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Mercury Transits

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When the Mercury transits your horoscope the likely effects that can be expected are numerous and depend on the type of relationship the Sun is having with other planets. There are the hard as well as soft aspects and also the conjunction which is sometimes considered a mixture of good and not so good. These aspects determine the effects that will be experienced in your life.

When looking at the Moon’s square aspect to other planets you can include to some extent, the opposition, semi-square, quincunx, sesquiquadrate and other lesser-known hard aspects to arrive at a similar conclusion.

Mercury Transits and Conjunction Aspects

Mercury conjunct Sun enhances your creative thinking today. Your eager mind will learn things very quickly today. Your communication skills are sharp and on a more mundane level, it is an excellent day to talk on the phone.

Mercury conjunct Moon makes you very subjective today and able to express your feelings to others in a positive way. Today is a good day to step back and reflect on the past and contemplate your next step.

Mercury conjunct Mercury confers fluency in communication and sharpens your intellect today. You will be curious and talkative today, adept at problem solving and conversation.

Mercury conjunct Venus predisposes you to cozy, instructive conversations with friends and especially loved ones. You will have a heightened appreciation of art, nature and music. It is a favourable aspect for financial dealings.

Mercury conjunct Mars confers great intellectual energy and ability to concentrate. You will feel intellectually competitive and may become irritated by trivialities. If you remember your priorities, it can be a very productive day.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter confers enthusiasm and quick-mindedness. Your comprehension of issues is broadened today and your inner peace makes you tolerant of dissenting views. Your judgement is good today and leads to successes.

Mercury conjunct Saturn inhibits your objectivity, making you excessively critical of others. You may become estranged to a friend or loved one today. On the other hand, your intellect is sharp, making it a good day for study or work.

Mercury conjunct Uranus greatly stimulates the mind and quickens the wit. Your inclination and ability to solve complex problems and puzzles may amaze others. If you are able to channel this mental energy productively, you will accomplish much.

Mercury conjunct Neptune enhances your imagination and ability to express yourself eloquently and artistically. You may indulge in sensual daydreams and experience difficulty in discerning reality from illusion.

Mercury conjunct Pluto confers penetrating, quick thinking to you which is beneficial in investigative work. You are able to sway others today, but take care not to offend others with insensitivity.


Mercury Transits and Hard Aspects (square, opposition, semi-square, quincunx, sesquiquadrate etc)

Mercury square Sun promises to make today extremely busy. Communicating with friends and colleagues should be direct and to the point. Say what you mean and leave it at that.

Mercury square Moon tunes you into the thoughts and emotions of others. Engaging in heartfelt discussions with loved ones is a good idea during this transit.

Mercury square Mercury raises issues that could be in direct conflict with your beliefs or desires. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground in discussions with friends.

Mercury square Venus is a transit of good times and pleasant feelings. Leisure activities with friends should be engaged in wherever possible.

Mercury square Mars may make you defensive when dealing with friends. Try to be as objective as possible when discussing any matter with loved ones now.

Mercury square Jupiter marks a time when compromise could prove beneficial. Don’t worry about always getting your way when out with friends; just try to have fun.

Mercury square Saturn instills in you a sense of practicality to get many things done. Concentrate on work and career now instead of leisure activities with friends.

Mercury square Uranus rejuvenates you, making you ready to accomplish just about anything. Physical activities, like sports, among friends and family are best engaged in now.

With Mercury square Neptune, you should take the time to clearly express your desires to loved ones. Keeping secrets now from a friend could prove disastrous.

Mercury square Pluto makes you wonder about the motivations of loved ones actions. Don’t close your mind to friends “quirks” or way of doing things.

Mercury Transits and Soft Aspects (sextile, trine etc )

Mercury sextile Sun will keep you busy today. There may be little time to do things with friends or family, though it’s a good idea to at least take a little time and give someone you care about a call on the phone.

Mercury sextile Moon instils a desire to understand another’s psyche, especially a close friend. There may an opportunity for a deeply emotional talk with the one you care about. Take the time to really listen to one who needs your help.

Mercury sextile Mercury empowers you with a keen and grasping mind today, one that desires stimulating conversations. This is an excellent time to “talk business” or engage in discussions about philosophy, religion, or the arts.

Mercury sextile Venus increases your ability to effectively communicate with a loved one or close family member. It’s important to delineate your true feelings about someone clearly, so as to avoid confusion. This just might be the day!

Mercury sextile Mars accentuates your ability to communicate your true feelings to friends and family. This transit marks an excellent time to be with loved ones, whether at work or at play.

Mercury sextile Jupiter invigorates your thinking process, making you able to clearly and lucidly express your desires and affections to friends and family. If you’re honest with others, you should expect the same in return now.

Mercury sextile Saturn marks a time of inner reflection. You may very well spend the day thinking about past accomplishments and future plans. Spending time with a close friend or relative and confiding in them could prove beneficial.

Mercury sextile Uranus promises to bring surprises to you today. You may learn something about even an old friend you didn’t know previously. Also, you may suddenly make a new friend or meet someone new during this transit.

Mercury sextile Neptune stimulates mental activity and gives you new insights into the thoughts and feelings of others. This is not the time, though, to logically delineate friends’ actions, just try to relate emotionally with them.

Mercury sextile Pluto makes you in tune with both yourself and friends. Conversations with loved ones about deeply personal matters are best discussed during this transit, for much good can result.

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