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April 2024 Monthly Horoscope for Libra

Here’s your April 2024 Monthly Horoscope for Libra…

Mar 28, 2024 (Mar 23, 2024 to Apr 2, 2024) Jup Qucnx Sun

Carefully assess the cost of your actions and decisions at this time, as you are prone to be overconfident, inflated, or foolishly optimistic. Investments, sales, or financial decisions are best postponed for a more favorable time. You can be wasteful or overlook crucial details that will come as a sobering surprise later on.

Weight gain and/or sluggishness due to overindulgence also need to be guarded against.


Apr 5, 2024 10 PM(Apr 4, 2024 to Apr 6, 2024) Sun Oppos Sun

This is a time to get others’ opinions and feedback about yourself and what you are doing. Relationships of all types are activated now and cooperation, compromise, and adjustments to others’ viewpoints are key issues that require your attention. You may come into contact with a person who is especially creative or influential in your life.

Apr 12, 2024 (Apr 11, 2024 to June 8, 2024) Mars 6th H.

You are fired up at work and aim to accomplish a lot, but friction may arise with your co-workers if you are too impatient and pushy. You are not much of a team player right now and it would be better if you could work on your own.

This is also an excellent time to begin a health regimen or vigorous exercise program, but be certain not to overexert yourself.

Apr 13, 2024 9 AM(Apr 12, 2024 to Apr 14, 2024) Mars Qucnx Sun

Accidents including burns or cuts are possible now, mostly through your own rashness, headstrong behavior, or over-heated foolishness. You are apt to feel aggravated but unable to pinpoint the cause or reach a clear-cut solution. Circumstances may prohibit the direct action you would like to take. Beware of venting your tension on children or subordinates.

Apr 18, 2024 3 PM(Apr 18, 2024 to Apr 19, 2024) Ven Oppos Sun

You feel quite loving and warm, with a desire to give and receive affection and appreciation. Also, your desire for beauty stimulates your creativity. If you are artistic, your work will be particularly inspired now. Indulging in your desire for beauty or luxury is likely at this time.

Apr 19, 2024 (Apr 18, 2024 to May 22, 2024) Sun 7th H.

Partnerships, marriage, and your close one-to-one relationships engage much of your attention now and you are called upon to cooperate and perhaps to relinquish some of your own personal interests for the sake of harmony and mutual benefit. The emphasis is on “we” rather than “me”. You will not wish to go it alone and will seek the companionship and counsel of others.

If you are having difficulties in some area of your life, now is the time to seek the advice of a counselor or consultant, someone with an objective point of view.

Apr 26, 2024 (Apr 24, 2024 to Sep 5, 2024) Sat 6th H.

Work may seem like a terrible grind at this time. Tedious drudgery, inhospitable working conditions, or simply taking care of the inescapable but dull requirements of your work are likely to take precedence now. It’s a time of duty before pleasure.

Watch your health carefully now, as overwork, poor habits, or accumulated stress may force you to cut back and take better care of your body.

Apr 29, 2024 (Apr 28, 2024 to May 25, 2024) Ven 7th H.

This is a very favorable time for meeting people, particularly potential friends or romantic partners. You are feeling especially open-hearted and will find that others are very receptive to your friendly overtures. You want companionship and affection very much at this time and will not want to go it alone. If you are married, the love and attention you give to your mate will make your relationship much smoother and happier.

Apr 30, 2024 (Apr 20, 2024 to May 13, 2024) Sat Qucnx Sun

This time period is characterized by feelings of being restricted, blocked, or delayed, and great patience and endurance will be required of you. An increased concern about aging, the passage of time, and the limitations of your body make you more serious and more earnest about doing what is important and essential. You may have less energy or a health challenge at this time which forces you to choose what is really important to you. An older person, mentor, or parental authority figure may disappoint you or be particularly harsh and demanding. In your own role as parent or boss, you may well be seen as an ogre or tyrant (and for good reason)! In other ways, this is apt to be a dry spell for you, and a sense of meaninglessness or struggling oppresses you. This is a good time to reassess how you are living your life and begin to realize yourself and your true purpose and joy in life.

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