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December 2023 Monthly Horoscope for Cancer

Here’s your December 2023 Monthly Horoscope for Cancer…

Dec 1, 2023 (Nov 30, 2023 to Dec 23, 2023) Mer 8th H.

Mercury passing through the House of sex, financial transactions, spiritual regeneration, the deep and mysterious: Life’s ultimate mysteries arouse your curiosity. This is an opportune time to figure out ways to make your nest egg grow. Rather than worry, seek creative solutions.


Dec 4, 2023 (Dec 3, 2023 to Dec 29, 2023) Ven 6th H.

Venus passing through the House of health, work, studies and clothes: Seek ways to get along better with others at school or at work. Indulging your sweet tooth is enjoyable if you know your limits. This is a propitious time to upgrade your wardrobe; that special someone just might notice the difference!

Dec 6, 2023 2 AM (Dec 6, 2023 to Dec 7, 2023) Sun Trine MC

You’re sitting pretty, so take charge and do your very best. Your diligence and persistence pay off at work. Interactions with employers, professors, parents or other older persons are highly favored.

Dec 13, 2023 11 AM (Dec 12, 2023 to Dec 14, 2023) Mar Trine MC

Financial backing or perhaps a supportive team are among the potential positive developments happening now to support your ambitions. Employers, parents, authority figures, whoever represents “the boss” for you is likely to be receptive now. Take advantage of the positive breeze. Go for it!

Dec 15, 2023 11 PM (Dec 14, 2023 to Dec 16, 2023) Sun Oppos Asc

Be prepared to stand your ground if someone challenges your sense of identity. On the other hand, control the proud and querulous ego. Maintaining a sense of peace is most often more important than proving that you’re right. Trying to settle disputes now will require real diplomacy. Whatever you say or do, keep centered in your heart.

Dec 19, 2023 2 PM (Dec 18, 2023 to Dec 20, 2023) Ven Trine Sun

A warm breeze caresses your heart. It’s easy to be good to yourself and to others. Share your feelings. Since creativity is enhanced under this influence, artists, cooks, musicians and entertainers are especially delighted. A positive attitude and a friendly smile add sparkle to any financial negotiations. All else being equal, parents and elders are receptive. They want to open the doors of opportunity for you. Love relationships formed under this aspect can often be built to last. Already committed? Bring this bounty to the one you love. Single? No matter. Beauty abounds.

Dec 22, 2023 (Dec 21, 2023 to Jan 20, 2024) Sun 8th H.

Sun passing through the House of sex, financial transactions, spiritual regeneration, the occult and mysterious: The kind heart sees beneath the surface; a stinging attitude reveals pain. This is a time when some degree of self -transformation may be possible. Something may be lost, so that something else be gained.

Dec 23, 2023 (Dec 23, 2023 to Jan 14, 2024) Mer 7th H.

Mercury passing through the House of relationships: Seek a meeting of the minds. Sometimes it’s fun to agree to disagree. This is a time for relating, potentially formulating important agreements, discussing options with others. Examine carefully before committing.

Dec 27, 2023 3 AM (Dec 25, 2023 to Dec 28, 2023) Mar Oppos Asc

Beware! This transit almost always brings you into conflict with others. As Mars enters your house of important relationships and open enemies, interpersonal differences can easily become ignited. The only way out is through the heart. Be considerate of others, but know that people will do what they will do. Strengthen your inner reserves.

Dec 28, 2023 7 PM (Dec 27, 2023 to Dec 30, 2023) Mer Oppos Asc

Communication skills are enhanced. This is a favorable time for purchases and sales as long as you stay within your limits and resist buying stuff you really don’t need. This influence boosts your self-confidence and is helpful if you’re interviewing for a job, giving a lecture or asking someone out.

Dec 29, 2023 (Dec 28, 2023 to Jan 23, 2024) Ven 7th H.

Venus passing though the House of relationships: Harmonious interchanges bring happiness. This is a time to make peace, even with enemies. It’s easier to express your feelings, understand someone else’s needs.


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