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Canine Horoscopes

Canine Horoscopes

Canine Horoscopes are explained below…

Certainly, your animals can be your best friends in life. Similarly, they also have their unique personalities. However, we may not always know their exact time of birth. But we can still look at the chart for the day of birth and determine an incredible amount of information. In addition, if the exact time is unavailable a Sun sign chart will be used as the basis for the chart. Therefore we can benefit by knowing where our pets’ full potential might be met with canine horoscopes. But like our human friends, there may also be difficult areas of their personalities. So, we must learn to accept or correct.

Further, not all dogs are suited for agility or obedience. In short, some will do better at guarding their masters; others might behave well in conformation. 

On the other hand, understanding the potential of our dogs we seek ways to improve what already exists. And accept things that are sometimes unchangeable or a challenge.

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