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The horoscope is a map of the zodiac circle which contains the 12 signs from Aries through to Pisces and which is usually drawn for the time of the birth of an individual. The horoscope is a fractalic representation here on earth of what is happening celestially and includes the positions of the planets, the background stars and in some cases, the asteroids.

The ecliptic is that circle which contains the 12 signs and if you look at the very center of the circle or map, we place the earth or rather the locality of the birth of the individual in that spot. We then draw the four cardinal angles or points of the horoscope which are primarily east, west, south and north. These become the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house points of the horoscope map. The first point is known as the ascendant or rising sign. The 7th house point in the West is called the descendant, with the northern angular point or 4th house being alternatively referred to as the Nadir. The southern or 10th angle is alternatively called the Midheaven or Medium Coeli and is also referred to as the MC.

The line from east to west is known as the equator. This divides the circle into two hemispheres with the planets in the upper part or southern hemisphere being visible planets while planets in the northern hemisphere are invisible.

These four points are particularly important in astrology with the east-west line and the north-south line intersecting to create what is known as a Grand Cardinal Cross. These four quadrants of the horoscope and two hemispheres relate a great deal much to the general pattern of personality types.

These four quarters of the circle which are a 90° arc are further divided into three distinct segments of 30° which then make up 12 individual “slices-of-the-celestial-pie” known as the 12 signs of the zodiac.

These divisions of the circle and the zodiac/horoscope also represent the four seasons. This relates specifically to the character of the individual.

Directions of the horoscope

By taking a quick glance at the horoscope we can gain a snapshot by studying where the majority of planets are in each of these quadrants. This is like a preliminary analysis before diving into the hard core study of the planets, aspects etc.

  1. Spring is represented by quadrant 1 and if the majority of planets are found in this part of the horoscope the person is as youthful as nature’s spring represents the budding of new life. Social activities and friendships will feature strongly in the individual’s affairs.
  2. Summer is represented by quadrant 2 and if the bulk of planets are found here the individual works hard to achieve considerable success in the second half of life. This second quadrant represents the maturing of an individual.
  3. Autumn is indicated by quadrant 3 and those who were born with the majority of planets in this segment usually have a rise in life in their mid-years. The earlier part of life is shown to be beset with some difficulties or a nonchalant attitude according to some astrologers.
  4. Winter is represented by quadrant 4 and those having a majority of planets in this quadrant have a more philosophical viewpoint. This ties in with the latter part of life. Their motivations are not purely material.

There may be a preponderance of planets in the upper or lower hemisphere. It is found that if in the horoscope there is a dominance of planets in the upper part, it reflects the fact that the individual has a drive for success and achievement in life. These individuals are motivated and opportunities seem to present themselves rather easily. They have exhibit a great deal of personal expression.

An individual, however, who is born with the bulk of planets in the lower hemisphere has many latent aspects to his or her personality but finding the opportunities or making the break might not come easily. Success may be more difficult for them.

If the planets are placed in the angular positions, i.e. the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses they are said to be in the foreground and endow the planet and also the houses that those planets rule, with considerable strength. The life affairs of those houses or sectors will flourish.

Around the circle of the horoscope the 12 signs of the zodiac each occupy 30°. Depending on the locality on the earth, a particular sign of the zodiac will be rising or found to be on the point directly east and this is known as the ascendant. That sign becomes the first in the sequence with the eleven subsequent signs following in order as below

Horoscope wheel example

Each of these 12 signs that assumes a prominent role in the affairs of the individual depending on where they fall on the horoscope wheel. To find out more information about the horoscope, zodiac and planets click on these links.

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