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December 2023 Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

Here’s your December 2023 Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius…

Dec 1, 2023 (Nov 30, 2023 to Dec 23, 2023) Mer 12th H.

Mercury passing through the House of endings, hidden support, hidden enemies: You’re searching behind the curtain, examining the past for answers. Examining the past might be instructive but don’t let it bring your down. This is a good time for research, quiet contemplation and meditation.


Dec 4, 2023 (Dec 3, 2023 to Dec 29, 2023) Ven 10th H.

Venus passing through the House of career, reputation and elders: Connections could take you to the top. Perhaps an older person sponsors you. This is a propitious time for any art related career. Know your worth.

Dec 5, 2023 6 AM (Dec 4, 2023 to Dec 6, 2023) Sun Sxtil Sun

This feeling good influence should give you a real boost. Be creative. Get out there! Stress levels are relatively low, making this an opportune time to get your schedule organized or figure out your plans. Regardless of whatever else you might be handling, here’s some good energy for dealing with parents, teachers and/or people in charge. Carpe Diem, seize the day!

Dec 12, 2023 6 AM (Dec 12, 2023 to Dec 13, 2023) Mar Sxtil Sun

You could be at your assertive best! Take advantage of this boost of extra energy and self-confidence to get your projects moving. Self-improvement programs, sports, and energetic leadership are all favored. Get out there and do it!

Dec 13, 2023 12 AM (Dec 12, 2023 to Dec 14, 2023) Sun Sxtil Asc

As far as your image goes, things are looking super today. Chances are you feel very expressive and are able to communicate well. This, then, is a good time to approach the boss, older persons or those in positions of authority. Unless Mars and Jupiter are severely challenged, this might be the day to start a vacation, get into sports or begin a new project.

Dec 15, 2023 2 PM (Dec 14, 2023 to Dec 16, 2023) Ven Sqr Sun

Everyone needs to love and be loved. Rather than feeling lonely or despondent, meditate on the light within the heart. You value yourself by acknowledging inner beauty. Consider the notion that Love is the gardener preparing the garden of your heart. Sometimes it’s necessary to meet another half way. Other times, the loving choice is to say “no,” even to the best of friends. Try not to over personalize. You’re not the only one learning how to love. As long as you’re not overly sensitive, you can have fun today. Too much sugar opens the chutes to moodiness. Retail therapy is cathartic, but determine your budget before you set out. Restraint today could mean riches gained tomorrow.

Dec 17, 2023 8 PM (Dec 17, 2023 to Dec 18, 2023) Ven Conj MC

Are you enjoying a bit of the limelight, especially with superiors or in relation to your work? You may find that you enjoy your job or the responsibility it entails more than usual. Unless another transit strongly contradicts, all close relationships will be favored by this influence.

Dec 22, 2023 (Dec 21, 2023 to Jan 20, 2024) Sun 12th H.

Sun passing through the House of endings: Yesterday’s memories create tomorrow’s dreams; meditate on things unseen. Vanquish any shadows of fear by wielding the power of faith. Find that within you which is capable of mastering any situation that might come your way.

Dec 22, 2023 4 AM (Dec 22, 2023 to Dec 23, 2023) Ven Sqr Asc

Seek balance in interpersonal interactions. Venus problems, such as binging and making waves, affect your public image. So stay cool!

Dec 23, 2023 2 AM (Dec 21, 2023 to Dec 24, 2023) Mar Sxtil Asc

You’re should be looking pretty good. Use this transit to improve your appearance. Think positive because you’re set to win! You might enjoy participating in sports and other physical activities.

Dec 23, 2023 (Dec 23, 2023 to Jan 14, 2024) Mer 11th H.

Mercury passing through the House of aspirations and friends: This is a time to take a look at who you hang with, where you want to go, and how you think you’ll get there. Communication or lack of it potentially affects friendships and opportunities. Stay on top of things.

Dec 29, 2023 (Dec 29, 2023 to Jan 23, 2024) Ven 11th H.

Venus passing through the House of aspirations and friends: This is a time to enjoy friends who count. Harmony abets teamwork. A congenial personality attracts others to you. Explore the power of diplomacy.


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