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About Us

About launched in March of 2001 and is a digital channel of high-quality astrology, esoteric and new lifestyle entertainment providing content for the internet, globally yet focused primarily on Australia, the United States and Europe. has slowly grown its global audience having to reach tens of millions of visitors and subscribers in that time.

As busy people struggle, increasingly, to decipher the meaning of their lives, the practice of astrology, self-awareness, meditation, yoga, esoterica and divination have become extremely popular. The digital world is beginning to witness an upswing in this genre of entertainment.

By consolidating a fragmented “new age” industry, locally and globally, addresses the needs of online visitors and consumers and offers self-transformative information/programming services via digital media. endeavours to enrich and enlighten humanity through its networks, as well as through its diversification of unique products and services. plans to build brand equity by providing superior online, on-demand services worldwide via a multi-digital strategy. is focused and committed to creating a global, digital network service through which esoteric wisdom, technologies and entertainment may be accessed by worldwide audiences. The focus of is clear and simple: Quality astrological, spiritual and metaphysical insights to accelerate spiritual growth, understanding, love and wisdom.

With a 16-year track record which includes professional media connections, provision of online and offline publishing, corporate and personal clientele as well as a host of live and virtual products, is primarily focused on quality service to its worldwide visitors and customers.

The principal aim of is self-empowerment.


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