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August 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

Aug 5, 2020 (Aug 4, 2020 to Aug 20, 2020) Mer 4th H.

You are likely to be in a rather nostalgic frame of mind, remembering earlier days and thinking and speaking about past events. This is a good time for communicating with family members, perhaps re-establishing your connection or resolving a long-standing problem between you. Speaking about very personal, private matters comes easier to you now. You may also find it worthwhile to record some of your musings, memories, and thoughts in a journal or diary.

Aug 7, 2020 (Aug 6, 2020 to Sep 6, 2020) Ven 3rd H.

Cooperative neighbours and agreeable relations with people in your immediate circle characterize this time period. It is an excellent time to make social visits, ameliorate old grievances, and make friendly overtures to others. Attending cultural events and taking short trips for pleasure and recreation are quite satisfying now.

Aug 9, 2020 (Jul 30, 2020 to Aug 20, 2020) Jup Trine Sun

Now is the time to unwind, relax, and enjoy yourself. This is a good time to travel or vacation. Even if you do not vacation at this time, you are likely to find that you enjoy life more. Life is less stressful, and you are much less annoyed by inconveniences or difficult personalities than you usually are.

You take a more relaxed and creative approach to life now, and you are likely to take the time to enjoy a hobby or activity that you have not made enough room for in your life. Let this inclination grow and develop during this time period and, most importantly, see if you can sustain it after this astrological influence is over.

This is a good time for invigorating, but not overly strenuous, outdoor activity. Your health is robust now, and this can be a good time for rejuvenation. Activities like golf, swimming, or hiking are very enjoyable now.

august specialAug 11, 2020 12 PM (Aug 11, 2020 to Aug 12, 2020) Sun Sqr Sun

You may feel temporarily blocked now. Resistance and challenges from others or from outside situations suggest that this is not a good time to try to force your will and desires upon the world, as friction is the only likely result. Relations with men can be especially tense.

Aug 14, 2020 5 PM (Aug 14, 2020 to Aug 15, 2020) Mer Sqr Sun

There is much activity; you move rapidly from one thing to another and a hectic, somewhat stressful pace is likely. Many errands, phone calls, letters which require a response, and other “busywork” is on the agenda. A minor but rather tense confrontation is likely.

Aug 16, 2020 (Aug 12, 2020 to Aug 19, 2020) Jun Qucnx Sun

You will have to learn at this time to be more flexible and tolerant of your partner’s individual needs. Friction and tension can develop in the relationship if you are not able to accept each other’s own uniqueness. You must be able to let your mate express his or her personal goals, even if they cause changes or adjustments that are not to your liking. When problems arise, you should attempt to find solutions together instead of blaming the other for the situation. You may be well aware of your partner’s hidden strengths and weaknesses, but you should avoid any attempt to manipulate or control their behaviour.

Aug 20, 2020 (Aug 19, 2020 to Sep 5, 2020) Mer 5th H.

Entertainment and amusements that are mentally challenging, such as chess, crossword puzzles, or other word games, have a strong appeal to you now. You will also enjoy dramatic presentations, the theatre, creative writing and, if you have natural leanings in any of these areas, you will be inspired with ideas for future creative projects.

Aug 22, 2020 (Aug 21, 2020 to Sep 22, 2020) Sun 5th H.

You are energized and inspired creatively and emotionally at this time, and you want to bring forth all that is within you. You express yourself more freely, playfully, and spontaneously and are more willing to take chances. The dramatic and performing arts, sports and games, or other forms of self-expression and entertainment appeal strongly to you now.

Aug 27, 2020 6 AM (Aug 27, 2020 to Aug 28, 2020) Ven Sxtil Sun

Opportunities for friendship, cooperation, love, and shared happiness arise. The warmth and goodwill you generate now is likely to be a benefit to you both now and later on. You feel especially friendly and sociable.

Aug 30, 2020 10 AM (Aug 29, 2020 to Aug 31, 2020) Mer Trine Sun

You are very clear and perceptive now. It’s a good time to make a decision or come to an agreement, negotiate, exchange your views with others, or present your case. If you are in a profession dealing with words, ideas, or communication, this is a very productive time for you. Ideas flow, and you express your thoughts well.


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