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July 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

Here’s July 2022 Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius…

Jul 5, 2022 (Jul 3, 2022 to Aug 20, 2022) Mar 6th H.

Mars, the planet that never sits still, says that big changes are coming on the job and in your everyday world. You are about to experience new enthusiasm in the work place. Your desire to work will be stronger than it has been in many, many months. Now you may show intolerance for laziness and drive yourself and others harder than ever. You may now even become something of a perfectionist. Your stars say, do consider the details, do not be too picky. If your job has been driving you crazy, it may be a wise idea to quit before things become worse. Be careful with any machinery. Don’t loose your temper or get angry because of limitations that have been placed upon you. Find an appropriate outlet for your energy. If you find that your energy is becoming depleted, you know that you are over-extending yourself and that its time to cut back. Romantically speaking, it is time to learn new sexual styles, techniques, and scenarios. One of your most exciting fantasies is about to be fulfilled.

Jul 5, 2022 (Jul 4, 2022 to Jul 19, 2022) Mer 8th H.

It’s a great time of the year for you to make a few quick changes in your private life. Take a look at recent work in human sexual behavior. Think about new ways to achieve true sexual satisfaction. Talk more about psychological motivations. Enjoy a few good laughs about intimate subjects. Enjoy more dialogue in the boudoir. Study and learn more metaphysical subjects. Distinguish yourself by carefully planning your next close encounter of the intimate kind. Right now you can accomplish something really great by paying attention to psychological factors. Conversation will lead to intimacy. A merging of the minds is in the stars for you. Penetrate some mysteries. Discover some secrets. Make a record of your ideas. Save them and allow them to gather interest.


Jul 17, 2022 2 PM (Jul 16, 2022 to Jul 19, 2022) Mar Qucnx Sun

Competition heats up. Exercise extra caution with fire, machinery and sharp objects. A furious conflict is possible. Protect against quarrel or injury. Channel impulsiveness. Take another look at your body. Make plans to renew your strength. Be patient and be persevering. Adjust, become resolute to identify and pursue your chief purpose in life. An oblique path leads to your true desires. Express yourself through positive action.

Jul 17, 2022 (Jul 1, 2022 to Aug 25, 2022) Jup Trine Sun

You will be meeting more wealthy people, healthy people and people higher up the social ladder than yourself. It is a good time for you to restore your health. With just a little bit of honest effort you can now attract more wealth, fame and power.

Your creative power is very strong now. Splendid opportunities are within your reach. Money matters and travel go well now. Get up and go for them. It’s a great time for a vacation, especially one that features outdoor activities. Also, your sense of humor is being brought into prominence.

Jul 18, 2022 (Jul 17, 2022 to Aug 11, 2022) Ven 8th H.

You’re cycling through a period where you can enjoy more give and take with people. It’s a great time to cultivate intimacy and financial support. Conditions are ideal for you to improve your love life by purchasing and wearing more provocative bed clothing. Enjoy more fine times in the boudoir. Explore the idea of two souls as one. With a little extra effort you can attract more financial support, especially through partnerships and marriage. Now more than any other time you will be inclined to indulge your sensuous side.

Jul 19, 2022 (Jul 19, 2022 to Aug 4, 2022) Mer 9th H.

It’s a great time of year for you to give yourself a quick attitude adjustment. Take another look at justice and propaganda. Think about new ways to communicate. Give your mind at change of scenery. Talk more about international people, places and things. Enjoy a few laughs about the big picture. Enjoy more dialogue in foreign languages. Study and learn more world history and geography. Distinguish yourself by making tangible plans to continue your education. Right now you can accomplish something really great by carefully paying attention to the big picture. It is time for you to tune into a new communications network. Subscribe to some foreign magazines. See some international films. Broaden your mind by assimilating some diverse information.

Jul 22, 2022 (Jul 21, 2022 to Aug 23, 2022) Sun 9th H.

Perfect stellar conditions are encouraging you to cultivate new levels of self-esteem by giving yourself a change of scenery. Especially over the next four weeks you will be defined by your spirit of adventure. Start with some promotional efforts on your own behalf then you can now get recognition. You can have more fun by casting a new light on international people, places and things. For example, play with the world of imports and exports.

Spruce up your immediate environment. Get together with the neighbors. Make plans to spruce up your local park. Pick up some litter. Plant a tree. Install a public trash can. See what you can do to make recycling and ecology more than just mere words. Find an arena where you can lead in promoting any environmental protection that is in sync with your views.

Jul 23, 2022 4 PM (Jul 23, 2022 to Jul 24, 2022) Mer Trine Sun

Communication flows well. A highly mutual agreement can be made. Travel is favored. Organization and negotiation brings favorable agreements. Your presentations are good. Intellectual work is well received.

Catch up on paperwork. Return those messages. Be available to receive phone calls.

Jul 25, 2022 3 AM (Jul 24, 2022 to Jul 26, 2022) Ven Qucnx Sun

The road to short term pleasure may have taken you off your life’s track. You’re ready for a healthier taste of the high life. Your body electric needs a recharge. Your magnetic force needs to be realigned. A good massage could be in order.

Jul 31, 2022 6 PM (Jul 30, 2022 to Aug 1, 2022) Sun Trine Sun

If your have an audience, cater to them now. People are extra receptive to you for a few days.

Go with the flow. Be creative. You’re feeling extra exuberant and in the mood for fun. If you’ve earned it, take a day off and enjoy some top notch professional entertainment.