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The Astrology of Psychology

Introduction to the astrology of Psychology

In this article, we look at the Astrology of Psychology.

A quick snapshot of this article and what you will discover

astrology of psychology


  • The relationship of astrology to psychology
  • The geometric significance of the 4th, 8th and 12th house triangle of the Zodiac
  • Early hereditary patterns in the horoscope
  • Unconscious hard wiring
  • Maternal relationship and its importance in shaping one’s temperament
  • Unconscious triggers

In this article, we look at the relationship between astrology and psychology. Are there ways that to can gain a greater insight into your personality? Through an understanding of your horoscope, you can understand yourself better. 

There has been a revival of interest in astrology. This has exploded since the advent of the internet. Like astrology, psychology was once regarded as a ‘pseudoscience‘. It took some time to become a science. Now, it has taken its place alongside any other science. It reflects many of the same questions found in psychology.

Astrology predicts events. It’s also used as a tool to understand one’s psychological make-up. Hence, the title, The astrology of Psychology.

The astrology of psychology is another way of saying psychological astrology. The proper definition of this study is Astro psychology. This combines several disciplines including astrology, humanistic studies and transpersonal psychology.

carl jungThe forefather of psychology, Carl Jung was an avid follower of astrology. Much of his work focused on archetypes. Symbols and dreams were also part of his work. He created a unique insight into human nature and personality. He is one of the leading lights of psychology.

Contemporary astrologers like Stephen Arroyo and Liz Greene were big on psychology. They used much of the earlier astrological models. They incorporated them into a form of psychological astrology. Astrology hasn’t yet been able to make that leap. The history of astrology is replete with great studies in psychology. How the planets influence our minds is the domain of astrology.

Both disciplines view the human mind from different angles.

Astrology is also interested in the conscious and unconscious mind.

Are the subconscious layers of the human psyche reflected in the Zodiac and planets?

ASTROPSYCHMany sceptics dismiss the idea. Astrologers believe the planets and the constellations have an impact on us. Scientists don’t. Over thousands of years, astrologers have made detailed observations. They have correlated the stellar movements to the events here on planet Earth.

The New Age movement of the 60’s and 70’s saw a revival of interest in Astrology. Now, millennials and younger generations are turning to astrology to give them answers. Modern Science and technology Have influenced the new generation. It hasn’t stopped them from displaying a belief in astrology. They haven’t put more faith in science than a pseudoscience. Curiosity is causing a resurgence of interest and research into this age-old science.

The Spiritual & Psychological Triangle

Astrology and Cosmology reflect the geometrical and mystical nature of creation. The 4th, 8th and 12th houses of the horoscope make mention of the mystical or hidden nature of man.

Most astrologers look to the ninth house to for spiritual potential. In fact, the 4th, 8th and 12th houses form a triangle. Depending on the rising sign, the elements of these 3 houses will always be the same.

As an example: If a person has the sign of Gemini on the fourth house, Libra will be the 8th house and Aquarius the 12th. The element of air is predominant in this case. This offers a clue to the way a person addresses these psychological issues. Air signs will be intellectual, water signs, emotional, intuitive, etc.

MOTHERS DAY SPECIALThe fourth house is usually connected to hereditary via one’s mother.

The natural ruler of the fourth house is the Moon. It rules the sign of Cancer. Such nurturing qualities of touch, sight and protection are its qualities. These are the superficial aspect of The fourth house. The fourth house is the early experience of a child. The initial connection an infant has with his mother is also known by the 4th house. So is the early childhood environment.

There are actually two biological roots found here. The first is the condition of the Moon in the horoscope. It is important to understand the lunar influences to understand the mind of a person.

🌙 The Moon is the astrological significator of the Mother.

The ruler of the fourth house is key. This planet reveals an understanding of the subconscious aspect of personality. Any planets located in this house have a strong bearing on early influences. There are many complex facets of early human development. Linking them to the planets requires great skill.

The mother, of course, is the primary caregiver. This covers such things as affection, closeness, intimacy, trust and nourishment. These develop through this initial experiential process. The horoscopes also reveal the earliest stages of life. These primary functions develop, become obstructed or damaged. It depends on the individual.

The horoscope throws immense light on the true nature of a person. Those indelible scars imprint on the subconscious layer of the person.

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Psychological and Subconscious Triggers

What is it that ticks you off? There are triggers everywhere around you, all the time. Sometimes you’re not even aware of what sets you off. These are the subconscious triggers. Which of the following emotions do you relate to? And what are the triggers that set them off or increase that emotion?

  • Fear 
  • Guilt
  • Apprehension
  • Envy
  • Anger
  • Self-doubt
  • Arrogance
  • Victimhood
  • Codependency
  • Desire
  • Hysteria and many others

Much of the time these triggers are below the threshold of awareness. You’re, generally, in no way aware of what’s going on at that level. They nonetheless shape your reactions, experiences and relationships. Many of the relationships you have in life are a substitute. If those early needs, aren’t met you project them onto the people you love and live with. Your present relationships will inevitably suffer.

That’s why your relationship with your biological mother is so important. The first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses of the horoscope are the quadrants. These are the edifice of the horoscope. The fourth house is thus important in its foundational significance. It’s about getting in touch with the subconscious element of your nature isn’t easy. 

This involves turning the torchlight of awareness back on oneself. Observe your reactions to different people and situations. Do this in a loving and unbiased way. Once this exercise starts it becomes difficult not to judge yourself. You must remind yourself that the 4th house is a genetic house and many of those inherited traits are at play.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself when you start analysing yourself.

Astrology reveals your physical, physiological drawbacks, as well as your potential diseases. These are part of your being. The colour of your eyes is genetic. This is not to say that you can’t change or develop those aspects of your subconscious. Once you become aware of them you can. There are, however, parts of your nature, like your eyes, that never change.

Moving and dealing with your 8th house, becomes an even more difficult task. The eighth house represents your unconscious. This is where much of the genetic imprinting plays out.  Biological processes like breathing, blinking, digesting, living type, place. These inbuilt natural physiological functions are rarely if ever looked at. How can you look at the unconscious? It’s possible but hard.

tarot death cardThe 8th house is a strong spiritual and psychological house. It also relates to death and also rebirth. 

This house is the domain of Scorpio. It means elimination and decay. And death is also governed by it.

Death is a trigger. The thought of death is a trigger.  This particular trigger is instinctive. It’s in the back brain of yours and every other human being. It’s the instinct for survival. It’s natural to have a fear of death. It arises as a consequence of life-threatening and dangerous situations. 

It’s possible with training to become calm, as we see with trained yogis who meditate. Those who have transcended their identity can simulate the death and rebirth stage.  They can do this before their physical death. This is through a state of awareness and death of the ego. In a sense, stop. Many philosophical and religious traditions talk about rebirth. The notion of being reborn is also part of the Christian tradition.

A few people stopped to think that if rebirth is being spoken of, there must be a death to precede that rebirth. What exactly is the death that they are referring to? What is this death indicated by the 8th house? Astrology says that the 8th house is about death and elimination. 

According to ancient traditions, it’s a sector of sin or bad karma. If you’re unconscious, your actions,  words and thoughts are coming will be thoughtless. This is less than desirable to live a balanced life. Astrology helps you understand that being conscious in itself is the remedy.

Being aware helps release the grip of this unconsciousness. In the Eastern philosophies, it’s called KARMA.

This refers to the eighth house. This is because much of the impressions of your past lives is here, in this house. Eastern astrologers also reference the 5th house. These are unconscious genetic impressions. They can be undone through awareness and meditative practices. 

Self-analysis and psychological disciplines take you to a deeper level and closer to yourself, the real self.

Moving to the 12th house, we see a different type of death. It’s mentioned much in Western astrology. The 12th house is disembodiment and transcendence. This is why this house is important. It’s a very spiritual house as well. The 12th house is about seclusion. It’s about releasing oneself from organic existence. This worldly life ends with death, which is the 8th house. Yet, as we said, death is not always physical. The 12th house points to the next stage of existence. It must be without the current physical body. This is the disengagement from the current manifestation you’ve chosen.

The 12th house shows the finality of your Karma in this specific form.  If the fourth house is the subconscious, the 8th is the unconscious. The 12th house is the superconscious. The 12th house also shows where your soul is likely to go after this life ends. Getting in touch with this part of you is a movement, a shift.

It’s a paradigm shift.

From subconscious and unconscious living, the mundane experience becomes transformed.

The individual ego transcends its identity merging with the infinite superconscious abstract intelligence. This 12th house is the house of self-realization. This is the house of self-actualisation. You reach your full potential in this state. At this stage, true spiritual significance of life is clear.

The Astrology and Psychology of Happiness

Fourth House of the Horoscope – Personal Happiness and Early Family Foundations

Fourth House of the ZodiacHappiness, family, self-worth and early childhood traumas link to your fourth house. Later relationships is also clear by studying these parts of your horoscope. In many instances, I’ve had the opportunity to apply the principles I’ve learned over 35 years. Astrology helps unravel the mystery of the sometimes forgotten early events. The planets have a story to tell. In short, you’re engineered by the karmic implications of your horoscope. Click HERE to read more…

Different planetary combinations in a horoscope

034-solar-systemYou’re able to identify what augments or hinders your development and happiness. It’s easy to deduce formative influences in horoscopes. You see similar patterns occurring in thousands of horoscopes.

Astrologers identify early life issues surrounding your mother or other key carers. The relationship you and your mother relates to your ruling planet and the 4th house ruler.

In the worst-case scenario, the 4th house, Saturn, Mars and negative planets weigh in. This is further confirmed if the rulers of the fourths, 6th, 8th or 12th houses connect. This often shows a disconnection with the biological mother. Astrologers study the early foundation of one’s life through the first and fourth houses.

These signify the familial relationships one has. Positive planets associated with this area show a high level of self-esteem. Also, beneficial aspects to this part of your horoscope support an adjusted personality. Early childhood emotional scars end up damaging future relationships. Unfortunately, that is the case time and time over.

There are many people with this problem. In fact, there are more than you would imagine. This subconscious, factors relate to one’s mother or father. Lingering issues rear their ugly heads in personal relationships later in life. It becomes an easy task to define relationship outcomes. Connect all these astrological dots and bingo!

With a little intuition thrown in, the life and state of mind of a person reveal itself. Replication of these celestial patterns is fascinating. A good astrologer is being able to assert predictions with a high degree of accuracy. Each astrological pattern plays out differently for each of us. There’s a strong tendency towards the planets confirming that.


How does early childhood impact on relationships?

LEO CHILDHow does early childhood impact on relationships? If you are unable to feel accepted, loved or encouraged You have a huge problem. You must explore and express yourself freely. That itself is a huge problem. It impacts every aspect of life. It undermines your intimate relationships. Your workplace interactions suffer too. Most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself is undermined. Later in life, these effects ruin a person’s self-worth. The vulnerability of the child emerges and love is withheld. A sense of rejection dominates your emotional experience.

Sometimes you don’t feel particularly lovable even though you are. The mask you assume doesn’t always reflect your inner emotional states. This is why astrology is the perfect tool to establish what the root cause of your problems is. The object of the astrological exercise is psychological/emotional/spiritual release. Astrology is about identifying the problem is. Putting together the jigsaw of your life is hard work. Work through the internal factors that inhibit happiness.

Understanding your problem and the root cause means delving into your past. There’s a natural resistance to doing this. The initial part of solving the problem is to recognise you have one. Accepting you have a problem gives you permission to work on it?

The astrologer coaxes you into confronting those fears and vulnerabilities of early childhood. Don’t ignore serious psychological issues. A responsible astrologer will always recommend a healthcare professional to deal with them. With healing, many go on to become productive, integrated members of society. They enjoy relationships without the past superimposition on current relationships.

Resolve early patterns of emotional abandonment or abuse. If not, you run the risk of projecting your psychological issues on others. These are usually people you love. Continuing to do this destabilises relationships. It also creates an endless cycle of searching for and losing love. These complex psychological mazes often result in divorce. neither party concedes there is a problem within themselves.

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astrological portrait of your child is intended to give you insight into your child's unique gifts and challenges.

Astrology and the Unconscious

Purvabhadra NakshatraIt’s often said that we need to get in touch with the unconscious part of our beings. Astrology shows you how to understand the mechanics of removing problems in your life. This covers a whole gamut of problems, not the least of which are the relationships you tend to attract into our life. These relationships are often karmic. They act as catalysts to bring to the surface those unconscious areas of your personality.

A valid question however is: if that part of your being is supposedly unconscious, how do you consciously connect with something that’s not connectable?

That’s a good question. You’re right in saying that you cannot connect to the unconscious parts of your brain and there are many events in your life, including your birth.

The fact that you don’t remember the experience doesn’t mean that it hasn’t affected you in some way. In fact, many of the problems that play out in relationships are directly attributed to these unconscious memories that are projected onto the people. We end up in permanent relationships with full stop, even in permanent relationships such as workplace, superior subordinate roles, maybe tinge with those unconscious blow backs.

Combat that unconscious blow back from a past. The secret of at least making some headway in this respect, is to acknowledge that all the relationships you encounter in life have something to teach you. And that if in those relationships you. Perceive a repetitive outcome, then that is life’s read a lit, Bab, something of a subconscious nature is undermining or sabotaging these relationships.

A great exercise is to take those relationships. That you’ve been through Take the instance of a woman who continually attracts men who abused her comma, drunks or people who are moochers That repetitive circumstance come arising in the person’s life is indeed. This is a red flag and should be investigated.

Try to connect the dots. Come up. See the similarities in those relationships is different as the people in those relationships are The undercurrent of challenge. Repeats itself coming, not unlike, yeah, movie Groundhog day where bill Murray continually wakes up going through the same old, same old full-stop. Eventually he understands the reason why he had to wake up to exactly the same scenario every day.

New paragraph in the same way. Come up. Paying attention to those repetitive relationships come out, especially bad ones come up, gives you a chance to reflect back on your life and then analyze the primary care is who may have had a hand in.

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Liz Greene founded the CPA with Howard Sasportas in 1983, and continues to be its Director. In 1996 she created the CPA Press, which publishes selected seminars offered by various tutors as part of the CPA seminar programme. She holds a doctorate in psychology and is a qualified Jungian analyst.

Arroyo has an honors degree in Literature from the University of California and a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Previous occupations include marriage counseling, and the practice of a homeopathy and polarity therapy.


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