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Aquarius Zodiac Sign: January 20 – February 18

What Does Astrology Reveal About Your Aquarius Personality

Symbol:  Water Bearer

Aquarius Date: January 20 – February 18 

Element: Air

Planet: Uranus and Saturn

Zodiac Quality: Fixed

Birthstones: Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Green Emerald, Green Tourmaline, Diamond, and Lapis Lazuli

Your key phrase is ‘I progress’, so your challenge is to balance your desire to have progressive and innovative attitudes with the more traditional circumstances in which you find yourself. Culture, tradition and conservative values need to be balanced against your own unique way of seeing things.

The lesson in life;

One of the important lessons for you in this life is that of commitment. For many Aquarians, tying themselves down to a long-term relationship can be scary.

Once you experience the joy of that commitment in a mutually supportive relationship, you’ll feel so much more empowered as a human being.

You have a bubbly personality thanks to your ruling planet, Uranus. Others are attracted to you because of your transparent, clear, fun-loving ways. But you do make a strong impression on others once they’re able to get beyond that initial, cool exterior that you use as a means of protecting your inner self.

The higher side of Aquarius is attracted to charitable, social and humanitarian works. You have selflessness which can be used to uplift the world and this would probably be your greatest asset in life. You’re able to help others in their time of need and because you are sincere and straight up and down in your manner of dealing with others, you are held in high esteem by most who know you.

You are a self-sufficient individual and prefer not to tread the beaten path. For you, life and destiny are carved out by yourself and lived wholly and solely on your own terms. You have an enormous amount of energy and are determined and forceful in how you deal with others. At first, you are seen as aloof and possibly even snobbish, but you like to assess people and the situation first before showing your hand. In some ways, this is a technique for gaining the upper hand in your relationships.

You tend to be quite sensitive if others try to take control. This reflects some of your earlier childhood issues at which time you probably found yourself under the stern rule of someone over whom you had no say. As you grow older, you’ll be mindful of this fact and want to be totally in control of your own destiny. You’ll realise, also that not everyone subscribes to your rather different philosophy of life and for this reason, you will more than likely have to keep your ambitions in your back pocket until the appropriate time for fear of ridicule.

As you get older you’ll be quite comfortable in the company of young people and your tastes tend to grow and change with the times. You’re certainly no stick in the mud even if you have reached middle age or older. Aquarians have a tendency to be drawn to the community and social issues so you’ll want to do something that will make a difference in this world. It’s quite possible you’ll be involved in groups and organisations that have a hand in uplifting the less fortunate in society. Charitable work is also not out of the question.

There are many famous reformers and helpers of the downtrodden, including Oprah Winfrey, Yoko Ono and, even would you believe, Germaine Greer, who spearheaded the women’s liberation movement back in the ’60s and ’70s.

You have good organisational skills and your communication is very sharp. You like to work with others and to express your ideas and come up with unique solutions to problems, both personal and professional.

You like to get to the bottom of things and this is due to your curious and mentally precise insights. Aquarius is an air sign and is notorious for thinking. The mind is your realm and creating through ideas is second nature to you.

You relate extremely well to anyone with whom you come in contact, as communication is your forte. You believe we grow through the expression of ideas and helping our fellow man. You’ll continue to evolve as a human being throughout your life and this is the one thing that truly fires you up. You’re not afraid of challenges and, when arguing a point, are most impressive due to your background knowledge. Again, you are not conventional in the way you study, live or present your ideas but others will have to give you credit for your originality.

Uranus is also abrupt and thrilling by nature so your life will never be dull. In fact, if you are like many Aquarians and examine your life, you’ll see it has been full of thrills and spills. Unexpected and surprising events will occur at every step of your path. Your far-reaching attitude sometimes overwhelms your friends and family members and people see you as rather flamboyant, if not harmlessly mad.

Your approach to love and relationships is also fairly quirky. You don’t like anything conventional and prefer people who are a little different, as long as they can mentally stimulate you. Anything but boredom, you say.

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Aquarius Zodiac Sign: January 20 - February 18

The Aquarius Personality and Influences

Key life phraseI progress
Zodiac totemThe Water bearer
Zodiac symbolAs above
Zodiac factsEleventh sign of the zodiac; fixed, barren, masculine, dry
Zodiac elementAir
Key characteristicsDetached, progressive, humane, intellectual, flamboyant, sympathetic, and unpredictable
Compatible star signsAries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius
Mismatched signsPisces, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn
Ruling planetUranus and Saturn
Love planetsMercury and the Sun
Finance planetNeptune and Jupiter
Speculation planetMercury
Career planetsMars, Pluto, and Moon
Spiritual and karmic planetsVenus and Mercury
Friendship planetJupiter
Destiny planetMercury
Lucky numbers and significant years4, 5, 6, 13, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 31, 32, 33, 40, 41, 42, 50, 51, 53, 58, 60, 67, 68,77, 78, 86, 87 and 88
Lucky gemsBlue sapphire, amethyst, green emerald, green tourmaline, diamond, and lapis lazuli
Lucky fragrancesAnise star, lavender, rose and pine
Affirmation – mantraI evolve and encompass all humanity
Lucky daysWednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Aquarius Profile


Aquarians are the individuals of the zodiac, choosing to think and sometimes even behave just so different from everyone else. Uranus, the dazzling and progressive planet, rules you and endows you with power electricity and a desire to be completely different to everyone around you. Many reformers and revolutionaries were born under this sign.

Aquarius is the fixed air sign of the zodiac. Air represents the mind and the ability to think. Aquarian ideas may be unusual, or even original, but once formed they tend to remain fixed. Fixed air, in brief, is a metaphor for fixed opinions.

You live wholly and solely on your own terms and your life and destiny are carved out by you and for you. Preferring to tread the beaten path is not on your agenda at all and you leave that to less adventurous individuals.

There can be someone tucked away inside you who is extremely uncertain of his or her true identity. The Aquarius ego is said to be the most precarious in the zodiac, probably because Aquarius is the sign of nonconformity. Intellectual genius, practical eccentricity and mental oddity are all linked with Aquarius.

You are determined and forceful in how you deal with others but at first, can come across as somewhat aloof or even snobbish. You like to assess people and the situation first before laying down your cards and in some ways, this is a technique for gaining the upper hand in your relationships.

In your childhood, you may have found yourself under the stern control of someone over whom you had no say. This leaves you quite sensitive if other try to take control and as you grow older you’ll be mindful of this fact.

You have quite a different philosophy on life than most others and you’ll realize this quite early on in your life. You will tend to keep your dreams and ambitions tucked away in a secret place until you feel it is time to bring them out into the light for fear of being ridiculed.

Even as you age you’ll be quite comfortable in the company of young people and you may be drawn to community and social issues involving youth workers. You want to make a difference in this world as you have quite a social conscience and may even work with groups or organizations that have a hand in uplifting the less fortunate in society.

Your communication is very sharp and you relate extremely well to anyone with whom you come into contact. You have good organizational skills and you like to work with others, to express your ideas and come up with unique solutions to both personal and professional problems.

Aquarius being an air sign is notorious for thinking. You like to get to the bottom of things and this is due to your curious and mentally precise insights. Creating through ideas is second nature to you and you believe that we grow with the expression of thoughts.

You are not afraid of challenges and when arguing a point are most impressive due to your background knowledge. Unconventional again Aquarius in the way you study, live or present your ideas, but others will have to give you the due credit for your originality.

Communication is your forte and you relate extremely well to anyone with whom you come into contact with. Throughout your life, you will continue to evolve and grow as a human being. Your far-reaching attitude sometimes overwhelms your friends and family members and people see you as rather flamboyant, and even harmlessly mad.

Uranus is also abrupt and thrilling by nature so your life will never be dull. Unexpected and exciting events will occur at every step of your pathway throughout life. If someone were to describe your day to day existence they would probably say that it was full of thrills and spills.

Conventional is a word you really don’t want in your vocabulary Aquarius and boredom are not a feeling you want in any shape or form. Your approach to love and relationships is pretty quirky, as long as you are mentally stimulated. Once tediousness appears on the horizon, you are running to book a ticket out of there, wherever you may be.



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Aquarius Cusps

Are you a cusp baby?


Aquarius - Capricorn cusp

Astrologer’s Note:

‘Diametrically opposed’ is the best way to describe the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn.

If you’re born in the cuspal interval which is the overlap of the two signs that is from the 19th till the 26th of January you partake of some of the elements of the preceding sign of Capricorn.

Having an Aquarius and Capricorn blend of energies as your star sign can present you with some difficult problems. You will desperately want to progress, move forward and be so different but will find the Aquarius element dragging you back into a mode of conservatism therefore, you probably experience a lot of inattention.

You want to be progressive in every aspect of your life and love change but find the Capricorn side of your nature dragging you back into a mode of conservatism. On the one hand, you want to forge forward with new ideas, but also hold fast to traditional ideals as well.

You’ll be constantly mindful of the financial burden that this could place on you if you don’t have the financial resources to do this. Finding a delicate balance will be part of your life’s challenge.

Your mind and the way you relate to people will also be in a constant tug – of – war. At times, you will want to give the other person the shirt off your back, generously helping them whenever and in any way you can as it is obviously a typically Aquarian trait. But the Capricorn in you will persistently be mindful of the consequences and brings with it a greater degree of reluctance to impulsively give away everything.

What I would say to you Aquarius is that you shouldn’t fight with this set of diametrically opposed personality traits. In fact, I think by accepting both star signs’ qualities you will be in a position to be successful, secure, which is the Aquarius ideal yet at the same time capable of progressing and achieving your humanitarian ideals at the same time. This is great as you have the best of both worlds.

Aquarius - Pisces Cusp

Pisces is the sign which follows Aquarius and if you happen to be born in that period of time between the 19th and 26th of February you exhibit the traits of both Aquarius and the sign of the fish, Pisces.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and is often represented karmically as the last stage of human evolution. Pisceans exhibit a strong emotional and spiritual quality to their personalities and therefore you possess the intellectual and discriminative brilliance of your Aquarian sun sign with the added flavour of this intuitive and psychic connection that is brought to you by the cusp of Pisces.

One quality both star signs share is the desire to help others. Aquarius is somewhat rational in its planning and approach to the type of help that it can render whilst Pisces is more selfless and giving in the truest spiritual tradition of sacrifice as in the Christian schools of thought which of course are symbolised by the fish.

Please take care not to delude yourself into giving for the sake of giving. You must always exercise your Aquarian discrimination to qualify who is worthy of your help and who is simply a hanger – on. Giving to those that are worthy is the name of the game and I’m pleased to say that having the balance of Aquarius will help you make the right choices in providing assistance and new systems of thought to individuals and society at large. This is an excellent cusp to be born in.

The secret of understanding yourself if you are born in this period is to overcome your fear of the unknown. Aquarius will tear apart the attitudes and fixed opinions that you may have about the way things are and the way things should be.

The fear of letting go will be challenged by the planet Uranus and if you are able to overcome this inner tension and apprehension about what is likely to happen if you experience and live your life based upon your heart rather than your head, you will grow and develop in leaps and bounds. But again, I stress that this can only take place if you are prepared to break free of your own concepts and those conventional standards by which you have continued to live for so long.

Having the influence of Aquarius makes you original in thought, lateral in your decision making and a quirky individual to say the least. People enjoy your company because you are able to present that traditional side of life but often throw a spanner in the works when you exhibit this other unusual facet of your personality. You will always keep people guessing.

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The Three Types of Aquarius


January 20 - 31

As an Aquarian born between the 20th and 31st January your attitude is very much inventive and research orientated. You love to have the most up to date gadgetry in your hands and like nothing better than to have the latest release of a computer, mobile phone or anything else that has just come on the market. Communication with the rest of the world and entertainment is what grabs your interest.

February 1 - 9

Being born between the 1st and 9th February may mean that your friends have a hard time keeping up with you as you evolve so rapidly that it makes their head spin. Then there will be others who will try to hold you back from your headlong rush to conquer the world. There’s an old saying that you might want to keep in mind which says “think as you like, but act like others” and this may be necessary if your ways are just a little too hard for people to keep up with.

February 10 - 18

If you are born between the 10th and 18th February you may come across as being detached and even insensitive but you actually deeply care for your fellow man. A very diverse group of friends and associates will be attracted to you and will live life with the view to exploring every aspect of relationships with the ultimate goal of a more enlightened view of the world and yourself.

Aquarius Man ♂

SNAPSHOT: Pioneering, Progressive, Determined Dogmatic, Idealistic, Spontaneous


The Aquarius man is likely to be tall, well-built and heavy-boned. They’re blessed with an authoritative and imposing presence, and they are spotless and immaculate in the way they present themselves.

Many Aquarians I’ve encountered possess a jovial temperament, and their humour oscillates from quirky to dry cynicism. A lot of people may not be aware of this, but you have a way of colouring any situation with wit and your inimitable sense of humour. This is your strongest weapon for cutting through the delusions of your mind and an unfavourable past. It also helps others brave their challenging moments with an interesting point of view that only you can offer.

You’re a fixed zodiac sign governed by the element of air, which signals a firm stance with regards to your opinions. You’re not one to thaw emotionally, and you allow your mind to take control of your heart rather than the other way around. This is why engaging emotionally with others may pose a challenge. Instead, your acutely rational mind will questioning and analyse all aspects in great detail. Remember, the more you allow your heart to rule, the greater the prosperity and joy you can enjoy in your relationships.

You have an active, agile mind, and you are continually discovering new ways of keeping yourself creatively and intellectually stimulated and inspired. There is no room for boredom to trickle in, and you abhor feeling lost. Being full of energy by nature, you exhibit a strong inclination towards playing sports, travelling and exploring a diverse range of cultures, all of which add to the depth of your experiences and insights.

You’re intuitive and highly perceptive, often reading between the lines when no one else can. The Aquarius man has an incredible knack for finding solutions for a handicapping problem. Not only are you able to grasp the issue lurking beneath the surface, but you express your perceptiveness in practical ways, and you are mentor-like to friends and strangers alike.

At the same time, you have idiosyncrasies that often take others by surprise. You may experience moments when you crush all that you’ve accomplished, only to be rebuild it from scratch. It’s almost like Scorpio’s bushfire-like tendency. You burn down everything to allow new seeds of life to sprout. This is unique to fixed signs such as yours and Scorpio’s.

Your penchant for the innovative, exciting and not-so-ordinary drives you into careers that involve research, machines, and technologies. You’re fascinated by the experience of conceiving or discovering something new.

You have erratic thought process and like to plunge into anything that takes your fancy. This is because you hate monotony or boredom of any kind. In short, anything that makes you yawn slows your tempo. This innate spontaneity is a direct influence of Uranus, your ruling planet. The flipside of Uranus is that it makes you retaliate rather intensely when your stance is questioned, which is not always a wise thing to do.

In terms of your persona, you’re active, vigorous and armed with a high dose of self-confidence. You are just and even-handed in your views, and you’re drawn to humanitarian pursuits. Clearly, you don’t allow people to take others for a ride.

Astrologically, Aquarius symbolises self-actualisation, self-empowerment, and spiritual tranquility. This can be ascertained from the many enlightened souls born under this sign or ruled by planets deeply connected to Aquarius. Since this sign falls almost at the tail-end of the spectrum, you inch much closer to spiritual evolution than any other star sign ‘except for Pisces, of course.

Aquarius Woman ♀


SNAPSHOT: Radical Distinctive Munificent Creative Jittery

The sign of Aquarius is essentially male. Unsurprisingly, Aquarius women exude a male-like quality about them, and they’re unusually forward-thinking by nature. You’re undaunted, even in the face of challenge, and you almost always achieve what you set your mind to. The courage that pulsates so powerfully within you is fundamentally the male quality of this star sign.

Physically, you may carry traces of the male Aquarius, such as broad shoulders, but what I find more fascinating is the way your shoulders symbolise your true nature of bearing the burdens and challenges of life.

You offer an interesting perspective on the tricky setbacks in life, and you are blessed with innate creativity and a highly individualistic mind. You can effortlessly look beyond traditional conventions and rely on your own liberating and innovative grey cells instead.

What makes you truly Aquarian is the comfort and grace with which you blend within a circle of friends and stand uniquely apart. While you’re endearing on the one hand, you’re also hugely challenging and unpredictable. I wouldn’t be surprised if you attracted silent envy from your friends. After all, few are blessed with your spirited outlook towards life and the fearlessness with which you leap into the unknown.

Uranus bestows on you a rather unpredictable temperament. On the one hand, it greatly influences your energy levels. It makes you full of life, spontaneous and unusually forward-thinking. Yet it also makes you rather changeable. There is no way of knowing when you will turn around and be at your worst. This is when you leave many stumped or emotionally hamstrung.

Those who know you are aware of just how hypersensitive you are, but they are entirely oblivious as to why. A lot of time could be squandered brooding over innocuous statements. It’s not so much the statement that pricks you, but your judgment of people. At the same time, your heart is in the right place and your motives are pure.

A Born Leader. You’re a rational thinker and logically devise solutions to life’s impediments. You’re blessed with sharp intuitiveness, self-confidence, and innate leadership skills, which are qualities that will help you go along way in life. You naturally exert a commanding influence on others, and you will always find people who look up to you, even in social circles.

You’re exhaustive and methodical in your research. While this may be an asset, it can also be a detrimental. Aquarian women have a knack for finding fault. They’re smooth talkers who can intelligently weave all their facts together to present an argument that no one can counter. Your reasoning is undisputed and you’re always well prepared for unexpected debates or arguments.

You also have a highly sensitive and humanitarian side to your personality. You’re benevolence personified, and you fearlessly stand up for what is right. Your heart is soft, provided you are convinced of the other person’s motives. And good research will always win you over!

You may experience momentary bouts of lonesomeness, or the feeling that you are not being backed up. This is because you give a lot more than you receive, which creates a deep-seated void and the sense that you are being taken for granted. The only way to plug this is to tactfully voice your opinion rather than lounge around hoping the other person will understand.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Although you’re a bundle of contradictions, your core is beautifully tender, compassionate and adoring, qualities that truly define who you are. Try and monitor your temper and thoughts, however, and allow room for others to be themselves. Few are as courageous and spirited as you, and you need to respect that, Aquarius. Though Uranus makes you lively and energetic, don’t allow it to disrupt your balanced and happy way of life.

Aquarius Child

Children of the Zodiac - Aquarius

Highly stimulated, excited and emotional, Aquarian children can surely test one’s limits of patience to an enormous degree. The influence of Uranus makes them unstructured, impulsive and unpredictable thereby demanding acute attentiveness on behalf of their parents.

Your Aquarian child has a wonderful mind and the gift of the gab, even if at times they don’t always say too much. Just a slight nudge however and you’ll be startled at their energetic and passionate discourse of endless stream of ideas flowing through.

As a parent,

you would need just as much energy as they do, to suitably tame your little ones.

ASTROLOGY-CHILDREN-AQUARIUSIt’s critical to note that your child is temperamentally governed by Uranus, and thus may react rather intensely to any adverse admonition from your end. Employ care to diplomatically convey your disapproval of their ideas, although it won’t take you long to discover just how passionate they are. Forever bursting with a surge of colorful ideas, their thoughts may often seem abstract but essentially are a much-needed staple for their souls. Encourage, not demean, this aspect of free-thinking from their early years, this is exactly the mindset they thrive best in.

Aquarian children usually come up with the wittiest of comebacks and are excruciatingly unconventional and probing, when it comes to abiding by societal norms of any kind. As a parent that’s certainly not-so-great news at all.

Disciplining these kids invariably demands a lot of patience and acumen from your end. Not only does your child inherently possess an argumentative stance to rules, but they can also intelligently convince you to comply with their thought process instead, teaching you why they should be exempt from chores you expect of them. This is precisely where you draw a line as a parent, ensuring they know you’re the one who calls the shot and not the other way around.

If this tendency is not addressed and as a parent, you often mellow allowing them to have their say, these children will end up stepping into adulthood as stark misfits, questioning societal conventions and traditions just for the sake of rebellion. We’re a society and must function along the parameters set for all. This basic fact of life must be ingrained deeply in their upbringing, with you the parent being entirely responsible for it all.

Astrologer’s Advice:

This is truly not going to be a cakewalk. As a parent, you’ll have to deal with your Aquarian child’s pressing need for freedom, directing it in a manner conducive and appropriate to the society we’re all a part of.

At the same time, you’ll have to render ample space to inspire these children to explore and foster their super anxious mind bubbling with creativity and ideas. The more you engage these kids, the better you shall get at taming them as a parent.

Aquarian children are like their sibling sign Gemini, needing tranquillity to soothe their anxious nerves and a safe haven to gather themselves. Draw the guidelines, though allow room for them to be themselves and make sport a regular part of their lives. This would enable them to constructively direct their anxiety and radical views to engage in strategic activities instead, thereby favourably benefiting their health and brain alike.

Teach your young Aquarian children the joy of rational and responsible thinking and actions, and see them sprouting to life shining as well fostered young adults with a free-thinking, yet a balanced state of mind and living.



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Aquarius Lover 💕


You’re constantly restless, seeking innovation and an element of excitement in all that surrounds you. This tendency becomes your defining trait in relationships. You like to test the waters and have many relationships over a long period of time. It’s almost like a litmus test to rule out the wrong partners before settling down with someone you love.

However, your compassionate self soon comes to the fore, preventing you from toying with relationships for too long. Your preliminary romantic engagements all pave the way towards a committed love that endures and blossoms beautifully.

My benchmark for a real love affair is my Aunt Mary, an Aquarian who is blissfully savouring the joys of her nearly sixty years of marriage. Regrettably, many make generalisations about their lack of commitment and hunger for adventure, and they deem them less credible or dependable as prospective romantic partners. However, this is definitely untrue. Aquarius’s passion can’t be reduced to generalisations, not even in astrology books.

LOVE AND COMPATIBILITY REPORTSYour fifth zone of love affairs is ruled by the child-like, lively and occasionally superficial Gemini and Mercury. This lends a playful disposition and casualness when it comes to exploring romantic possibilities. Love is a voyage for you, and to sustain a commitment, it is critical that your partner remains mentally buoyant and interested. Mercury bestows you with the ability to blend in, remain youthful at heart, and have a curious mind, even in your nineties. For you to appreciate a relationship and hold it close to your heart, you’ll need to keep it alive through adventure, fun, and oodles of chatter.

Leo and the Sun preside over the marriage sector of your zodiac. To comprehend the true implication of this, get to know Leo. For the uninitiated, Leo is one of the most loyal and trusted star signs, armed with an unflinching ego. Quite naturally, you radiate an instant reverence towards people with strong identities who are ready to take on the world. Despite the fact that you, Aquarius, want the freedom to engage in a multitude of non-sexual friendships, your partner needs to be extremely loyal.

You want your spouse to be an equal. They must unchain you from the stress of having to be accountable for each and every move, giving you ample freedom to creatively explore your intellectual and social pursuits, which are so ingrained in your nature. If you find such a relationship, you are more than willing to stand by their side and support their goals as well.

Benevolent Aquarius have a unifying effect on your relationships and friendships, and you create a sense of togetherness among the people connected to you. This establishes a group consciousness, which is very typical of Aquarians. Your benevolence reveals itself majestically, both on a social and personal level. You have a spirit of oneness with your chosen one, and you pour all of your love towards ensuring the prosperity of that relationship.

Interestingly, your familial zone of activities is governed by the fixed sign of Taurus, which is earthy, traditional and balanced. At the end of the day, regardless of your idiosyncrasies and progressive thought process, you subconsciously desire stability and an element of conventionality when it comes to your family and loved ones. You want to raise a happy family and nurture each relationship personally. KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR POTENTIAL PARTNER →» CLICK HERE!«←

Aquarius Friend 👏


Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and it is the natural zone of friendship, sociability and innate humanity. This makes you instinctively friendly at heart, and you have the ability to effortlessly bond with strangers and friends alike. You’re so impartial that you’re often the first to initiate companionship or break the ice. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. Your motivation for engaging in friendships extends beyond the simple idea of having a good time.

You also befriend others because you feel responsible for their well-being, and so you reach out to as many people as possible to be of support to them. You like to believe that your reasoning and detailed research can offer much-needed insight in a situation. However, withhold your advice until it is genuinely solicited. Instead, be a listener as there could be people as aware and confident as you, and they may not appreciate the candour with which you dissect their lives.

You may be considered detached and impassive in your social circle, and although this may be true to a certain extent, it actually makes you a better friend. You have the ability to soak all negativity and stress from friends, and you don’t stifle them with your judgment. However, you are strongly defensive and rarely thaw in the presence of others. Of course, you may want to keep your fears unseen and veiled, but sometimes you need to put your rationality aside and let your guard down. The more you share your insecurities and thoughts, the more your relationships and friendships will prosper.

Because you are an air sign, your mind is in a constant state of flux. This has a direct effect on your friendships as you like to shield yourself from boredom and monotony. To do so, you seek intellectual instead of emotional bonding. In your case, however, a mental connection signals better emotional understanding. Your conversations, too, focus on your interests, such as history, philosophy and scientific discoveries. The strongest friendships in your life are ones in which you share similar interests.

Overall, you seek devotedness, trust and a progressive mind that can intellectually stimulate and creatively engage. At the same time, you like to feel supported in your endeavours.

Aquarius, you are a natural friend and this comes easily to you. Aquarius extends its hand in friendship and usually is impartial in its choice. But there are aspects to your motivation for engaging in a friendship that extends beyond simply the idea of a good time and socialising.

You’re an excellent counsellor and like to feel as if you’re contributing something to the quality of their lives by offering them valuable insights into how they can improve themselves. If this is unsolicited, you may actually make a rod for your own back by assuming that everyone needs your help when in fact that’s not the case. On this point it’s a good idea to be a friend and simply listen for cues rather than jumping in impulsively, abruptly and offering advice.

Some of your friends consider you a little bit cold and unemotional and although that may be true to some extent it’s this very trait that makes you more capable than most of being a good friend and simply listening without transposing your judgments or expectations on the friendship.

Your friends truly do appreciate this aspect of your personality. You also have a particular need to maintain control over your feelings and I’d simply suggest that whilst this is fine for the most part, don’t be afraid to let your guard down occasionally especially if you’re with people you can trust. You’ve got to appear human at times and this will help others relate to you much more.

For the most part, your friendships will be based on intellectual pursuits. As an air sign, you need to have a direct connection with the minds of others. You get bored easily therefore (and I’m not saying that this is intellectual snobbery on your part) but you want friends to have some level of experience that matches yours. You like history, philosophy, psychology and other interesting scientific or technological discussions. For a friend to be a true friend to you, they must at least have some ability to share ideas at this intellectual level.As far as your standards in friendship are concerned you want loyalty, support and free-thinking individuals to be part of your group. KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS →»HERE!«←

Aquarius Enemy 😠


As an enemy, you’re an enigma, Aquarius. You avoid confrontations and prefer to take your grievances to someone else rather than facing the person in question. However, if your attempts at communication and understanding are met with resistance, the Uranus in you sparks off a violent outburst, pushing you into reclusiveness until you can breathe again.

Owing to the strong influence of Uranus, I’d strongly advice people to be mindful of your temperament. You can be unusually abrupt, volatile and unforgiving. When used and pushed too far, you’re definitely not one to walk away. Rather, you explode with unimaginable ferocity, and your words have the ability to hurt others deeply. This often comes as a rude shock, and it makes them realise what can happen when they take your friendship for granted.

Try to mellow out and calm your nerves. Your overzealousness may cause confrontations, and you could find yourself with a dwindling number of friends. If you obstinately hold on to your beliefs and viewpoints, you will rub people the wrong way and turn your best friends into staunch enemies for life.

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Aquarius Light and Shadow 🌓


The light and the dark are part of human nature and each star sign exhibits this polarity. It is the yin and yang of life and once we confront these shadowy areas within ourselves the sooner we are able to break free of all self-limiting behaviours and habits.

Aquarius: The light side 🌕

Your effervescent personality is a result of your ruling planet Uranus. You radiate a very high vibration that attracts others to you. People are deeply impressed when they meet you and want to be your friend because you tend to be impartial in the way you treat everyone—whether high or low.

As an Aquarian, you have a generous nature and like the idea of helping others. I mentioned earlier that it’s likely at some point in your life you’ll be attracted to charitable or social work. In your personal life, you have to be careful not to allow relationships to become your ‘charitable work’. Even here you have a tendency to go the extra mile to do whatever you can to lift others out of their problems.

Although you have a progressive approach to philosophy and religion, you do patiently listen and take in what others say, even if it’s different to your viewpoints. You’re loyal and big-hearted and your loved ones know they can rely on you because you live your philosophy, not just talk it. Sincerity and straightforwardness are some of your greater assets and is always evident in your advice, which, although not typical, is always practical.

You are a most spontaneous person and having you around will never bore others. You like to push beyond the status quo and this is your way of improving yourself and, if others are ready, to help them as well. You love the idea of breaking down the old to create the new.

Aquarius: The shadow side 🌑

There’s a difference between sticking to your guns and wilfully and obstinately refusing to budge.

Astrologer’s Advice:

At times your opinions are inflexible, and although you do have quick, wit and a brilliant ability to see beyond the ‘norm’, you must learn to accept that there are other viewpoints, other ways of looking at the situation. Try not to let your pride get in the way of your relationships.

You have an element of spontaneity that is not always in your or other’s best interests. You can be rebellious in your impromptu action and your desire to innovate and shock may put others at odds with you. You need to think things through, particularly with respect to the impact that your actions will have on others emotionally. There’s no problem exploring life and changing things, as long as you don’t do it in a way that is abrupt and disrespectful.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Try to exercise more balance in your life and use your wonderful powers of transformation in a way that doesn’t unsettle others.

Aquarius – On the Home Front 🏠


Air signs like to create an atmosphere of space, roominess and generousness which inspires them to best express their inimitable personalities.

You thoughtfully select furnishings, tapestry and décor to complement your unconventional and progressive Aquarian identity. Being creative and seeking spontaneity, you have a way of breaking the monotony by an eclectic use of contrasting colors and different styles. Your mind is quirky and thus naturally, your home comes across as a real treat to one’s senses, regaling all with a fascinating color palate, artifacts and a rather bizarre yet remarkable décor.

You aim to stand out in terms of your imagination and originality in every possible way. You detest sharing your creativity with others, for it erodes the inventiveness of your ingenuity as a result. This is precisely why you prefer to remain a trend setter, not a follower for you’d rather create your own matchless, innovative and exciting style than having to adhere to what the world does. Truly, the designing of your home stands distinctive, classed as one of a kind.

You abhor clutter and restraining designing. The element of airiness in you makes you seek comfort by creating the same spaciousness your environment. Your couches should ideally have wide cozy seats with a headrest and wide upper backs, inspiring you and your family or visitors alike, to snuggle up and laze in utter ease.

Being philosophical and stirred by history, spirituality and an inclination towards esoteric beliefs, you possess a rather futuristic approach in terms of your abode’s design and layout and may even fancy the idea of feng shui or vaastu as a means of aligning your mind, décor and object d’art with the geomagnetic forces of nature.

You’re hugely enthused by technological and scientific advancements and make every attempt to incorporate the same in your designing. The latest in multimedia adorns your living space and you like your furniture to exhibit an element of multi-functionality. This you achieve by blending woods, metals and other fabrics to create an ultra-modern design.

Sophistication is seen by the contouring, balance and symmetry of the way you use contrasting furniture and colors. Computers, stereos, unusually large colored television sets and media centers should also be included in your décor to keep you excited and at peace continually.

The electric Uranus influences your predilection for extraordinary iridescent shades which accentuate, rather than contrast, your furniture and color with dramatic lighting effects. You employ an intelligent use of glass as well, to create a feeling of capaciousness, thereby piquing everyone’s interest and wonder as they step into your abode.

The air sign that you are, you best resonate with colors such as blue, green and cream while the rainbow tones of fluorescent, iridescent, chequered or zigzag style multi colors also harmonize with your temperament.

Unique lamps, sculptures and objects from different cultures interest you greatly and you use them appealingly as well.

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