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Best and Worst Star Sign Friendships

Platonic Relationships through Astrology

Know your Best and Worst Star Sign Friendships 

Looking for a best friend is like looking for a lover. You have to delve into the depths of a person’s personality to know that he or she is the right one. It may be difficult to find the person who’ll be the best of your friends, but don’t lose hope. Through astrology, you can gain an understanding of your zodiac best friend compatibility and who’s your best match. Find out which sign is best suited as a friend. Astrology can help you find the BFF you’ve been looking for!

marriage horoscope by date of birth ARIES-ZODIAC


Giving up is not in your vocabulary. You were born with a competitive streak, and your spirit ignites when you are challenged. You’re pushing the buttons of your friends to unleash the best out of them. Your inner mom or dad tells them, “Come on, losing is only for the weak and losers!” Aries, your strong spirit makes your friends like you more. This makes you deserve a bestie who’ll spice up your life with mind-blowing adventures, and Gemini is that match.

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marriage horoscope by date of birth TAURUS


Taureans are usually hedonistic which comes with the mindset of pursuing pleasure as the supreme good for the world. Admit it or not, this sometimes triggers your selfishness and irrationality, but this doesn’t make you less of a person. Your head may be as hard as a rock. But you are still who you are—a guardian angel to your friends. A gentle and compassionate Pisces best friend will definitely soften you up regardless of how stubborn you are!

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marriage horoscope by date of birth GEMINI-ZODIAC


A Gemini is young at heart and loves to seek out adventures. The only problem is your two-half personality. Your mind wavers constantly. It causes problems, but this doesn’t mean you are terrible. In fact, you’re naturally kind. How? You’re sincerity, love and care for friends prove it. If you’re worried about not having a friend, please don’t. All you need is a dominant Leo who will guide you in controlling your indecisiveness and mood swings.

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marriage horoscope by date of birth CANCER


Cancer is a cardinal water sign governed by the passionate moon. You are often moody, so it’s tricky to become friends with you. Despite that, you are kind and supportive. With your compassionate heart, you deserve a friend who can blend well with your personality. And a strong-willed yet soft-hearted sign, Taurus, perfectly matches you. A friendship with a Taurean will definitely blossom into a meaningful friendship. And where you both can spread some goodness into this world of negativity.

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Leo, you are the alpha men and women of your respective groups because of your hypnotizing charm. Your warm-heartedness adds up to the strength of your magnetic pull that draws other signs to you. No wonder you have so many friends! People are amazed by your captivating aura, and it’s undeniable. In a slow yet sure pace, your existence will magically magnetize an extremely extroverted Libra who will beautifully add color to your adventurous life.

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marriage horoscope by date of birth VIRGO-ZODIAC


A mutable water sign guided by the communicative Mercury, Virgo is naturally filled with shyness. Making friends with others is not easy because of your seemingly “intergalactic” standards. Some people criticize you for that, but you believe that it allows you to know who to trust and what not. Once someone wins your trust, a friendship blooms! With such a composed demeanor, a calm and kind Scorpio is the perfect bestie match for you. Both of you will appreciate the beauty of solitude amid the silent night with some coffee and snacks to complete the package!

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With your happy-go-lucky personality, you enjoy a spontaneous social life. Your friends list you as the buddy who knows how to make them feel special and adored. In spite of being all occasionally insincere and indecisive when trouble is outside the door, you are not idle. And lazy bum who escapes and leaves your friends behind. If you’re looking for the best friend match for you, get ready to pump the RPM up for a spectacular and memorable journey with the ever-adventurous Sagittarius!

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Scorpio, you have an intense love for deep conversations where you can express your happiness, insecurities, worries, and sadness with your friends. Apart from what is seen by the naked eyes, you know that there are hidden truths beneath each facade. Look for a trustworthy and dependable friend. Trust is an essential thing for you, so you believe that once broken, it’s difficult to gain it back. A person like you needs someone who’s dependable and trustworthy. And a Capricorn will definitely complete the picture.

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marriage horoscope by date of birth SAGITTARIUS-ZODIAC`


As a Sagittarian, you have a burning desire to achieve everything that the world has to offer. Direct your life according to your desires and timetable. Your life is all about adventure. Things come and go, but you do not worry about it – even if they include your friends. Nonetheless, you desire friends who’ll join you in every pursuit you embark upon. Once you find them, you’ll nurture them like a family. The friend you might be looking for is a Libra. Libra’s carefree view of life will harmoniously keep up with the ups and downs of your life’s journey.

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marriage horoscope by date of birth CAPRICORN-ZODIAC


Typical Capricorns like you are passionately driven and have goals in life. Capricorn, you are always in striving to improve your status and reputation. Unfortunately, there are times that you forget your friends because your butt is glued to your swivel chair with your eye bags sagging. The good thing is that when someone’s in need, you are the superhero ready to rescue. Your trustworthiness and reliability are signs that you take friendship seriously. To balance your personality, the intuitive and selfless Pisces is the perfect match for you.

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marriage horoscope by date of birth AQUARIUS-ZODIAC


You have a 50-50 personality—one day, you’re sociable while the next, you detach yourself from the world and coldly declare, “I want to be alone.” Others might find it difficult to deal with but it’s your nature. Your friends know that you’re like a phone that needs to get recharged. Once you’re in high-vigor mode, it’s all about fun, fun and….fun! An adventurous Sagittarius will pull you back to the world. And make sure you enjoy every millisecond of your life with excitement and entertainment on your journey towards friendship.

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marriage horoscope by date of birth PISCES-ZODIAC


As a Pisces, you are an intuitive friend who knows the depth of your friends’ feelings and thoughts. Whenever they are in trouble, a message is automatically transmitted to your brain that you should do something to help them. Often, you banner a smile on your face in front of them while you hide your wounded heart. Despite that, you remain strong and tell yourself, “I can do it! Life must go on.” A kind-hearted Taurus will heal your heart with a friendship filled with positivity and goodness the world has to offer.

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Aries Best Platonic Pairing - Aries and Aquarius

The fact that Aquarius falls on the 11th sign of Aries is in itself an indicator of the enormous friendship. It occurs between these two-star signs of the Zodiac. Mind you, there are some ancient systems of astrology that warn against the combination of Aquarius and Aries. Underscoring how Aquarius can be opinionated whilst Aries rather volatile due to the element of fire which dominates it.

Notwithstanding this indicating a rather complicated friendship, by and large, you feel a sense of calmness and comfort with Aquarius. Aquarius, in turn, stimulates your mind and being an air sign, intrepidly fans the fires of your intense passion ever strongly. This is exactly how Aries likes it. However, when I speak of passion, I don’t necessarily insinuate at it being sensual or purely physical. The passion also reveals itself in the intellectual camaraderie based upon mutual respect and understanding.

As per the dictum of astrology, Aquarius comes across as more involved in a general sense. This can be attributed to their inclination to engage in social interaction, humanitarian pursuits as well as activities that aim to benefit the overall health of the group, rather than just the individuals.

Aries, this is the kind of influence an Aquarius friend is bound to have on you, to help you learn. Pay special attention to their routine and lifestyle, as it’s bound to fascinate and inspire you to employ some of these elements in your own life. By doing so, your friendship with Aquarius helps you elevate not just your state of mind. But also positively influences your spiritual aspirations and your compassionate nature.

This 11th sign is also concerned with profitability in the material sense. Thus, your combined energies manifest in the realization of your life long desires, on both a practical as well as an intellectual level. Working hard together promises opportunities to realize something of worth together.

However, set limits to what is acceptable and maintain your guard to not overstep the boundaries of good taste. In your quest to push this friendship beyond what it’s meant to be is exactly the point when things may go terribly wrong instead. Remember, it is better to keep a friend than to lose one.

Aries Worst Platonic Pairing - Aries and Virgo

To you, those born under the sign of Virgo appear to be profusely generous, particularly when it comes to offering advice. But this is precisely why your companionship with Virgo is extremely complex as you would rather prefer Virgo to be less generous with their critique of everything.

From your personality traits to the way you do things, you are constantly confronted with their probing mannerisms. And when it comes to cleanliness, you find yourself dealing with a zone of constant surveillance. Not that you are barbaric in your daily hygiene, you at times prefer to hang loose rather than clinically sterilize everything like a surgeon at an intensive care unit. This isn’t you, and therefore, there is friction.

It’s going to be a tumultuous ride where the word compromise will effortlessly trickle down to all aspects of your relationship. Be it professional, sexual or in this case, a platonic friendship, demanding constant allegiance to!

Virgos consider you way too abrasive and opinionated in the way you come across. On the other hand, you find them exaggeratedly sensitive, thin-skinned and incapable of bearing the truth. Especially in the honest and therefore, the harsh manner you naturally convey it in.

In some ways, you dismiss Virgo’s oversensitivity as a pure weakness but that’s being too harsh in your judgment of your Virgo friend. Virgo has some extraordinarily subtle strengths that you could inculcate and hugely benefit from. They may not be perfection personified, but they work to make it a part of their nature.

You may have a lot to learn by simply observing the attitude with which they approach work. However, you find it rather odd how they go about applying the same aspiration of perfection to their friendships, emotional and mental connections. This could spark a volley of arguments between you and your Virgo friend.

Astrologically, Aries and Virgo fall in what is known as a 6-8 position. This is probably the worst pairing between star signs. This is why, while dealing with each other in a social context, you and Virgo need to be squarely aware. And readily accept that there would be lessons to be learned all along the way. I never brand something as impossible, but this combination and ‘friendship’, if you want to call it that, comes pretty close to it.


Taurus Best Platonic Pairing - Taurus and Pisces

At the outset, the revelation of Pisces being your ideal platonic match may render you utterly flabbergasted. After all, while you are realistic, unassuming and rely heavily on financial security, your Piscean counterpart is serenely spiritual, and un-materialistic instead. Thus, what you may opine as an ineffectual match is actually your greatest benefit instead. Pisces is the 11th sign of Taurus, signifying intimate companionship lending a seamless balance to your temperament.

Astrologically this is an exceptional combination. Notwithstanding Piscean’s oversensitive disposition, you’re amazingly adept at reaching out to their feminine facet, regardless of their sex. On the other hand, your inflexibility thaws best when rubbed against the Piscean temperament, simultaneously encouraging them to stand firm to their opinions as well. These mutually harmonizing faculties enable you to cultivate a relationship of empathy and trust.

Taurus attribute of being excessively money-oriented exercises a wonderful influence on your hopelessly materially naive Piscean friend. Conversely, Pisces alleviates your obsession with financial security. And then inculcates a temperament inclined to spirituality and gaining profound insights about self instead.

Because they reveal the same dedication in their own lives, you’re able to practically give meaning to these expressions of spirituality as well, otherwise unknown to you. Karmically, you two coalesce to demonstrate some valuable lessons of life, as several Pisceans seem to wander in a vacuum seeking an anchor that they find in you. As for you, the Piscean individual productively stirs your curiosity.

Your temperament rekindles self-confidence in your Piscean friend who expresses their appreciation by reciprocating mutually in return. They like to silently serve your individual needs without screaming to be centre stage or expecting the same intensity from you. Be attentive to never abuse this thoughtfulness they extend as once charred. So, you will never be able to salvage the otherwise perfect friendship.

Taurus Worst Platonic Pairing - Taurus and Leo

You’re both exceptionally opinionated, conceivably headed for a catastrophic platonic relationship. Despite your ruling planets not perfectly ensconced in the Zodiac spectrum, there exists a possibility of favorable attraction lending buoyancy and cheerfulness in personal and social engagements.

Your first acquaintance with Leo is likely to trigger happy emotions as they’re ruled by the bright and warm Sun. They also exhibit a vivacious sense of humor and outgoingness that naturally draws you to them. Silently you may be vaguely envious of just how oblivious they could be regarding societal judgments and notions.

Governed by Venus, Taurus is naturally calm and sociable but may not feel quite at peace with oneself, as a Leo would. This is the point where a Leo can inspire a greater sense of self-confidence in you, benefiting you hugely.

However, obstinacy personified, both of you as immovable signs of the Zodiac can never get either’s point of view to thaw. And they remain steadfastly glued to your own way of thinking instead.

Initial admiration towards Leo then begins to wane, and you stand to wonder whether their overwhelming confidence was in actuality, a reservoir of deep-seated insecurities instead.


Gemini Best Platonic Pairing - Gemini and Aquarius

At some time in your life, you will come across an Aquarian. They can be quite “out there” compared to you Gemini, but somehow or other you can make a friendship work.

Aquarians are unsurprisingly rebellious; it is just in their nature. They’re quite aware of this but really don’t give it more than a nanosecond’s thought. Also, they are a freedom-lover and as far as they are concerned the world is theirs for the taking. They don’t particularly follow any rulebook, other than the one in their own head.

Geminis are rather in awe of this attitude to life and it jogs your memory that you also seek variety, excitement, and intellectual development. Aquarians, wring everything out of life that they can and it amazes you the way they can do this and the freedom they acquire along the way.

You’re both ruled by air and intellectually suited. Your Aquarian friend can be quite stubborn at times and thumb their nose at convention. For the most part, you’ll be able to relate to them even if you do have a difference of opinion – and you will at some stage in your friendship. You won’t challenge them to the point of dispute and generally, your differences of opinion will be in a playful tone.

With your mutual love of intellectual pursuits, you could often found at a political gathering, cultural expo or spiritual festival. You’ll never be stuck for something to do as you have so many interests and enjoy them together.

If this friendship you decide you want to take it a step further and develop a relationship or romance, you can do this with absolute certainty that it will all turn out all right. Your combination of Gemini and Aquarius can work just as well platonically as it will sexually.

Gemini Worst Platonic Pairing - Gemini and Pisces

Gemini and Pisces are not a good combination for a friendship. You are on two totally different levels and would find it very difficult to establish a common area to even get this relationship off the ground.

Although you Gemini can be moody and changeable, Pisces takes this far and beyond anything you have even thought of. They have a totally different emotional wiring and you won’t have a clue what you are dealing with. And will spend a lot of time and energy trying to work out where they are coming from.

Geminis like to speak their mind and are quite adept at communicating their thoughts. Pisces, on the other hand, is not always as forthcoming and you will feel that they are holding something back.

Whereas Gemini is intellectual and very verbal as part of your basic temperament, Pisces is more intuitive and works more from their instinct. You have in common the fact that you change your mind about as often as the weather, but are motivated in life by different things.

Pisceans are more spiritual and may think you are a little superficial Gemini. But if you can show them that you run a bit deeper than that you may be able to change their mind. You may come across as being a bit too flighty for their taste.

Gemini and Pisces can certainly have some adventures together, but there will always be ups and downs in this relationship and rarely will you be on the same level intellectually or emotionally. You are poles apart in so many ways.


Cancer Best Platonic Pairing - Cancer and Taurus

Clearly, with Cancer and Taurus, an immediate magnetism and affection draws them together and regardless of how awkward or sterile the environment, the two irrefutably get on like a house on fire. This is usually how star signs falling in the eleventh place to your own connect. And in your case Cancer, this affinity happens to be with Taurus.

When the two of you come together, your Crab-like exterior almost instantaneously gives way to the gentleness of your innate character Cancer. Thus, you two can very beautifully establish an unadulterated. And enduring relationship as you both respond thoughtfully and sensitively to the desires of each other.

Just like you Cancer, Taurus is equally committed to the idea of security encompassing qualities of benevolence, affection and material support. You draw strength from the bull’s straightforward and frank demeanor which builds trust in your relationship. Dispelling the clouds of fear and emotion, you have a tendency of getting trapped into.

Your domestic lives too seem to bear an uncanny similarity in the way you experience and live out your days. And thus you two enjoy an effective connect at a heart to heart level. Since social bonding can seem rather restrictive, you prefer to foster your deep emotional attachment in the exclusive company of each other instead. The Crab and the Bull seek unobstructed tranquility to reveal their best, and active social interference may seem to impede that connect.

While not many individuals choose to endure your swinging disposition, the big plus about Taurus is how the Bull stands unfazed in the face of your emotional hypersensitivity. This helps anchor your temperament, allowing you to self-reflect better and bring out the best in yourself instead. Alternatively, your vulnerable expression helps tackle the sensitivity of Taurus, triggering them to thaw to reveal their innermost feelings to you as well.

In short, this relationship is mutually valuable and one which celebrates the beautiful world of friendship.

Cancer Worst Platonic Pairing - Cancer and Aquarius

If only you and Aquarius would remain content with a simple handshake and not dig any further, you’d save yourself a lot of grief in future. Astrologically speaking, you two have contrasting personalities which may not necessarily be wrong. But well, as goes the cliché, different strokes for different folks.

Although Cancer you do have your own unique style of expressing thoughtfulness and benevolence towards the needs of others, you do so silently, in rather imperceptible ways. On the contrary, the Aquarian approach may not fall in sync with your ways. For they can be fairly explicit and fanatical in their attempts to care for others. Yes, you both may share similar motivations, but the manner you employ stands distinctly apart.

Stimulated by strong emotional intuitiveness, the Cancer-born individual learns from life rather than by rote. However, Aquarius’s bursts with pride measuring the degree of intellectual prowess they possess. They certainly do work to foster a fine mind with a broad view of things. But the temperamental approach of Cancer and Aquarius stands diametrically opposed threatening to create dire conflicts in future.

Socializing too is also an altogether different matter. While an Aquarius unreservedly engages, discovering new things and relationships, you Cancer, remain the Crab eternally. You like to be silently watchful at first and prefer dinner or a social engagement to be a low-key affair. Comprising people you’re most comfortable with, rather than a platform to ‘begin’ to know people.


Leo Best Platonic Pairing - Leo and Sagittarius

With both Sagittarius and Leo being strong fire signs, quite unsurprisingly they get along like a house on fire.

In Sagittarius, Leo finds the compassion, friendliness, and benevolence you seek in others and even in yourself. Sagittarians exude a similar degree of enthusiasm and verve as Leo. And together with the two of making for a potent storehouse of energy.

When it comes to chasing ambitions, the two of you unstintingly inspire and uplift each other, with neither of you feeling threatened or insecure. Even though this partnership enjoys positive dynamism in a purely platonic sense. At the same time, it also boasts of all the ingredients for an emotionally gratifying and sexually rewarding relationship.

Though Sagittarians have tepid temperaments as compared to a supremely volatile Leo, yet they extend absolute empathy and sensitivity to the desires, aspirations and Leo’s innate creativity. Leo the lion walks proud and Sagittarius may just clomp all over with their centaur influence. A thick skinned Leo is thus best suited to happily survive the bluntness of the Sagittarius.

Fire sign signifies astronomical current, and with both of you hailing from the same element, you’re bound to experience a high adrenaline rush, whether platonic or much deeper. You two may often wonder at your karmic past for a Sagittarian responds seamlessly well to a Leo companion’s effect on their lives.

Leo Worst Platonic Pairing - Leo and Pisces

The combination of Leo, a fire sign, and Pisces a water sign can either create steam or dark gloomy waters when the fire goes out. You two stand poles apart in your qualities, with an abysmally low success rate.

From a macro perspective, a flourishing relationship demands a fair measure of similarities. End of the day regardless of what the pairing may be, challenges are bound to assail it. What’s critical is whether the base of a union stands inherently solid and compatible to resolve issues on the surface.

The astrological placement of your individual zodiacs entirely impacts the perspectives of you both. Pisces, being the eighth sign of the zodiac is an extremely difficult zone for you Leo. Whilst Pisces is spiritual and selfless, you are more inclined to ambitiously strive to get to the helm instead.

Your individual ideologies stand at loggerheads with one another. Although a few Pisces do have an element of fire in them, your presence can at times offer a fair measure of self-esteem to the typically shy and retiring Pisces. They can definitely feel outshined by your buoyant and cheerful disposition Leo.

Socially Leo can often be challenged by Pisces’s wet blanket attitude. This is bound to create hostility between you two, especially when in a group. And since either of you won’t fundamentally change, it’s probably best to not even bother. Leo can’t forever stress about their Piscean partner’s comfort zone at a gathering. And usually, Pisces would rather keep themselves at bay than mix with people who you connect best with you Leo.

Leo you do expect your partner to invest a fair degree of effort, to somehow do justice to your painstaking involvement. But you also adore playing centre focus and unknowingly end up relegating your Piscean partner to the background – why would they even want to be there? Perhaps a bit of respect and a lot of tolerance would go a long way especially in the preliminary stages of your relationship?


Virgo Best Platonic Pairing - Virgo and Taurus

If two individuals score seemingly well on the compatibility quotient, notwithstanding the minor dissimilarity or somewhat unfavorable nuances. The relationship will still stand to benefit and balance itself rather reasonably. This is the case with a platonic relationship between Virgo and Taurus.

Overall, this is a delightful combination especially since you two hail from a similar zodiac element of Earth. Making you two pragmatic, grounded, somewhat diffident and forever conscious about your security in future.

In Taurus, you see an essential pragmatist – a person who can offer you the stability that you so seek. Taurus effectively counteracts the more nervous and edgy elements of your personality. You feel relaxed and comfortable in expressing your fears, vision, feelings and even the darkest secrets to this “bull” friend.

Your streak to seek perfection in every aspect of your life is bound to trickle into your friendships as well. Good news being the Taurus bull displays forbearance which empowers them to calmly understand your state your mind. Respect this quality and understand that they do have a saturation point themselves. After all, a raging bull tosses everything else.

Another favorable zone is the similarity between your lifestyle and interests. You both resonate equally towards art, music and even culinary pursuits. In short, you see so much of you in them, and in friendship – what could be better?

Virgo Worst Platonic Pairing - Virgo and Aquarius

A combination of Virgo and Aquarius remains in a rather moderately contained emotional state, holding onto a minor degree of commonality with regards to expressing themselves. However, emotional connectedness is tantamount to a happy relationship and therefore, the friendship between the two of you is bound to crash and disappoint.

To make this friendship survive, you Virgo will have to strive hard to overcome your emotional self. And focus more on the few similarities you to share, rather than the stark differences that lurk.

The one commonality mutually shared by you two is the sense of service for humanity. Virgo desires to selflessly serve, and Aquarius being blessed with an extended awareness also nurtures a similar yearning to serve the world. If this one vision forms the bedrock of your friendship, there may be some hope in your relationship. Focus on this rather than the divergent approaches you to employ towards living life, following rules and being conventional versus unconventional.

At the nascent stages of an encounter between Virgo and Aquarius, my personal advice would be to keep them at an arm’s length until you Virgo, begin to feel comfortable in their presence. Be your cautious and wise self Virgo, until ready.

Both Virgo and Aquarius fall in inimical places to each other in the Zodiac, indicating the absolutely incompatible nature of both of your star signs. Trying to connect with each other will be a difficult thing for you both.

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Libra Best Platonic Pairing - Libra and Sagittarius

Air and fire are such perfect fits, no wonder why this association happens to be one of the best in terms of platonic connection. The fire sign of Sagittarius is amazingly gregarious, outgoing and tender when it comes to friendship and love.

Although your ruling planets, Venus and Jupiter respectively, are not astrologically friendly, interestingly they generate significant good fortune as they combine. This clearly helps bolster the realm of friendship you two share.

Libra desires communicativeness in all aspects, and who to gratify that better than a Sagittarius, gifted with immense flair and forthrightness in their style of communicating. While picking friends, you like to set real high standards. And here again you wholeheartedly respect a Sagittarius for that awesome expanse of experience, intellect as well as the sound philosophical view of life which you so connect with Libra.

Another Sagittarian quality you deeply admire is their sense of comfort and love for people. With both of you so intrinsically desiring an active social ambit of family and friends, this commonality offers that perfect platform to initiate an everlasting friendship. Because Sagittarius loves to seek adventure and travel, the idea of exploring the world. Encountering new people and cultures is something that aims to consolidate your friendship even better.

Because you abhor confrontation, Libra, in times of distress you are one who desires a patient hearing for calm, more than anything else. Here again, your Sagittarian friend unreservedly and unconditionally invests time and care into ensuring you have ample opportunity to spew all that bottled up venom. They’re usually so easygoing in their mannerisms, soothing your otherwise frenzied nerves, allowing you to naturally mellow. Sagittarius is that best friend who infuses confidence in your life, never judging you at any point.

Libra Worst Platonic Pairing - Libra and Aries

Honestly, I had to ponder long enough before dismissing Aries as a substantially incompatible star sign with you Libra. I have my own reasons for believing so, which you shall find encapsulated in the text below. To begin with, let me first clarify just how and why opposites may not necessarily attract.

Incidentally, Libra and Aries are known to attract one another with magnetizing fury. And from my own understanding, the immediate attraction between the Venus-ruled Libra and Mars-ruled Aries can be quite intense, at the outset to say the least. Hang in there a little longer and you’ll soon encounter the fiery nature of Aries, decisive, upfront and often intimidating you a great deal.

Your indecisiveness can be a real turn off for them. And although you two strive to be civil towards each other, you most certainly will not be able to ignore the underlying stress lurking in the skin of your friendship all throughout.

Libra you’re also far more graceful and attractive in your etiquette and communicativeness, though often feeling let down by Aries constant attempts at upstaging you instead. Since Aries is equally sociable as an individual, you are likely to be dominated and tossed around whilst others go about proclaiming their opinionated selves.

Interestingly, you inspire Aries with your Libran quality of air and with Aries being a fire sign, they blaze ever brightly in your presence Libra. You may take a while to realize this but clearly, this association is a one way street with least regard towards the gratification of your own desires Libra.


Scorpio Best Platonic Pairing - Scorpio and Virgo

The two of you share a similar grounding in terms of temperament and even certain mannerisms. The balance that the pooling of your respective intellectual, social and emotional capacity generates enables you to create a joyful, contented and fulfilling life together. The stability quotient of your equation rates quite high due to the practical and efficient nature which make you two hugely satisfied in each other’s company.

Scorpio’s ruling planet Pluto exhibits a challenging spirit in a confrontational way, whereas Virgo approaches conflict with a semblance of rationality, courteousness, and modesty instead. Though you’re diplomatic and poised overall, you would definitely need lessons in tactfulness and subtlety which Virgo desires. Often you are brutally straight forward which Virgo can gracefully take in their stride, often winning over your respect in doing so.

In a commitment, Virgo may often feel rebuffed by your callousness and sharp tongue, let down by your apathy towards their basic emotional needs as well. At the same time, you can lose your mind over their hypercritical nit-picking nature towards even the most inconsequential issues. Scorpio’s are critical for sure, but Virgo’s even more. Strangely, these apparent inadequacies in your respective personalities work to fine tune your character and relationship enormously.

You’ll perpetually find yourself experiencing the silent scrutiny by Virgo, voicelessly demanding you to prove your worth to them. Not that they’re ever vocal about it, but you Scorpio will sense their watchfulness nevertheless. This tacit stress will forever lurk over your mind, stirring you to better yourself in that process.

Consequently, you’ll end up arousing and developing certain facets of your personality, talent, and skill that would otherwise be gathering dust. In the longer run, such friendship will mutually inspire you two, bringing out the best in the both of you.

On the whole, Virgo offers you emotional and intellectual security and the two of you work very well towards securing financial stability as well. Jupiter is your planet of luck Scorpio, with implications on your romantic life as well. Thus you two pair up best as lifelong friends due to the favorable influence of this planet on your respective destinies. At the same time, weigh all your options before exploring a sexual relationship with Virgo. I say so because Virgo is co-ruled by Mercury, a planet contradictory to your nature Scorpio.

Scorpio Worst Platonic Pairing - Scorpio and Aries

This combination is forever caught in the web of supremacy and domination and the manner in which the two are wielded determines the degree of happiness you taste. And in this case, it’s wielded damagingly. Aries is as intense and aggressive as you are Scorpio, and in most cases, a battle of wills is most likely the obvious scenario.

Your zodiac element is water, while Aries is a fire sign. A fusion of these elements generates heat and steam, thereby impairing the relationship. One would opine water and fire to create a searing and sizzling combination, which does explain the immediate attraction as well as the initial surge of enthusiasm the two of you share. Yet realistically speaking, water extinguishes fire in ways that nothing else can, and you must bear this fact in mind at all times.

Delving into the effective aspects of this combination, your elemental presence invariably stirs up the hot headed Aries. In turn, Aries boosts your yearning to explore new possibilities. The two of you hail from such distinctive elements, with neither allowing the other to influence.

Your attempts at dominating the fire sign of Aries will fizzle out the fire completely. And Aries too will be rendered powerless when trying to manipulate the watery you. In a battle of wills, the biggest question is who decides to eventually bow down?

This relationship is beset with an enormous degree of confrontational barriers, often crippling in nature. Scorpio’s are innately cagey and tend to withdraw into secrecy, unlike Aries which is gregarious, candid and overtly probing. Temperamentally this puts you two in a limbo, with both struggling to find ways to build an understanding, sans communicating. Your ideologies will be drawn in a battle of ego as well, as neither would like to relent and staunchly support their own stance instead.

Aries dislike mentoring of any kind and believe their stance on things to be second to none. Even when they genuinely lack a basic skill set or know-how, they’d nevertheless boastfully believe just how correct their opinion is. This obstinacy and ego would often leave you exasperated Scorpio, for you’ll find them feigning their wisdom even on subjects that they have no idea about! From my eyes, the future I see of the two of you seems far from placid.

Also, Aries will attempt to dominate you in your social sphere and activities, seriously stifling you Scorpio. You’ll feel as if you are constantly trying to one-up them in most situations. Overall, this could be a disastrous combination unless you’re comfortable with the idea of surrendering your self-respect (which clearly most Scorpios are not). Your biggest learning from this association will be the gift of humility, which you are bound to get a good taste of with the Aries folk.


Sagittarius Best Platonic Pairing - Sagittarius and Libra

This is an inspirational friendship based upon the elemental combinations of the Zodiac! Libra and Sagittarius have some great aspects going for them. This has everything to do with the fact that Libra, the air sign, fans the flames of the Sagittarian fire. Likewise, the warmth of your Sagittarian fire will uplift and affect this Libran air sign most positively.

You feel extremely comfortable with each other and that’s seen in your communication together. You feel elevated mentally and emotionally whenever you are with Libra. You sense that Libra is a genuine friend and a great support in your life and will somehow help you to bring out the best in your personality.

There are plenty of similarities between Sagittarius and Libra. The most important is that you both love diversity, change and communicating with people. Your social lives together should be jam-packed with action and meaning many new people. Libra craves the excitement that you offer them and when they get together with you, a process growth and inner understanding will begin. Both of you will find yourselves wanting more and more of each other’s company.

You love taking long walks and exploring the local or distant areas together. Walking whilst talking will be soothing, and this will help draw you closer together as friends. Sometimes Sagittarius and Libra meet while on vacation, traveling or even closer to home while in transit from one place to another. There seems to be a lot of dynamic activity and movement in your relationship not just at the outset but through the life of your relationship.

The social side of your relationship is very interesting. Libra mustn’t take your want honesty too personally because you don’t mean your statements to be that personal. You will both enjoy intimate moments together discussing all sorts of topics.

Don’t push on which the original interest in many Libra too far, though, as they are some of the most sensitive characters of the Zodiac and don’t like being taken beyond the limits of good taste. Also, don’t take them for granted. Once you feel more relaxed together, by getting to know each other more privately, your closeness will intensify over time. This is definitely a relationship that can satisfy both of you in the long term.

Librans are sometimes a little bit too fickle for you, even though you like the independence you see in them. This probably doesn’t bother you though because you like to have slabs of your own space to do what you want as well and this suits you down to the ground. When you are together however things do get a little crazy and you both expect and enjoy a few surprises in life with them.

I predict incredibly good opportunities for your social life. You’re destined to have great times with a Libran friend. There are, however, times when you and Libra will agree to disagree. They’re more opinionated than they first appear. If you don’t speak up immediately you’ll regret it later. Always remain open and honest with them and they’ll respect you. If you shut down and choose to not share your feelings with Libra, this will be a mistake and will cause them to seek satisfaction in other acquaintances.

Sagittarius Worst Platonic Pairing - Sagittarius and Taurus

Sagittarius and Taurus are totally different and in many ways. Because of this your compatibility socially will be tricky if not almost an impossible issue to reconcile. Taurus is an earthy sign and likes to deal with life and its practicalities. Yours is a fiery nature loving freedom, independence, and adventure.

You love exploration; traveling and generally getting out and about. It’s not that Taurus doesn’t like this – it’s that your timetables and the speed at which you move a completely out of sync with each other. This is where this could relationship can fall down badly.

You love to live life on the cutting edge and because of this Taurus will feel a little unsettled. They need a sense of security, especially which is why they are like to move too quickly. Change for them is a very big challenge and you must learn to understand this. Although you think this is a piece of cake, Taurus is inherently averse to stepping out of the comfort zone.

Taurus will feel out of kilter with your footloose and fancy-free ways. You’re not as concerned about the unknown as Taurus. If you can balance these extreme in your lives you’ll go a long way to at least beginning to balance this relationship and create a somewhat happy life. This is nevertheless going to be an uphill battle I’m afraid to say.

You both like socialising but you are more direct and lively in temperament whereas Taurus is more prudent in the way they express their feelings. You prefer an unstructured life in contrast to the predictable and schedule conscious Taurus. You might feel they’re stuck in a rut because they don’t like spontaneity as much as you. You have a great ability to adapt your mind to anything that life throws at you.

Uptight Taurus

Taurus is very different and gets so uptight when change is thrust upon them. The keyword to making your friendship work with Taurus is compromise. It’s going to take some time for it to develop and if you adjust to each other it’s likely the relationship will get better. Perhaps too much time – time you don’t want to invest.

Taurus is slow and deliberate in everything they attempt and need you to go over things before moving forward. You’ll become very frustrated by their procrastination. The sign of Taurus falls in the sixth zone to your Sagittarius Sun indicating that your destiny together is embroiled in enmity. Even if you commence this friendship on a good note, it’s quite likely will deteriorate into one in which grudges and a sense of betrayal are the outcomes.


Capricorn Best Platonic Pairing - Capricorn and Scorpio

Interestingly, even though your respective ruling planets of Saturn and Mars happen to be astrologically ill suited to each other, the two of you manifest facets in your personalities that more than compensate for the lack of planetary compatibility.

You’re both exceptionally intuitive and can naturally communicate through emotions and a deep sense of understanding. Wordless and unspoken exchange of thought is more prominent in your relationship with a Scorpio, as they’re equally intense and passionate about beliefs and ideas alike.

You greatly admire their concentration with rendering responsibilities, dedicatedly surrendered to achieving the best results. It is this hard-working nature that becomes the binding force of this relationship, endearing them to you immensely. At the same time, this helps you to initiate and foster friendship with a common origin.

Another personality plus is how deeply you both desire financial security for yourself and the comfort of your loved ones. Ambitious and power-hungry, you’re both hugely goal oriented and mostly achieve all that you set out to. You also derive joy seeing them manifest unshakable grit and drive, similar to yours.

Together when your individual geniuses are combined, the two of you stand as a formidable force to be reckoned with. Hailing from similar vision seeking success and protection equally, you both gratify one another emotionally and materially.

Sexually, Scorpio born individuals are enormously demonstrative and intense. Physical intimacy rates unusually high on their agenda in a relationship and the cautious you may mistakenly perceive that as a disguised intention for ulterior motives instead. Capricorn’s reserved and guarded demeanor poses an instant challenge to the physically candid Scorpio. Refrain from succumbing to your suspicions that prevent you from enjoying what may be a deep and fulfilling association.

With regards to sexual compatibility, it all depends on what kind of Scorpio you pair up with. The ensuing paragraphs of this section lend an insight on the different Scorpio temperaments as per their date of birth.

Scorpios born between the 13th and the 22nd of November happen to be the most challenging of the zodiac. Oddly though you warm up to them quite comfortably in terms of compatibility and enjoy a magnetizing attraction with them.

You share remarkable friendship and romance with Scorpios born between the 24th of October and 2nd of November. Clearly, this connection has a lot in it for you two to explore and benefit from. You’ll be mighty awestruck seeing the direction this relationship eventually takes, overflowing with an abundance of prosperity and good luck.

Scorpios born between the 3rd and the 12th of November are essentially considerate at heart, and not-so-practical going by your judgment Capricorn. I say so as they exhibit the intuitive influence of Pisces, making them not as judicious as you’d like one to be. However, with time you’ll eventually come to discern and admire their adoring and compassionate personality that most definitely responds to all your needs.

Capricorn Worst Platonic Pairing -Capricorn and Sagittarius

You two are just so poles apart in your respective personalities; you’ll probably dig deep trying to furiously look for some basis of commonality, and yet find yourself at a huge loss at the end of the search.

To start with, you’re an earth sign, grounded and stable whilst Sagittarius hails from the element of fire. Earth and fire, need I say more? They’re gregarious, exhibitionists at heart, spontaneous and forever optimistic, even when on the edge. Though they possess a definite sense of responsibility, to you the sheer scale of their dynamism clearly unnerves you enormously.

Sagittarians have an innate sense of humor and a carefree attitude with which they move on confidently in their journey of life. Your vision Capricorn is altogether different. You arm yourself with practicality, wisdom, thought and a broad vision before taking on a task, forever moving with a goal in mind. There obviously exists a personality mismatch between you two, much beyond any fixing.

Sagittarians have an innate sense of humor and a carefree attitude with which they move on confidently in their journey of life. Your vision Capricorn is altogether different. You arm yourself with practicality, wisdom, thought and a broad vision before taking on a task, forever moving with a goal in mind. There obviously exists a personality mismatch between you two, much beyond any fixing.

Even in matters of finance which you’re so fanatically obsessed about Capricorn, a Sagittarian distresses you hugely. They’re incredibly benevolent at heart and love indulging themselves and their whims. For someone like you who values the worth of each penny by toiling hard for it, this is clearly not a happy situation. If you hold this friendship dearly, set the rules for finances and savings at the start itself.

The plus about the element of fire in them is that it may inspire you to elevate your otherwise forlorn disposition, stimulating you to explore life with rose tinted glasses. Their vision squarely attacks your traditional outlook, which is good, though you may not be at peace with the idea of being uprooted from your comfort zone in the longer run.


Aquarius Best Platonic Pairing - Aquarius and Gemini

The triangular position of your star signs happens to be an excellent omen for not just remarkable friendship, but also positive relationship karma in the future. Being air signs, you two share fantastic elemental compatibility, which can be ascertained by just how effortlessly and passionately you both enjoy communicating your ideas and aspirations with each other.

An ideal friend is one with whom one can let their guard down, share, relate and reciprocate. With Gemini you enjoy all of this and so much more, implying an almost soul connect which goes beyond the clichés of an intellectual or interest based connect.

You both feel intuitive about each other and are mystically aware of each other’s pulse, even without verbalizing it. There is a silent understanding that pervades through your relationship with Gemini. Naturally, this lends a feeling of a wonderful security and understanding, the mainstay for a long lasting friendship.

It’s important that you two acclimatize to your respective tendencies and temperaments. While you can be unusually spontaneous, Gemini too may exhibit an erratic mind. Even before you realize, your conversations can drift away, clashing and taking an altogether different shape. Try not to get too caught up in the moment and focus on the key elements instead. You both are innately compassionate and loving individuals who tirelessly and spiritedly engage in long drawn discussions on various aspects of life, current affairs, people, and relationships.

On the whole, your friendship with them is largely fulfilling and rarely assailed by any impediments. Of course, there may be times when opinions clash but as long as your relationship is happy and mutually supportive, everything else is of little significance.

Aquarius Worst Platonic Pairing - Aquarius and Cancer

Elementally, here is an obvious clash. After all, air and water create turbulence more than calm. Because of this, it’s a given that regardless of how hard you may try to smoothen out the creases, this friendship will forever be stuck in a limbo, snowed under the essential differences of your personalities.

Water signs primarily relate to emotions and intuitive responses to life, whereas you Aquarius have a rational and intellectual perspective on things. You’ll find yourself drained out of patience with Cancer’s moodiness and over sensitivity about perfectly innocuous remarks made by you. Just how long will you manage to play it safe is the question?

Though Aquarius is an adaptable star sign that easily blends in, with Cancer your adaptability will be unbearably tested. Indeed Cancer is one of the most emotional star signs and you’ll need to make peace with such fluctuating mental and emotional turmoil they experience. The Moon rules Cancer, and like the ebb and flow of tides which is governed by the Moon, Cancer’s emotions undergo a similar metamorphosis.

On the other hand, Cancer misinterprets your idiosyncrasies such as your independent thought, ideas, and spiritedness, as coldness, inattentiveness, and selfishness. You will have to suffer them continually pointing an accusing finger at your lack of understanding.

In your journey as friends, you’ll need to traverse through a lot of bumps and troughs, both emotionally as well as intellectually. Your Cancer friend may be rather sedated about inspiring you on such a ride. Being true to yourself, you could experience moments where you may wish to break free from norms and indulge in exploits.

However, Cancer is definitely not going to comply and your idea of fun will not necessarily be their idea as well. Aggravating this will be their volatile disposition, making it too much for you to deal with.


Pisces Best Platonic Pairing - Pisces and Taurus

Pisces in Taurus have an awful lot in common. Even though you are water sign and Taurus is an alert sign you somehow manage to feel comfortable in each other’s company.

Sometimes a difference in the quality of the elements of star signs is actually quite essential for a relationship to find balance and an anchoring of the energies is ideal. In Taurus, you couldn’t go past them, for grounding is their unique strength. If ever you wanted someone to help keep your feet on the ground then Taurus is your perfect choice. As you know friends should be there for each other and the one thing you will experience with your Taurus friend is their unflinching loyalty, persistence, and devotion to an ideal. You greatly appreciate this.

When you find yourself floating off in the clouds, mystically daydreaming about this that or the other, Taurus will always be there to bring you back down to earth and to get you to question your motives and your aspirations. Taurus will pose the question, ” Are you being practical enough about this, will it serve you in future, is this the best way to get around your problem?”

Taurus is also really straightforward in many respects. They are very different to you in that you are a complex individual who likes to look at life and its meaning from different perspectives. Your main thrust is to understand life and get to know what makes it tick. This doesn’t mean that your Taurus friend will distract you from investigating and discovering life in the mysteries that are a part of it but there will always question you as to the viability and practicality of your activities. I would have to say that your friendship with a Taurus will greatly help your practical evolution.

Taurus individuals are sometimes a little slow off the mark and they can be mistaken for snobs or people who just don’t know how to have fun. Because you are patient you will soon discover that Taurus can indeed open you up to a whole gamut of experiences, entertainment, and cultural activities as well. You will enjoy this part of your friendship with them.

Pisces Worst Platonic Pairing - Pisces and Leo

You tend to think of things are beyond your own immediate personal needs and this is due to the fact that Pisces is selfless in every sense of the word. This is not something you need to cultivate because your spiritual attitudes seem to be genetically wired into your personality.

In a friendship with Leo, you might feel as if you are doing all the giving and not receiving anything in return. But this may sound like a contradiction because of this said you take such pleasure in giving of yourself unconditionally. Hey, Pisces, there’s a limit to all of our saintliness and you are no exception in this regard.

For some time you may find it quite novel to support the Leo bravado, and dramatic seeking of the limelight but after a while, you’ll wonder and ask yourself “What’s in it for me?”. Leo does tend to be quite self-absorbed and you might wonder whether or not they have any time or energy for you. This will start to play on your self-confidence and the last thing you want to do is to become a victim even though this is often what happens to Pisces who hitched themselves to those who take advantage of them.

One of your main lessons with Leo, if you choose to befriend them and spend time with them is to learn tolerance for each other’s differences. If that at all possible, and it is not a one-way street, you doing all the work, then the relationship may have a slight opportunity of moving forward. But that could be an uphill battle for you.

Leo is a fixed sign and therefore their opinions are sometimes not at all flexible. You will find it difficult to express yourself with someone who seems to be right all the time. The trouble you have with them is that your planets are actually quite friendly astrologically but the underlying tension as you coming back for more of the same difficulty.

You have a strong need for fantasy, to explore the unknown and you do this in a gentle, emotional manner. Your association with Leo may unsettle this approach you’d like to take with life. At the end of the day, you may find that extraordinarily difficult to reconcile their differences with showy Leo.


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