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July 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

Here’s your July 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Taurus…

Jul 5, 2022 (Jul 3, 2022 to Aug 20, 2022) Mar 1st H.

Mars, the planet of passion and energy, says that it’s time for you to get turned on and activated. You can now become more positive, dynamic, and self-assertive. It’s time for you to get more of a fighting spirit. You may want to begin or increase your commitment to the martial arts. Show the world your strong, sexy, winning ways. Push ahead on a self-improvement program. Aspire to be first and best at something that you truly love. Unleash your competitive nature. You will find yourself with the extra energy that you need to do some of the hard work that you have been putting off. With just a little bit of patience, you can now accomplish something really constructive. Romantically speaking, you are ready for some unbridled passion. Find someone to share your natural drives with. Your sexual stamina is now increasing.

Jul 5, 2022 (Jul 4, 2022 to Jul 19, 2022) Mer 3rd H.

It’s a great time of year for you to make a few quick changes in your personal schedule. Take another look at dexterity. Think about new ways to change things. Talk to educators. Enjoy a few good laughs about the local scene. Enjoy more dialogue with the neighbors. Study and learn more local history. Distinguish yourself by carefully planning local events. Right now, you can accomplish something great by paying attention to what is nearby. Get involved with local environmental issues. Get to know some new words and expressions. Do whatever it takes to amplify your powers of perception.


Jul 6, 2022 1 AM (Jul 6, 2022 to Jul 7, 2022) Mer Sxtil Sun

Contacts are much more numerous and lucrative than usual now. Talks and negotiations are fruitful today. The force of your thought is strong now. You can create perfect clarity. It’s a favorable day to demonstrate your ideas.

It’s a great day for advertising. You can create an effective presentation. Network. Exchange ideas. Enjoy social as well as business meetings. Short trips bring lucky breaks.

Jul 7, 2022 10 AM (Jul 5, 2022 to Jul 8, 2022) Mar Conj Sun

A burst of energy gives you new ego strength. Competition heats up. Protect against quarrel or injury. A furious conflict is possible. Channel impulsiveness. Exercise extra caution with fire, machinery and sharp objects. For several days you will have extra vigor, recognition and success. Get physical. Express yourself through positive action. Develop your stamina and physique.

Jul 18, 2022 (Jul 17, 2022 to Aug 11, 2022) Ven 3rd H.

You’re cycling through a period where you can enjoy more give and take with the neighbors. It’s time to do more socializing on the local scene. Conditions are now ideal for you to communicate with loved ones. If you care, now’s the time to let people know. Conditions are good for a neighborhood beautification project. Also, you can now stimulate your love life by giving it some good food for thought via romantic literature. It’s time for you to read more about the fine times. Get cozier with your local art crowd. More than any other time, successful romance may now come through personal ads in newspapers and magazines.

Jul 19, 2022 7 AM (Jul 18, 2022 to Jul 20, 2022) Ven Sxtil Sun

Partnership is favored. It’s a good day for financial affairs. Today features the giving and receiving of favors. A personal advancement is likely. It’s a good day to make new friends including a possible new romance. Joy comes to you. It’s easy to turn on your charm and win the day. Culture and class bring the best value. You can support and encourage the arts now.

Jul 19, 2022 (Jul 19, 2022 to Aug 4, 2022) Mer 4th H.

It’s a great time of the year for you to make a few quick changes in your home. Take another look at your origins. Think about new ways to relate to your family. Talk to your ancestral spirits. Enjoy a few good laughs about the past. Study and learn more family history. Distinguish yourself by carefully planning a family event. Right now you can accomplish something really great by paying attention to your domestic situation. Learn the difference between privacy and secrecy. Redefine what makes you feel secure. Have a good talk with yourself and then share your thoughts with the person that you trust most.

Jul 20, 2022 6 AM (Jul 20, 2022 to Jul 21, 2022) Mer Sqr Sun

You’re challenged to stay lively and alert. Negotiations are sharp. Back away from confrontations with authorities today. Drop some useless ideas. Double-check all details. Your schedule is more hectic and busy than usual. Take some time to follow your curiosity and pursue some new ideas. Buy some recycled paper, then catch up on your correspondence.

Jul 22, 2022 (Jul 21, 2022 to Aug 23, 2022) Sun 4th H.

Perfect stellar conditions are encouraging you to cultivate new levels of self-esteem by accepting your own feelings. Give yourself a place for stability. Especially over the next four weeks, you will be defined by your living conditions. Your home is a reflection of your self-worth. It is a grand time for you to make your home a nicer, brighter place.

Organize your career among more practical lines. Start working on the next round of Earth Day activities.

Jul 24, 2022 10 AM (Jul 24, 2022 to Jul 25, 2022) Sun Sqr Sun

A reward is yours if you complete a project. Perhaps an authority figure or a certain man is blocking your way right now. With an extra burst of energy you can get through. However, you are challenged to do so while acting in your own best interests. It is time for you to achieve a greater mastery of your talents. It is time for you to become more resourceful and trustworthy.

Read an inspirational biography. Then be decisive and autonomous without alienating anyone, especially you.