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How and Why Astrology Works

How can Astrology Help Me?

Astrology of PsychologyIsn’t it about time you got your life together? You’re not here for long, just a few decades at most. You could leave at any time, depending on your allotted karma. Life is speeding by at an ever-quickening pace and before you know it you’re scrambling to pull all the threads of your existence together.

Sometimes circumstances and events land you in a spot, on a path, you’d never imagined or expected to be on. Karma. Yeah, yeah, life dealt you a bad hand. I know. Don’t tell me, you were born under a bad sign.

You had no control over what happened in your past? So no free will either, right? Even those you consider born under an ecstatic constellation have to swallow their own fruit of karma when it ripens, sour or sweet, juicy or dry. Being an astrologer I’ve heard it all thousands of times over.

But yes, unfortunately even astrology becomes a crutch for victimhood.

That’s not the astrology you’ll find here and if you’re a victim this site isn’t for you.

This is Revisionary Astrology. Astrology revised, reconsidered contextually historically and culturally.

It’s for the fighter, the person with guts ready to reach for that most extraordinary part of themselves, for those who are prepared to roll up their sleeves, mulch the manure of their crappy past and prepare the fertilizer for new growth.


Principles of astrological application are also revised. In fact, the whole paradigm of astrology needs a complete revision, and probably an overhaul is in order. It’s still wading in the ocean of medieval perspectives, splintered east and west and up and down, not unlike religions, divided into cults and camps. So in fact, notwithstanding the protest from hard-core astrologers are probably deserves much of the scepticism it experiences.

The client or seeker wants practical solutions to problems which are often complex and long-standing.

Astrology is as much about people as it is about stars and planets. Astrologers spin their clients with irrelevant astro-babble leaving them in an even more confused state. Of what use is it? The client or seeker wants practical solutions to problems which are often complex and long-standing. Other clients want a quick fix or binary, yes / no answer. In the hands of an experienced astrologer and an open client, astrology is a key to self-transformation / empowerment.

Astrology is about finding inner and outer solutions and drawing the quickest, straightest line from A to B, A being the mess called life in the here and now and B being the future, free of the current problems. Everyone likes the idea of B being Paradise on Earth without pain, full of wealth, pleasure, disease free and ever without problems or hassles. Dream on!

If anything, astrology is the story of the unfoldment of your karma, the seed of which is the horoscope at the precise moment of birth in this worldly dimension. Your personal story of fate you are ultimately destined to experience are the flowers and fruit of your karma. Looking at it from a philosophical accounting perspective, this karma at birth is the credit/debit on your life balance sheet – an aggregate of costs and receipts incurred in previous lives and this one too.

Astrology rummages through the corridors of genetic and karmic history, exposed in the horoscope and revealed in the complex configurations. An adept astrologer has technical and intuitive insight and loads of experience across all echelons of life and culture. He is able to see why those problems have arisen and how to minimize the impact through an understanding of the following

  1. Identifying the karmic sources of these tendencies or ‘past impressions’
  2. Ascertaining wherein the twelve spheres of life these karmas will impact you most heavily
  3. When in the future or the past your karma was/is due to transits, life progressions and intuitive reception
  4. Is able to recommend counteractive ritual technologies designed uniquely for you as seen from the planetary dissonance seen in your horoscope
  5. Is experienced in simplifying the technical jargon and presenting it to you in a way that is practically useful

Wouldn’t you love to slip back into that space of happiness you once experienced as a child? Understanding the process of life and oneself is the real purpose of astrology. The art of living is based on finding your own truth and meaning and living your life in the direction of least resistance – one in which your mind, heart and body resonate in harmony. This leads to freedom of spirit and a more fulfilled life.

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How does Astrology Work?

4th-House-Astrology Chart

Astrology is the study of the 12 signs of the zodiac, the 10 planets, 27 stellar mansions of the Vedic system and thousands of other stars which have a greater or lesser effect on us. The movement of these planets through the signs and stellar sectors and the relationships are aspects they form with each other is the backbone of astrology and reflects the cycles of nature but more importantly how these cycles impact upon terrestrial life, in a group and individual level.

The traditional view of how astrology actually works as a pointer in most scientists and sceptics are probably correct in saying that the reasons astrologers give for the efficacy of astrologer, doesn’t really have any basis scientifically.

The Vedic Hindu tradition of astrology there are thousands of years of oral and written tradition were rules and regulations have been delineated and which can be substantiated in many practical cases. But not all. More research needs to be done and astrologers of diverse persuasions need to put their individual bias aside to work towards an integrated and holistic approach to astrology.

Astrology is based on the principle of light which is why in the Hindu system is referred to as Jyotish. The ancient seers of India have a direct intuitive understanding of the relationship between light and terrestrial life and it’s common knowledge, scientifically that photosynthesis is nothing other than the photonic interaction with the chlorophyll implants which produce glucose, the basic building block of food. In this sense, we can see the link between stellar light and life via the food that we eat.


It may be that the chemical information of the stars themselves

are embedded in the photonic nature of the light

which is transmitted across time and space.

There’s a branch of science called biophotonics and this is simply the study of how light impacts biological processes. This study looks at the generation, manipulation, and detection of photons as per the quantum units of light. As planets interrupted the background radiation of different stars, that radiation is attenuated and modified by the planet in question.

Different stars transmit different frequencies as seen in the spectral colour of the star. For example, a red star is an old star and has reached its ferric element, that is, iron. It may be that the chemical information of the star itself is embedded in the photonic nature of the light which is transmitted across time and space.

If, as is suggested by astrologers, the interaction of these background stars by planets in prominent parts of the horoscope at birth is anything to go by, the individual is irradiated by these spectral packets of chemical information which can and do impact the life of the individual. I’ve seen many individuals with prominent Mars or red stars giving reddish complexion, strawberry blonde or red hair and a strong fighting spirit, very much reflective of the classical characteristics of individuals born with these astrological traits. More research needs to be done along these lines.

Signs, planets and aspects

Traditional astrologers study the 12 signs of the zodiac and these include Aries, Taurus, Gemini, cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. The ruling planets for these signs are Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The North and South Node are also given pride of place by some astrologers.

As the planets move through each of these different signs, which are only clusters of background stars, the frequency of those stellar radiations is modulated and changes the effects.

Furthermore, planets interact with each other through a process known as aspects. These aspects can be neutral, negative or positive and relate to the angular distance on the celestial circle.

If for example, Mars is it 5° of Libra and Venus is at 5° of Capricorn, these two planets are said to be in a square aspect or 90°. The square aspect is considered challenging and negative. The other negative aspects are the opposition or 180°, quincunx or 150°, sesquiquadrate or 135° and the lesser harmful 45° or semi-square.

If on the other hand, Venus was at 5° of Aquarius Mars and Venus would be in a favourable trine or 120° aspect. This angular distance would provide harmony to the functioning of these two planets in the departments of life they rule for the individual in question. The other favourable aspects our the 30° or semi-sextile, 60° or sextile, 72° or quintile and the 144° or biquintile. The conjunction or 0° connection between planets can cut both ways.

In Vedic astrology, over and above the above aspect, certain planets have unique aspects or glances. They are

  • Mars which has a unique square and quincunx
  • Jupiter which has a unique 120° and 240° aspect and
  • Saturn which has a 60° and reverse 270 ° aspect