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July 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Leo

Here’s your July 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Leo…

Jul 4, 2022 8 AM (Jul 4, 2022 to Jul 5, 2022) Ven Sxtil Sun

Partnership is favored. It’s a good day for financial affairs. Today features the giving and receiving of favors. A personal advancement is likely. It’s a good day to make new friends including a possible new romance. Joy comes to you. It’s easy to turn on your charm and win the day. Culture and class bring the best value. You can support and encourage the arts now.

Jul 5, 2022 (Jul 3, 2022 to Aug 20, 2022) Mar 10th H.

Mars, the planet of energy and action, says that it’s time for you to formulate and implement a plan to win a better position in the career world. Motivation coupled with perseverance will pay off. It is time for a drive for success. It is time to fight for your place at the top, and to do so you must butt a few heads and kick a few butts. One note of caution, you must protect your own reputation in doing so. The bottom line is that you must become more competitive within your profession. Take on more responsibilities and demonstrate more self-reliance and executive ability. Show more working zeal. That way you can honestly demand the attention that you deserve. Personally speaking, if you have a problematic parent, it may be time to distance yourself, at least for a while. Right now your private life and your professional world are intertwined.


Jul 5, 2022 (Jul 4, 2022 to Jul 19, 2022) Mer 12th H.

It is a great time of year for you to make a few quick changes in your spiritual life. Take another look at subliminal thinking. Use your senses like the cat whisker to tell you what you can get through and what will leave you trapped. Pray. Meditate. Read about new ways to achieve extra sensory perception. Enjoy a few good laughs about taboo subjects. Enjoy more confidential dialogues. Study and learn more about taboo subjects. Distinguish yourself by planning in secret. Get yourself a “Do Not Disturb” sign and put it to good use. Right now you can accomplish something really great by paying careful attention to the intangibles. Open yourself to the unconscious mind. Use silence to your advantage.

Jul 18, 2022 (Jul 17, 2022 to Aug 11, 2022) Ven 12th H.

You’re cycling through a period where you can enjoy more give and take in the world of institutions. If not taken to extremes, this is a good time to enjoy some selfless love and the accompanying spiritual satisfaction. You can actually improve your love life by giving yourself a break from it all. Enjoy more private fine times. Cultivate your love of solitude. Extend a little kindness to those who have troubles. Work on not taking things personally. You may now have pleasurable experiences with large animals.

Jul 19, 2022 (Jul 19, 2022 to Aug 4, 2022) Mer 1st H.

It’s a great time of the year for you to make a few quick personal changes. Take another look at your physical body. Think about new ways to restore your youth. Give yourself some positive self talk. Enjoy a few good laughs about false pride and false humility. Enjoy more dialogue with your ideal self. Study and learn more about the hero archetype and the development of individuality. Right now, you can accomplish something great by paying more attention to the expression of your personality. Solve some riddles. Improve your luck by improving your education. Quicken your pace. Think short term.

Jul 22, 2022 (Jul 21, 2022 to Aug 23, 2022) Sun 1st H.

Perfect stellar conditions are encouraging you to develop new levels of self-esteem by becoming more of a pioneer and more of a self-starter. It is time for you to go where you have not gone before. It is time for you to do what will make you feel proud. Show the world more of your talent. Over the next four weeks it is time for more of a “can do, will do” lifestyle. It is time for you to strut down a new avenue of self-expression.

Take a long walk with your partner. Get a badminton set. Practice your tennis game.

Jul 25, 2022 1 AM (Jul 23, 2022 to Jul 26, 2022) Mar Sqr Sun

Competition heats up. You could encounter a dare devil, macho man or a savage. A furious conflict is possible. Protect against quarrel or injury. Channel impulsiveness. Temperatures may rise. Exercise extra caution with fire, machinery and sharp objects. Force yourself to take action. You will be tested. Be courageous, and daring. Act on your true desires. Express yourself through positive action.

Jul 26, 2022 5 AM (Jul 26, 2022 to Jul 27, 2022) Mer Conj Sun

You’re feeling more willful and confident than usual now. It’s a day for intellectual work. Your thinking is extra clear. Make the most of it. Initiate some calls. Write some notes and letters. Send some e-mail. You can make a forceful public presentation. Enjoy some commerce.

Take three deep breaths and think deep thoughts. Find a new focus. You are the star. Communicate. People will be extra receptive to your ideas now. Travel is indicated.