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Did you know that communication is mostly non-verbal? If you’re relying on what’s coming out of other people’s mouths to understand who they are, you’re at a disadvantage. This section of the site could well be called the face analyzer because it shows you the technique to analyze, breakdown and categorize different features, face shapes and other important facial nuances that are a key factor in reading character.

One of the most accurate ways to read others and assess their character is through the study of face reading. By understanding the structure of the face; and also the nuances, expressions and looks, you can gain a great deal of insight into others. And for those of you looking for a job, keen to get into business with a new partner, or even working in sales and marketing where you need to connect with clients, face reading is going to give you a distinct and unfair edge in the marketplace.

For example, did you know that when someone’s cheeks are too pronounced, bony and lacking flesh, it Indicates an autocratic and power hungry individual especially if ‘cats eyes’, or eyes which are upward turned at the outer edges, are also present (think Naomi Campbell). They can also in some cases indicate a person who is frugal and doesn’t like to spend freely. They hate any sort of waste.

Though people generally don’t know this, there’s a ‘sense’ of power, control and domination when we meet someone with these features. Dealing with such a person can often be difficult but if you’re prepared to know this at the outset you can adjust yourself appropriately and even use this to your advantage in getting on with them and making the best of the situation. Other features should also be considered to see whether or not they diminish the severity of character traits.

Face reading is extremely practical and useful in all areas of life including especially, sales and business applications. Face reading reveals a secret, non-verbal understanding of others, of doing business and therefore, a greater chance of creating successful relationships.

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Face Reading? How does your face reveal your character and how can it be analysed in our business and personal life? Your soul is mirrored in your face and reveals many aspects of your character and temperament and even your relationships and future destiny. Our first Segment looks at a brief overview of face reading and how and why it actually works.

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In this Segment we’ll reveal how simple geometric face shapes can reveal the overall character of a person. The four basic shapes – circular, square, oblong and triangular will be discussed and combined shapes presented to help the reader understand the variety of human beings amongst us and how they can be understood. This can help us in our business negotiations.

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Are you a thinking, feeling or physical being? This Segment will take a look at the development of your forehead, the mid-section and chin and mouth areas to establish your basic drive – feeling, thinking or active. Learn how to save time in negotiations and business relationships by quickly assessing character traits and what people are motivated by.

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How intelligent and idealistic are you really? Are you a dreamer and do you aspire for greater things in your life? Or are you more practical and cautious? Once again, your forehead reveals so much. In this Segment we’ll look at how you use your mind and how to tell whether a person is organized, sloppy, methodical, absent minded or obsessive in their thinking processes. For employers this is an invaluable tool.


Here’s an interesting view of how hair reflects physical resilience. How much stamina a person possesses can be seen by the texture and thickness of the hair. Hair also relates to your public image (this will be fun, especially looking at hairstyles) and what this means socially.


Large ears indicate dominant personalities and so if you or anyone you know possesses large ears, issues of control may well be part of character. There are many unusually shaped ears – small, large, protruding, set back, high set, low set and in this Segment we will consider how that power is used from shape to shape, person to person. The Laws of Power and control are essential for professional success.


Hair reveals your physical strength and stamina and the eyebrows add weight to that understanding. Eyebrows also tell us about fame and your place in society and how you’ll achieve success in the world. Eyebrows also speak a lot about your temperament as well.


Your true nature can be seen in your eyes – via color, size and setting. Moral integrity is clearly seen in this single feature alone. This really helps us understand peoples motivation and spiritual power. Now you’ll quickly spot a serial killer at your next office party! Understanding the chemical reactions of the brain and how they impact upon retinal changes is a key factor in the art of negotiation and understanding human personality.


Can you make money and lots of it? More importantly keep it? We now look at different noses and how they relate to your financial aptitude. The deeper significance of what we value, can also be revealed by your nose. We will scrutinize several different noses to see how they reflect differing value systems.


We all want to climb the ladder of success and better ourselves in life. The cheeks we possess inform us and others of how we achieve our goals and aspirations and whether we do it with grace or sheer ruthlessness. This Segment is dedicated to an understanding of the pursuit of success. Do you have what it takes?


Both the Philtrum and Lips represent your sensual and sexual nature and also communication style. This part of the presentation looks at the serious and not so serious elements that are represented by these features and how they can facilitate our search for that perfect soul mate. (We have to be happy in love if we’re to perform professionally).



The numerous markings on our faces have their own story to tell – moles, scars and other facial blemishes which indicate different lucky or unlucky aspects about our nature and when those things which are likely to happen. If we investigate these markings including facial creases they give us an even richer analysis and understanding of human nature. (Who said ageing couldn’t be fun)?


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