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The Nose

noseThe intensity of physical action is related to oxygen intake, and the external instruments of the body responsible for that function are the nose. A good sized nose is certainly an indication of wealth too and the capacity to earn money. It shows the attitude a person has to the issue of finances. 

Ideally, the nostrils should be well concealed for the best financial prospects. The ages of 40 to 50 are ruled by the nose.

The Ideal nose has a high, straight, full and fleshy tip with gently flared but protected nostrils.

The fleshy tip indicates cordiality and warmth of personality. Deep empathy with others. Set high standards for themselves and are good mannered. Oversized nose tip results in violent tendencies. The larger – the more prone to an act of violence

An Aquiline Nose portrays strong will, independence, and enterprise with successful mid years.

An upturned nose betokens a lack in social circumstances and a love of mixing with people.

Other noses may include:

  • High bridge & pointed: High degree of energy and very curious mind.
  • Large: High energy levels but may be more materially concerned than spiritual.
  • Small: Reserved, shy type.
  • Thin: Highly strung, on edge and somewhat irritable with trifles.
  • Wide: Expressive but may develop a devil may care attitude.
  • Long: Prudent but anxious.
  • Short: Happy, natural.
  • Short Snub: Friendly but also secretive. Slow meticulous approach to life.
  • Straight: Disciplined nature which is methodical.

Nose Shapes

The best nose is one where the shape is high, straight, full and fleshy at the tip. The nostrils are gently flared but not too exposed. The colour will be soft pink and the skin clear and shiny. If your nose is in this way a pleasing nose to look at, you’re indeed gifted. 

And because your nose occupies the central position of the face – it has an important role to play in deciphering the quality of your mid-life years – the ages 40-50. It also appears to connect the features of the eyes and the mouth, and so acts as a bridge in interpreting the meaning of those other features as well.


Because you have an ideal nose or one at least approaching the ideal, it’s certainly a boon for such things in your life as wealth and financial security, especially in your mid-life as your nose tends to reflect this period in time. You have the ability to “sniff out” a deal and like the idea that money does buy you power. Some of the face reading traditions make strong references to the fact that your nose is a very good barometer of your sexual prowess.

Because your ideal nose fits into the category of a well-shaped, finely sized and facially coordinated feature, it’s not only a great asset financially but offers you plenty of exciting experiences between the sheets. You have a love of relationships and an instinctive need to express yourself physically and sexually. It appears that your nose offers you luck both in terms of financial appetites as well as sexual.

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Pride is the characteristic feature of your long nose but by the same token, it is a reflection of your traditional and reasonable mindset. Having this type of nose endows you with a great sense of logic and clear rational thinking. Although you tend to have a pragmatic mind, artistic and technical activities can also be successfully coordinated with very good results in your case.

You must check the length of your nose to see that it is not out of ratio with the other features on your face. A long nose is an excellent omen for a long life span, especially if well coordinated with the other features on your face. Financial security and how quickly or slowly you move in this respect, and the way you handle your money will be essential with your long nose.

Sometimes it is found that the longer the nose, if not well supported by the wings or the outer part of that feature, can betray your speculative and excessive gambling nature. Because your nose refers to this middle part of your life, your greatest financial risks and possible monetary difficulties will arise at that time. Your long nose, notwithstanding your tricky economic circumstances, is an indicator of a healthy sex drive and quite good relationships.

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Your nose is a measure of financial acquisition and having a wide nose, as in your case, is a testimony to the fact that you are able to earn money and hopefully keep it. Being a larger nose also tells us that your nature is given to the enjoyments that money can buy and this equates with a sensual appetite that causes you to engage in seeking out good food, drink and loads of sensual exploits with the opposite sex.

The wider nose, being an extension of your lungs, is a great asset as far as your health and vitality are concerned too. This means you have a high degree of physical stamina and recuperative ability as the mid-section of the face has much to do with your health and contributes to a good life span. Your nose reflects the mid part of your life and will therefore yield these results at this stage of your development.

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Vitality will be a key issue for you if you possess a narrow nose. The reason for this is that tour intake of oxygen will be somewhat hampered by the narrowing of the air ducts that are the primary route for oxygen traveling to your lungs. Not overdoing things will be critical in your life, and sometimes excessive physical activity takes its toll on you.

Monitoring your capacity physically is essential if you are to maintain enough reserves for the things you really want in life. Your thin nose endows you with a high degree of sensitivity, or should we say hypersensitivity, to even the most trivial things. You could be susceptible to comments or even the way people do things either in your family life or work circumstances. This will lead you to become critical and offer unsolicited advice which can get you into the further hot water from time to time. Your thin nose makes you rather self-centred, if not a little vain.

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Possessing a Roman nose, as in your case you do, provides you with a powerful drive both physically and mentally. The development of the upper area of your nose towards the bridge is also a sign of defensiveness. As such, you are a fearless individual and not only defensive but capable of taking the offensive when and if you choose.

Mid-life can usually mark a turn for the better financially and professionally but you do tend to lose your temper and are obsessive at times. On the other hand, you are a straight shooter and express things as they are and are insensitive to the way people react to your honest statements. Others may oppose you but you uphold a calm exterior and are not easily coerced into shifting your opinion, especially when matters of principle may be jeopardised. Variety is the spice of life and for you, that variety is most associated with matters of love and sexuality.

You’ll never be at a loss to prove your sexual prowess, but unless challenge and interest within a relationship are maintained those who may be more conservative in matters of the love will find you undependable and incapable of commitment. You are nevertheless inventive in bed and require someone who will travel the path of these exploits with you. Chinese face readers are of the opinion that your nose is similar to an eagle’s beak and selfish by nature. It doesn’t matter what path you pursue but your motto will always be “do what you love most”.

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The eagle beak nose as your nose implies is also called a hook nose. You may be self-centred and insensitive to those around you. If other features agree, you may even by cruel and tyrannical. You are not afraid of using others for your own gain. Somehow, your conscience doesn’t flinch in these circumstances. Strangely, you are probably happy in your domestic situation.

Your hooked nose is again another variation of the above, but having some unfavourable connotations. This nose also goes by the name Indian nose and is recognisable by the severe indent at the root position. Though you may be an opportunist i.e. seeking your own fulfillment, you are nevertheless generous with those you love and care for. In your romantic affairs, you find it hard to be selfless. The expression of unconditional love and empathy should be exercised for your overall life fulfillment.

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Your large fleshy nose is a hearty and sensuous indicator and according to Chinese tradition is a very lucky nose for attracting money, possessions and loyal support from your peers and others in life. You should feel blessed to have a large fleshy nose, but as with most others who share your feature of a large nose, you may sometimes feel a little embarrassed about it. Don’t.

Again, this is a lucky feature to possess. People genuinely like you. President Bill Clinton’s nose is quite bulbous and fleshy, as is the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu. Karl Malden from Streets of San Francisco fame also shares the same fleshy large nose. Sexuality for you may become a problem and wane by your 40’s or 50’s, so say the Chinese face readers. That’s not the case with Bill Clinton however whose sexual exploits became the scandal of the late 20th century. Actually, your sexuality should be quite strong throughout your life.

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Your ski jump nose may or may not have length but usually, it does and is a mark of your tremendous initiative and enterprise. You share this type of nose with Richard Nixon who had immense ambitions but also ultimately alienated many of the people around who trusted him.

With your ski jump nose you have strong determination but are often impulsive and can push a little too hard in both your personal and professional relationships. Your adventuresome nature will attract others who respect and may even be in awe of your very large vision but don’t forget, impulsiveness may also lead to a sense of loneliness later in life if you don’t balance these character traits.

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The bulbous nose, or at least having a bulbous tip to your nose, is a lucky omen and shows that if not early in life at least later, through hard work and good connections you will find yourself in a reasonably good position in your society at large. Your social connections help you achieve a high level of success through your work.

Unfortunately, the bulbous nose can tell us that you overdo the sensual side of your life and might even overemphasise the acquisition of money and material possessions to the detriment of your most personal and family relationships. Providing your loved ones and yourself with a fine quality life is not the end of the story. You must make yourself available to those you care about and show your affection over and above the provision of material resources. If the bulbous part of your nose is discoloured, and in particular red in colour, this indicates digestive or liver disorders that should be checked with your health practitioner.

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Your crooked nose provides us with two important pieces of information in particular. First and foremost is the fact that your life may not take the usual course you had intended and this is primarily because you have a changing disposition and one which is prone to the spontaneity of the moment. While this might offer you instantaneous gratification, reliability, punctuality and responsibility will become issues that others perceive are lacking in your character.

Try working harder to show that you can be part of a team and can be relied upon by others. Because your nose has much to say about your financial prospects, this crookedness is not a particularly favourable omen for your fiscal circumstances and warns against gambling and other games of chance. You could lose money or be the victim of some dubious financial scheme and be swindled of your money. This could also relate to relationships in which you offer your financial support only to be let down. These events are likely to take place between 40 and 50 years of age.

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Having a flat nose is a warning to be on guard against monetary losses in your life and in particular the period between 40 and 50 years. Whatever wealth you acquire will be done so through your own efforts and initiative, so you should therefore not rely too much on other people to provide you with the fortune that you so desire.

Exercising frugality and caution with your cash is the secret to acquiring a healthy bank balance by your late 40’s. Whilst you may wish to share your resources with others you need to look after your own circumstances before venturing to lend a helping hand. In short, charity begins at home. Remember that!.

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Your shorter nose is a reflector of your great gusto and drive. Because the area of the nose relates to the ages of 40 to 50 it is most likely that these influences will occur at this time of your life. With loads of enthusiasm, you can hit it off with all sorts of people and even pursue a career that brings you a lot of contact with others.

Money is not always easily acquired by you but this is probably more due to an inborn lack of concern with clearly defined goals than anything else. You are a person of the moment, enjoying more what life has to offer now rather than worrying about what it may bring you in future. Now that’s not to say you can’t always expect to have money, but it may be harder for you than most.

Having said that, short snubbed nose people can occasionally find themselves in moments of sheer economic delight, yet sustaining your financial situation will require effort indeed. You will need to exercise considerable responsibility to deal with whatever wealth and its rightful use may be necessary at that time. Your mental and physical lethargy is also reflected by your snub nose and means that some extra discipline will be necessary on your part to overcome these physical and mental traits. The smaller your nose the more reserved you are in nature.

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Your plump nose is a cheeky one and makes you a likeable sort of larrikin. Of course, your nose relates to some of your social appetites as well as your financial opportunities, but people should not mistake you for a purely fun-loving individual. Quite the contrary! Your plumper noses show the world your deeper spiritual commitment and interest in humanitarian causes.

Over and above the professional ambitions you entertain, your plump nose tells us that you have a deep desire to exercise compassion and see that those less fortunate than yourself are looked after by whatever means you have at your disposal. Due to this instinctive urge, you may possibly find yourself spearheading some cause later in life, or at least taking some time out of your daily routine to do community work to ease the pain and sorrow of others.

Others may not always find you easy to deal with as you tend to live life on your own terms from a much broader based view of life. The other extreme to the plump nose is one in which wealth can be had in copious amounts. Although you may earn save and invest your money wisely and amass a small fortune, you’ll nonetheless always have this underlying desire to use whatever you earn, at least in part, for the welfare of others.

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Your large nose is an indicator of your desire for power, affluence, and control. You are the type of person that wants to succeed and may be quite competitive in your urges. Throughout life, you will not sit still until you have achieved all the ambitions you have set for yourself.

Many large-nosed individuals excel in sports and other competitive physical games and this is a precursor to their business and commercial life, which when they start to mature, they will use to achieve success financially and as well. Your large nose shows you have a strong vitality and a life force that drives you sensually and in your social and romantic endeavours as well.

It’s important for you to feel needed and important in your closest relationships and if you do not receive the approval and attention from a partner, will endeavour to find it elsewhere. Being a larger nose individual may (other features lending support to this fact) become quite arrogant and self-righteous. This is more likely to be the case if your ears are also quite large.

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The central section of your nose should not really be too thin or bony, as it is in your case. Because you do possess a rather thin and bony feature, you are quite likely to be highly strung, nervous and concerned with the finer details of life.

You must not let this deter you from enjoying life as you are prone to being fastidious and overly concerned with the minutiae. Issues of control will be a point of contention in your relationships as you push your perfectionism to its limits while imposing your authority on others. You do this through severe criticism which could otherwise be constructive, except for your unusual desire to test others’ limits and capabilities.

Due to this fact, it is an unfavourable nose for a happy family life. Eventually, you may find yourself living in some sort of bubble where your family is concerned and though you may love them, you can’t seem to connect on an everyday level. You must learn how to sense their emotions and what will make them happy and to lighten up a little. On a financial note, your thin bony nose shows that you are overly preoccupied with saving money and this can cause you to miss the most wonderful opportunities to enjoy life for the sake of saving a penny.

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Nose Definition

In this next section, we will take a closer look at your nose to see just how much energy and drive you possess. This can be seen by such things as the width or narrowness of the nostrils which have a large part to play in the amount of oxygen that is taken into your body and which of course is the foundation of your vitality.


Lacking in energy, life force, and overall drive will cause tiredness and general lethargy due to the fact that your nostrils are thin. It’s important that you take control of this situation and not allow this physical debilitation, which is reflected in your thin nostrils, to adversely affect your achievements and performance in life.

In relationships, you find it hard to express your feelings, especially sexually. As such, sexual repression could well become part of your character and consequently challenges your most personal and romantic partners.

On a financial platform, you have a tendency to be tight-fisted for fear of never having enough, yet the other extreme is that you do occasionally like to take a punt and gamble with your money. You could take some of these speculative tendencies and apply them to your sexual relationships with first-rate results. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If your nostrils are pinched or tightly set, you naturally exhibit an introverted and self-absorbed mindset. It is not that you are aloof or a snob, but you do tend to live more in the realm of thoughts than in the sphere of the world. You have deep thinking processes and other features supporting this will show that you have the ability to share your ideas, yet only after careful forethought.

On a financial level, you have difficulty holding on to your money, although you do have the distinct ability to earn it. For some reason, you spend and share it, but the bottom line is that accumulating it will be one of your greatest karmic challenges. You need to get professional advice on managing your finances so that you don’t erode your chances of a successful and secure material future.

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Due to the enhanced flow of oxygen as a result of your flared nostrils, you have a strong vitality which facilitates your desire for physical activities including sport and other outdoor occupations. You are passionate and sexual and like to express your feelings through this physical mechanism in your relationships as well.

You need a person who can accommodate your almost insatiable drive but by the same token, you do exhibit a considerable sensitivity and loving temperament. Your financial story will be an interesting one due to your flared nostrils and indicate the possible rags to riches story wherein your early life could have been one of insufficient material resources. Due to your ambitious and resourceful nature, you will achieve considerable wealth as time goes on.

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Depending on the number of bumps on your nose, this indicates your high metabolic rate that also borders on nervousness and in some extreme cases, groundless anxieties. Having bumps on the nose is not a particularly good omen for progress in life generally, and you can expect to encounter your fair share of obstacles financially.

Due to your optimism, this will not hold you back for too long as you do tend to have the ability to observe that from adversity arises opportunity. If you are a female possessing one or more bumps on the nose you are likely to divorce and remarry but an even greater concern has to do with children. Actually giving birth to children might be a problem, but if and when you do have them, it’s likely that you will encounter obstacles in communication and need to work hard to improve your overall relationships with them.

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Having a straight nose is a fine indication that you are persistent and consistent in the way you approach life. It is also referred to as an “honourable” nose. A certain snobbishness may be observed in your manner and you feel superior to others. You take great care and attention in making sure your character and achievements are seen and noted in the best possible light. If you have a straight nose, which is also well-shaped, you are likely to be successful.

Remember to acknowledge the people who have helped you and others, not so successful, are the way you once were before you made it. Relationships may not always run smoothly for you as your demanding and often perfectionist idiosyncrasies may push your loved one further and further away. You need to marry someone you can “show off”. If you overlook your partner’s real qualities in preference for a status symbol, you’ll be sorely disillusioned in the end.

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Your nose bridge has horizontal lines and indicates your tough nature with those in your closest circle. Family members in particular, will be aware of the unreasonable demands you place on them from time to time. This doesn’t mean you don;t love them – just that your standards are incredibly hard to live up to. You need to adapt to the needs of others and not appear as ruthless as you do. You are a great worker with tremendous stamina but you should make allowances for weaker individuals and learn the art of compromise.

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With your developed nose bridge, we see in you an ethic dedicated to hard work and down to earth employment practices. You are the type of person who loves a challenge and will be successful in spite of the difficulties you encounter. There is one aspect of your character however that is somewhat reclusive and given to meditation – possibly even spiritual action.

You have no problem spending time in your own company and contemplating the mysteries of this universe. With heaps of drive and ambition as part and parcel of your, character, you should have no problem in achieving success, but others should be warned – you work at your own pace and will achieve your goals in your own good time. Your underdeveloped nose bridge is a sign of good family breeding.

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Your early family difficulties hint at the fact that you may not always feel trusting enough of the people that are drawn into your life and this, in the extreme could have been the result of separation from some of your family members at the outset of your life. Having a suspicious mind warns others that if they choose to become involved with you, they must prove their worth before you give your heart to them.

Although this is somewhat trying and possibly even exasperating for those who do not know you, once you have established their merit you’ll have no hesitation in going to great lengths to see they satisfied in every aspect of life. You have no trouble in dividing your attention between earnings of different financial streams and like to diversify your investments from time to time. You also have an interest in diverse cultures and social activities in which you can develop your own skills of communication and self-understanding.

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With a nose of your type wherein the tip predominantly “hangs” it clearly demonstrates your demanding and sometimes uncompromising personality. You will be seen by others to be someone that drives themselves and others extremely hard and to such an extent that you usually end up with a reputation of being cruel and hard-hearted.

You’re financially driven and this is quite likely because you lacked the financial support or resources when you were a child. Whatever the case may be, you have an incessant drive to prove yourself on this material level and may run roughshod over those who oppose you.

In your personal relationships, you are seen to be sexually excessive and also changeable in your moods. Some of your frustrations of work will no doubt spill over into these personal areas of your life and make your interactions with loved ones difficult, to say the least. If the tip hangs to such an extent that it is encroaching upon the upper lip you possess a treacherous nature.

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