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Horary Astrology

Most people are aware of the use of astrology for understanding the horoscope and personality of an individual. There are also forecast charts for what might happen to a person and involve using transits, progressions and directions of planets. But there is yet another extraordinary branch of astrology called a horary astrology.

Horary astrology is the use of astrological charts drawn for the moment the question. A question asked in any moment of time is simply a reflection of a larger event, celestially, cosmically and so can be considered a fractal of ever increasingly larger fractals universally. In that sense what is down here and what is up there are not really down here or up there at all because down here and up there is really part of the whole event or what is happening NOW.

They are simply a fractalic representation of each other and as such contains the same information harmonically. This isn’t unlike saying, that the nail on your big toe and the hair on your head are part of what comprises you as a single being. According to this part of astrology, the positioning of the planets at the moment a question is asked can be very revealing. There are however a few pre-requisites for this type of astrology. They are as follows:

  • The individual in question should do so in a serious manner and not simply test an astrologer. There should be a deep feeling of respect and reverence at the time of a question
  • The astrologer should be proficient not only technically and practically but should also be intuitive and able to predict in a concise and accurate manner
  • Timing of the question is all-important as certain times of the day and month when adverse planetary circumstances prevail will reduce the accuracy of the reading eg the 7th house indicates the astrologer, and whether or not intuition is clear at the time of questioning. If, say Saturn is in the 7th house or in the western direction of the chart an astrologer should decline an answer due to his inability to accurately predict at that time.

The information of a horary chart, the astrologer in can accurately answer questions and rather surprising similarities will be found at the time of question to the birth chart of the individual asking. Planets placed in certain positions of the Zodiac at birth are usually positioned similarly at the time of the query.

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Some of the questions that are usually asked in this line of astrology are-

  • Will I fall pregnant?
  • Will I be successful in my job interview?
  • Will I be lucky in political and legal areas?
  • Will I travel next year?
  • Will I marry John?
  • Etc etc

In the ancient system of Vedic astrology, the Kerala based approach is magnificent and splendidly revealing of not only the question but also of the person who is asking it explaining pretty much everything surrounding that person in their life. I’ve been most fortunate to be instructed personally over 22 years by a Grand Master from the south of India who shared many secrets from this tradition. I have several copies of the bible of this system – a book called Prashna Marga or Prashnapadavi in which hundreds of secrets into this form of divination are given. It is one of my favourite works out of thousands I have in my library.

I soon realised that even without a birth date (which is often fraught with many discrepancies anyhow) that I could actually use the horoscope for the moment of the question to gain some remarkable intel on them. I began answering questions using many of the rules laid down in the above book and found the answers to be uncannily accurate.

I also noticed something remarkable with over 30 years of collecting horoscopes from clients including those for the moment of the question and that is this: if the question is genuine there is an amazingly high degree of coincidentally similar patterns between the two. In fact, in most cases, the Moon will be in the same sign as it was at birth within usually a couple of degrees or in the triangular position i.e. the same element. And what’s more incredible is that the Moon in this position will usually be representative of the direction which alludes to the affairs of the person’s life that that house or direction signifies astrologically.

Horary astrology is quick, accurate and can sometimes be rather astounding in its results.

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