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Astrology Love matching

Click to discover your love, romance and compatibility with someone else using astrology.

Astrology and Horoscope Love Meter

Calculate Astrological, Horoscope and Zodiac Compatibility between Any Two Birthdates

Welcome to the Astrology and Horoscope Love Meter! Aren’t you just a little curious about whether or not you’re destined to find your soulmate? Find out about love, romance and compatibility with your current partner. How about that new person you’ve just met? Do you know their birthdate? Let the love meter calculate exactly how compatible you both are down to the percentile. This is based on astrological methods calculating various personality traits related to your birthdates and the position of the Sun. Unlike the broad-based star sign compatibility, this system looks at no less than 13 points of agreement for compatibility. Fingers crossed you get a perfect score if you hit a perfect score, email us and you’ll receive a free compatibility report!

Love Secrets of the Zodiac

Discovering the heart of love with astrology..

No matter how much experience you've gained love always remain a mystery for most people. At one point in life, you might have pushed someone away or were rejected by someone and can't understand why. We might have done so as a defense mechanism due to fear of getting close and hurt or probably we're having a bad day and our anger was directed to someone we care about. The sad thing about it is we've done or experienced it many times in our life yet we often wonder why we keep doing it.

As surprising as it may sound but our zodiac sign has a direct impact on how we behave up to a certain extent. Although it's impossible for the stars to predict everything that life has to offer, there are similar traits observed based on the sign that you are born under. Each zodiac sign can be associated with certain traits or behaviours. It doesn't mean though that our personality is only defined by our sign but there's a strong link between our personalities and traits characterized by our sign. Apart from our signs, it could also be linked to our elements whether you fall under air, fire, water, and earth.

Each elementary group has its unique traits even they are from different signs. Fire signs are passionate but can also do great destruction, therefore, it needs to be nurtured and managed carefully. Air signs are always in action and although they always bring a breath of fresh air you'll never know when they are bound to leave once they sweep you off your feet. Earth signs are loyal and stable but at their worst, they have the tendency to be too materialistic. Mysterious water signs need security to sustain the relationship or it dries up and disappears. Read on to find out more based on your signs.

Star Sign Love Secrets of the Zodiac
Aries As surprising as it may sound but our zodiac sign has a direct impact on how we behave up to a certain extent. Although it's impossible for the stars to predict everything that life has to offer, there are similar traits observed based on the sign that you are born under. Each zodiac sign can be associated with certain traits or behaviours. It doesn't mean though that our personality is only defined by our sign but there's a strong link between our personalities and traits characterized by our sign. Apart from our signs, it could also be linked to our elements whether you fall under air, fire, water, and earth.
Taurus Each elementary group has its unique traits even they are from different signs. Fire signs are passionate but can also do great destruction, therefore, it needs to be nurtured and managed carefully. Air signs are always in action and although they always bring a breath of fresh air you'll never know when they are bound to leave once they sweep you off your feet. Earth signs are loyal and stable but at their worst, they have the tendency to be too materialistic. Mysterious water signs need security to sustain the relationship or it dries up and disappears. Read on to find out more based on your signs.
Gemini Due to their wit and incredible conversational skills, it's hard not to be attracted to this sign. Despite being too sociable, this air sign prefers to be in a stable relationship that is caring, romantic but never boring. Their potential partner should also be intelligent and interesting while giving them the freedom to socialize and exchange ideas without making a big deal out of it. Being known as twins they often feel that a relationship can only fulfil some of their needs. Before this could lead to a potential affair, it is best that the Gemini becomes aware of what their actual needs are, realizing that there's no need to compromise.
Cancer They have the purest heart among the signs who enters the relationship without hidden motives. They would love you with all they can as long as you have proven your worth with them. Even though they have a golden heart, it is fully guarded. You have to work hard to gain their trust. In return, they will give the world to you. They are naturally caring and will be very cautious not to say or do things that could hurt or disappoint their partner.
Leo Passionate and intense, a busy Lion considers love as the top of his priority list. Leo finds it easy to fall in love because of this, however, find it hard to maintain a lasting relationship. They are into flirting and dating, enjoy every stage of romance from the butterfly in the stomach on first dates until catching their breath on the first time they make love. They have the tendency to get disappointed if their date can't live up to their expectations that's why they end up dating their past partners. They are a generous giver as long as their partner complements their actions in return.
Virgo They tend to be picky and finding love can be a challenge when their high standards are involved. Since they are the zodiac's perfectionist, it's more often than not difficult to measure up to her criteria. They prefer to be alone than to settle for less. It helps her through to easily identify the players versus the genuine ones. You have a tendency though of not giving second chances that one slip-up can already be fatal for your suitors. It is best to give them more leeway since first dates are often filled with nerve-wracking moments that can be hard to manage.
Libra Libras are considered as one of the most romantic star sign. The downside though is that they are in love with the idea of being in love thus they find it easy to get into a relationship even though they are not yet emotionally ready for it. Once they fall head over heels, they have the tendency to do the hard work just to make the relationship lasts. This can come in many forms such as flowers, gifts or travel with the one they adore the most. They are also amazing listeners and will eagerly listen to their potential partner's stories and hidden desires.
Scorpio Scorpions have unlimited energy and are strong-willed. They are always driven to succeed and find a routine life quite boring. They need excitement by living big and having an intense romantic life. They will never be satisfied without having a partner they can have physical intimacy with. Seeking love is part of their priority list because their physical appetite is as strong as their emotions. They never hold back in relationships, however, be guided because this strong feeling can lead to obsession and jealousy. They have charm and magnetism that are totally hard to resist.
Sagittarius Witty and fun-loving, they expect their partners to be loyal and as dedicated as they are. In a relationship, they are on a lookout for something exciting and adventurous and would easily let go if they find it boring or their partner overly needy. Both in life and love, Sagittarius is often seeking for a challenge. They would definitely run in the opposite direction if they feel bored or stuck in a rut. They are a dedicated lover to the right person and often becomes too intense in showing their affection.
Capricorn This sign tends to be more masculine and therefore plays the traditional male role in a relationship. Some men might find her intimidating because of career ambition and a big appetite for intimacy. Family values or opinion is important for the goat that's why if the parents don't approve of their relationship, she will not pursue it in a heartbeat. This earthy sign is also a homebody so in dating she'll prefer a good movie cuddling at home over a far out of town destination.
Aquarius Although they find it easy to gain new friends when it comes to establishing a long-term relationship, this can be a real challenge for this sign. Since they are free-spirited, they don't require much attention and can feel overwhelmed in a relationship, if they feel that their partner's life revolve around them. The water bearer's heart is not easily captured by flattery, it will take time before they will trust someone until they are certain that the person can show their loyalty for good.
Pisces They consider finding love as a complex task for this sign because they often sacrifice everything even if it will put them at risk. If they unluckily get hooked to the wrong partner, they will end up with nothing for themselves but a broken heart and bruised ego. Pisces, therefore, needs a partner that not only will understand and appreciate her deep emotions but would also reciprocate it. They are sometimes trapped in the idea of a damsel in distress that will be saved by her prince charming. That is still possible it's just that they might need to kiss a lot of frogs before they can find true love.

Attract Your Soulmate!

It's common to hear the pickup line "What's your sign"? in the dating scene. Cliché it may sound, but astrology can teach us valuable insights in finding the one. By making reference non-love horoscope, it can help you to easily identify which sign is most compatible with you thereby leading you to find your soul mate. Whether you admit it or not we all had our fair share of trial and error in this roller coaster ride called to love and in finding a partner that somehow matches you perfectly, it will come handy if you have a few clues to weed out the frogs from the prince or princess.

So how do we come up with the following tips below based on your sign? This is based on certain planetary aspects or how the planets are relating or aligned on a certain day. Different planets are associated with different areas of our lives. For example, it is Venus that rules over love and harmony so depending on how it relates to other planets we might suggest that it's a good day to mingle or to hold off in socializing.

How you would attract a Cancer versus Scorpions are totally different things. What a certain sign loves and admires the other might not appreciate at all. For example, a Scorpio might be turned off by things that Cancer adores the most. This is where astrological compatibility can be a bit complicated. Let's go over how different signs view love and relationship and how you can capture the heart of special someone based on their Zodiac sign.

Star Sign Attract your soulmate
Aries Born under the fire sign, if you want to attract an Aries then you can never be timid when you ask them out for a date. You have to keep an open mind and ready for the fun ride. They are suckers for compliment so giving them one onset of date is to your advantage. They love to pursue their goals and crave for the freedom to do their own thing thereby being clingy at the onset will not help. They have athletics bone within them so engaging in sports on a first date so a sure way to get them interested. Their pet peeve is unsolicited advice so if you decide to dictate them on how they should do things they will definitely disappear in a heartbeat.
Taurus If you are hitting on a Taurus then you have to be ready to make the first move. They can easily sense if you are enjoying their company so make sure to keep it real. It's difficult for them to make decisions right away even in relationships due to their analytical nature. They're into high quality so taking your date out to a fine dining will score you points big time. They are very particular with financial security so if they can sense you have poor skills in managing your finances consider it as over. It will not work if you are just a yes person and cannot bring something interesting to the conversation table.
Gemini For this sign, they are always on the lookout for a stimulating conversation. Figuring out if you have the same interest or hobby can be a good conversation starter and keep the relationship alive. It is easy to charm the Gemini as long as you can share with them your wit and wisdom over anything under the sun. It's not that they are commitment phobic but bringing this topic too soon can scare the hell out of them. If you want to share your love by giving them gifts then any accessory such as bracelet or ring is the way to go since they can use it to make their hand gestures more expressive and is a perfect outlet during their conversations.
Cancer Since this is a vulnerable sign you must be ready on how to be romantic in every way you can to capture their interest. You can show your sensitive side by talking to them sincerely, conversations about the future amidst a walk on the beach set up could really win their heart. You have to be gentle with this sign since rudeness will get you nowhere if you want to be compatible with this sign. It's not easy to gain their trust but if you act genuinely and is patient enough you'll surely get their loyalty.
Leo One of the fiery signs of Zodiac, you have to show that enjoy things of quality in order to impress a Leo. If they can sense that you are overly cheap then expect this sign to easily distant from you right away. In going out for dinner for example they'd prefer fine dining over your typical fast food. They get easily turned off if you wear too much makeup so it's better to keep it simple girl and let your natural beauty to shine through. They love to be adored so make sure you shower them with compliments at the onset of the relationship.
Virgo Although they'll be in a relationship they still prefer to keep some things private and not share it with her partner. Expect that although she'll share her life with you, she might prefer to keep some aspects of her life within her own knowledge only. You might see this as something cold or uncaring but you have to accept that, that's the way they are and by doing so you will then gain respect from them. If you want to give them a gift no matter what the occasion is it will be much appreciated if you give them a gift that is practical and they can use daily.
Libra They value quality the most and would like to be surrounded by like-minded people that can keep up with their intelligence. If you can keep up with them then you can definitely earn their trust and eventually their affection. They expect to take things slow even in a relationship and prefers to start a strong foundation of friendship. Make sure that you do research prior to going out with them so you can keep up with the wit of this intellectual creatures. They love open minded people who can keep up with their adventures.
Scorpio It's hard to predict a Scorpio because they also prefer to keep some things private. Often the life of a party this sign delights being part of social gatherings. You have to listen intently when talking to Scorpions since fake attention is a major turn off for them. Their spontaneous or adventure side suggests an out of town will be a great dating set up for this sign. Lastly by playing hard to get or keeping an air of mystery around you is an ultimate attention catcher for Scorpions.
Sagittarius This sign is a sucker for outdoors and loves sharing their thoughts on what they find interesting. Taking them out on some adventure on a first date is something that can capture their interest. By having enough knowledge on current events or other sports will definitely keep their attention for hours.  A sure sign to know if this sign is into you is once they start confiding and asking for advice. If you want them to lose their interest try to interfere with their independence and they will vanish into thin air.
Capricorn This sign is overly cautious and earning their trust is a big step towards a lasting relationship. They love learning new things so if you want to capture their attention it will help if you can teach them new stuff. We might get too excited to splurge our loved ones with gifts but it will not work with this sign and they might see you as financially irresponsible and might turn them off instead of being impressed. They value time and can equate it to respect so make sure you are always on time on your date or any occasion especially at the onset of a relationship.
Aquarius Since this is another sign that is highly sociable being able to keep up a good conversation is your best bet to capture their attention. They might not be perfect but magnifying their mistakes is a sure way to lose their attention. A lot of things fascinates Aquarians so be ready in case they jump from one conversation topic to another. You have to be creative and keep things lively and interesting or you can lose them if they find the relationship boring. Staying bubbly and throwing unexpected surprises and you can keep them in the palm of your hand.
Pisces If you are looking at being with Pisces you must be open for discussion of mystical realm such as those related to supernatural or spiritual. Being sentimental in nature you must take note of specials events like birthdays or anniversaries unless you're ready for having a cold shoulder. They are into arts so a visit to a museum will score you big points for this sign.

How to improve your love life


Improving your relationship or love life is never a walk in the park. It takes a lot of hard work to make things work out the way you expect it to be. By finding the person you feel compatible with is just the start of your journey. It's easy to take care of yourself but by adding someone in the equation may seem more complex than you think. You don't want to make them feel like you don't care at all and you also need to strike a balance so that they will not be overly pampered they feel like they're incapable of accomplishing things on their own.

Like any job, a relationship requires skills for it to improve or lasts. You can't just do whatever you feel like doing like when you are still single. You also need to consider your partner's feelings and expectations. You have to consider not just your actions but their impact on your partners' feelings. Good communication will be the core of things where you should learn to be honest without hurting their feelings. If you keep your emotions to yourself this could result in you exploding if you can't contain it anymore.

You have to weigh your words carefully so can express yourself or your message across without hurting your partner in the end. You have to be clear on what your partner can tolerate and what your middle ground is. Your relationship will grow thru certain stages and it's how you adapt to these changes that will determine your relationship's future. So, what do you have to do to be a better partner? What's the influence of your sign on your ability to be a great partner? Read on to find out more in giving you a better chance of your love life.

Star Sign How to improve your love life
Aries It's critical that you make lasting memories together. This could be in the form of amazing out of town adventures or attending new classes together. Make sure to capture these moments via picture or videos so you have something to look back on when your relationship is being tested. Though you might be busy with your career, you have to make the Aries feel that they're still top of your priority list. It will not help if you have a tendency of comparing them with your past relationships.
Taurus You can read between the lines on the unspoken needs of your partner and you make sure this gets addressed in no time. Refrain from controlling them or making them feel that your needs are the same as theirs even if it's not the case. Be open to the idea that their wants maybe contradictory with yours but you still love them for it. Make sure you earn their trust by refraining from lying and being straightforward whenever you can. Jealousy is something that they don't tolerate so make sure you have an open mind when it comes to the network your Taurus partner has.
Gemini You have the tendency to keep your identity and to love yourself even if you are in a relationship. You prefer sometimes to do things separately from your partner but prefer to share it with them after. By spending more time with them means that you value your relationship that's why you exert extra effort to alter your different nature. if you want things to work out then you have to give them ample space so that they will not feel like you are being possessive over them.
Cancer It's your natural skill to show empathy. If your partner is having a bad day then it's easy for you to show them compassion or cheer them up when they are feeling down. There are times though that they crave alone time so it will help to give them their much-needed space and don't take it personally. Constantly remind yourself that every now and then some people prefer time alone but it doesn't mean that they don't want to be with you. They are family-oriented so a good discussion about the future is something they find very valuable since they're in for a serious relationship. 
Leo You don't want to be in any conflict with your partner. Although you might see things in a relationship might be a bit of a routine, you figure things out to make it more interesting. Spontaneous act like leaving work out of nowhere just to spend time together or buying them gifts even though there's no special occasion can surely fire things up a notch. If they are into you, they don't mind losing the spotlight just to be with someone they truly care for. They a perfect team player and will encourage discussing things over if it's a bit shaky.
Virgo You know how words can be very powerful in any situation and you use it wisely. In the event that you get on an argument with your partner, you try not to say things below the belt because you know that damage cannot be undone for verbal abuse. You try to regain your composure through deep breaths and by counting before responding in the heat of the moment. Try to lower your expectations and learn to accept the person just the way they are. Give your partner a chance and refrain from being too harsh or negative on them.
Libra You are very creative when it comes to spicing up your bedroom. You always have suggestions either a new toy, location or position. You make sure that this aspect of the relationship is never a routine and very open to your partner's suggestions and fantasies. Be often to feedback and make sure you don't make your partner feel like you are miss know-it-all. Even though you have a strong need to be in a relationship, don't let this lower your standards that much that you let go a bad behavior constantly.
Scorpio Having a mutual respect in a relationship is something that you place a high value on. Although your partner might make decisions that you don't agree on, you choose not to call them out or consider them as dumb. You manage to keep an open mind and try to see things based on your partner's perspective. It is your ultimate goal that your partner will not only feel as respected but highly valued as well. Make sure that your relationship is grounded on a solid foundation like friendship and not on a night-stand heat of the moment. You have to be clear with your intentions and make sure not to break their trust.
Sagittarius You consistently have a good attitude and positive outlook in life. You don't like to be around with whiners who are constantly complaining since this negative attitude can be damaging to any form of relationships. Since you are naturally optimistic, it's quite easy for you to always look on the brighter side of things. It doesn't mean that you neglect the conflict in your relationship, it just that you chose to see the good things in any situation. They put a high value on time since it's a sign of respect so make sure that you are always on time especially at the onset of your dating scene.
Capricorn You always shower your partner with admiration and they always feel that you are grateful to have them part of your life. You constantly remind them how much you appreciate the little things that they do for you and how much you value your relationship. They work hard to keep the romance alive since they make very passionate lovers. They always see the big picture of things and know that any small act can have a big impact on your relationship.
Aquarius You make your partner feel that the weakness that some people might feel as flaws are the same traits that make them unique and what make you love about them. You value them for their uniqueness and from being different from the rest that you've met in this lifetime. You are your partner's number one fan and make sure they feel supported every step of the way. You embrace the cause that they fight for and take it as if it's your own. It will be a big mistake for picking someone that you think you can eventually change, this might just lead to a bigger disappointment.
Pisces You make your partner feel like you are someone that they can trust as a best friend and not just a lover. Your selfless nature made it difficult for you to put up your needs before their own. You make sure you are there if they need comfort or if they need a push to pursue a goal. You are full of insights and the advice that you share to your partner is exactly what they need for the situation. Although they are very romantic and emotional you must always strive to keep a balance between what you love and need.

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