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If you're wondering "What are mah-jongg readings?" You're in the right spot. You can't win if you don't have clues. Your success is dependent on your ability to read mahjong. But how can you determine which tiles to play? Here are some tips that will help you win mahjong. Read on to discover the best tips. Mah Jongg Oracle contains 144 cards that can be used to play mahjong. Four sets consist of duplicates. There are also three suits and seven honors. Eight "Guardian" cards can be used. The symbols on each tile are significant and can provide useful information. The Fortune Teller's Mah Jong book will provide more information. It's based on a traditional Chinese oracle and incorporates the wisdom of the ancient oracle. Many variations of the game were created in the 1930s. Although the rules were originally similar to Babcock's classic version, they have evolved significantly. The game was banned in China during this period, but it is still popular today in many Chinese-speaking countries. Joseph Park Babcock, who published Rules of Mah-Jongg in the 1920s to simplify the game's rules, did so. This book is often referred to as the "red book." Divinating Mahjong is very similar to that used for tarot cards. You place the tiles face down on a table and analyze them for clues to help you solve your problem. Chinese fortune-telling includes also the use of Gong Hee Fot Choy or Chien Tung. The accuracy of Mahjong predictions is higher than that of any other method for fortune-telling. The accuracy of these predictions is often very high, compared to the methods used in the west.

The Reversed Compass Reading

This reading sets the tiles in the celestial form instead of the terrestrial format that is used in navigational compasses. This is done to follow the traditions inherent in Chinese Philosophy. This complex reading is very flexible in that you may focus on a specific or general question, or no question at all when using it.

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The Three Dragons Reading

In Chinese Culture the Dragon is generally considered a sign of great luck and power. However the Red, Green and White Dragons in Mahjong represent three distinct influences that can affect your life. The Dragon Reading creates a relationship between sets of tiles to each Dragon to explore how the Three Dragons will influence you now and in the near future.

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Daily Mahjong Tile

Use this reading to see what influences will dominate your day and plan your time accordingly.

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Past, Present, Future

This reading explores factors that have influenced your past, present and future.

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The Four Courses

The Four Courses reading presents possible paths for the querent to take to reach a more complete state of being. While all paths may offer a degree of fulfillment, usually one will be more fruitful than the others. The trick of course, is to pick the one that will bring most beneficial results.

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Relationship Reading

This reading concentrates on the dynamics of your relationship with another person. The other person may be a mate, or business partner, or even an enemy. This reading can be used to explore your relationship with a group as well.

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Attainment Reading

Use this reading to assist in reaching, or possibly even defining your goals for the future. This reading explores both your weaknesses and strengths, and suggest areas in which you will have to make some effort to ensure you reach your goals.

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The Coming Year Reading

This Reading is used to reveal key influences that will effect your life from month to month over the next year. In this reading dominoes may repeat themselves. Indeed, you may find that the same Mahjong tile reflects the primary influences many months in your coming year will be under.

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