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Capricorn Zodiac

Capricorn Zodiac Sign: December 22 - January 19

What Does Astrology Reveal About Your Personality

You were born under the sign of Capricorn, which is the tenth in the zodiac sequence. Ruled by the element of earth, you’re one of the most down to earth of the star signs. This means you have your feet firmly planted on the ground and that you tend to be cautious in everything you do.

Few people are regarded as practical and ambitious as Capricorn. Yours is the 10th sign, an earthy element which makes you precisely down to earth and matter-of-fact. Caution is your second name and this is due to Saturn your ruling planet. You are sometimes shy and lack self-confidence and self-esteem. Avoid self-criticism so you'll become a happier person. Others do not usually see you as altogether too enthusiastic but when people get to know you, you do have a side to your nature which is humorous and affectionate. You like to work quietly and effectively without creating too much bother or attention to yourself.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope | Dec 22 - 19

Ruling Planets: Saturn

11 December 2018

You may have to continue to sift through a problem to get to the right answer. First solutions won't seem exactly right or befitting of your particular situation. If you rush things, you settle for something that in the long run may not be in your best interests. Upsetting news from afar possible and again you may find yourself frustrated by not being able to do anything practical for those in need. You may travel and find a safe haven away from your usual environment. This could give you the chance to rejuvenate yourself. If you're in a position where you manage people, you need to be detailed in your supervision.

Daily Meditation:  Creativity is intelligence having fun. - Albert Einstein

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Incredible but true: February 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.

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Please note: to find out what is happening in your day-to-day life astrology looks at the transits of all of the planets in respect of your Capricorn daily horoscope. We note in particular the place of the Sun in the absence of any exact birth data and then see what the movement of the planets looks like for your Sun sign. Although this is general, we can still gain a fairly clear idea of what sorts of events and states of mind you would exhibit under these transits.

Primarily the movement of the planets, especially the other ones like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, you must the background overview of what may be happening over a lengthy number of years, for example, Pluto taking up to 14 years per star sign down to Jupiter which takes approximately 12 months. Using these as the backdrop, we then look at the faster moving, inner planets such as Mercury, Venus, and Mars to see when they activate these outer planets to bring you the karmic fruits of your past thoughts, words and deeds.

Because daily Sun sign astrology forecasts like this are designed for groups of people rather than individuals, we can’t always be exact in the specifics of what will happen but you can still safely use these transits as a guide to generally what is going on in your life and of course the lives of others born under your very same Sun sign of Capricorn. Astrologers take a snapshot or general overview of what’s happening in the heavens and correlate that with different spheres of your life. For example, when looking at these planets and how they impact upon you, take Mercury the planet of communication and mental activity. Studying this transit reveals just how well you will relate to others and if your opinions and negotiations will be fruitful.

Everyone wants to know about love so to that end we study the transit of Venus which in its course we’ll go through positive and negative aspects and positions in the Zodiac. Once again, we can see beforehand when your social and intimate experiences will be favourable or otherwise. Venus is also noted for its effect on your income and the way you handle the financial matters in your life.

We apply the same principles to all the other planets in the Zodiac and see exactly how they are juxtaposed against your Sun sign to come up with if only general, at least indicators of how you can best conduct your affairs with the best possible outcome.

destiny decision forecast for everydayAnother great use of transits is to see how the members of your family, friends or co-workers happen to be better studying the Sun signs and seeing that is going on in their lives. This way you can coordinate your transits with theirs. Furthermore, many people use astrology to make the best possible times to commence activities. This is not unusual and farmers the time preparing to use the new Moon cycle as the planting time you in the best possible crops. Events and happenings in our lives also function under these same celestial laws so using these transits can help you pick the most appropriate lunchtimes for business, journeys, inaugurations etc. etc.

Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn

Ruling Planets: Saturn, Uranus

Don’t bite. But you can hiss!

You know, there was this snake. He was always biting people as they walked past. He was a vicious viper. One day this saintly being was walking along the same path. The snake came up to bite him but the sage looked at him compassionately and told him not to bite. Be good, don’t bite. Try that and see how it works for you.

Now, the sage strolled off and sometime later a band of thugs wandered along the path. They came across the snake who of course, had now turned over a new leaf. These scoundrels beat the living hell out of him. It took quite some time for him to recover. One day after his recovery the sage was returning on his journey and came across the snake again and asked him what happened. He said, “You look terrible”. I am in a bad way thanks to your advice.

The snake angrily replied “You know, you told me not to hurt others and this is what ended up happening. A band of thugs come along and beat the living crap out of me! The sage looked deeply into his eyes and quietly responded “When I told you not to bite I didn't tell you not to hiss, did I?



I think that story is appropriate for you are Capricorn right now. You’ve got a very powerful set of planets in the 12th house including Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun as well as the new Moon taking place there on the 7th. At the same time Mercury moves forward in that 12th house with mercury ruling your 6th house and this has everything to do with your enemies. You may be feeling like a snake now. And if this is the case, it’s all about posturing. You don't have to go into battle. You just don't have to. Even if you are having nasty fallouts in business or from co-workers or from any sort of relationship for that matter, all you have to do is posture. You can do this quietly and assertively in this period if you're going to avoid the turbulence of those three planets in your 12th house.

There’s every likelihood of secret enemies or people you know quietly conspiring to undermine you at this stage. You must deal with this in a calm and intelligent way. Let people know exactly where you stand the new Moon in that 12th house tangles with these planets. It clearly shows that you’re not using your energies wisely.

At this time the position of Mars in your third house with Neptune is at a right angle to these planets. You may feel that your words are having some sort of impact but actually the more you shout or try to assert yourself, the more they are going to retreat. Don’t chase. The 12th house is the house of secrets and hidden motivations both within yourself and others. It’s vitally important for you to know this and to remain vigilant.

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With that story the snake and sage you have a powerful new Moon in the seventh house of relationships. However, so your personal relationships are set to really shine. Incidentally, the new Moon indicates that you may discover something about someone or some people who have been saying or doing things behind your back. You may be openly supported but secretly you are not. You’ll be in a position now to discover the root cause of all of this and finally be able to redirect all this energy of suspicion into better outlets. This is a huge expenditure of valuable mental and emotional energy. Now, you'll be able to shift your vibe to better things as a result of this really beautiful full Moon.

Other effects can take place in your marital or romance sector. This is the sector where you find your most meaningful partner, our soulmate. As long as you're preoccupied with all this other superfluous stuff it's robbing you of valuable “love” energy. You can now put into the more meaningful and intimate relationships.

When the Moon is full it also indicates happiness to your partner, spouse, live-in friend etc results in good opportunities for them generally. They can shine during this cycle and you share and enjoy these successes together. Through the new Moon, you start to look at things with a fresh set of eyes as well. The Saturn Pluto combination that I've been speaking about for months and months now is also starting to do its work. It is also part of this whole new paradigm shift in your perception of people and yourself.

Mars and Neptune show that you are driven into a new line of thinking right. You are being challenged or will challenge those people you perceive as being against what you want to do. Those that aren’t supporting you should be sidestepped for the time being until you figure out what you want to do with them. There is no use bringing out a big stick and beating them into submission. You can’t force that on others. Let your actions speak louder than words at this time, and if you must hiss you needn’t bite.

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2018 Yearly Horoscope for Capricorn

What will 2018 hold in store for the years ahead?

General overview

Capricorn 2018

Capricorn solar chart for 2018. Click to enlarge.

Welcome to 2018 Capricorn

2018 is a particularly pivotal year for those of you born under Capricorn. With Jupiter making a fortunate connection with Mars as the year starts fortune smiles upon you and love, romance and friendship generally take on a greater significance in your life. You'll be able to promote your ideas and this means you’ll be fortunate in associating with people who can open doors for you. Introductions to members of the opposite sex will be numerous especially in the early part of the year with Venus, the Sun and Pluto transiting your zone of relationships and marriage.



With the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto transiting your Sun sign at the outset of 2018, you feel activated, energised and really confident about yourself. Saturn makes you a little more measured, however, being your ruling planet this will make you feel totally in your element. This is always a good omen and can help you to extend your circle of influence and attract many new people into your life. You’re idealistic as well so be careful not to be taken for a ride when you meet those who are just too good to be true. This is as a result of the love planet Venus coming into contact with Neptune around the eighth.


Saturn in your Sun sign indicates the start of a new 2 ½ year cycle where greater responsibility will need to be shouldered. You’re committed to working through these issues as shown by the ongoing transformative aspect of Pluto in Capricorn. This has had an incredible influence on your perception of money and material security which is generally at the heart of your Capricorn nature anyhow.

A very powerful eclipse takes place on January 31 in your eighth house of intimacy and sexuality. Relationship problems which have been an issue over time are likely to come to the surface and can now be worked on. Look forward to a brand new cycle where you can focus on what you really want in life in terms of your relationships.

Astrologer's Advice:

This is the time to assert yourself and attract the type of person you feel you deserve.

Conversely, it may be a time when you need to question the value of the relationships you currently have.

The eighth house also relates to shared resources. Coming back to the transformative influence of Pluto, this eclipse will also set the trend for the rest of the year by focusing you fairly and squarely on financial matters and more importantly how you share your finances with others who are in close partnership with you i.e. your spouse, business partner and work associates.

The transit of the outer planets is particularly important to look at as they paint the broader picture of what is likely to happen throughout not just the coming year but also beyond. The transit of Neptune continues in your zone of communications during 2018. It’s actually an excellent time to speak about how you feel and what you desire in life as Neptune is the planet of dreams and imagination. Conversely, at different times, Neptune is also closely associated with confusion and unreality.

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You may wish to intensify the intimacy of your personal relationships during the coming months and particularly those of you who are married or in long-term committed relationships should expect an improvement in your affairs. This can only happen if you’re able to bridge the gap between your wildest dreams and the practicality of the situation, remember that. If your partner hasn't been receptive or open enough and you've been too scared to speak about something on your mind, seize the moment.

Astrologer's Advice:

It's time for you to change the balance of power and reclaim your position in the relationship.

After March 18, Mars will activate your physical energies and you’ll want to imprint your ego on everything you do and anyone you meet. You have a great deal of drive to achieve your romantic ambitions and will be very effective in expressing your personality. You’ll feel more independent and have less reliance on others. Some of you already in relationships will see this is a time to assert yourselves and take over the reins of leadership in your marriage or long-term relationships. Whereas in the past you’ve been subservient and frustrated that your partner’s been dictating the terms of the game, now the terms of the game will change, thanks to your greater self-assertion.

During the transit of Venus moving through your ninth house after July 10 travel an interest in other cultures will occupy your mind and many born under Capricorn will choose to take a journey, connect with friends and family. Some of you may even start planning a move which you believe will make you feel more comfortable about yourself. If you’ve had any reservations about your ability to attract quality people into your life, 2018 will be different as your views on life and work have changed dramatically now.

Clear up your debts during May, June and July. The Sun transits the sixth, seventh and eighth zone of your horoscope indicating the need to address debt and financial issues. July is an important cycle because the Sun moves through that zone of your horoscope relating to joint assets and shared resources. The opportunity to create a new business venture requires careful consultation with your accountant or other business advisors. Your future security will hinge on these discussions and therefore superannuation and other savings matters which impact on you but are dependent on others will need to be investigated.

You may think that October and November are particularly difficult months and that the responsibilities you shoulder could be somewhat unfair. This is understandable as Mercury transits your 12th house of expenses while Venus, your luckiest planet moves into the opposition aspect of Uranus indicating unexpected twists and turns to both your professional and personal life. Moreover, you’ll be spending a lot of emotional energy trying to help others and must be careful you don’t waste your time trying to be a saviour to everyone when in the process you’re simply becoming a sacrificial victim yourself.

On November 8 Jupiter makes an extraordinary new move, to your 12th house of spirituality, self-reflection and hidden secrets. For the first time in 12 years, this important transit triggers your zone of philosophy and higher learning and you’ll be particularly interested in using your good fortune for the development of others. You’ll see life in a completely different light and will apply these new insights to your relationships.

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