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Finding Your Soulmate Through Astrology


Some men and women search all their lives desperately at times, trying to fulfil their hearts deepest longing a loving partner to share life with. At times people come and go some parts of their character satisfying you and other nuances leaving you simply dejected.
Perhaps you’re in a relationship or friendship. Can you truly say you love that person? Is it your soulmate?

In the soulmate area of astrology.com.au, we are committed to the deeper issues of human relationship. Spiritual bonding, emotional compatibility, intellectual connectedness and general congeniality between couples is what we are striving to help you achieve..Through astrology, your Karmic blueprint, your desires, character strengths and weaknesses, hobbies, spiritual ideals and more, are revealed like an open book. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could simply connect your horoscope to another that would fit perfectly like a jigsaw? Well, at this Soulmates sector, that’s what we’ll do our best to do.

Soul connector will scan literally thousands of horoscopes on our database to come up with one that matches yours. Just leave your details with Soul Connector our most in depth and complex desire for connecting you with Mr or Mrs Right. And if you’re simply wanting a little more information on your own relationship or new found friend, order your own personal relationship profile. You’ll discover things you may never have realised. Your free sneak preview is waiting for you in Sign Combinations Have Fun!

If you’re serious about love and you want to find someone on a similar evolutionary path, a person with tastes and ideals similar to yours Soul Connector is our vehicle for you. Whereas the profiles and general compatibility techniques can offer a reasonably good profiling of suitable character traits, Soul Connector works a lot harder using subtle techniques of astrological matching.

The Soul Connector System scans partnership based on the criteria utilising modern Western and Ancient Hindu techniques of horoscope, matching in Hindu traditions over 13 points of subtle matching are utilised.

They include:

1. Dhunam – your luck factor

2. Ganam – wealth and finance compatibility

3. Mahendran – attachment/attraction rating

4. StreeDheergam – general welfare

5. Yoni – sexual compatibility (including genital compatibility)

6. Ran – family, children prospects

7. Rasya – food and cuisine

8. Vasyan – posterity

9. Rayu – felicity and study of potential widowhood etc.

10. Vedhaj – offspring

11. Male/Female – deeper look at relationship

12. Family/Genetic background

13. Social compatibility

Our sister site, www.soulconnector.com is now up and running and waiting for you to include your profile to find your soulmate. Please join us now by clicking here www.soulconnector.com


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