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Who am I? This is the question that has baffled philosophers, scientists for centuries.

Who Am I?The first thing that a modern astrologer will do is tell you that all forms of astrology are not superstition mixed with the paranormal which can only be understood by mystics steeped in ancient lore.

Today, astrology is considered science as it was by some in man’s early history.

Also until just a short time ago it was considered the same as astronomy, an extension of it if you will, and uses the same tables as do the astronomer and the navigator. As with those two disciplines the principles of searching and guidance still hold true, and in respect to navigating and planning our future the science of astrology can sometimes be less unpredictable than other factors which can affect your path through the day such as the weather, the emotional states of friends and family, potential partners, the whims of our bosses and fellow workers, and worldwide financial markets.

The beauty of astrology is that it will help you to understand who you are, then understand how you are connected to others and then finally look forward towards planning the rest of your life. Astrology is not fortune telling. We know we are not controlled by the planets, but the planets do have an influence on us physically, emotionally and, as you may come to believe, spiritually. By the same token, however, we cannot blame the planets for our own mistakes, but use their guidance to redeem our failures.

The Quest for Self-Knowledge

The secret of understanding who you are is to look within and enlighten yourself. The Self is calling you via ultra-sentient particles. Can you hear it? You must listen with the inner ear to hear its magical whisper. Although you may not realise it, you are eternal by nature. As you continue to explore, you will enter into a rock-solid faith in yourself that transcends understanding. But make no mistake about it, this journey doesn’t have a destination because the quest never ends. It is a continual unfolding.

Once you have a clearer intuitive understanding of who you are, you will be guided by a power deep within yourself — a power that is amazing, zero-point. This transcendent self-understanding will be the solution to what’s holding you back from an unimaginable metamorphosis of conscious living.

You have nothing to lose by asking the question who am I? All of the great, conscious beings who came before you trod this path and asked exactly the same question. Other dreamers like yourself have experienced the outcome of questioning along these lines which have led to a flowering of supra-self-aware consciousness.

Now you are being called to explore the depths of your own being as an interface between your lower and higher Self. Soon there will be a refining of nature the likes of which the quantum cycle has never seen. The revolution of curiosity is now happening worldwide and you are part of the amazing transition to this new Age of Aquarius.

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