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Uranus Transits

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UranusWhen the Uranus transits your horoscope the likely effects that can be expected are numerous and depend on the type of relationship the Sun is having with other planets. There are the hard as well as soft aspects and also the conjunction which is sometimes considered a mixture of good and not so good. These aspects determine the effects that will be experienced in your life.

When looking at the Uranus square aspect to other planets you can include to some extent, the opposition, semi-square, quincunx, sesquiquadrate and other lesser-known hard aspects to arrive at a similar conclusion.

Uranus Transits and Conjunction Aspects

Uranus conjunct Sun signals a period in which your values are challenged and you desire freedom from age-long obligations. Search for new avenues of self-expression and prune away unnecessary constraints.

Uranus conjunct Moon is a transit of emotional upheaval and impulsive behaviour. It will be difficult to maintain stability and you may experience mood swings. But remember, it is during times like this that we experience personal growth.

Uranus conjunct Mercury confers quickened and inspirational thinking. It will be difficult to concentrate on any one thing today, but you will have flashes of brilliant insight on a slew of issues. Your creativity is in full bloom.

Uranus conjunct Venus generally presages a sudden upheaval in your romantic sphere. You feel the urge to break out of monotonous patterns and engage in a spontaneous relationship with someone new.

Uranus conjunct Mars is a transit of spectacular power, and the explosive energy may flood into any facet of your life. You will find it difficult to control or even mask your emotions. Constructive expression is the key today.

Uranus conjunct Jupiter indicates a sudden broadening of your horizons and perhaps a positive change in fortune. Be on the lookout for opportunities and don’t be afraid to take some chances. He who risks nothing, gains nothing.

Uranus conjunct Saturn may disillusion you as things you thought were real, permanent, and immutable suddenly change or break down. The old rules don’t seem to apply today and you may surprise yourself and others with the actions you take.

Uranus conjunct Uranus is a transit which occurs at birth and when you are roughly 84 years old. It is an extremely positive aspect conferring a lofty perspective and an inner strength which prepares you for the next stage of your evolution.

Uranus conjunct Neptune presages a strange period in your life in which you may be seduced by radical ideas or alternate realities. Follow the beat of a new drummer only if your heart agrees it is the right thing to do.

Uranus conjunct Pluto heralds revolutionary changes in your environment, challenging your beliefs and values to the core. It is difficult to reconcile the old ways with the new. Have faith in God.


Uranus Transits and Hard Aspects (square, opposition, semi-square, quincunx, sesquiquadrate etc)

Uranus square Sun marks a time of great energy and excitement. Including friends in all your activities will be both personally rewarding and pleasant.

Uranus square Moon makes you well-disposed to friends and family. Discussions with relatives should flow smoothly now, and you can expect sudden benefits from a family member.

Uranus square Mercury imparts you with mental quickness. Sudden correspondence with a “long-lost” friend may occur. Expect the unexpected today.

Uranus square Venus is a transit of great emotion and unexpected opportunity.Relations with friends of the opposite sex could be a great boon at this time.

Uranus square Mars makes you restless to finish the job at hand and get on to more important things, namely being with friends. Take it one step at a time.

Uranus square Jupiter creates unusual opportunities to make friends or expand an existing relationship. If you make the effort, good things are bound to occur.

Uranus square Saturn limits your abilities to relate to friends. Take everything one step at a time and you should succeed in opening up to a friend.

Uranus square Uranus marks a time when just about anything can happen. This is an excellent time for social activities, for surprises are sure to “pop” up.

Uranus square Neptune represents a time when relations with friends reach a deeper, more emotional level. Opening up to a loved one may help you.

Uranus square Pluto marks a time when profound changes occur in your relations with loved ones. Consolidating your true friendships is the best insurance for the future.

Uranus Transits and Soft Aspects (sextile, trine etc )

Uranus sextile Sun brings you a change of pace from your normal operating mode. You may find yourself in the company of a friend or relative you haven’t seen in a great while. Expect the unexpected during this transit.

Uranus sextile Moon fills you with great emotion and desire to express your feelings to loved ones. Changes at home should be undertaken at this time in order to secure your peace of mind.

Uranus sextile Mercury clears your mind and makes you receptive to the thoughts and feelings of loved ones. Unexpected communication may occur during this transit, and you may receive a call or letter from a forgotten friend.

Uranus sextile Venus creates new and unforeseen opportunities to meet people and make friends. This is an excellent time to solidify existing friendships while gaining the affections of acquaintances. Seize the chance when it comes!

Uranus sextile Mars gives you a deep desire for personal freedom. You may seek out friends who are avant-garde or unconventional in their social behavior, seeking release from the strictures you see society placing on you.

With Uranus sextile Jupiter, lady luck may smile brightly on you, bringing new opportunities for personal growth and excitement. Realize, though, that any risk could mean getting burned. Be prepared to expect all possible contingencies.

Uranus sextile Saturn clears your mind and gives you the power to accomplish many changes that you previously had been afraid to make. Using the social scene to your advantage could bring good results during this transit.

Uranus sextile Uranus illuminates your position in relation to the world around you. Under this rare transit, you should look both to the past and future and then take the initiative to completely change your life.

Uranus sextile Neptune raises your understanding of the world and the people in it to a new level. Interest in religion or the occult is great during this transit as you feel completely in tune with nature and your fellow man.

Uranus sextile Pluto fills you with a deep desire to understand the essential core of your personality and motivations. Far-reaching changes in your life are possible under this transit and the help of friends is most beneficial.

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