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hairYour hair is a measure of physical insulation, endurance, and overall strength. If your hair is fine, delicate and silky, you are sensitive and also likely to be fragile physically especially if you are of a slender build. Thick wiry hair is an indication of your physical prowess and your resilience in life. You have great recuperative powers and may like a challenge in life.

Hair comes in different grades as you know. Have you really looked closely at the emotional and physical nature of those you know with fine, silky hair? They are more sensitive and physically delicate than the coarser haired person. Their actions are more refined and reflect cultural breeding. You’ll find fine haired people of both sexes seem softer in their attitudes and expressions.

Hairline Shapes

Your hairline has a unique part to play in defining your character and general mental disposition. Your hairline will determine the “shape” and define the area of your forehead.

Generally, a bald head especially if found on a younger person indicates a strong drive, passionate nature and sensual interests. This is likely to be the case due to high testosterone levels found in males. In your case, this will also be true. You have a high degree of ambition, physical drive and energy and can utilize this in such things as sport and other outdoor or competitive activities. In business, finance and professional matters you also exhibit this same competitiveness and hate the idea of losing. You’re likely to be successful at whatever you attempt but are often a little one-sided in your views. Try to be a little more accommodating of other people’s opinions and curb your irritable nature. You’ll need to marry someone who possesses the same level of physical and sexual appetites as yourself otherwise this can lead to frustration and even angry outbursts on your part. Sport and exercise on a regular basis will help balance these extreme forces within your nature.

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You possess a hairline which is uneven at the outer edge of your eyes. An uneven temple curved hairline is an indication of your sensitive health and requires more diligent attention on your part. Furthermore, this may have something to do with your own mental attitudes which you should also investigate. Perhaps you see things in a negative light which has a tendency to reduce your overall life force. If you could use this knowledge wisely this should trigger the correct awareness within you. You could also try new and innovative techniques to improve your diet, lifestyle and most importantly your attitude and mental disposition.

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The Widow’s Peak hairline looks like a ‘V’ shape. It means you prefer a less formal attitude to life. You like comfortable clothes, rather than ‘trendy’ fashions which may constrict your physical movement. You’re at the same time traditional about family and society and like to fit into the culture and structures of your upbringing. The Chinese feel that the early part of your marriage may not be satisfying and that you also have a tendency to waste money. A savings or investment plan could be a good idea. You’re very seductive and enjoy the erotic arts.

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Because you too have an M-shaped hairline creativity and a powerful urge to express yourself will be your primary motivating force. You need to show your creativity in everything you do. Although you may attain a great position in your work through your creative endeavours, an important element of your character is that of your humanitarian impulse. This will drive you to not only express yourself creatively but to compassionately help others through your skills and talents. You possess great sensitivity in this respect and will be particularly lucky in any of the arts including theatre and music, especially. If you don’t opt for an artistic career as such, you will find yourself more or less bringing your creative talents to many of your activities and generally trying to help people through that process as well.

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Your hairline is square rather than rounded and this has a unique meaning. Generally, the square hairline is predominantly seen in male faces rather than females. Because you possess this type of hairline you are found to be extremely methodical and reliable. You dislike sloppiness of any sort and usually have a specific system in place for dealing with your everyday routine. When you attempt any type of work it is imperative for you to complete it punctually and if possible perfectly. This may drive other people crazy trying to live up to your high standards. This doesn’t necessarily mean you wish to dominate others but the quality of your work is an essential component of your aspiration and others must be seen to be making some effort as well. You believe in fairness. Due to your desire to produce the finest quality in everything you attempt you also seek a recognition for this. When others fail to show any appreciation for your labour you can become disheartened. You must, therefore, learn to do your work for work’s sake and the enjoyment you derive from it.

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The rounded hairline is always a feature which is pleasing to the eye which is why in your case possessing this rounded type of hairline is a great reflection of people’s attraction to you and your love of people generally and loyalty. Friendship sits very highly on your life agenda and when you make a friend you generally keep that friend for life. Actually it doesn’t particularly bother you if you don’t have a large number of friends but the few that you do have and keep you will nurture and develop deep bonds of affection for. Another side to your nature is that you are quite easygoing for the most part and prefer a far more peaceful lifestyle, even if you live in a larger busier city. You’ll appreciate those moments when you can get away from the hustle and bustle and connect with nature, and other quieter environments. You may also have a love of animals and enjoy the company of pets. A rustic or rural lifestyle may suit you one day. If your hairline – and therefore the forehead line is high and also cleanly rounded without any jagged edges – it is not only a marking of high intelligence but loyalty in friendship. It also means your family was supportive of you as you were growing up. There is a very strong focus on friendship with this type of hairline. You were probably well supported as a child and have fond memories of your early family life. A narrow forehead – one where your hairline sits low, is considered an obstacle to the fulfillment of your ambitions. But, the more blemished, scarred or discoloured the forehead is, the greater the difficulties.

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Hair Color

Hair, its colour, thickness, fineness, density or scarcity will give you some important clues about your physical robustness as well as your emotional resilience.


Because you possess brown hair coloring you’re referred to as a brunette. Your emotions are therefore warm and endearing. You love to socialize and are considered a people person. Though you work hard you also enjoy mixing with others and allocating a certain number of hours weekly to developing your social skills and growing your relationships generally.
You are dedicated person and loyal in your relationships but also need reciprocation in any long-term partnership. If you find yourself in a one sided affair you may ultimately opt to move on to grow greener pastures.
Your health, especially if your hair is thicker occurring is a mark of good vitality and health. Even if you do find yourself occasionally run down, you’re able to bounce back very quickly from any illness or physical setback.

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You possess blonde hair and this at once reveals your sensitivity. You are highly emotional and receptive to the impressions of the world and people around you. This will be more pronounced if your hair happens to be fine and silky. If this is the case, you must learn to become a little more thick skinned and not take comments so personally.
Achieving a high level of professional and social success will become a priority in your life. If however, you overlook the more important aspects of human relationship you may end up giving too much emphasis to materialism and financial security at the expense of a loving and supportive partner. Try to balance these two seemingly opposed facets of your life to achieve a more harmonious existence.

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You have an extremely passionate and fiery nature due to your red hair. In astrological terms, the planet Mars, the red planet seems to have some influence if not a major part to play in the development of your personality. If you have colored your hair as a fashion statement, you too will be under the sway of combative Mars. As a consequence you are pushy, restless and at times even dictatorial. Your opinion must be listened to and you often need to feel as though you are right.
Being a physical person with a high drive, you will need plenty of sports and outdoor activity to maintain a peaceful inner nature. In other words you need to let off steam. Take the time to get adequate exercise, eat well and rest sufficiently. You tend to overdo everything, including work and play and must find some equilibrium in your life otherwise you could run the risk of depleting your high reserves of energy. In love, your passionate and also the loyal and actively seek a partner who can share your high level of dynamism.

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Just as the Cosmos and the night sky are deep, dark and mysterious, you too having black hair will exhibit these same traits of depth of character and intense passion as a part of your character. Even if your natural colour is not black, you will have a tendency to want to portray this part of your character through dyeing your hair the darkest of colours. Black also simulates the energies of the planet Pluto and this can indicate manipulation or issues of power and control. Part of your lesson in life will be to learn when enough is enough, particularly in relationships, and to let go and move on. At times you will find yourself trying to control the situation much to your detriment. Overall however, your passion and zeal for work is strong and your dark hair shows your determination to be successful in life.

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Depending on your gender, male or female, your prematurely grey hair will have a marked influence on the way other people perceive you and consequently the way you perceive yourself. Usually early greying, apart from any dietary deficiencies, will show high degrees of stress, fear or inner turbulence which must be addressed, particularly if these states of anxiety over a prolonged period of time have affected your health and your general feeling of well-being. In modern, Western culture, the ageing of a female is not as acceptable as that of the male and therefore this may have a negative impact on your professional, not only personal life. You may have to work a lot harder to secure meaningful work due to the highly competitive nature of the employment scene. The upside of your grey hair, is your maturity and breadth of wisdom which through your years of personal experience have given you an understanding beyond your years.

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If your hair has become grey over the natural course of your life it shows you have reached a level of self-understanding and dignity through your personal trials and tribulations. Particularly if you are a male, the greying of your hair will add a distinctive quality and respectability which others will afford you as our culture and society tends to give accolades to the older males, thus regarding them as intelligent, experienced and generally full of wisdom. If you are a woman, your greying hair may on one level give you the respect that you deserve, but may not assist you in your search for professional satisfaction. If you are independently employed this may not be too much of a problem but certainly there is an unconscious discrimination against older grey haired women amongst the community – especially in professional spheres.

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Your mousy hair, which is of a brownish colour, lacks the richness of the typical brunette and this therefore, indicates some self-doubt, especially about your inner identity and direction in life. You need to assert yourself more strongly and under no circumstances should you entertain negative self-concepts or ideas about yourself. Self-deprecation must be eliminated from your consciousness and will be one of the most important challenges and lessons in your life. By overcoming these tendencies to put yourself down, you will rise up to the fullness of your true potential and become successful in life. Your mousy-coloured hair also shows you are prepared to sacrifice and help others but this should never be at your own greater expense. Develop greater, wholesome and positive self-images and you are sure to achieve far bigger things in your life.

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The natural streaks in your hair show that you are fashion conscious and also aware of the way you present yourself to the world, but more importantly the way your peers, family, relatives, friends and co-workers perceive you. This is natural but taken to the extreme which may be the case at times, your actions will be based more upon what others think of you rather than any deep inner conviction. Part of your challenge in life will be to make your decisions and move forward, whether others agree with you or not. This boils down to you making decisions that come from your intuitive, spiritual self, rather than the opinions of others which are constantly changing with the fashions and times. One truly positive thing about your character, however, is that you are capable of coming up with creative ideas on the spur of the moment. You are spontaneous, creative and also innovative in the way you express yourself, not just professionally but in your personal life. In your relationships, you will go the extra mile to please your partner. If you can, try to develop a sense of self-confidence, irrespective of the opinions of others. You have the natural flair and capacity to enjoy a full life.

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Hair Texture

The texture of your hair along with the colouring have much to say about your temperament and the way you wish the world to see you.


Your straight hair is a statement about your simple and straightforward attitudes in life. There are no ambiguities within your nature or you’d like to think that you are easily understood by those you interact with on a day to day basis. Your straight hair also indicates follow through and determination to take the most logical path from A to B. You are therefore not confused or nor do you wish to complicate problems, but rather try to find the simplest and most practical solution to those issues that come up in life. You also have a rather carefree attitude at times and like to spend plenty of time in a casual and easygoing social climate. Your straight hair is a measure of the straight path in life you are likely to take.

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Sitting idly by and watching life do it’s thing while you wonder what it would have been like is an attitude you must overcome. Your drab and flat hair reflects a certain apathy that has developed in your consciousness and it is very important for you to try to eliminate this perspective from your character if you would otherwise lead a rich and fulfilling life in which your ambitions are fulfilled. Your thinking is at times a little scattered and unfocused and therefore your ambitions are cloudy and unclear. The way out of this dilemma is to begin to think about the destination and where you see yourself now and how you expect yourself to be. This basically demands a far more creative input on your part to improve your life and your communication skills in particular. Somehow you don’t expect others to admire or respect you but this is an erroneous view built on past habits of negative thinking. If you take a little bit of time daily to creatively visualize your true potential, you can overcome many of these self-defeating attitudes.

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On some level you may be an attention seeker, but not overtly so. Your curly hair shows that you wish to make a great impression on others but do so in a way that doesn’t demean you or likewise, doesn’t embarrass others. Your curly hair also shows a creative side to your personality which finds a perfect outlet in social arenas in particular. This desire for social acceptance and strong communication skills, show us that you are very well suited to a profession which has deals with people and communication as a strong contextual framework for your personality. You are very loving in relationships and like to express your feelings and likewise wish to see those feelings reciprocated. If this isn’t the case you may become somewhat moody or sullen and can demand the same level of attention that you give.

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You have an earthy and far more resilient nature than most due to your very coarse hair. This is a measure of your physical and very powerful materialistic instincts. If your hair is also thick then this shows us that your life force and physical vitality are also extremely high and when and if you fall ill, you have tremendous recuperative powers and survival instincts. Even if you are feeling unwell, you have an incredible amount of stamina and this endurance will push you beyond the limits of most. In terms of your attitudes to the world and people around you, you have an element of shrewdness and a capacity to handle whatever life or anyone for that matter dishes out. You could be fond of rugged outdoor sports and even hard, laborious activities which will test the level of endurance you possess.

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Hair comes in a wide variety of styles and textures as you probably know. If, as in your case, you were born with fine hair which is of a silky texture you are very sensitive – both emotionally and physically. The words of others may make a stronger impact upon you than you are prepared to admit. Sometimes you may brood on what are inadvertent or casual and passing statements and your mind may blow these people’s words out of all proportion. You must learn to become a little more thick-skinned and not take everything too literally. You are far more sensitive than you yourself may even think! On a physical level you also find yourself expressing this sensitivity due to the fact that your nerves may be prone to being jaded from time to time. Loud, obnoxious individuals and anything that lacks refinement offends you and can even cause you to feel physically unwell. Whether you are a male or female, your finer textured hair certainly reflects your softer attitudes and more refined expression generally.

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You are the type of individual who likes to try new things, to boldly attempt things that haven’t been attempted before and aren’t necessarily afraid to venture into areas that others consider taboo. All of these character traits are reflected in your frizzy hair. As well, you generally have an optimistic and very upbeat attitude to life and bring that to any of your social interactions. You are often considered the life of the party and certainly bring a smile to other people’s faces with your quirky communication style. Your nerves at times may be on edge as you attempt to do far too much and to attain your goals more quickly than those around you. The essential lesson you need to learn is that of timing and patience. Often you will attract people who aren’t as exuberant in their nature as you and this will create inner frustrations. Try to be less impatient about tying members of the opposite sex down to a long term relationships until you learn a more about them.

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The way you meticulously care for your hair by keeping it neat and in place is a very adequate reflection with how you deal with many other things in your life. Tidiness, organization and a methodology that you apply to almost everything you pursue in life will be evident from your neat hairstyle. You like to know where things are and have a very elaborate filing or organizational system so that you don’t lose things. Unfortunately you may, in the extreme, become obsessive about certain attitudes and this could cause you difficulties in your relationships when you are less than willing to flexibly adapt to the other person’s viewpoint. Learning to relax and to allow things to flow a little more easily will be an important developmental and karmic lesson for you.

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Your desire to live life on the edge may have some serious and often negative ramifications for you. You are thoroughly independent and consider yourself original in every aspect of your character. Due to this, you may not fit easily into the rules or regulations that society, your community or even your social and workplace environments lay down. From time to time you will be pushing to break free of these constraints and may destroy a lot of the good work you have previously put in due to your thoroughly abrupt and at times revolutionary character traits. In relationships you may be unpredictable but certainly never boring. Those who involve themselves emotionally with you will eventually learn to enjoy the roller coaster ride that your life may become. Daily meditation and a clear view of what you want in life needs to be backed up by an effective plan that you adhere to on a daily basis. Your emotional outbursts at times will leave others bewildered when you calm down just as quickly. This volatility requires a measure of control if you are to develop relationships that are mutually supportive. Work towards developing equilibrium and understand that creativity doesn’t always require spontaneous action or erratic behaviour on your part to express your deepest talents. This may take you a while to understand but eventually it will happen.

An earthy and more resilient nature is found on coarse-haired individuals. If your hair is thick, coarse and/or full, then you have great recuperative powers and a survival instinct second to none. It endows you with shrewdness and a capacity to handle whatever life dishes out. 

You may be fond of rugged outdoor activities and hard laborious activities that tend to test your endurance. On the other hand, a finer, softer hair is a clear indication of a less robust physical constitution. Hair is actually a remnant of what was once you! It’s the extension of dead and hardened older cells being forced out of the body by newly dividing cells.

Hair comprises of the following trace metals and is based on a normal population sample:

* Cadmium 0.21 micrograms per gram
* Lead 2.70 micrograms per gram
* Lithium 0.063 micrograms per gram
* Manganese 3.50 micrograms per gram

More recently laboratories can conduct an analysis of samples of human hair to give your doctors a clear history of the physiology of the person from whom the samples come. Your hair contains an accurate biological record of chemical changes that have and are occurring within you. The picture that is painted by the hair is not unlike the information recorded in the rings of a tree trunk. Your hair records fluctuations in the normal chemical ratios of the body. 

Excessive deposits of certain chemicals also may offer clues to environmental and technological effects on your body e.g. smog, mercury in your dental fillings, chemical food additives and so on. That even the hair of your body – the discarded waste – can reveal your dietary and health moods, and at what periods of your life – so too can many of the other living features of your face – in a more direct fashion, indicate other important traits of your character and destiny.

As genetic science unlocks the mysteries of hereditary in animals and man, it will ultimately discover what books such as the Hindu Vedas have proclaimed for thousands of years. That is, that just as a tree is inherent in its seed, so too is the future of man known in his genetic “seed” – DNA Medical science already seems to be developing greater technical testing of the hereditary making of individuals. 

Tests for proneness to heart disease, cancer, and other maladies are available based on your genealogical background, inherent or genetic disposition etc., Scientists now have the world waiting with bated breath as it prods us with the notion of genetically “pre-modified” DNA babies.

Babies whose destinies are pre-programmed – physically, mentally and emotionally. On a more subtle level – the body can be viewed as a large battery – a saline solution with electrical currents moving through the system. 

Again, according to Vedic Sages, these currents are discharged through the nails and hair of your body. You’ve probably experience that thrill as a child when in the darkness of your room on a windy day you removed your jumper to the crackling sparks of static electricity spitting around your body.

There are many centres of electrical energy in the body. One of the most important points or Chakras of your being is the Brahmananda or Sahasrar – the top of your head. Seated on top is your hair, through which this energy is flowing. 

It’s no surprise then that the idea of the body’s electrical field and the planetary lunar and solar energies were thought to be linked and that certain lunar dates were far more beneficial for maintaining the power rather than losing it.

The Greatly Revered Vedic Astrologer Prof. B.V. Raman in his book “Muhurta or Electrical Astrology” says…….. “If a man shaves after food (eating), he commits a great blunder, as the electrical currents from his body, which are about to be discharged by the digestion of food, are harmfully interfered with, and as a natural consequence his health may be affected in the course of time” 

So the principle concept here is one of conservation of your energies. As always, an experience is the best teacher and will confirm or deny the above traditional views.

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