find it easy to settle down with a member of the opposite sex until these changes take place, usually in midlife.

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Although your philtrum says much about your health, vitality, and lifespan, in your case the issues of money are also clearly seen through this single feature on your face. Most notably you’ll have difficulty earning money and seem to be confronted with challenges every which way you turn. You could experience professional or even personal setbacks and these could be due to your own or another family member’s poor health at some stage.

Because you have a narrow field of activity or tend to focus exclusively on one thing or another, you may be challenged to expand your horizons and see further afield than you have. By doing this you may actually find that some of these setbacks just mentioned could dissolve due to your attempting alternative ways of handling your problems and resolving issues of that nature.

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With your shallow philtrum, you are most able to save money for that rainy day and secure for yourself a financial future that will create a wonderful lifestyle. You are able to resourcefully stretch a dollar and hunt out bargains that don’t necessarily appear all that cheap. Good on you! Whilst your shallow groove is indicative of generally good financial fortune, unfortunately, this luck does not extend to your reproductive system or the matter of children.

The shallow philtrum reveals that you are not quite that interested in sex and don’t regard it as a priority on your life agenda, but is that really true? It’s possible that you’ve been suppressing some of your natural creative and sexual urges in redirecting that energy into the issues of making money. Carefully examine these issues because it’s more than likely there’s another side to your nature which has a lot to offer in the realm of personal relationships as well.

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Your philtrum begins beneath the nose in a reasonably wide shape but narrowing towards the lips. This has a specific meaning, although it generally relates to your overall health and longevity. In your case, problems in expressing your sexuality may be highlighted due to your unusually shaped philtrum.

You will need to work hard and if not, seek out the assistance of someone who can help you reach into your innermost subconscious to work through what traumas in life may have caused you to suppress this most important part of your being. Difficulty with childbirth or issues surrounding children is also hinted at with your philtrum narrowing as it does.

It would never be a wise thing for you to simply follow cultural pressures by having children when deep down this is what your heart tells you really wish to do. In your case, your energy levels fluctuate and as you get older, if you are not conscious of managing your physical vitality this could become an increasing problem. Moderate exercise and diet will naturally help overcome some of these physical challenges.

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Your philtrum is a natural facial marking of the longevity and energy levels you can expect in this life. As yours widens towards the lips this is a wonderful omen for increasing longevity and enhancing your health which according to ancient face readers will definitely improve with age. Like good wine, as you mature your flavour or vitality seems to become better and greater. You are likely to marry and have children and due to the shape of your philtrum, it is forecast that your relationship with them and other family members will be quite cordial.

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A low sex drive is often indicated if the philtrum or groove between your nose and lip is smooth and flat, as it is in your case. One possibility is that immense amounts of energy are necessary to sustain a healthy sexual relationship and it’s not that your sex drive per se is low, but perhaps your energy levels are lacking and need some sort of upliftment through whatever means are at your disposal e.g. exercise, diet, and other breathing techniques.

This part of your face also relates to the issue of children and it shows that you have little interest in having them and may not be that that way inclined. By regulating your breathing and enhancing your energy levels, even this aspect of your life may turn around and you’ll be surprise to find yourself more expressive and loving to youngsters.

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Your well-defined philtrum is a wonderful omen for great fortune. Your work practices are harmonious and you are able to draw the right human and financial resources towards you to create a successful future. Coupled with your high energy and strong ambitions, these character traits will no doubt bring you much success. T

he fine definition of your philtrum or facial groove is also an excellent foundation for relationships with members of the opposite sex in which it is indicated that you have a healthy sexual appetite and the likelihood of children who also love you.

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