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January 2021 Monthly Horoscope for Aries

Jan 2, 2021 (Jan 1, 2021 to Jan 3, 2021) Merc Sqr Sun

You’re challenged to stay lively and alert. Negotiations are sharp. Back away from confrontations with authorities today. Drop some useless ideas. Double-check all details. Your schedule is more hectic and busy than usual. Take some time to follow your curiosity and pursue some new ideas. Buy some recycled paper, then catch up on your correspondence.

Jan 4, 2021 (Jan 3, 2021 to Jan 5, 2021) Ven Sxtil Moon

Home improvements are possible now. Buy a new toy for the family room. You could throw a party. Allow your sense of harmony to guide you. You can contribute to the public good. You can get good publicity. Sensitivity, tact and tenderness combine to create opportunity.

Jan 4, 2021 (Dec 31, 2020 to Jan 9, 2021) Jup Trine Sat

Decide what you want and go for it. Avoid procrastination. Once you clarify your intentions, it is an excellent time to act on your ideas. You’re working up to something big. Show a little patience and keep at it. You can achieve major goals with ease and pleasure now. Expand your business. Act on your sense of duty. Deal with day to day responsibilities while keeping your lifetime plans in mind. Reorganize your personal life. Travel and education proceed well now. Be honest with yourself, face reality and you will succeed.

Jan 6, 2021 (Jan 5, 2021 to Jan 7, 2021) Sun Sqr Ura

Expect the unexpected. Instead of “having an accident” deal with what is really bothering you. This is not a routine day or a day for routines. You’re feeling extra self-willed, excitable and capricious. You’re in no mood to go along with the crowd. Today could contain an upset or a setback.

Instead of being a rebel outcast, channel your reform minded energy into a bold and practical enterprise.

Jan 7, 2021 (Jan 5, 2021 to Jan 9, 2021) Mars Qucnx Plu

To magnify your power, modify your diet. You can have a transformative experience. You can adjust your passions.

Jan 8, 2021 (Jan 4, 2021 to Jan 12, 2021) Jup Sxtil Merc

Right now you have a wealth of ideas and if you make plans to act on them you could create new wealth. Take advantage of opportunities. You could really accomplish something significant with oratory or the gift of speech. Negotiations can go very well now. It is a favorable time to resolve differences. Advertise, publish, use mass communication to your advantage. Communicate. Get your message out. You will benefit if you develop your mental faculties and manual dexterity. Opportunity comes from imaginative broad thinking.

Carefully discuss contracts and then sign them.

Business people and scientists bring opportunity. It is a most excellent time to brainstorm on advertising and marketing ideas. Disseminate your ideas. You can get good public exposure now. Expect to hear from folks who have been gone for a long time.

Jan 8, 2021 (Jan 8, 2021 to Jan 9, 2021) Merc Trine Plu

Now you can transform some of your human potential into human achievement. You can be persuasive, cunning and sly. You can penetrate some of the secrets of life. Talk about intimate subjects. Secure your communications. Develop your intelligence. You can discover what motivates others. You now have great appeal for the masses.

Jan 8, 2021 (Jan 8, 2021 to Jan 9, 2021) Ven Sqr Plu

Emotional conflicts and power struggles are likely. Some sort of cleansing is necessary. Work through stalemates. Push your limits of excellence.

Dark emotions surface now. In some ways this is a day for shadows and shadow figures. Psychologists reason that there are parts of ourselves that we do not like and do not accept. Instead of dealing with and integrating these unwanted and unloved parts we project them onto others and describe them in the worst terms. Today you will be confronted with your shadow and some of your shadow figures. You could learn some lessons from Tai chi, the Chinese art of shadow boxing. Your challenge is to learn new and different and greater response ability.

Jan 10, 2021 (Jan 9, 2021 to Jan 11, 2021) Sun Sqr Sun

A reward is yours if you complete a project. Perhaps an authority figure or a certain man is blocking your way right now. With an extra burst of energy you can get through.

However, you are challenged to do so while acting in your own best interests. It is time for you to achieve a greater mastery of your talents. It is time for you to become more resourceful and trustworthy.

Read an inspirational biography. Then be decisive and autonomous without alienating anyone, especially you.

Jan 10, 2021 (Jan 6, 2021 to Jan 14, 2021) Jup Sxtil Nep

Do something to fulfill your ideals. Make some realistic plans to achieve idealistic goals. Your emotional expressions, especially any having to do with music, art and metaphysics, could make you rich. If you don’t feel like producing art right now, then hang out with a living artist and buy some art from them.

If you’ve had dreams about an acting career, now is the time to turn those dreams into a reality. For example, look into your local night school, many offer basic classes in acting techniques. Get in touch with your local theater company and then get involved. Feeling more ambitious? Pick up a copy of “Variety” magazine which is the major trade publication for the industry.

It’s an excellent time for non-verbal communications. Go check an international film festival. Do something about your spiritual concerns. Read uplifting and spiritually oriented literature. Schedule a consultation with your astrologer. Unless you are getting strong psychic hunches, this is not the time for gambling.

Jan 10, 2021 (Jan 10, 2021 to Jan 11, 2021) Merc Trine Sat

Your powers of concentration and organization are good now. Make some tough decisions. Focus on long range planning and security. Communications have a serious tone. Study now and gain respect later. Work goes well. Go with sharp thinkers and long range planners. Pay attention to details.

Jan 11, 2021 (Jan 10, 2021 to Jan 12, 2021) Merc Sxtil Merc

Sign a contract. Make a deal. Your comprehension is good. Your diligence will be rewarded. You have the opportunity to write some new scripts for yourself. Plans are fruitful now. You can get your message across. You can reach an important agreement. An exchange of information will be rewarded. Travel and education are favored.

Jan 12, 2021 (Jan 11, 2021 to Jan 13, 2021) Merc Trine Ven

You might want to take it easy today. You’re more friendly and lighthearted than usual. You’re thinking of love. Share some tender thoughts. Let people know you care. Enjoy some levity. Develop a penchant for saying the right thing at the right time. Cater to people and small animals.

Jan 12, 2021 (Jan 11, 2021 to Jan 13, 2021) Ven Sqr Merc

You don’t really want to deal with problems right now. You’re ready for more and yet you’re in the mood for something light. What do you think is beautiful? What do you find stimulating? What’s your plan to get more of it? Make a detailed written plan for success. Thinking of love? Learn new ways to express yourself.

Jan 13, 2021 (Jan 12, 2021 to Jan 14, 2021) Ven Qucnx Ven

Right now you could be confronted with a big difference in style, taste and personal habits. As opposed to carelessness, fill yourself with care. Cut back on wasteful indulgences. If you’re feeling unloved be more accepting especially with yourself.

Jan 14, 2021 (Jan 9, 2021 to Jan 18, 2021) Jup Trine Ven

Time to break away from work routines. For example you may wish to vacation, party, socialize and enjoy more art and natural beauty. Relax. Do what is pleasant and amusing. Just remember, if you wake up with a hangover then next day, you didn’t have such a good time the night before.

You’re ready to become more lucky in love. In fact, you could fall in love or become engaged or married now. You could even have a close encounter with a rich, famous or highly influential person.

Jan 15, 2021 (Jan 14, 2021 to Jan 16, 2021) Ven Qucnx Mars

An intimate tension is possible. The heat of the moment could be stimulating and annoying. Work to resolve disputes with your partner.

Jan 17, 2021 (Jan 15, 2021 to Jan 19, 2021) Mars Qucnx Nep

Get some extra sleep. Deal with strange hidden feelings of inferiority. Take a step to do something to raise self-esteem. Break away from savior, victim, martyr games and do something much more creative. It is important to learn the difference between passion and compassion. Back away from drugs and alcohol and those who abuse them.

Jan 18, 2021 (Jan 18, 2021 to Jan 19, 2021) Merc Trine Ura

You’re feeling more lively than usual. Renew your attitude of gratitude. Versatility is rewarded. Your powers of observation are good now. Your intuition is in high gear, trust it.

Bright ideas come quickly and easily. Ideas and energy come easily now. Your luck improves as you explore unusual avenues of interest. Program and reprogram your own brain.

Jan 20, 2021 (Jan 19, 2021 to Jan 21, 2021) Sun Trine Plu

Be resolute. Today you can rally your inner-strength. Your perceptions are extra keen. It’s a great day for research and detective work.

Change yourself and your environment. Eliminate waste and clutter. You can begin again and restructure. Do what you must do. Once you get rid of enough old junk, something hidden will come to light. Commit yourself to yourself and feel your self-esteem rocket. It’s a good day for corporate climbing.

Jan 21, 2021 (Jan 20, 2021 to Jan 22, 2021) Merc Sxtil Sun

Contacts are much more numerous and lucrative than usual now. Talks and negotiations are fruitful today. The force of your thought is strong now. You can create perfect clarity. It’s a favorable day to demonstrate your ideas.

It’s a great day for advertising. You can create an effective presentation. Network. Exchange ideas. Enjoy social as well as business meetings. Short trips bring lucky breaks.

Jan 23, 2021 (Jan 21, 2021 to Jan 25, 2021) Mars Trine Jup

GOOD NEWS! Your coping skills are increasing. It’s a good time for business transactions, travel and legal affairs. Love and marriage improve now. Decisions are favored. Take some chances.

You can really organize your life now. Concentrate on your objectives. To pursue your goals, you need an exercise program suited to your individual needs. A favorable career advancement is possible. To win more money and love, act more decisively on big ideas.

Jan 23, 2021 (Jan 22, 2021 to Jan 24, 2021) Sun Trine Sat

Your self-control is good today. You could love your work or enjoy some recreational activity with an authority figure. Concentrate on the work that matters to you; work that is totally absorbing.

It’s a good day to get organized. Deal with some sort of a respectable joint effort, perhaps with senior citizens and authority figures. Today you can accomplish something of lasting value.

Jan 24, 2021 (Jan 23, 2021 to Jan 25, 2021) Ven Sqr Sun

You’re after the good times. Dissidence could outweigh harmony if you go too far. You could be stimulated to create an artistic piece of work. Your genuine respect can have miraculous effects. You can’t get away with being too slack on the job now, maybe you need to take a day off.

Jan 24, 2021 (Jan 23, 2021 to Jan 25, 2021) Sun Sxtil Nep

Commitments to beliefs pay off. You could do some excellent charity or volunteer work today. Spiritual concerns hold hidden opportunities. Utilize the positive power of visualization now.

It’s time to deal with the inner-world more than the outer-world. Today you can turn dreams into reality. Picture the outcomes that you want and then make them happen.

Jan 25, 2021 (Jan 17, 2021 to Feb 2, 2021) Sat Sxtil Merc

Business enterprises are favored now. Reading, writing and research is favored. Organization, disciplined observation and scientific work will be rewarded. You can organize a discussion. Long trips are possible.

Your powers of concentration are good. Careful, logical, objective thinking creates opportunity. Be matter-of-fact. Set the record straight. Work on your ideas. You can articulate the profound. You will pass the test.

Jan 25, 2021 (Jan 24, 2021 to Jan 26, 2021) Sun Trine Ven

You’re feeling more light hearted than usual. Express yourself, be playful. It’s a day with extra harmony and beauty. Be social. Do what feels good. Soothe some old wounds. Buy some new clothes. Redecorate your place.

You’re feeling amorous. Spend time with people who matter.

Jan 26, 2021 (Jan 25, 2021 to Jan 27, 2021) Merc Conj Moon

Short trips are indicated. Emotional issues are discussed to your advantage. Nostalgic feelings are extra strong now. Someone from the past may pop up. Sentimental beginnings & endings are possible. Get psyched and speak up. Talk about what’s emotionally important to you.

Seek common ground. Today’s curiosity could become a major trend.

Jan 27, 2021 (Jan 22, 2021 to Jan 31, 2021) Jup Trine Mars

Effective action brings good luck. Your energy is flowing well now and your stars encourage you to make plans and take the initiative. You could get a promotion or a raise now.

You have more room to maneuver now. Take a drive for success. Start a new enterprise, one that turns you on. Become more goal oriented.

You can now settle conflicts. It is a good time for legal settlements. Your integrity will be rewarded.

Jan 28, 2021 (Jan 27, 2021 to Jan 29, 2021) Sun Trine Mars

Be yourself. Do something on you own. Do something physical and active. Tap into your vitality and vigor.

However you feel motivated, express yourself. Work on projects that matter to you. Men will be more co-operative than usual.

Jan 29, 2021 (Jan 20, 2021 to Feb 6, 2021) Sat Sxtil Nep

You can now use your imagination and intuition for practical advantage. You have the opportunity to make your ideas take shape. Use a camera and tape recorder to capture your creations and ideas. A spiritual experience will bring you opportunities. What is your most compassionate goal? What is your plan to achieve it? You can be extra charitable now.

This is a “strange as it may seem” time. You’re feeling extra sensitive and introspective. Give yourself space for some sober reflection.

You could develop mystical romantic feelings for an older person now. Give serious consideration to that which inspires you. Unless you get a strong intuition, postpone major decisions for now.

Feb 1, 2021 (Jan 31, 2021 to Feb 2, 2021) Ven Trine Plu

Intense and powerful interactions are favored now. Magnetic forces are drawing you to another. The transforming power of love can bring progress. Make greater use of your personal resources. Hide some wealth. Display some creative effort. This is a most excellent day for you to open a new savings account for one specific thing that you desire to purchase. Be sure to open the account in a strong local savings bank.


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