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Am I an Alcoholic? Astrology reveals

Astrology, zodiac star sign, alcohol, and your drinking habits

Am I an Alcoholic? Astrology revealsWhich star sign are you born under? Do you have that constant itch for a swig of liquor, impatiently looking forward to that stiff drink on a Friday night after a hard week’s work? Do you find it difficult to stop drinking after one cocktail and do you often regret having had just one too many, particularly when you can’t remember what happened the night before? Does your memory fail you when you try to remember who you slept with? Oh dear! Perhaps astrology and studying your Zodiac star sign can give you a deeper insight into this question and why, if you answered yes you should read on.

Astrology is a wonderful tool for helping you understand the genetic predispositions as outlined in your horoscope. Armed with the time and place of birth, a horoscope is drawn showing where the planets were at that moment and which star signs were prominent. Naturally, there are some star signs which gravitate towards escaping life’s problems and using alcohol as the crutch it was never meant to be. Let’s not jump the gun, however, because there are of course environmental factors that shape your psychological and emotional development which in turn affect your destiny. You must also look at how each individual will contextually handle the environment that they are born into with the genetic inclinations that make up who they are.

Those houses of the Zodiac in your horoscope which relate to the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses also give you an indication of those habits which are likely to be your undoing, those practices, and activities which are detrimental to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

In reading the following material take note of the star signs which rule your sixth, eighth and twelfth houses and briefly read those star signs as well to gain a greater insight into how alcohol may affect you.

  • Aries: The sixth house for you is Virgo, the eighth, Scorpio, and the twelfth, Pisces
  • Taurus: The sixth house for you is Libra, the eighth, Sagittarius, and the twelfth, Aries
  • Gemini: The sixth house for you is Scorpio, the eighth, Capricorn, and the twelfth, Taurus
  • Cancer: The sixth house for you is Sagittarius, the eighth, Aquarius and the twelfth, Gemini
  • Leo: The sixth house for you is Capricorn, the eighth, Pisces, and the twelfth, Cancer
  • Virgo: The sixth house for you is Aquarius, the eighth, Aries, and the twelfth, Leo
  • Libra: The sixth house for you is Pisces, the eighth, Taurus, and the twelfth, Virgo
  • Scorpio: The sixth house for you is Aries, the eighth, Gemini, and the twelfth, Libra
  • Sagittarius: The sixth house for you is Taurus, the eighth, Cancer, and the twelfth, Scorpio
  • Capricorn: The sixth house for you is Gemini, the eighth, Leo, and the twelfth, Sagittarius
  • Aquarius: The sixth house for you is Cancer, the eighth, Virgo and the twelfth, Capricorn
  • Pisces: The sixth house for you is Leo, the eighth, Libra, and the twelfth, Aquarius

Some of the statistics on alcohol are quite shocking and to give you some idea of the extent of the carnage that it reaps on individuals, families, and society as a whole take a look at these statistics. Bear in mind that these numbers are a throwback to some years ago and therefore these figures would be substantially higher now.

  • Can you believe that in the US these statistics include children 12 years and over and that 6.6% of the population, that’s a whopping 16 million people, are prone to binge drinking not just on the weekend but at least five days per month!
  • Over 1.5 million arrests for driving under the influence occur each year
  • Over 15,000 people are killed on the roads every year as a result of alcohol – in the US alone. Consider that globally and you start to understand the ramifications of excessive drinking and driving in terms of the sheer loss of life
  • In Europe as well, it’s estimated that approximately 10% of all disease and illness which results in early deaths each year can be attributed to alcohol. Over 25 million people are alcoholics in Europe-a large percentage of the population.
  • There’s a long-standing misconception that the use of marijuana is the gateway drug to heavier drugs however research now shows that children who drink are 8 to 10 times more likely to give heavier drugs a try including cocaine and heroin. Over 30% of teenagers who drink heavily also engage in heavy drug use.
  • In the mid 2000’s there were almost 200,000 alcohol-related admissions to hospitals in the UK yearly with an increase of those illnesses escalating by around 7 to 10% each year
  • Criminal behavior also seems to be exacerbated by the excessive use of alcohol with estimates of up to 50% of those crimes also attributable to booze.

I think you get the point on just how dangerous and out-of-control this problem is now within our society and the points raised above don’t even start to talk about the social and familial issues that arise out of the abuse of alcohol. So what does astrology have to do with all of this you ask? Can astrology in any way help us understand who is at risk of abusing alcohol and actually being affected by this? Are there any star signs which are more prone to alcohol abuse or alcoholism and the consequences of getting plastered day in and day out?

If you’re plagued by drinking issues remember that astrology is only a very general guideline to your drinking habits and that perhaps you need to consider looking at more traditional ways of overcoming these habits especially if drinking is affecting your lifestyle and health. In any case, let’s take a look at what each of the star signs reveals about your drinking habits.



Aries Glyph

As an Aries, you love to live hard and fast and your choice of drink might well be those spirits which give you that nice hot feeling after you down the first shot! It makes sense as your ruling planet Mars is notorious for its heat, speed, and aggression. This being the case, it’s quite likely your drinking habits will also follow this pattern. You can probably drink most of your friends under the table but you need to be mindful of the repercussions of such behaviour. You live hard and fast and drink in the same manner but when those one-too-many drinks push you over the edge, you’ll hit the ground in a heap. You see, Aries never does things in half measures.

Part of your problem is your competitiveness and if you’re in the company of friends you will find it very easy to try to prove that you can outdo anyone else in the room. And on this point, if you do find yourself slipping into a tipsy land, that aggressive Mars energy does make you prone to overreacting to those around you who may appear provocative to you. Hotheaded + half a dozen tinnies create a perfect combo for fighting and brawling. That goes for you as well ladies.


taurusYou are ruled by Venus and therefore enjoy the pleasures of all sorts and depending on how badly afflicted your ruler is, you have a tendency to excess in all areas not just in the consumption of alcohol. But here’s the thing – you exhibit some of the most incredible stamina of all signs of the zodiac and so often the question of whether your Zodiac star sign indicates problems with alcohol may be thwarted to some degree because of your incredible level of tolerance. Or does it? Just because your metabolism is able to easily withstand the onslaught of a heavy night on the town doesn’t mean it’s not doing damage to you.

“The more the merrier” seems to be your weekend mantra when it comes to drinking and partying. The only problem you may have spending time alone drinking as you’ll be the last man or woman standing while everyone around you is falling like flies. Venus also rules your sixth house of health problems and therefore this indicates that you are the cause of their own physical decline as far as alcohol is concerned. This means that although you can drink anyone under the table, you still need to watch your health.


geminiThe air signs such as Gemini love the company of others. Is it any wonder you love to hang out with your friends, talking about anything and everything? And let’s not forget the accompanying accessories to those exciting discussions…. Alcoholic drinks of your choice! Make that a double you say! Fortunately, you’re able to think through the consequences of some of your actions and hopefully, you’ll apply that to maintaining a balanced lifestyle by not over drinking. As Gemini is a dual sign, you are known for extremes in nature being straight one day, and completely legless from drinking too much the next.

Scorpio rules your sixth house of bad habits and as such you take pride in not just being seasoned in your drinking habits but competitive and determined enough to prove just how seasoned you are. Some Gemini born natives are known to having a habit of dismissing any suggestion that they tend to drink a little too much. Is that you? If you do have a problem the first step to solving the problems acknowledging that you have a problem in the first place. Alternate your drinks between alcoholic and non-alcoholic to help you get through those particularly long binge sessions if you must indulge.


Those signs which are overly emotional such as Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces have a tendency to rely on escape mechanisms when they can’t deal with their emotions. Perhaps it’s no cosmic accident that your star sign happens to be liquid in nature just like the alcohol in question. You, in particular, Cancer have a tendency to submerge your feelings deep within yourself even though you are considered to be one of the most nurturing signs of the Zodiac. Suppressing your feelings, however, gives rise to frustration and resentment and these are the very same feelings that are known to be at the heart of alcohol abuse. In fact, your totem the crab is a water dwelling creature and in the extreme, some of you born under the sign of the crustacean may need more than your fair share of alcohol to get through the week.

The crustacean walks sideways and this depicts an aspect of some born under the sign of the crab in that they try to sidestep problems. If you had a difficult childhood it’s important for you to deal with those issues, face them squarely and address those people who hurt you. Try not to lean on the bottle for comfort. Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter sits in your sixth house of health and disease and indicates problems with your eliminative organs and most importantly your liver and gall bladder. Take heed as these are the organs that are precisely affected by excessive consumption of alcohol!


leoYou just have such a damn good time when you’re in the company of others, showcasing your skills, achievements and yes, also your ability to drink more than anyone in the house! You want to be the centre of attention and this is where you could end up skidding off the rails in your attempt to be liked and put on a pedestal. In fact, generosity being one of your other positive traits is part of the problem especially when you embark on a drinking adventure all night out on the town as you’ll end up spending money like there’s no tomorrow, and simply to be liked. Your hangovers the morning after are likely

Your hangovers the morning after are likely accessorised by huge credit card bills and if you aren’t careful your bank balance, not just your health, will likely deteriorate as well. Like your fiery sibling Aries, you enjoy doing things hard and fast but fortunately, the fire signs do tend to burn any sort of liquid they ingest including alcohol. Fortunately, you have the ability to recover pretty quickly from your binge drinking episodes.


Virgo, you are one of the few signs that’s meticulous in the way you live your life and generally have a good grip on health and diet, as well as not wanting to overstep the bounds of good taste. This doesn’t mean that everyone born under Virgo doesn’t drink but you do have a tendency to be more moderate than other star signs. Actually, you are fortunate in this sense by being sensitive to all manner of food and drink. You’re probably the cheapest drunk in terms of the Zodiac being able to take just a few sips of wine to be comfortably happy. Also, your Virgo temperament makes you refined in nature so no cheap plonk for you, thank you very much!

You have a delicate taste for the finer sauvignon blanc or more exotic drinks that some of us may not have even heard of! You’re also not the type of lad or lass to pee your pants in public even if you’ve had one too many. You’ll quietly slink away without any fanfare to avoid any embarrassment or God forbid, malicious gossip which often accompanies heavy nights out on the town.


libraLibran boys and girls tend to enjoy the company of others and also the feeling that comes with a glass or five of good red wine. Drinking a little too much, however, can bring out the seedier side of your personality as can be attested to by your friends and family which is why you need to definitely moderate your drinking habits so that you don’t overstep the bounds of good taste. Like Taurus, you are ruled by pleasure-seeking Venus and when challenging aspects from other planets such as Jupiter and Saturn or Mars affect this planetary goddess of beauty, it’s likely that you will say and do things you regret later. Even Venus isn’t a pretty sight the morning after, and you won’t want to look at her in the mirror on waking up.

Yours is a case of getting unconsciously blind drunk and then forgetting exactly who seduced you and precisely what you did the night before. The other unfortunate thing about Libra and I’ve had personal experience over the years with this, is that Librans hate to be alone. Many, unfortunately, end up quietly drinking their time away by themselves. If you’re going to drink at least phone up a friend and invite some company over so you can get drunk together!


scorpioBeing both a water sign and also the eighth star sign of the Zodiac there’s a double warning for you Scorpio and that is that you should take your alcohol in moderation. Many born under Scorpio have a death wish, and enjoy pushing themselves to the limits while trying to prove to others that they can handle anything and everything including double shots of tequila in quick succession until they are shit faced.

As with your watery counterpart Cancer, you have deep feelings and these must be dealt with psychologically without resorting to alcohol or drugs as a means of inebriating and anaesthetizing yourself. Getting down to the root of your emotional problems is never easy and for some born under the sign of the scorpion, using your bottle of Jack Daniels as a psychologist seems to be a better solution than the local therapist who in the long run will probably work out less expensive by the way. Scorpio has a sting in its tail and this is obvious when one too many drinks have been thrown back.

Even with friends, you’re likely to lash out and regret your words later so it’s an excellent idea to kerb your tendency to excessive behaviours. There are three grades of Scorpio and their totems, the Phoenix, the grey lizard and the scorpion represent different personality types born within this star sign. The scorpion lashes out and stings its prey but the grey lizard is, like the sign of Pisces prone to addictive inclinations.


sagittariusDoing things bigger and better than anyone else seems to be one of the catch cries for those of you born under the star sign of the Centaur. Being ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, not only warns against excess and extravagance in any area of your life but also advises of Jupiter’s main traits – a big belly! So says the astrological tradition. Sagittarians, especially those men out there reading this, should take note lest you turn into the proverbial beer belly man.

The health of Sagittarians can suffer adversely as a result of excessive drinking and I’ve personally known a few who have developed cirrhosis of the liver, another very nasty side effect from long-term booze consumption. This is primarily because Jupiter rules the liver and when we look at the specific organs which are allocated different star sign associations, Sagittarius, you own the liver.

Moderating your drinking habits is your challenge and also eating a good diet and planning your lifestyle so that your alcohol intake won’t necessarily impact as much upon you physically. It’s not a bad idea to periodically detox through fasting and the use of herbs to counteract any negative impact on your physical well-being.


capricornYour star sign of Capricorn is one of the most frugal so apart from the fact that you may not have the inclination to spending too much on rounds of drink at the pub on a Friday night, you are also conscious of being moderate in your lifestyle. In fact, some would class you as spartan in many ways including your drinking habits. But this is not a general rule of thumb, more an astrological viewpoint. There may be variations in practical terms. You are however likely to be a sad drunk and again because your ruling planet Saturn is considered rather sudden or morose drinking for some of you born under the goat may not always be a happy-go-lucky type of experience.

As with some of the water signs of the zodiac – Scorpio and Cancer, and Pisces you may tend to drown your sorrows in excessive drinking. Having Gemini on your sixth house indicates your flip-flop mentality-drinking to extremes and then abruptly becoming very austere, perhaps out of a sense of guilt. On the other hand, you do have one saving grace and that is that this planet endows you with a natural sense of responsibility so that you are not likely to avoid taking care of your commitments even if you wake up the morning after feeling as if you’ve been hit in the head with a sledgehammer.


aquariusAquarius is the sign of friendship and universal brotherhood so it’s very easy for those of you born under this air sign to get swept away in the pleasure and boisterous revelry of the moment. Any celebrations are lived with a joie de vivre, who-gives-a-shit attitude as you drink the hours away with those you enjoy keeping company with. Incidentally, Aquarius has the water bearer as its totem. Could this water bearer be in fact pouring a stiff bourbon and coke, rather than straight water? What do you reckon? The sixth house of your horoscope is ruled by Cancer, another watery sign and indicating the strong link between your feelings and the state of your health.

As with the phases of the Moon which rules this particular area of your horoscope, your drinking may be dependent on the moods you experience and you may be surprised to learn that those actual lunar phases will determine when you are most likely to have a taste for Jack Daniels. If people irritate you or let you down, this could be your first choice of solace rather than speaking about your disapproval to others. You have a great level of communication so you should never simply resort to only drinking as a means of solving these problems.

You are in fact a revolutionary and so your drinking may also go hand in glove with boisterous group activities where you can be part of the crowd generating a great deal of excitement as part of the event. I sense another revolution coming on!


piscesYours is the last sign of the Zodiac, a watery sign at that and ruled by the deceptively alluring planet, Neptune. You’re easily prone to escape the trammels of life by resorting to drugs and alcohol so yours is one of the most notable star signs which needs to maintain watchful vigilance when it comes to the use or rather abuse of alcohol. Jupiter is also one of your ruling planets and has an astrological affinity with the liver which regulates the assimilation of food and also an elimination of toxic matter from your body.

Excessive alcohol consumption is a well-known irritant and cause of disease in this organ of the body so those of you born under the sign of the fish need to be exceedingly careful regarding not only the extent to which you drink but also the types of alcoholic beverages you choose to savour.

Some Pisceans have allergic reactions to alcohol so it’s vital that you test which ones you’re able to tolerate – beer, wine or other hard liquor and spirits. Those of you born with a sense that you’re here to save your family and friends from the addictions should note that there is every possibility that you may end up becoming the victim of their problems. Both your own and others’ alcoholic tendencies will be an important challenge for you to deal with in life.

What I find out more about your horoscope and what the planets say about the future of your drinking habits? Can you overcome the tendency to overindulge?

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