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Birthdays are fun, and they can also be informative by knowing our Astrological Birthday Profiles. Astrologically, each day supplies a collection of influences that contribute to creating your unique personality. That is to say, the day and month on which you were born are uniquely yours. And they are intimately linked to the planetary energies that prevail on the day of your birth. By understanding the correlation between numbers and planets, you gain an insight into the way these numbers play out in your life. For instance, these numbers are from 0 to 9 and all their permutations have a significant bearing on your karma and destiny.

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Planetary energies

Compound numbers are a mixture of two different planetary energies. For example, if you are born on the 23rd of any given month, the numbers 2 and 3, represent the Moon and Jupiter respectively. Add up to 5, representing Mercury. In this case, 23 is considered a harmonic of 5. In Astro numerology, we look at the number that is the day of your birth but also reduce it to its base vibration, in this case, 5. Moreover, those having the number 23 as a unique Astro numerological signature exhibit the intellectual and communicative energies of Mercury. And express that in a uniquely generous manner, shown by the Moon and Jupiter connection.

In addition, once the numbers and their planetary correlations are deciphered, we must also look at the star sign of birth. And the zodiac sign within the specific number happens to occur. As a further example, take a person born on 23 October. This individual is born in the Venus-ruled zodiac sign of Libra. Therefore, an additional planetary layer is overlaid onto the interpretive mix. In short, the intellectual calibre of this person is no doubt generous and emotionally based. And will find full expression socially or in a personal relationship.

However, this system of numerology connecting to astrology is primarily used to study the birthdate of an individual, it can indeed be extended. And applied to the name, address and other practical affairs of life.

Birthday astro numerology

Naturally, the birthday Astro Numerology readings aren’t a substitute for a full astrological assessment. This system has, however, been tried and tested for centuries and rests on the Chaldean method of numerology as contrasted by the Pythagorean system. Pythagoras’ numerology, relies on an allocation of the numeric vibration in a natural alphabetical sequence. On the other hand, Chaldean numerology bases the numerological values of the letters of the alphabet and the resonance of the sound of the letter itself.

View your astrological birthday profiles now to see what your numbers and planets say about your character and what destiny has in store for you. On the wheel select > View reading. Then, > Month and Day. Once you click them, the 12 months of the year will pop up. Certainly, you can disregard the year of birth as the readings are designed to give you the meanings of the day and month you are born so the year is not taken into account here.