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Relationship Overview

Relationship Overview

Introduction to Relationships through Astrology

Learn more about Relationship Overview below as explained.

We all want to know how compatible we are with others and using astrology we can do so by studying the relationship of the Sun sign of one person to the Sun sign of another. 

Horoscope Compatibility for the Zodiac Signs

How does each zodiac sign relate to the other? In this segment let’s take a quick look at how well you get on with each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Aries Horoscope Compatibility ♈

Aries With Romance/Sexual Friendship Professional
Aries Volatile and passionate affair. May not last though Happy association though plagued by frequent disagreements Contingent on who the boss is.
Taurus Affectionate, sensual combination Enjoy hanging out but obstinate Taurus may not be as enthusiastically adventurous Good financial match
Gemini Better as friends than lovers. Potential of fleeting love affair exists Great communication. Intellectually invigorating You impart stability and energy to Gemini in backing their ambitions
Cancer Temperamental and emotionally turbulent Cancer perceives you as insensitive. This aggravates the stress. Demonstrate your softer side instead You’re too dictatorial for Cancer
Leo Great love match, mutually obliging Bosom buddies Lively and ingenious work mates
Virgo Virgo’s fanatical obsession for hygiene as a lovemaking ritual tears your brains apart Disastrous combination. You display zero tolerance to Virgo’s finicky temperament Harmonious association. They assist you well and you respect their commitment
Libra Romantically passionate and intense, roller coaster ride for most of the part Sways temperamentally. Libra is too indecisive for you Highly challenging for both. Libra is creative while you claim control (get rid of the whip though )
Scorpio Intense though with ego clashes. Great lovemaking Great friends but also mentally taxing Remarkable alliance that seeks and achieves success
Sagittarius Excellent match between the sheets. Physically gratifying Friendly, exciting match. Adventurous when together Works perfectly provided the line between work and play is well defined
Capricorn Too aloof and controlling for you May balance each other but Capricorn’s conservativeness may come in the way Stable union although you are too swift for an unhurried Capricorn
Aquarius Quirky match with high chances of a fling Get along well together Inventive Aquarius is advantageous for you
Pisces Pisces lends compassionate love, but this may not suffice Spiritually enlightening friendship Pisces slows your pace for which you may have to compensate financially

Taurus Horoscope Compatibility ♉

Taurus With Romance/Sexual Friendship Professional
Aries Amorous and tender affair. Tumultuous from time to time Enjoyable though Aries tends to dictate A fine combination of Aries as the engine and Taurus being the backbone
Taurus Doting and sensual match. Star twins Mutual interests but could rust sans inventiveness A fitting financial match
Gemini Terrific friends and lovers. Gemini rouses Taurus Fascinating interaction. Gemini demands intellectual inspiration Ingenious match that energizes both of yours aspiration and ambitions
Cancer You have a calming effect on the temperamental Cancer Fragile. Constant monitoring is vital as Cancer happens to be hypersensitive for you Cancer stands to benefit significantly through this match
Leo Electrifying in the bedroom though both are vastly rigid Possibly motivating for both. Draw a line – Leos can be easily provoked. Lions eat bulls. Powerful association that can generate success
Virgo Most remarkable zodiac combo. A promising romance. Intimate though Virgo pointing faults is unsolicited by Taurus Good exploratory match that is balanced by Taurus’s vigilance and financial prudence
Libra Sexual and intimate interests match, though Libra could be excessively weighty Though a good friend, allow space and let go of your over protectiveness. Libra needs space to socialize Let go of the past strains as Libra offers refreshing ideas you could benefit from hugely
Scorpio Awesome attraction and likely to last. Though assailed by intense emotional fluctuations Largely a marvelous friendship, though Scorpio demands excessive attention Obstinacy at its worst with an absolute refusal to acknowledge what the other may offer to bring to the table
Sagittarius Utter mismatch. Mutually frustrating for each other Convivial, thrilling match. Adventurous combo Sagittarian stands to benefit hugely from Taurus, though definitely not the other way around
Capricorn Sexually comforting for both. You turn them on The predictable Capricorn puts you at ease socially. Also you two enjoy common interests Remarkable teamwork between you two. So much can be achieved. Triumphant partnership
Aquarius Progressive Aquarius may seem eccentric and volatile, leaving you baffled and wordless Aquarius stimulates Taurus to challenge their emotional confines and gaze outside Imaginative Aquarius can help you forge a new career path
Pisces Pisces adores Taurus unreservedly. Could be too idealistic though Wonderful friendship, though with undercurrents of running into snags philosophically Pisces provides a sound financial understanding and viable options you’d want to pursue.

Gemini Horoscope Compatibility ♊

Gemini With Romance/Sexual Friendship Professional
Aries Gemini may talk too much for you Aries. Plenty of fire and excitement though Intellectually this could be a first class friendship Bit of a power struggle here
Taurus Constant stimulation needed for this relationship Keep finding ways to keep this friendship fresh Taurus may come across as intellectually superior
Gemini Talking about what you want and how you feel will fill in many hours An enjoyable friendship if you can just keep your egos in check Great creativity and they will always be on your wavelength. Mutual understanding
Cancer Sensual but difficulties with being rational Moody Cancer will drive you mad. You can’t keep up with the changes Basically a good arrangement but will need time
Leo This could be the love affair you remember all of your life Leo will appreciate your talent and friendship Leo can be somewhat stubborn and keeps cracking the whip
Virgo Virgo is a bit too much of a prude for you You won’t like the constant criticism from Virgo Can be a great financial asset with their practical approach
Libra Libra really knows how to push your buttons Intellectual, social and creative stimulation Long-term success can be yours
Scorpio Great sexual chemistry and high energy levels Roller coaster ride with this friendship You will need to stand your ground with Scorpio
Sagittarius Excellent match between the sheets. Physically fulfilling Social life will be No. 1 on the agenda Sagittarius can be lucky for you
Capricorn A sexual mismatch where Capricorn takes all This will be like an obstacle course for you You can do well financially but creativity will suffer for it
Aquarius The sparks will fly with this match Be prepared to put in 110% here Aquarius can teach you a lot about business
Pisces Pisces can make you happy on some levels Confusion reigns supreme here Pisces can come up with some great ideas for your business

Cancer Horoscope Compatibility ♋

Cancer with Romance/Sexual Friendship Professional
Aries Aries independence creates conflict when rubbed with your idea of homeliness. Challenging for both Thorny in myriad ways. Aries’s fanciful vision doesn’t comply with your methodical plans You end up saturating yourself in the attempt to oblige Aries. You toil relentlessly to meet their needs, wearing yourself out eventually
Taurus Flourishes amidst tenderness and affection. Strong family ties You’d better brace yourself to share their dreams and play a patient listener. If not, brace yourself for the worst Good financial match with Taurus being a stable sign financially. Set clear boundaries at the very start
Gemini Not the best union. Emotional and mental wavelengths mismatch. Your sensitively thaws Gemini You possess an uncanny psychic knack of reading their thoughts and feelings better than anyone! Need for mutual compromise for this combination needs to work
Cancer Perceptive, compassionate and demonstrative. Assailed by pendulum mood swings though Scope for remarkable friendship. Both perceptive to each other’s peculiarities and enjoy emotional compatibility Overall seems promising though can get even better – Provided either can exercise control over emotional volatility
Leo Affectionate, warm and sexually fulfilling. Minor hiccups can be overcome Not the best of friends. Cancer usually feels suffocated and overpowered by Leo They are your proverbial rabbit’s foot. Your energies blend well, and you stimulate their ambitions
Virgo Faithful, ardent, shielding and loving. Mutually obliging. Virgo too critical at times You tend to be too vulnerable for their ruthless and incessant demands for perfection Works suitably well. Mutual respect allows you to draw creative conclusions and there’s a lot to learn from each other
Libra Seamless beginning characterized with peace and harmony. Danger of clash as time wears on Your desire to accommodate people ends you up in playing victim to the worst in them Though tremendously promising, this partnership is also characterized by its own share of trails
Scorpio Remarkable romantically and passionate sexually May balance each other. Scorpio’s possessiveness and dominance can get in the way A lot to learn from Scorpios. They’re your perfect mentors in business and life in general
Sagittarius Contrasting personalities. Unlikely to last Rates high on compatibility even though not a perfect match Professional association with them entails a lot of travel and transfer
Capricorn Conformist and mutually nurturing. Capricorn can be somewhat nonchalant Works fairly well. Not necessarily stimulating. Though Capricorns are down to earth Money blurs itself in this business partnership, but you stand contended – after all, it’s only a means to an end
Aquarius Doesn’t seem promising but definitely worth a try Exciting and energetic combination Aquarius is tempted to play dare devil, capriciousness being their middle name. Not a match for security seeking Cancer
Pisces Responsive and thoughtful though emotionally unstable. Sexually fulfilling You’re sensitive to each other’s needs and fulfill them far better than most star signs likelihood exists – Depending on your ability to instill a practical perspective

Leo Horoscope Compatibility ♌

Leo With Romance/Sexual Friendship Professional
Aries Blessed with vitality, enthusiasm, passion and attraction. Tremendously gratifying Sexually Intuitive and instant connect, marked with a high degree of exhilaration A propensity for overindulgence. Must make provision for rainy days
Taurus Not long term though sexually excitable You could be at your wits end with their rigid ways of attempting things Definitely at odds with each other. Your styles are too divergent
Gemini Obvious attraction and could possibly meet each other in sudden or mysterious circumstances You’re intrigued by the quirky and mentally stimulating air sign of Gemini A promising partnership as your respective skill-set beautifully complements each other. You’re both experts at making money together
Cancer Mutual attraction. High chances of a blossoming romance, albeit some stark personality difference You may exhaust yourself with their fickle minded and moody temperament A strong leaning towards extravagance. Leo augments the earning capacity of Cancer
Leo A passionate affair with an instant connect and high voltage attraction Twins at heart. Your friendship is marked by sensitivity, devotion and encouragement Armed with a commanding will. May work, provided you can subjugate your self-centeredness
Virgo While Virgo loves your imaginative and passionate ways in the bedroom, very unlikely if you feel the same about them Practise vigilance with regards to power and control – Virgo is fairly sensitive You stand to gain hugely from Virgo’s selfless service oriented efforts, which can boost up your chances to succeed professionally
Libra Passionate love affair and sexually astronomically satisfying Splendid amity more so due to your mutual love for people and entertainment You’re most attracted to their out of the box, spontaneous and imaginative ideas, and respect them for their sense of independence
Scorpio Scorpio is sensual, expressive and intense. Sexually fulfilling Not the best match though somewhat unconquerable camaraderie with the possibility to survive setbacks in life A Scorpion may not respond favourably to your over bearing ways
Sagittarius Chances of a long term relationship. You both strive to keep the passion alive Great compatibility that is hard to beat. You love the affection and power they radiate You thrive on each other’s inspiration tocreate and make money together
Capricorn Capricorn’s cautious and security conscious disposition may not appeal to your spontaneous ways Suffocating for you both. While Capricorn feels awkward around your attention seeking nature, you stand frustrated with their reticent demeanour instead If you two can fuse the best of your abilities – Leo’s braininess and Capricorn’s cautiousness, financially this could turn out to be fairly decent
Aquarius They’re good lovers and thus make favourable romantic partners Aquarius could be repulsed by your lime light stricken and loud personality. They are too judicious and rather reserved Possibly at loggerheads professionally. You’re both self centred and obstinate
Pisces You two emit odd emotional and sexual chemistry. Very likely that a romantic association may not work You both possess staunch divergent perspectives which may negate any room for reconciliation Pisces provides ingenious assets much valuable for your professional success

Virgo Horoscope Compatibility ♍

Virgo With Romance/Sexual Friendship Professional
Aries Aries does not satiate you in any particular way. Disappointing match overall Not much chance of blossoming due to their lack of sensitivity and old fashioned ways You two often stand at loggerheads with your independent intellectual takes and at times, unbridled arguments
Taurus Truly one of the most fulfilling and rewarding combinations of the Zodiac, a fantastic love match Taurus displays immense forbearance, a major plus with your persistent demands at perfection and meticulousness A promising alliance due to the practical and cautious approach towards money and future security
Gemini You two enjoy enormously stimulating sexual and mental connection You love to constantly be engaged and Gemini inspires your imagination and spirit Gemini’s imaginative mind is a great asset for your professional aspirations. Employ your meticulousness and tie them down though
Cancer Wonderful relationship provided you can deal with Cancer’s temperamental swings Long lasting friendship. Both seek warmth, care and steadfastness This union works well in the professional arena, though make sure you don’t taint it with your over critical demands
Leo Rein in your emotions. You two are strong personalities, often demanding the other to bend Fair chances at a workable friendship. Depends on what you two focus on – the bouquets or brickbats Leo is sure to feel suffocated by your constant demand for detailed analysis. They’re equally headstrong. Not the best match
Virgo Selfless and loving relationship. Mutually satisfying Enjoy a splendid intellectual rapport though you may still have to grapple with your nitpicking nature Both frugal and therefore excellent at saving money. Don’t be too cautious and trust their involvement.
Libra Libra is too spontaneous and easy going for you. Their large social circle may intimidate you, being reserved at heart An interesting, if not unique combination of energies. Much intellectual rapport between the two of you Monetarily expensive with their casual ways. At the same time, as much as you may like, you will not be able to track their activities
Scorpio Remarkable sexual compatibility which enlivens your sensual nature A good tag team. Scorpio can be confrontational but not quite so, with your own nature Both are prudent with money and practicality. Quite obviously a promising lucrative future for you
Sagittarius Your relationship swings in a constant flux due to Sagittarius’s big picture versus you micro-analysis Adventure seeking Sagittarius propels you to play around, though you would need to let go Where did all the money go, you ask? Well, you got into business with Sagittarius
Capricorn Both rather reserved, realistic and commitment seeking, Capricorn opens up to you beautifully – emotionally and sexually gratifying Initially slow though once you two begin to trust each other, the friendship is sure to flourish for good Capricorn is as wise and economical, as well as meticulous and organized – just like you. You both seek future security and with so much commonality, this union is professionally promising indeed
Aquarius Unlikely to succeed. This is a rather unusual relationship with a divergent approach to sex and intimacy Imposing your relentless demand for perfection will drive them to turn their back on you. Go easy, Virgo Aquarius is a world evolutionary. You may end up spending your money on their causes. Mind you, you are acutely practical
Pisces Opposites don’t always attract. Pisces does not get your clinical approach to love A bit of a contention. You desire Pisces to talk more, while they would rather have you cut short your talk instead There is no way you will keep Pisces accountable. They’re dreamers and idealistic, nowhere close to how meticulously detailed, economical and practical you are

Libra Horoscope Compatibility ♎

Libra With Romance/Sexual Friendship Professional
Aries Opposites often attract, but in this case, they absolutely don’t! Inspiring and stimulating Good business partnership provided you yield to Aries dominance
Taurus Sporadic in terms of passion and temperamental mood swings Social life is lively and full of zip. Taurus being more grounded and homely offers a comfortable space for you two to connect at peace Taurus is endowed with astute financial prowess which could really add a lot to the business. Allow trust to flow in for optimal results
Gemini A spectacular union. The splendid emotional and intellectual bonding translates beautifully in the bedroom, with playfulness and inventive lovemaking Fantastic friendship with so much common between you two, in terms of your vision, style and emotional compatibility Together you two can be quite a force to reckon with professionally. Your intellect and analytical mind signals profitability in your venture
Cancer Electrifying initially but wanes with time. Cancer’s lack of communication and mood swings can be hugely taxing Satisfactory association overall. A little effort and endurance can go a long way into ensuring peace and harmony with Cancer There’s a lot of creativity and ingenuity Cancer can add to the success of a business, but you Libra desire far more stability than what they offer
Leo First rate combination. Your warmth and love hugely invigorates Leo’s fiery disposition Take time into tuning yourself with the pulse of Leo and you’ll be mighty pleased at the commonality you two share Financially quite remarkable and rewarding. There’s a lot Leo lends to ensure the triumph of a venture
Virgo Incredibly intriguing sexually. Virgo however may be fanatical about hygiene or timetable like in their ways You set your standards high but Virgo goes a step ahead! They can be extremely demanding and even your best may not be good enough for them The best of you two works best in this partnership – Have Virgo as the accountant or administrative in-charge of things, whilst you Libra, play the PR person
Libra A gentle and passionate union, though you may be too preoccupied with a plethora of social engagements You both are Zodiac twins, and with so much in common, exciting times are set to roll! Too much socializing destabilizes effective execution, and with your collective and inherent indecisiveness, this may not be the best match after all
Scorpio Scorpio is the sexiest sign of the zodiac, and apart from their appeal there’s so much more you admire about them. Dynamic and promising overall They captivate you with their philosophies, intellect, wit and humor and you two enjoy relaxed and fun loving communication Together a promising combination. They’re equally dedicated as you are, Libra and gifted to pull off businesses strongly
Sagittarius One fantabulous combination this is, fiery in the bedroom and emotionally soothing for you two Gratifying, exciting and a passionate friendship. Brace yourself for some amazing travel escapades The enormous magnitude of socializing and adventure may distract you two from serious business. Disciple yourselves to get the best out of this
Capricorn Deep thinking Capricorn needs a lot of prodding on your part, but with time and patience can be a rewarding partnership too Natural friendship evolves with time. Capricorn moves slow and cautiously You two make excellent business partners and your rapport brings along financial and professional rewards
Aquarius Exciting and thrilling romantic association, with delightful imaginative lovemaking A pleasant and friendly connection, often passionate and stimulating rapport Aquarius prefers to be unconventional so you may need to adapt considerably to making your business alliance work
Pisces A satisfactory spiritual combination though not your cup of tea emotionally or physically Highly mismatched due to the water versus air element. Requires painstaking effort on your part for it to work A bit of friction there, Pisces goes by gut whilst you like to be analytical. However, if you can lay your trust in their intuition, this partnership could possibly work

Scorpio Horoscope Compatibility ♏

Scorpio With Romance/Sexual Friendship Professional
Aries Aries boosts your desire to explore new possibilities. Fiery sex between you two. Remarkable friendship as you both share strong emotional and karmic kinship A catastrophe. Both being dominating and opinionated lead to an obvious clash of wills
Taurus Sex will allure you two spelling tremendous passion. However Taurus requires tremendous emotional indulgence Beset with challenges intrinsic to the ballgame of power and control Somewhat rough. Ensure you outline your goals and boundaries as well as clearly understand the financial needs at the onset of this partnership
Gemini Sexually fascinating though you may stifle Gemini you’re your dominating ways Your respective planets do not enjoy affability, eventually creating agitation and anxiety in your friendship. Reasonable degree of working out. Gemini may appear too unfocused but a fine blend of your determination and their flair can bind this better.
Cancer Great chemistry. Albeit Cancer demands more emotion whilst you yearn for passion instead. Remarkable as friends. Their presence comforts you and you easily let down your guard with them. Potentially conducive provided you curb your dominating instincts and unrealistic demands from unnerving the sensitive Cancer
Leo Thrilling and electrifying. As long as you respect each other’s individuality and temperament, happy times endlessly roll. Mutual respect goes a long way in strengthening this friendship. Many of your life lessons unfurl during your financial relationship with them. Be warned of both being highly obstinate though.
Virgo Marvelous combination that transforms even the worst of you two, to operate as your best. You must be more sensitive towards them though. Virgo balances and admires you hugely; stimulating you in ways you like to be indulged. A fun partnership provided Virgo remains less critical of you. Practical and efficient partnership. Intellectually stimulating, pulsating with grit and meticulousness, financially rewarding. Both benefit hugely.
Libra Mutually electrifying in bizarre ways. You find Libra sensually appealing whilst they enjoy your fiery temperament. They inspire you to thaw emotionally and learn to trust. Socially full of life as well. A beneficial partnership. Libra encourages you to think out of the box and look at probable opportunities augmenting the venture.
Scorpio Excessive passion creates more misery than joy. Both are acutely protective, dominating and suspicious of each other. Great kinship overall. The both of you can read each other’s mind and trust blindly. Comforting friendship. Highly rewarding. The two of you work tirelessly and determined pursuing mutual objectives and vision.
Sagittarius Energetic and vibrant combination which can greatly inspire. Sex is hugely fulfilling. With your respective ruling planets enjoying such great affinity, the two of you are destined to play best friends. Both are extravagant and like to over indulge. This may prove professionally detrimental. Sagittarius will have to abide by the ground rules you set.
Capricorn You’re too intense for the slow and conventional Capricorn. Invest time and patience and see the relationship prosper. The two of you enjoy long lasting friendship as well as an active social life together. Works favorably for you two. Both exude the quality of being assiduous, tireless and attentive workers, committed to achieving the desired goals.
Aquarius How about foreplay with words Scorpio? Unless you do so, you’ll never succeed at inspiring Aquarius to reveal its passionate side. They demand intellectual stimulation and liberal thinking. Your guarded ways will need to be chucked away. Be open to trust and innovate. Professionally a weak combination albeit Aquarius inspires innovative possibilities and opportunities in your life (provided you’re open to it!)
Pisces A near perfect match, though you may encounter extremes in passion. Both balance each other seamlessly. Pisces can read the emotional undercurrents you experience and knows how to comfort your senses. You too have a way of bringing out the best in them. You do not regard their enormously compassionate, idealistic as well as dreamy personality as beneficial from business point of view. You desire someone grounded to reality instead.

Sagittarius Horoscope Compatibility ♐

Sagittarius With Romance/Sexual Friendship Professional
Aries Excellent match as you are satisfied by Aries passion and energy. Loads of fun and many common interests with Aries. Not a bad match but Aries needs to rule the roost.
Taurus Not the best combination but sexually you still feel attracted to each other. Taurus is a loyal friend but you need greater variety socially. Practical, Taurus can help steer you in the right direction financially and it might be difficult for you & might be too boring for you.
Gemini Your intimacy and mental connection is very exciting. You turn each other on. Gemini stimulates you and this is an excellent friendship combo. Gemini’s ingenious intellect is a good match but you need some clear direction together. for
Cancer Not a great relationship because Cancer’s moodiness irritates you. Friendship with Cancer has its challenges but is not out of the question. You can work with Cancer. But if you are too demanding the match will crash.
Leo One of the perfect combinations of the zodiac. Mutual respect and hot times in bed forecast! You are spontaneous together and socially gregarious. You are both magnetic attractors of friends. This is a dynamic match in which you both have abundant drive and common goals.
Virgo You’re free and easy and Virgo’s meticulous standards – even emotionally exhaust you. You could overdose on each other but small amounts of time together as friends are OK Virgo has a strict regime of how things should be done. You don’t like clipped wings syndrome. That’s business with Virgo.
Libra An easy going relationship together. Air and fire burn brightly in love. Social butterflies flying together all over the place. Loads of fun but need both of you need grounding. Libra’s activities are indecisive. Someone has to be the hero and do the business. Risky.
Scorpio Sexual passion runs deep with you both. You are a good romantic match but watch the possessiveness. It will hamper you. Scorpios usually get on quite well. You are both opinionated so respect each other. Great money makers and your will to succeed are amplified with another Scorpio.
Sagittarius Wild and maybe reckless – especially in the bedroom. Excessive sensual appetites. Your personalities are great together especially travelling and seeing the world. A sense of adventure prevails. Big dreams together but wasteful habits could undermine your success.
Capricorn Capricorn is emotional and sensual but you need to dig beneath the surface to draw that out of them. Capricorn’s humour is dry and cynical. Keep an open mind you could have some fun times with them. Capricorn and money are synonymous. A good match. They manage money – you sell the idea!
Aquarius The sexual aspect of your relationship is exciting. Aquarius is very electric. A lot of vibrant energy together. There is a strong reciprocal friendship and respect between you. You are mentally stimulated by the water bearer. Both of you love to pile on the work and extend yourselves mentally and physically. May or may not work.
Pisces Your sexual and emotional attitudes have a lot in common so expect some tantalising moments between the sheets. They are emotional creatures whose sensitivity will cause you a lot of discomfort socially. Pisces are finicky about how you should spend or save your money so this could get your back up.

Capricorn Horoscope Compatibility ♑

Capricorn With Romance/Sexual Friendship Professional
Aries Temperamentally flawed as both have different personalities. Aries is hugely outgoing and you’re most certainly not! Somewhat troubled. Aries comes across as arrogant to you and their liveliness and swift pace may unnerve you. Clearly distressing. Aries intense and furious temperament won’t gel with yours, causing commotion throughout your relationship.
Taurus A first-rate match! You two enjoy great affinity, similar temperaments and vision, as well as a sexually satisfying relationship. Blossoms beautifully considering such instinctive and deep bonding where you both silently understand each other. You both desire security and comfort, and have very practical, agile minds. A booming business combination indeed!
Gemini A fleeting match, you eventually realize the inherent incompatibility that exists at the heart of your relationship. Gemini is too slow for you. Favorable combination. Gemini stimulates your mind encouraging you to snap out of your comfort zone occasionally. You may be intrigued by the intellectual prowess of Gemini, but monitor their natural exuberance for your venture to be a success.
Cancer Cut aside talks of security and finance with Cancer to allow peace and harmony to prevail, as well as a happy romance. Be prepared to invest in a lot of you emotionally to make this work. Also, clearly define your expectations at the start to avoid misunderstandings later. Possibly satisfactory provided you man the finances whilst Cancer nurtures and cares for the business instead. Do what you two do best!
Leo Ruinous combination, your visions, temperaments and personalities stand diametrically opposed. Leo is way too lively, outgoing and gregarious than you are. You’re cautious, reserved, slow moving and pensive instead. Desiring a contended union? Be prepared to uproot yourself from your comfort zone. Difficult task indeed.
Virgo Gratifying in myriad ways. Virgo is adoring, gentle, meticulous and far thinking. Sexual and physical attraction at peak. Pleasing friendship. You both grow in each other’s company, inspiring one another and emotionally backing each other up. Rewarding partnership and a great match. Both are sticklers for detail and perfection. Future security being equally important.
Libra A testing romance. Libran’s actively socialize whereas you’re a silent player. Lighten up maybe to see all the love reveal itself. Your friendship with Libra takes the direction you want. Can you assure them of a stable and supportive friendship? More importantly, is this how you want to chase a friendship? Can turn out to be a delightful possibility provided you utilize Libra’s networking prowess to garner a solid client base for your venture!
Scorpio An incredibly enjoyable and pleasant combination. You both exhibit a natural fondness and connection for each other, with a magical understanding! Mutually inspiring. You two enjoy in-depth discussions on life, spirituality and the world in general. You’re both career driven and like to see perfection in everything you do. Be wary of your respective egos though which needs constant monitoring.
Sagittarius Seems like an unsettling combination. Your temperaments don’t match and neither do your personalities. Clearly you prefer someone grounded as a romantic partner. Interestingly positive. Sagittarius inspires you, enlivening you to play with aspects you otherwise are innately hesitant to. The joy of having them in your life clearly reveals itself through you. Financially a catastrophe. Sagittarians are charitable at heart and also casual with money. You’re exactly the opposite, guarding the dollar with your life!
Capricorn You’re both innately shy and need time to open up. Gradually foster your understanding and you’ll be amazed at the romantic possibilities that abound. Stimulating and refreshing friendship, you both inspire each other equally. There’s deep intuitive understanding as well as a deluge of an emotional connect! You both are driven by similar ambitions and work very hard chasing your goals. This combination is one of the most successful in the entire zodiac spectrum.
Aquarius Not likely to be rewarding. Aquarians put you off with their free spirited approach to life and inherent spontaneity. You can bear with them occasionally provided you have frequent breathers. They’re way too active and sometimes you just don’t “get” them. Professionally rewarding if you allow Aquarius to initiate novel ways to do things. However, be ready to step outside your comfort zone for the venture to prosper.
Pisces A satisfying and a wonderful combination as you both complement each other beautifully. You’re fascinated by Pisces though friendship at times may be a much better idea than romance. You grow immensely as friends. It’s more likely that Pisces will gain out of a business relationship than you will Capricorn.

Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility ♒

Aquarius With Romance/Sexual Friendship Professional
Aries Stimulating and pleasurable. Though ensure you chalk out your vision as a couple. Flexible, mutually respectful and highly unbiased. Sure to blossom. Both being strong minded conversations and vision can often turn volatile. Disagreements palpable.
Taurus Elemental clash of air and earth. Endurance will be your greatest virtue to hold this together. Though your planets are astrologically affable, your views may differ considerably. Rather tricky. You’re way too unconventional for the traditional Taurus. They seek security through finances, you seek philanthropy.
Gemini Mutually inspiring, engaging and communicative. Deeply fulfilling sexually. Contented, healing friendship. Intellectually invigorating and emotionally cathartic. Advantageous combination. Imaginative, lucrative and enormously valuable.
Cancer Dreadful combination. Excruciatingly hard to put up with Cancer’s mood swings. They’re abnormally sensitive, hold you responsible for all inadequacies in the friendship Though you trust Cancer professionally, your relationship lacks stimulation and enthusiasm.
Leo Fantastic combination. The Sun sparks up your life and their dramatic flair captivates your interest, emotionally and sexually. Playful, stimulating and hugely exciting. They’re forever surprising you with their peculiarities and never leave you bored. Electrifying partnership. With imagination and creativeness running wild, you business stands class apart. Together you two make a lot of money.
Virgo Over critical Virgo deflates your tempo in every possible way. Too hard to keep happy. Restrained friendship as you constantly feel judged and under strain to prove yourself Virgo handles your money and administrative tasks immaculately. But questions your every move with regards to vision and finances.
Libra A complimentary and constructive relationship. Sexually rousing. Both love to socialize. Expect your circle of friends to expand even more in their company. Works perfectly well if you creatively churn out ideas while leave marketing and sales as Libra’s prerogative.
Scorpio Scorpio appeals intensely both intellectually and even more sexually. Fiery, even if not long term. Extremely engaging and deep seated. You bond you’re your views and discussions on life, people and all phenomena. Scorpio provides a dependable, sturdy foundation for a commercial enterprise. They keep your unconventionality in check.
Sagittarius Passionate, fiery and explosive romantically. Fire and air inspire each other enormously. Thrill, adventure, imagination and a free flow of emotions and ideas. Clearly a splendid friendship in store. Both are imaginative, sociable and rather casual with money. Professionally not the most ideal combination. Draft clear guidelines to progress productively.
Capricorn Earth and air signs often clash. They’re too rigid and demand persuasion. You need someone more forthcoming and eager to play. Stark variation in your respective visions, temperaments and personalities. Your idea of socializing is entirely different from theirs. Capricorn centers you professionally. They’re balanced, measured and financially alert. A professional relationship can prove to be beneficial.
Aquarius Two of you can make a lot of noise. You’re both swift, adoring but unpredictable. Not sure if this can work! Terrific friendship in store. You both exude similar interests and temperaments. Work in a manner where you two may complement each other. Ensure you set your responsibilities clearly to avoid negligence of any kind.
Pisces Idealistic Pisces is sensitive but you demand a lot more excitement and love. Lukewarm friendship. You respect them for their innate spirituality and compassion but may not get along. Not the best professionally. Pisces too unrealistic for you. Your visions clash to a large extent coming in the way of a successful business venture.

Pisces Horoscope Compatibility ♓

Pisces With Romance/Sexual Friendship Professional
Aries You love Aries unconditionally and fulfil Aries sexually. The two of you have powerful sexual urges. On a one-to-one level you can be great friends but your social activities may differ vastly. You may be far too easy going for Aries’ strong willed nature. Financially you may be too lax for them.
Taurus Taurus is sensual and understands the way you enjoy lovemaking. This can be an excellent match. You are very well suited astrologically scheme and make great friends. There are fine opportunities for a steady business involvement Taurus.
Gemini Gemini lives in the realm of the mind and you find this totally disconnecting sexually. The way you live your lives is very different and you are both changeable. Not a great financial combination. Both of you may be too scattered for anything of lasting value.
Cancer You have a common bond in your emotional and intuitive feelings. Excellent romantic combination. You’re very attracted to each other as friends so this relationship really is quite unique. This is a mutually supportive relationship that will satisfy you both and has excellent long-term prospects.
Leo Your emotional and sexual connection is not run of the mill, but by the same token it doesn’t mean it is all that bad either. Leo will help you develop your self-esteem especially if you are the shy and retiring type of Piscean. Because of your gentle and loving support, Leo will see this as an asset professionally.
Virgo You fully express yourselves sexually but quite a challenging relationship. Pisces and Virgo relationships are usually contradictory on a friendship level. Not great. Virgo has the brainpower to run the business. Stick to the imagination and this could work.
Libra Because of the strong Venus connection this is a match may have something going for it but is very turbulent as well. Librans love socialising and will constantly entertain you. Give them freedom though. Idealistically this is not the best of matches your personalities could come together commercially.
Scorpio It will be easy to build a relationship and Scorpio offer you comfort and undying loyalty. Both of you have the ability to understand the deeper emotional lives that you aspire to. Excellent business combination. Just don’t let emotions drag you down.
Sagittarius A Sexually loving and nurturing existence with children will be something you both aspire to. There’s a great alignment between Pisces and Sagittarius therefore friendship is excellent. This business partnership needs dialogue: Get on the same page as each other about money.
Capricorn Capricorn will appreciate your patient ways. A loving and mutually supportive relationship is indicated. Opposite character traits attract so you may find something appealing in each other as friends Capricorn has a great capacity for sustained work. Being a wonderful and selfless worker you will benefit them.
Aquarius Physical intimacy is a powerful attractor between you, blending the emotional and intellectual. Get them to reveal what they want so that you will see whether or not the two of you have goals that are similar enough. You might think Aquarians are unusual intellectual types but your business life will never be boring with them.
Pisces This will be a relationship of undying love. A mutually inspiring & sexually exciting relationship You’re both so concerned with sacrifice and serving others. Be careful you don’t become victims of your own ideals. You must clearly try to establish the nature of your business alliance if you are to have a long term partnership.


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