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April 2024 Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

Here’s your April 2024 Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius…

Mar 25, 2024 (Mar 24, 2024 to Apr 27, 2024) Sun 3rd H.

This is likely to be a busy, active time in which telephone calls, errands, commercial transactions, and the business of everyday living takes much of your time. You are also somewhat restless and not inclined to long quiet periods of concentrated or solitary work. You tend to fritter away your time on inconsequential social activities, but this may not be all bad. Taking time to chat with neighbors and associates may result in more positive and smoother-running relationships.


Apr 1, 2024 (Mar 31, 2024 to May 7, 2024) Mars 2nd H.

If you have been passive or nonchalant about business affairs, finances, and material security, you will begin taking a more active, positive attitude toward this area of your life. Increased ambition and enterprise are likely, but arguments over money are also more frequent than usual now.

Apr 9, 2024 (Apr 8, 2024 to May 5, 2024) Ven 3rd H.

Cooperative neighbors and agreeable relations with people in your immediate circle characterize this time period. It is an excellent time to make social visits, ameliorate old grievances, and make friendly overtures to others. Attending cultural events and taking short trips for pleasure and recreation are quite satisfying now.

Apr 9, 2024 12 PM(Apr 8, 2024 to Apr 10, 2024) Sun Sxtil Sun

Friendships and cooperative endeavors flourish now. You achieve a harmonious balance of giving and receiving and of talking and listening, and any social or joint activity will benefit.

Apr 13, 2024 (Apr 9, 2024 to Apr 18, 2024) Jup Sqr Sun

Daily chores and details are annoying to you now. Your eye is on greener pastures. Suddenly you feel dissatisfied with your lot in life or with possessions or people that did not bother you before.

Your aspirations soar during this time period. This can spur you to discover ways of improving your life and career. You are also more willing to take risks and speculate. Your luck is better than usual now, but your inclination to be overly optimistic is even greater! Consequently, you are likely to overshoot the mark, push for what you want too hard, and be seen by others as being rather arrogant and self-centered.

In short, you should certainly spread your wings during this time period and seek out new opportunities for growth and advancement, but try to curb wild and unrealistic ideas of what benefits can accrue. With a little care and attention to detail, you can, indeed, help turn the corner, bringing yourself a step closer to your goals.

Apr 21, 2024 11 AM(Apr 20, 2024 to Apr 22, 2024) Ven Sxtil Sun

Opportunities for friendship, cooperation, love, and shared happiness arise. The warmth and good will you generate now is likely to be a benefit to you both now and later on. You feel especially friendly and sociable.

Apr 27, 2024 (Apr 26, 2024 to June 2, 2024) Sun 4th H.

Your domestic affairs, family relationships, and most intimate personal life are the focus of your attention now. This is a time to do what you can to build trust in your family life and a strong foundation within yourself, so that regardless of what you meet in the outside world, you have a secure place to return to. If you are of a contemplative nature, now is an ideal time to meditate and reflect. Your home is very important to you now also, and this is a good time to give it extra attention.


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