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Complexion, Moles and Markings


Your complexion is a barometer of not only your body’s subtle biochemical changes which indicate your health and vitality, but also a very clear expression of your basic character and personality. 

The different planets at birth as suggested by astrology, each have their own unique colours and depending upon the strength and disposition of these planets at the moment you were born, this will also be reflected in your own complexion colouring.


Your chocolate complexion brings to the fore your earthy and also passionate character traits which are predominantly genetic. You have a sense of fun, laughter and definitely enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. Being sensual in nature brings out the warmer and more social temperament within you.

The planetary combinations of Mars, Saturn and the Lunar Node all combine to give you a most interesting genetic history which now finds itself expressing your need to have material wealth as well as a fine lifestyle and plenty of pleasure thrown in for good measure.

Your passion and love of enjoyment may however, cause you to take shortcuts in life and to avoid working hard for what you achieve. Of course, this will depend on many of the other features in your face, so take this as a general rule of thumb. Not all chocolate complexion people are lazy, and in fact, many are found to be quite successful in life.


You have an olive complexion which indicates your love of the outdoors and a need for freedom and independence. Mercury and Jupiter have a combined influence on your character and this shows you have a keen interest in communication and expressing your feelings as freely as you can. Not everyone will always receive your straightforward and honest opinions, but at least they know where they stand with you.

You have a warm and vivacious attitude and love to share your experiences with those you love. It would be most unfortunate for you to team up with someone who wasn’t capable of reciprocating in the same fashion. Communication, literature, music and other artistic and cultural information is an important component of your development and you see this as a primary requirement in those you associate with if you are to feel fulfilled in any of your relationships.


Your red complexion provides us with a clear hint at the fact that the planet Mars is ruling you and may, in fact, be doing so excessively. Mars is militant, physical and in the extremely aggressive and dominating. You mustn’t allow your enthusiasm to overtake your better sensibilities, especially when it comes to sharing your opinions with others. You have the tendency to be dictatorial and ruthless in gaining your ends.

No one will ever accuse you of being lazy as Mars is a dynamic and energetic planet and therefore work will be second nature for you, but in your desire to achieve the grand success you may come across as too aggressive or demanding and this could cause you to alienate the very people whom you are working hard for – namely family members and friends. Try to be less demanding and impatient and you’ll not only achieve success but inspire those around you.


Your pink complexion shows that the planet Mars has a dominant influence on your life and stimulates you to creative action. You don’t like standing still and loathe laziness of any sort. You probably learned to work hard from a young age and value the idea of independent, self-made people. You have a caring and loving nature which at times borders on passionate, and satisfying your physical needs will be an essential component of any relationship you enter into.

One side of you is quite compassionate yet the other is somewhat self-centered or maybe even oblivious to the needs of others, particularly when you are hell-bent on a specific goal or objective. Listen to the signals of those around you and by all means develop an all inclusive attitude as this will accelerate your path to success.


Your ivory complexion is an attractive one and draws people to you from all directions. The planet Venus is linked to this skin tone and indicates your steady refinement over time with a strong leaning towards culture and art. Music, drama, cinema, painting and other visual or audiovisual arts are perfectly suited to your sensitive temperament.

If you choose to express your creative flair in this direction you will quite likely be successful. You have an idealistic view of love and will sometimes be hurt as you prefer to see the perfection in others and are bitterly disappointed when you learn that all human beings possess some frailty or other. You must not let this affect your long term view of humans as you could begin to turn away and close in on yourself. Try to see your disappointments in life as part of your learning process and by doing so move on to the next adventure, of which in your case there will be no shortage.


The Sun and Mars jointly dominate your character as shown by your ruddy complexion. This makes you well suited to vigorous, physical activities including sports and competitive pastimes. You may feel as though pushing yourself beyond your limits is a way of proving your worth, both to yourself and to those you share your life with, but this may not need to be the case. Exercise restraint and moderation in all your activities as you do have a tendency to overdo everything you attempt.

If you enjoy alcohol, this is one area in particular that you must use self-discipline. Some people with your complexion are well-suited to dominant positions in the workplace and can assume a role of authority. Large government enterprises, legal or even military operations will be ideal arenas in which you can exert your power, organizational and leadership potential. You have the ability to rise to the top of any field you so choose.


Your grey complexion is strongly linked to the planet Saturn and tells us that at times you lack the vitality and energy to achieve happiness within yourself – even if you attain something worthwhile in this world. This is due to the fact that you somehow demand far more of yourself than should be reasonably expected and this has a lot to do with your early upbringing and the perception of yourself fostered by your primary caregivers.

You must learn to recognize the goodness and talent you have and congratulate yourself on your successes. Success may not be easy for you either romantically or professionally but is assured if you apply your diligence, concentration and determination, all of which are part of your basic character. Many people with grey complexions are likely to achieve success during or after the middle part of their lives and in some cases, health is an issue which precludes them from doing so earlier.

Check your diet and also make sure you adequately feed and nourish your blood which, as a result of not properly attending to, anaemia and other dietary deficiencies could create the complexion you possess. You have a strong will and a determination to succeed in life and should use that skill with an enhanced emotional enthusiasm as this will provide you with happiness and material fulfillment.


Your yellow complexion is a marking of the beneficial planet Jupiter and reveals your desire to generously give of yourself emotionally, materially and spiritually. You are the sort of person who shares their resources, even when and if those resources are limited. You have an innate faith in the principle of Karma in which what you share does come back and you tend to live your life on this single, most important premise.

You have far-reaching goals and ambitions which you will achieve and you do so through your ability to attract the help and goodwill of others. Even when you are challenged or obstructed in your path to achieving your goals, you tend to be lucky in overcoming and surmounting these difficulties. The teaching professions, sales, marketing and even the astrological or esoteric avenues are open to exploration by someone of your character. Yours is a lucky complexion and even indicates you may not have to work as hard as others to gain your end in life.


Your black complexion indicates your intensity and deep association with nature and the primal sources of life itself. Although you may come from a common race of millions of others sharing this skin tone, it still nevertheless reflects your passion and deep desire to understand the mysteries of life and to also stand up independently for what you believe in.

There is a strong social and cultural sense which also spills over into family life in your case, and for that reason, you need to foster this aspect of your character if you are to ever be truly happy within yourself. One of the most important aspects of your black complexioned skin and your genetic race is to slowly overcome the history of suppression and the feeling that you are somehow inferior. This underlies most of what you will do in life but certainly doesn’t preclude you from success or personal fulfillment.

Moles and Markings

Approximately one out of every ten people have at least one unusual mole that looks different to an ordinary mole. The medical term for these moles is dysplastic naevi. Doctors believe that dysplastic naevi are more likely than ordinary moles to develop into a type of skin cancer called melanoma. 

However, not everyone who has dysplastic naevi get melanoma – in fact, most moles both ordinary and dysplastic never become cancerous. If you possess a mole you should check with your doctor, but in this next section, we will look at the more esoteric meaning of what these moles mean and how they affect your character. 

Moles should be of a radiant colour and then the reading will proceed to offer you a balanced and good fortune as a result. Colours of black and red are considered quite positive colours and are lucky, adding to the quality of your life if they are good reddish or dark colour generally.

Possessing a mole anywhere near the mouth is called the culinary mole and indicates your love of good food and good times generally. In other systems of face reading the culinary mole is also referred to as the sensuality mole which shows that you have a tremendous attraction to the physical pleasures of life and are a wonderful bed companion as well.

Sex and all matters sensual tend to take a prominent place on your agenda of the things in life that mean a lot to you. Generally, this should give you a satisfactory and fulfilling life but you must be careful not to exceed your limits as the culinary mole can also indicate some digestive disorders as you age.

You have a mole or marking near the lower lip area. A mole here would indicate some digestive problem for you after the age of 40. In fact, anywhere on the lips or upper lips, the moles are called culinary moles. Usually, they give an interest in cooking and certainly eating, but do take care to follow the advice of the Buddha who said “Moderation in everything”. If your mole is just on the outside of the lip on the chin, it shows you are very decisive in nature and you’ll never procrastinate when it comes to even making life shattering decisions.

Having a mole on your lower chin indicates your diligence and artistic ability. You are able to make use of any opportunities that come your way and do so with your good common sense. There’s a certain improvement with age when a mole is found at the point on the chin and so your artistic ability seems to grow as well.

Your early childhood may not have been all that settled but even though you weren’t able to find emotional or even financial support at that time from your family or friends, you are now able to overcome that consternation and become successful, even in spite of yourself. Learn to overcome the tendency to be stern, cold or even aggressive at times as you know in your heart of hearts this will not provide you with the satisfaction you need.

Learn to delve a little more deeply into the motivations of others. Your mole here is also referred to as the “deference mole” and is a marking which unconsciously causes others to bow their heads in a pose of deference. You will receive considerable respect due to having a mole here.

Because you possess a mole on the outer left cheek, it shows that you have an active life and particularly in the romantic sense. Love, marriage and generally things pertaining to the opposite sex will bring you a great deal of satisfaction and luck. At different periods of your life, you may even overemphasise matters of the heart to your own detriment. Try to maintain a balanced view of relationships and find your own happiness in yourself.

Having a mole on the outer right cheek indicates you have a tremendous interest in love and romance and will go the extra mile to enjoy any social occasion that you can. Ancient Chinese face readers caution you however in any activity that relates to fire or heat. At different periods of your life you may even overemphasise matters of the heart to your own detriment. Try to maintain a balanced view of relationships and find your own happiness in yourself.

There could be some danger from fire and water. Caution to be taken with those activities if and when you come in touch with them, especially later in life.

Because a mole occurs on the centre of your mid forehead, you will at times feel that opportunities in professional life are slipping through your fingers, and there are some obstacles to your promotion and even constant change in your ambitions or goals. In short, you need to firmly fix your mind on what it is you actually want in the professional sense. If there is also a scar or any other type of blemish in this area, it points to a need to carefully listen to the advice of other people, which you don’t. Often you will listen but don’t generally make any attempt to implement the advice offered even if you think it may have some merit. Think and possibly act on what is suggested and don’t allow your ego to get in the way of your better judgement.

There’s a mole on the centre of your upper forehead and this shows a tendency to lose your cool. You are at times ill-tempered and could even suffer accidents in your midlife if you are not careful, due to this very fact. You certainly have a strong opinion about many things in life and this at times has caused you to come into confrontation even earlier in your life with your parents, and later on with anyone who appears as an authority figure. The tall tree breaks in the strong wind, yet the humble blade of grass sways.

You tend to want to save the world. Involuntarily you will be drawn into other problems. You have a very serious, studious side to your nature which indicates a lot of struggling and, as we have seen with the natural beauty spot that is seen on Marilyn Monroe’s face, there is a lack or diminishing of authority. In other words, though you may have success, it will be usually the case that your power and your authority is controlled by someone above you.

Having a mole on your left eyebrow indicates your persevering nature and destiny of fortune that will promise happiness, especially in marriage. You must, according to some Face readers, guard the food you eat as you may suffer allergies at some stage due to your physical intolerance to certain diets. This mole also is an indication of laziness and a somewhat selfish streak in your nature so take the time to improve yourself and by so doing improve the quality of your life all round.

On the left side of your nose a mole indicates there is trouble with your children. If you are a female you might want to confirm this reading with other parts of your face having reference to the gynaecological or reproductive system e.g. your philtrum. Also, the area under your eyes has a considerable affect on these matters. If there are no physical problems then this can relate to emotional difficulties and confrontations later on. If this mole falls on the left side of your nose it shows you are a little more changeable in nature and not altogether trustworthy. You are lucky, but need to be careful of physical force i.e. heights may be of danger to you.

Means you are a spendthrift if you have a mole here and very headstrong. You are a very strong willed person and it is important for you to try to develop a more peaceful attitude to the way your life circumstances proceed. By doing that you will become more fulfilled later in your life. But you have a thoughtful and somewhat melancholy nature as well. It is said that if there is a fishtail mole, that is on the area below the temple, it shows that an extramarital affair may destroy your family or even your career.

The left or right nostril – you have a need to wander, a wanderlust, you don’t like to stay in one spot. You may need to do a little bit of work on yourself in terms of staying put.

Having a mole on the lobe of your ear indicates a need for you to reappraise your definition of friendship. You have the tendency to use others to achieve your own ends and may not think twice about doing that. It’s best for this mole not to be misshapen and if it is this can create a more extreme interpretation to what has been given. There are some financial benefits associated with ear moles and nevi so take heart – it’s not all bad news!

This is the career point of your forehead and possessing a mole here means that it will impair your good fortune and even create career setbacks. There is instability in your career, especially in the period of your life from your 28th or 29th year and this could be the result of your gullible nature and the fact that you’re not capable or won’t look at the finer detail of information presented to you. Cross your t’s and dot your I’s if you want to overcome these problems in your professional life. Occasionally it is found that a mole here can cause setbacks due to some illness.

Possessing a mole on the lower part of your ear, particularly on the lobe, and more particularly on your left ear, indicates a need for you to reappraise the definition of friendship. Throughout life you’ve somehow developed a mistrust of others which is also in turn causing others to mistrust you. How do you plan to break this cycle? It is said you have a tendency to use others to achieve your own ends and may not think twice about doing that. There are some financial benefits associated with ear moles and nevi so take heart – it’s not all bad news!

Having a mole in the middle of your ear indicates that you need to refine your abilities and develop those skills in the areas in which you are particularly interested and then pursue those interests. Your ambition tends to exceed your capacity and therefore fulfilment of your ambitions may be a lot slower than the time frame you have set yourself. There are some financial benefits associated with ear moles and nevi so take heart – it’s not all bad news!

Possessing a mole on the bridge of your nose indicates that you are a lusty and extravagant person by nature. You have a very sensual propensity and it is important that you avoid any physical risks which are also reflected in a mole in this position on your face. Daredevil behaviour or sports that are likely to injure you, especially in your early 40’s, could be a cause of physical danger or injury to you. Your work may take you away from your country of birth and you may reside in a foreign place during the period of 40 to 50 years. Some ancient face readers have an interpretation that says “a form of imprisonment may occur at that time”. You shouldn’t take that literally but let’s just say there is the possibility of travel and you may find yourself constrained or very uncomfortable in that place of residence.

You have a mole on the nose tip so you’re considered a fine friend by virtue of the fact you have a mole on the tip of your nose. If you also possess a rounded hairline, you are the consummate friend and love to help people and will even go out of your way sacrificing yourself to make them happy. The nose tip mole indicates your desire to speculate and gamble in life and taken into any business transactions may cause losses of large amounts of money, especially around the 50th year of life. Obstacles with your marriage partner and family relationships in general also occur at that time of your life.

You have a mole on the philtrum and this shows you need to relax a lot more and enjoy life and also what you have achieved rather than preoccupying yourself too much about money and what you haven’t achieved. You may be spending an inordinate amount of time worrying about your security, how to look after your future and you need to get a clearer perspective about these issues of money and security and what really constitutes a happy life. Money is really only one part of the equation. The key moral of your facial marking is to learn to smell the roses.

A mole or other nevi can be seen on your right cheek. You therefore have some difficulty in maintaining your career objectives as a result of having a mole on your right cheek, but if you put in extra effort and energy with jobs that require intellectual input you are more likely to be successful. This is a case of choosing the work that is most appropriate for your character type. You may want to note also that when both your cheeks possess a mole, success occurs but only after tremendous struggle.

You possess a great fighting spirit and determination due to the fact that a mole is found on your right eyebrow. It’s an indication that you have a powerful sexual nature as well, just like Angelina Jolie, who also has a mole just near her eyes. You exude an immense amount of sexual magnetism and people are naturally drawn to you. If the mole occurs under your eye then you’ll find at some point you are confronted with a division of loyalties, i.e. you may have to make some major choices between your family and work. This decision may take you away from your family and strangely, though you are talented and very capable in the work you do, you are not often given the recognition you deserve by your workmates or friends.

You just happen to possess a fine quality mole in this position on your nose (right side) it indicates your love of outdoor activities, your freedom loving spirit and itchy feet for travelling. An outdoor occupation would be ideal for your temperament. This mole is also a marking of health difficulties but may be more so related to women than men, as this mole has reference to difficulties of the partner. It also indicates some weakness in your digestive tract as well. Take note of the quality of the mole as this will also have relevance to the reading – either good or bad.

There’s a mole on your right temple and this has a special meaning. You are a very capable person due to the fact that you have a mole on the right temple, but you should always maintain optimum health with a good regime of diet and physical exercise. You have some reduced vitality in later life whereas if you take the necessary precautions now you may be able to minimise and guard against that problem.

You possess a mole or other blemish on either of the cheeklines. The cheek lines are known as Far Ling in ancient Chinese face reading and relate to your longevity and general physical wellbeing. The fact that you possess a mole on the cheek line indicates some physical difficulties around the ages of 56 or 57. Although danger or serious illness is indicated, it is also predicted that you will survive and live to be a ripe old age.

Having a mole on the lip reflects your avarice and greed but strangely you have a benevolent nature and also like to share your resources with others. As long as you have lots of things to keep you happy, you’ve got no problems in sharing. Usually this gives a love of good food, an active social life and this also indicates your studious and quiet nature with fortune indicated later in life, notably after your 60th year. You have an interest in cooking and certainly eating, but do take care to follow the advice of the Buddha who said “Moderation in everything”. If your mole is just on the outside of the lip on the chin, it shows you are very decisive in nature and you’ll never procrastinate when it comes to even making life shattering decisions.

You have one or more moles on he region of your lower left or right eye. Meaning? Honesty and forthrightness are indicated by a mole on the outer part of your eye. Maintaining integrity in a world of increasing greed and self interest is hard to maintain but you will strive to prove that it can be done! You also have a strong need to be loved and at times impose this on your relationships. You can appear too needy to your partner and this in the long run can alienate them. Your straightforwardness is one of your greatest assets in life.

Due to the fact that there is a mole on your upper chin it indicates a need for you to pay strict attention to your health and should be noted at around the age of 54. You are a serious thinker and begin to contemplate the mysteries of life, even at a very young age. Some chin moles are referred to as diplomatic markings but usually have to be on the outer edges of your chin. Nevertheless, you could still take an active interest in political and social studies at some stage and like to be informed about current affairs.

There’s a mole below your right or left eye. The position of a mole below the right or left eye is an indicator of power without control and someone else will ultimately pull the strings. You hunger for friendships but even though you attract many hangers-on their offerings aren’t genuine. Marilyn Monroe was a case in point. With her tremendous fame and popularity she ultimately ended up lonely and without too many true friends. Some Chinese face readers refer to these types of moles as tears and are supposed to represent suffering and, as the name implies, real tears.

Plenty of travel and world wide at that is indicated due to the mole on the upper left or right of your forehead. This travel may not always be self-determined and could be a result of work or other commitments that force you to travel frequently. For that reason these journeys may not always be satisfactory. You will as a result of this no doubt become culturally adept through meeting people from many different lands and it shows your social agenda is also quite strong.

There’s a mole or nevi on your forehead or even in your scalp region. You have plenty of frustrations associated with the mole on your upper forehead or scalp and even though success will come to you, you will be constantly plagued by issues surrounding money or power. In love you are not so lucky either, even though you may meet many people. Perhaps you just can’t settle on any individual due to your extremely high standards.

You possess a mole on the upper ear of either the right or left ear. You are capable of success even without any efforts in any specific or chosen career. You may be able to lend support to someone who themselves is the breadwinner and who can utilise your advice to create wealth and success all round. You like to be in control but don’t necessarily like to do the hard work or get your hands dirty. In any case you tend to reap the rewards and have a fulfilling life, materially speaking.


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