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April 2021 Monthly Horoscope for Libra

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Libra April 2021 video Forecast Transcript

Libra, it’s April 2021 Dadhichi. Here, I’m taking a look at your horoscope. This is the symbol for Libra here, the scales of justice. And you’re going to need some balance.

This month, I think, as shown, I’m going to activate this as shown by the placement of your ruler, Venus, and The Sun in this seventh house of relationships, receiving a nice aspect from The Moon as the career planet, but it’s the planet of General Affairs. And this is somewhat troublesome because when your ruling blenders under The Sun sunbeams. It can indicate health problems relating to your partner. And if it’s not physical health is a, maybe a lapse in communication. Mercury sneaking into that seventh house of yours is going “Hey, truce, the flag of surrender communication!” It’s a friendly planet for you.