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How can Astrology help me?

Astrology is a tool of self-help which reveals many aspects of your character and destiny. Many people ask the question ‘how can astrology help me? ’ or ‘what is the practical use of astrology in my life?’. These are all reasonable questions but unfortunately, over time astrology has lost its way and has become a fragmented discipline upon which there is very little consensus.

There’s the eastern form of astrology called Vedic astrology using a sidereal method of adjusting the planetary positions and then there is the tropical or Western form of astrology. There are different house systems as well or what are methods by which a ‘surreal estate’ is divided up; and then, of course, there are different branches within all of those variations- humanistic, spiritual, practical, mundane, horary, and so on and so forth. If medicine or any of the other trusted sciences today was still languishing in the mediaeval ages as astrology seems to be, most of us wouldn’t take that knowledge seriously.

No wonder astrology has become the butt of a lot of jokes of so-called science and sceptics. By the same token, the sceptics fail to realise that way back in antiquity astrology was indeed the foundation for much of the modern astronomical body of celestial information we now have. The fact that astrology hasn’t yet come of age doesn’t mean there is no scientific basis to it and there are now different studies pointed to the fact that our biology is obviously linked to the stars.

Leaving aside these contentious issues what are the practical ways in which astrology can help you understand yourself and improve the circumstances of your life?

Understanding yourself is a noble activity which can help elevate you by improving your self-esteem, pointing out weaknesses of character, bad habits etc that need to be eliminated in your life. Looking at your horoscope is an excellent way of doing this. It gives you the capacity to objectify what are often subjective views of yourself.

Rather than trying to grapple with internal psychological processes that may be difficult to pinpoint, the horoscope can identify one by one, those areas which are likely to be a problem, the causes and useful methods by which you can start to improve and heal especially if you’ve suffered traumas in the earlier part of your life.

Astrology is based upon timing

SHRINKING-TIMELINE Understanding your life and biological cycles is paramount to understanding when to push forward but also when to pull back in life. Timing is everything especially if you’re talking about success. Using systems of transits, progressions, lunations and solar and other planetary returns you’re able to practically pinpoint when certain events are likely to happen and plan accordingly.

The problem with most people is that they lack any sort of planning and so when their lives and up in a mess they wonder why they find themselves in a ditch continuing to dig. Through astrology, even knowing those difficult times that overcome, you can prepare yourself effectively create a buffer. It may not stop those events from happening but at least you’ll be in a better position to tackle those problems having known beforehand what was coming.

Through studying your horoscope you are able to see the relationships that are likely to be formed and how those relationships will be negotiated. If you’re asking yourself ‘how can astrology help me?’ You have to agree that if you can get a better handle on your relationships, your love life and how to understand the people that your most intimate with, then that in itself is a great help, is it not?

For example, in your horoscope, the fifth house relates to your children and lovers, the seventh house to your spouse or partner, the sixth house your workmates, the 10th house your employer and the 11th house friends and other social characters that you may be involved with.

By understanding the ruling planets of these areas and how they interact with the ruling planet of the chart, that planet that rule you at the moment you are born, you can get a fairly good idea about how those relationships will fare.

If the planets in question are at a right angle or 90°, or at 135° or 150° or even 180° then these are considered troublesome aspects and challenging to say the least. It doesn’t mean that relationship is reflected in these planetary aspects are doomed to failure but the point astrology makes is that my understanding where those relationships are likely to fall down you are better equipped to deal with those issues and to minimise the damage.

There is a branch of astrology known as horary astrology and it is used to answer specific questions at specific times. This range of astrology’s underrated but is extremely useful and doesn’t even require the birth data of the person asking the question.

Astrology proposes the idea that what is happening in the heavens is serendipitously happening here on planet earth. You can regard this moment as a fractal of the total cosmic happening and therefore as the old adage goes ‘As above so below’, describes all aspects of the question or problem at hand.


Astrocartography is the study of localities on planet earth and how different planets affect the geological and latitudinal coordinates of that place. By overlaying your horoscope in the planetary positions at the time of birth against different cities or regions you gain insight into where best to live and what sorts of influences and experiences you can expect by travelling or even residing in those localities.

Mundane Astrology

Mundane astrology is useful in political and geographical/meteorological contexts. Astrology is not only about the individual but also about the collective and as we move closer to the anticipated grand awakening of humanity by the rise of the age of Aquarius, our social conscience and sense of connectedness to our fellow man will become all that more important.

Understanding the political implications of our communities, cities and countries is important and astrology has long been used as a system to determine the outcome of elections, wars and other geopolitical strategies. Historically it’s now well-known fact that even the Second World War was fought using astrologers on both sides of the fence.


BIORHYTHM-COMPATIBILITYSynastry is the study of relationships and by looking at the horoscopes of two people astrology can give you a fairly clear insight into how well they will get on.

Aspects of mentality, communication, emotional compatibility, sexual pleasure, faithfulness, likelihood of children and success as a couple all taken into account when studying the compatibility rating. Cultures like India, have long used sophisticated astrological principles of matching two people and surprisingly the success rate of qualified astrologers is very high.

Spiritual awareness and karmic insights

Spiritual awareness and karmic insights are specialty of astrology and can give you clear guidelines as to what stage of evolution you are at. Through studying the nodes, the ninth and 12th houses, Saturn and the Moon, your past life and the experiences you had in that life, help shape who you are and can help you clearly understand why you are here. The aggregate of karma is from your past life is in a sense the tail of a comet, constantly chasing the comet.

Karma is very much like that. Whatever actions you performed in your previous life have consequences and now in this life you need to balance the equation very much like an accountant balances the financial books. Through the use of astrology you can see what your lapses were, what your strengths were and through that understanding will be better able to handle the challenges of this life.

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