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Mars Transits

MARS PLANETWhen the Mars transits your horoscope the likely effects that can be expected are numerous and depend on the type of relationship the Sun is having with other planets. There are the hard as well as soft aspects and also the conjunction which is sometimes considered a mixture of good and not so good. These aspects determine the effects that will be experienced in your life.

When looking at the Mars square aspect to other planets you can include to some extent, the opposition, semi-square, quincunx, sesquiquadrate and other lesser-known hard aspects to arrive at a similar conclusion.

The power and the glory

Mars Transits and Conjunction Aspects

When Mars conjuncts Sun, it will infuse you with great energy and you will be more confident. It is better to avoid being confrontational because it might lead you to be overly aggressive. Don’t be disheartened since this is still a good day to initiate new projects as your instinct to succeed is in full bloom.

As Mars conjuncts Moon, it adds aggressiveness to your emotions, making you prone to emotional outbursts and anger. Be mindful in expressing your aggression, but don’t keep it to yourself either – it is best to express it in some constructive way.

When Mars conjuncts Mercury, it will give you a huge mental energy that could inflate your ego. Make sure you avoid being short-tempered and touchy. By channelling this energy correctly you can be very influential during this transit.

When Mars conjuncts Venus, it will drive your creative spirit making you both passionate and expressive. You could also expect this transit to stimulate your sex drive that will make you crave for physical intimacy with the opposite sex.

As Mars conjuncts Mars, it will infuse great energy into your ego and body. It is recommended that you engage in physical exercise (like sports) as a good outlet for it. A good workout will be of great help to you to overcome both irritability and restlessness that this transit could bring.

When Mars conjuncts Jupiter, it will implant a harmony between your dynamic self and your spirituality. This will give you unusual vigour and self-control. If you are into sports, you would be a tough opponent during this transit. Be careful though to avoid unnecessary risks today as you are more prone to accidents.

When Mars conjuncts Saturn is a transit that will put your patience to a test. Even minor things like traffic jams or friends gestures could get on your nerves. By doing simple physical activity could fix the situation but avoid anything extreme.

As Mars conjunct, Uranus is a transit that could lead to violent energy, where you might be inclined to act impulsively if not rashly. There is a great likelihood of accidents occurring at this stage, so avoid all unnecessary risks. You are also inclined to rebel against authority.

When Mars conjuncts Neptune there is a tendency to drain away your energy where it will be a difficult time for you to initiate new projects. Please watch out because you are also prone to be deluded by another person today. On the positive side, it is a good day to just reflect or help others.

When Mars conjuncts Pluto is a powerfully energetic transit which instils great ambition in you but may also either make you violent or the target of violence. Avoid dangerous situations and try to channel the energy into constructive enterprises.

An unstoppable force hits an immovable object

Mars Transits and Hard Aspects (square, opposition, semi-square, quincunx, sesquiquadrate etc)

When Mars squares Sun you might feel challenged that you have to prove yourself to others. Be mindful on how you manage your anger and redirect your energy in gracefully handling your worries away.

When Mars squares Moon expect past frustrations in life to surface. In the event that you’ll experience conflicts with friends or family make sure you manage it well since it will be harmful at this stage if not handled correctly.

Mars squaring Mercury make you more mindful of your surroundings, you can easily respond to any external signs or factors. If you will have a discussion with you loved ones during this transit, make sure to keep it as diplomatic as possible.

When Mars squares Venus it’s better to just relax and let others have their way. If you become a little demanding at this transit, you can end up being frustrated and have negative feeling toward your friends.

When Mars squares Mars expect to be energized, the feeling like you are on top of the world. Take advantage of this by coursing this energy in your workplace. This will also give you a more optimistic outlook today. Watch out as well on how you can further enhance your relationship with loved ones.

Mars squaring Saturn might make you feel restless and longing for attention of your family or friends. You have to be more open on how you really feel or long for so as not to have problems in the future.

When Mars squares Uranus will awaken your desire or adventure side to try new and original experiences. Be reminded that you should not forget about your relationship with old friends for the sake of meeting someone new and exciting.

When Mars squares Neptune this would make you feel more inclined to spend time alone rather than going out with your friends. It’s better to stay home and only meet those that are close family members.

Mars squaring Pluto could mean a potential conflict either with your family members or group of friends. Make sure to use this time for the benefit of majority of your friends.

Just do it

Mars Transits and Soft Aspects (sextile, trine etc)

As Mars sextiles Sun it will increase your desire to accomplish multiple things today. This is the right time to collaborate with friends or family members on a project. Surprisingly, you might get to know them better without trying too hard.

When Mars sextiles Moon it will increase your emotional drive and you might want to spend this extra time with friends and family. It is recommended to engage in physical activity like sports or games during this transit.

When Mars sextiles Mercury, it improves your ability to relate with both friends and colleagues. Your decision to spend your time and energy wisely will definitely pay off and will bring unforgettable memories to those dear to you.

As Mars sextiles Venus it will give you unexplainable level of happiness. It is recommended to use this time to enjoy your friends’ company by partying all night long. Do not withhold yourself from sharing your festive mood to others.

When Mars sextiles Mars it will give you increased energy that you can use in outdoor activities. You may also engage in activities that are both worry-free and pleasant with friends and relatives.

When Mars sextiles Jupiter, make use of this transit to step out and enjoy nature. You might also feel that works become easier. By engaging in a health-related activity will make you feel more relaxed.

As Mars sextiles Saturn you must take the important things in your life more seriously. It’s also important not to engage in trivial activities because it will either be stressful or harmful.

When Mars sextiles Uranus it will increased your interest to find a new friend or do something with either a neighbour or relative that you haven’t been with for a long time. Take note too that this transit might bring you a new person to enter your life.

When Mars sextiles Neptune, you will feel more relaxed and in tuned with your needs and the needs of your loved ones. It is also during this transit where sympathy and understanding for loved ones will be heightened. Don’t be surprised in the event that a lot of people approach you for help.

As Mars sextiles Pluto, it will supply you with energy that can be applied either at work or by accomplishing your career goals. Take advantage of this time to work in a group of close associates.




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