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Aries Zodiac Sign: March 21 – April 19

What Does Astrology Reveal About Your Aries Personality

Symbol: Ram

Aries Date: March 21 – April 19

Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

Zodiac Quality: Cardinal

Birthstones: Red Coral, Carnelian, Pearl, Yellow Sapphire, Golden Topaz, Garnet

Aries are definitely glass half full people and they prefer the glass to be of their own choosing. Following is not in their nature and they like to be right up front where they can see what’s ahead. They take the initiative and don’t like someone challenging them once they have an idea.

Being a fire sign means you are energetic, so you want to go out there and change the world with no half-measures in sight. This can come across as arrogant, but it is only because you have incredible confidence in your ability to get things done. You don’t like being told what to do.

Aries, take a bow! You’re the first sign of the zodiac so it shouldn’t come as any surprise then that you’re a born leader. You shine brightly, taking the initiative in everything you do, and people see that in you immediately. There are no half-measures with you.

Aries may possibly come across as being too assertive, but only to people who don’t understand their drive and ambition. This is in part because Aries has an innate sense of their own ability and possess a self-confidence that others may envy.

Aries are not always tactful in the way they handle other people and may not even be aware that others are a little more sensitive and slower to grasp a concept than them. In a team environment this may even become more pronounced and cause waves but Aries will always keep their eye on the target and sometimes just carry everyone else along with their idea

Aries are happiest when they are doing what really appeals to them, whether it’s in their personal life or business. It may take an Aries person a long time to find their one true love as they expect them to be a lot like themselves, even though this may cause clashes. Aries will rarely choose someone from the slow lane of life as that person will get left behind in the dust as Aries rushes to tick off another job well done on their never ending list of “things to do before I die”.

Your freedom-loving spirit means you like having space to get on with your work on your own terms. This can make it hard for you to be at your best in a team environment; some people misinterpret your energy and focus as insensitivity, even rudeness. You could try to make an effort, when you are working in a group, to let your co-workers see your unselfish and non-egotistical side.

You always prefer to get on with the job rather than to sitting around waiting for something to happen. This means that you are a little impatient with people who work at a slower pace. You can counteract this by remembering to relax and allowing some give and take with others—this will be an important challenge and life lesson for you.

You are impulsive yet will come up with all sorts of brilliant ideas. Occasionally, however, you will get things wrong, too. Luckily, you aren’t afraid of making mistakes and learning your life lessons the hard way. (There’s the Aries’ fearlessness kicking in again!) All these traits reflect tons of energy, enthusiasm, and confidence, but you are also misunderstood by others. Some will say you are tactless and indifferent when they offer you advice. From your point of view, it’s a matter of remembering that not everyone is as quick-witted and capable as you. Just be aware that you need to be gentle and patient when dealing with weakness or slowness in others.

It would be a good idea to pay more attention to detail, rather than just focusing on the big picture, which is what you instinctively do. This would help bring out your talents. Try to accommodate the different types of people you deal with. If you can learn to balance your patience and sensitivity with your courage and determination, you will discover your life can be magically transformed and spiritualised. In this life, you are destined to take on a leadership position.

Remember that, while you are tackling your responsibilities, you are also setting an example for others.

If you can tap into the gentler and cooler side of your character, it will temper your passion and energy superbly, and you will be much loved and looked up to by family, friends and work associates.

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The Aries Personality and Influences

Key life phraseI am
Zodiac totemThe Ram
Zodiac symbolAs above
Zodiac factsFirst sign of the zodiac; movable, hot and dry
Zodiac elementFire
Key characteristicsDetermined, fiery, executive skills, born leader, impulsive, headstrong, opinionated, loyal, physical, driven and ambitious
Compatible star signsLeo, Taurus, Sagittarius and Gemini
Mismatched signsCancer, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn
Ruling planetMars
Love planetsSun and Venus
Finance planetVenus
Speculation planetSun
Career planetsSaturn, Mercury
Spiritual and karmic planetsJupiter and Sun
Friendship planetUranus
Destiny planetSun
Lucky numbers and significant years9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46 3, 12, 21, 30, 48, 57
Lucky gemsRed coral, carnelian, pearl, yellow sapphire, golden topaz and garnet
Lucky fragrancesRose, ylang ylang, jasmine, rosemary, pine, clary sage
Affirmation – mantraI am the best yet I am humble
Lucky daysMonday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

Aries Profile


Your zodiac birth sign of Aries represents new beginnings, the commencement of things, youth and exuberant energy, which is why Aries-born individuals are always so full of spirit and such high energy levels. You are a warm and endearing individual.

The fire signs under which you were born are creative and therefore you are creatively energised by this astrological element. You want creativity to be a part of your life and because of this, you’re not just a spectator but you’re totally involved in all of the life’s affairs.

You have incredible self-confidence, power, and zeal. This also makes you very strong in your opinions and some might equate this with having an extremely large ego, which you probably wouldn’t deny, would you now, Aries?

Speed is your middle name. You love living on the edge and you want your life to be exciting. The Aries experience of life is actually quite thrilling. You hate boredom and want to spend your life with others who are equally as energetic as yourself.

One of the famous Aries traits is courage and in the face of adversity, you’re able to rise to the occasion, never shrinking or pulling back, Sometimes, however, you do tempt fate and may compromise your safety and personal security. You do tend to be reactive in situations so there’s a need to curb your hair-trigger temperament.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Don’t provoke others and try to be a little more patient.

The Aries temperament is irritable and because you want fast results, you sometimes compromise tolerance and this will be one of your bigger lessons in life. Forbearance, and being patient with others.

You are inspirational and aspire to be number one. You want to be the best and work well under adverse situations. Others look up to you. When people get to know you a little more intimately that they see your insistent and sizzling exterior of yours is only a part of your more sensitive character and that behind your daring persona rests a warm and caring spirit.

Those who know you best will confirm that although you do tend to have a big ego, you are most definitely a generous and loving individual whom they treasure as a friend. This is because you have the knack of making up for your imperfections by being so passionate and exciting in everything you do.

You need to be in control of your situation and resent others pushing you around. You must never take well-meaning advice as a challenge to you.

Remember, Aries – you can always learn something from others, even if you don’t at first see the sense or logic behind it.

You’re capable of sharing your great ideas with others and should never shy away from teamwork. You can help others to become better at what they do through your own leading example. Part of this example involves reaching for the sky and attempting goals which others would never dream of. This is definitely your specialty. You are an adventurer, an explorer and someone who hates treading the beaten path.

You go for your goals and give 100% of yourself in doing so. Sometimes your style is a little tense and hard-nosed but people who know you soon learn that if they want to be part of the Aries company, they have to keep up. Your motto to them is, “If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, get out!”



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Aries Cusps

Are you a cusp baby?


Aries - Pisces cusp

The intensity, fire, and drive of your typical Aries Sun sign is significantly softened by the Piscean influence. This means that if you’re born in the first week or so of Aries ie between the 21st and the 28th of March, you are called a cusp baby and will be influenced not only by Mars and Aries but also by Jupiter, Neptune and the sign that they rule, namely Pisces.

Pisces is a compassionate and loving sign and your heart will reach out to others to share the pain and suffering of your fellow man. Turning others away, no matter how needy, is not on your agenda and that is why you are so loved by friends and family alike.

There is a danger that you out too impulsive in giving your assistance to others and will often kick yourself when that advantage is taken too far. You realize afterwards that you are an easy target and people do indeed take you for a ride. This will of course, make you very angry once you understand what a fool you have been.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Try to assess the character and motives of others more carefully before quickly giving over your time, money or your heart.

There may be a difficulty in choosing between your head and your heart at times. Making decisions may not always be easy as you eventually get it that jumping the gun has caused you to make errors of judgment. But although you need to hold back at times you do run the risk of becoming a procrastinator by swinging too far in the opposite direction.

Try to balance your emotional and mental assessment problems, people and your life direction. Eventually, you’ll find the perfect balance between head and heart.

The lesson you need to learn in life:

An important life lesson for you will be to trust in the process of life and not get too caught up in the decision-making process itself. Get your facts, get some feedback from those you trust even those who are perhaps professionals and then make a decision.

Once this is done however you must let go and let life determine the outcome.

Aries - Taurus cusp

You are born at the tail end of Aries if your birthday is between the 13th and 20th April and will therefore exhibit many traits of the bull of Taurus rather than the ram of Aries.

Dependable, sometimes a stubborn but always loving your combined Sun sign of Aries and Taurus makes you a very reliable character indeed. You have a tenacity coupled with a creative enterprise that can make you a very successful person not just in your professional endeavours but your personal affairs as well. You’re always loyal to a tee and this you take from both Sun signs.

Taurus born individuals are very security conscious so you will always make an effort to ensure that your future financial circumstances are comfortable and will leave very little to chance. Because you have such a high level of Aries energy your industriousness along with your tenacity and dependability make you an awesome force to be dealt with.

You will always have money and even if in the early stages of your life you are not super wealthy, you will slowly but surely grow and their stake which will hold you in good stead later in your life.

The lesson you need to learn in life:

One life lesson that you must heed is that of flexibility. You will run into many difficulties if you hold on to your position to strongly in the face of good advice. You must learn when to let go when change is necessary and most importantly when you are wrong. By lending your ego get the better of you will suffer setbacks in your personal relationships.

Astrologer’s note:


is one of the important keywords are those of you born in this Aries and Taurus cuspal time of the year.

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The Three Types of Aries


Although each zodiac sign occupies a space of 30° in the Zodiac covering one month of the year, each of those signs can be further divided into 3 segments of 10° each. By looking more carefully at the statements which are called decans, where are able to refine our reading of each of the zodiac signs. Take a look now at where your birthdate sits and how other star signs of the same element influence your character and destiny.

March 21 - 30

If you’re an Aries born between the 21st and the 30th of March, Mars doubly rules and controls your destiny. You are full of fire and, on many occasions, brimstone. Power, vitality and high level of energy mark you out from others. You need to work out, get heavily involved with sports and other physical activities which will give you an adequate outlet. You are a great leader and often challenge the status quo because you believe that things can be done better than what they are. This can, however, put you at odds with others and make you a target for enemies. Although you are fearless, you may sometimes need to temper your opinions to fit in with the more conservative crowd.

March 31 - April 10

Being born between the 31st of March and the 10th of April makes you proud, loyal and sometimes inflexible in your opinions. You have a very strong idea about how life should be lived and you’re not prepared to make concessions to others. You are, however, very charming and love to stand out in the crowd. The way you dress, your appearance and your reputation are extremely important to you. You are also very competitive and this aspect of your nature can also, like the first group of Aries just mentioned, make you a target for those who become envious of your successful and unique life. You may need to employ a little humility to smooth out some of the more difficult relationships in your life.

April 11 - 19

If you were born between the 11th and the 19th of April means that you have a broad mind and a full and open heart. This gives you spiritual as well as material ambitions and you will look at life differently to most Aries, indeed most people generally. The thrill or traveling and the excitement of exploring the world and different cultures means that you’ll be plugged into news, current affairs and other topics that give you a deeper understanding of the world that you live in. Progress and expanding your mind, educating yourself and sharing noble ideas with others will make you happy and fulfilled. You certainly have something to teach others and this will be an important component of your destiny.

Aries Man ♂

SNAPSHOT: Resolute, Physically vital, Egotistical, Leadership prowess, Intimidating competitor


Aries men really strut their stuff and nobody in their near vicinity will be in any doubt about who is in charge. There can be misunderstandings from others simply because the Aries male comes across as arrogant, and they can be, but they also have a very good idea what it is all about.

Standing up for the underdog is one of the Aries male traits and they will really go into battle if it involves their principles. The courage of the Aries male is without comparison and they are a natural leader, rising up through the ranks in no time at all.

Your innate leadership blossoms in a professional context, ordaining you to touch the stars in a short span of time. Attribute your climb up the professional ladder to your unique combination of excellence and lack of patience. When you take the helm, you demand full allegiance from those around you and reciprocate this loyalty by helping them achieve their ambitions as well.

Your sexual energies are also reflective of your intrinsic nature’dominating and demanding. The section on compatibility ratings will lend greater insight into this part of your nature. In short, you are as unforgiving and demanding in sex as you are in your career. This sexual drive, when unfulfilled, transforms into acute frustration, and it has devastating consequences for those around you.

It’s is well known that the Aries male responds to threat or being cornered by going into attack mode. Unfortunately, the less evolved male may display a lack of self-control, causing colossal emotional uproar and physical violence.

In the more evolved Aries, this physical and retaliatory attitude may not be as prevalent. Nevertheless, the Aries male strives to win under any circumstance.

You don’t mince words, Aries. A spade is a spade, even at the cost of hurting someone else’s feelings. This doesn’t particularly bother you. You detest carrying residues of the past. You can be ruthless with words, and this is often not appreciated. At the same time, everyone remains intensely aware of their place in your life, so there is no ambiguity on that.

Your unrelenting drive in pursuing your goals brings out the callous part of you, ready to crush any opponent who dares to get in your way. Wielding the Martian powers of your ruling planet, you overtake any competitor without taking any prisoners. Your adversaries should be warned about this personality streak within you.

Aries Woman ♀

SNAPSHOT: Independent, Ambitious, Creative, Protective of family and friends, Impatient


The Aries woman stands out for her physical appearance as she likes to keep herself fit and well-groomed. Your health is important to you and you work hard to maintain a level that is pleasing to you. 

You think and move fast and at times leave others in your wake as you charge off to the next appointment or gym session. Your work colleagues and loved ones will be in no doubt about your feelings for or against them. Some men may find you intimidating, and rightly so, but you figure that is their problem not yours.

Your style of dress is elegant, luxurious but never flashy. It is not about drawing attention to yourself with glitz and glamour but more about the way you feel; sophisticated and in charge of your life. Sensual fabrics and colours such as rose, maroon and red are a great choice for you.

Your creativity knows no bounds, and you have the ability to bring forth results even under pressure. You are so driven that you leave no stone unturned to accomplish the task at hand. In short, the moment you are assigned a job, others consider it done. The world marvels at your inimitable flair for not just completing a task, but also maintaining a high standard of professionalism. It is for this reason that some Aries women burn the candle at both ends, so you must know when to slow the tempo.

You have a tendency to be highly opinionated, which is why people sometimes view you as entirely black or white. It’s not because you don’t listen to others; blame it on overconfidence in your judgment. You seldom find yourself battling boredom because you’ve got a multitude of exciting things planned at all times. This is why the Aries woman is usually successful and respected, and why she can carry responsibility and accountability with immense aplomb.

Your zest and fervour for life can be overpowering for friends. Their intensity doesn’t even come close to yours!

Astrologer’s Advice:

Try to tone it down for those whose confidence may not be as high as yours.

Your words are sharp and your communication is transparent. It is due to your honesty that people in your life seem to know their place. Integrity is the key word for the Aries woman, and even though people don’t always like you, they laid their absolute belief in what you say. Once you commit to a task, you ensure you pull it through. However, your impatience for getting a task done quickly may rub others the wrong way. You must learn to curb your impulsiveness when things don’t go exactly as planned.

You won’t have to chase success, Aries because it’s a given with your highly ambitious streak. Even if you choose to be a homemaker and tend to your husband and children, you will be driven by the same tendency to give nothing short of your best. You wield skill and excel at being an ace mother and homemaker.

To offset some of the tension you experience under your star sign, physical exercise is essential. Not only will it make you look and feel rejuvenated, it would also have a calming effect on your mind and emotions, enabling you to channel your energies correctly. An active body is one of the surest ways to ease the physical and internal stress that your fast-paced mind and lifestyle impose on you.

Expect turbulence in friendships, especially if you end up associating with personalities who are just as headstrong as you. You’ll need to make compromises because you hate taking a back seat in any relationship.

You have no qualms about soaking in luxury, and you revel in the pleasures of life. Strong colours, especially red, maroon and pink, uplift your spirits. Having said that, just being an Aries woman is a statement in itself!

Aries Child

Children of the Zodiac - Aries

There are several words to describe an Aries child, not the least of which are warm, curious, lovable and energetic. And then there are other words such as demanding, impatient, and forthright.

Demanding – the defining word to describe the little Aries child. Other words that equally list out their key attributes include – inquisitive, affectionate, endearing and full of life. Putting words aside, the true test lies in the parental skill that raises these little rascals into fine, well-groomed adults.

The Aries child is a challenge but life with them is so rewarding. They are perpetual motion, whether it be their constant movement or their chatter they are never boring to be with. They are always on the lookout for something new, somewhere to go and another place to explore.

The parent of an Aries child can be forgiven for asking “just who is in charge here?”. They may not like the answer either as it probably won’t be the adult. These children are relentlessly on the move and can quite unexpectedly stop in the middle of what they are doing and give you the most affectionate cuddle.

ARIES CHILDYour Aries child is remarkably curious whose persistence on the how, why and where of this world can drive you up the wall. They’re unrelenting in their incessant demands upon you and make you wonder in amazement whether it’s really you or them running the show! Prudent to set strict guidelines in the early years to make sure your say is respected and you exercise the upper hand. As you know the Aries adult is a natural take-charge person, the same rule applies to the younger counterpart too.

There is no denying the fact that Aries children are incredibly tender at heart. As they grow older, you’ll feel an endearing quality about them which supersedes the challenges of rearing them (or possibly even cursing them when you just can’t seem to contain them!). The Aries child, both male and female, is one of the most demonstrative and affectionate. You’ll get your daily round of cuddles alternating with blatant disregard for what you ask them to do. Parenting will entail one big roller coaster ride!

You must have absolute clarity about your competitive Aries child’s need for sport, fresh air and outdoor activities in bounty, coupled with a balanced diet and adequate rest. They tend to excel in sports where their stamina, strength and their desire to win is challenged best. However, it would be your genius as a parent to teach them the art of good sportsmanship, for it is not in their nature to accept defeat sportingly.

You’ll be surprised at the rich imagination that Aries children are endowed with. Reading them stories tickles their imagination to such degrees where they almost start to believe they’re indeed ‘living’ the story just as they hear the words flow out of your mouth. Be sure to teach them the significance of drawing a line, for in their quest to excel they end up becoming too overpowering for peers around. Your true success as a parent would be to inculcate the art of sharing power in your little one, their most handy lesson for life. MORE ABOUT ARIES CHILD… →»CLICK HERE!«←


astrological portrait of your child is intended to give you insight into your child's unique gifts and challenges.

Aries Lover 💕


When Aries is looking for a lover they will not be checking out the slow lane. They will be looking for a commitment of 110%, physical energy and creativity. That is quite a list for any one person to achieve but Aries do not lower their standards for anyone.

Aries will offer variety, friendship and some very warm loving but don’t ever think that you can get away with an indiscretion. You will be out the door before you can even work out what you did wrong. Truth, no matter how unpalatable it may seem, matters very much to the Aries lover and they will expect no less from their partner.

Passion is one of your trademarks and pretty well expresses who you are, not just in the bedroom but in your life as a whole. There is no use beating about the bush when saying that sex is of primary importance to you, so any partner of Aries will have to get used to this from the outset of a relationship with you.

Over and above this, your marriage and romantic destiny are strongly governed by Venus and Libra, which happen to govern the seventh zone for Aries. This further accentuates your sensuality, sociable nature and aesthetic attitude, especially in your choice of partners. You need someone who is classy, passionate and loving to fulfil your emotional needs.

Aries love to feel they can showcase the person they love to the world and take great pride in their relationships. You’ll attract many partners in your life due to the combined influence of Mars and Venus and will be selective in your choice of ‘the one’. You are attracted to and need to prove your prowess, especially if you are a man and born under this sign.

Part of the thrill for you is ‘the chase’ in love. You love competition as well, so in some ways, the partner who plays hard to get will appeal to you. If someone is competing with you for the hand of that special person you have your eye on, then the stakes are higher and you’ll go the extra mile to prove you are better, more passionate and more appealing than anyone on this planet.

LOVE AND COMPATIBILITY REPORTSUnfortunately, this particular attitude will cause problems for some Aries because the chase turns into an unending series of casual affairs. At the heart of this is your desire to be loved and to prove that you are bigger and better than others. It’s important for you to get in touch with yourself and find your own inner security to make your relationships fulfilling and, more importantly, enduring.

If you have a partner who is vital, spontaneous, loving, and loyal, you reciprocate their love and affection and want to share the adventure of life and sexual intimacy with them well into your old age. You also like to share your social and professional life with the one you choose. You want someone who will get behind you in your work and serve your eager ambitions.

You work long and hard and may often be conspicuously absent from the home scene in trying to achieve your goals and provide for your family. You need someone who understands your motivation for doing so.

Your love is ardent. Just like Vincent van Gogh who, to prove his love to the one he was enamoured by, cut off his ear as a gift to her. Like him, you’re prepared to prove your affection and loyalty to the one to whom you are dedicated.

Another aspect of an Arian in love is your protective instinct. You are imbued with a great amount of courage and never let anything deter you from protecting those you care for. You don’t back down when you think you are right and would even lay down your life for your loved ones.

If you choose to have children your Aries character is just as youthful and playful as theirs. You can relate to kids quite easily, being child-like yourself. Your spouses will often wonder whether you’re not just another one of the kids in the household because you never seem to grow old. You are playful and have a great sense of humour and love to share fun times with your partner. By developing empathy and passion in your intimate relationships, your Aries character will grow and find even greater fulfilment in the realm of love.

Lethargic and torpid candidates need not apply! To put the record straight, a romantic attachment with Aries entails an arduous round-the-clock commitment, with gallons of mindfulness, physical energy, and creative reciprocation. Aries lovers leave no room for meandering. When a partner invests 100 percent in their relationship with you, they naturally expect a life of exhilaration, verve, and love in return. You take this seriously and push your limits to colour life with exuberance and contentment in every possible way.

With Mars ruling your personality and being the driving force behind your birth sign, it stands to reason why sex has such a critical stronghold in your relationships. The words lethargic and torpid in the first paragraph also refer to your lover in the bedroom. Be prepared to witness your relationship crumble if your lover exhibits traits such as these. You need an imaginative lover between the sheets, someone to gratify your smallest sensual yearning and explore your hidden fantasies. Having such a lover will bind the relationship and gratify both of you.

Aries spend their early years playing the field and toying with a multitude of possibilities. They often shy away from the prospect of a new partnership at the cost of being misjudged as shallow or commitment phobic. That’s not altogether true; they like to filter out the wrong choices to get to the right one sooner.

You glorify the love of your life, Aries, and derive immense pride from your relationships. Due to the collective influence of Mars and Venus, you naturally attract many partners but are selective in your choice of the ‘one’. You are also attracted to and driven by a fierce desire to prove your prowess, especially if you are a man born under this sign.

Despite this, Aries, you make an ideal marriage partner as your world revolves around your family and loved ones, who you value above anything else. People mistakenly think that you are driven towards material benefits and acquiring the best in life, but they don’t realise that this is the way you prove yourself to the ones you love. Highly protective towards family, you maintain a vigilant guard over them, preventing the world from intruding into your territory. That’s just who you are, Aries! KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR POTENTIAL PARTNER →» CLICK HERE!«←

Aries Friend 👏


Loyalty as a friend is one of your most endearing traits Aries and you will go all out to help those who mean a lot to you. The way you show your loyalty is not always mainstream and you may seem a little self-centred to some, but for those who know you well you are dedicated to the cause.

You may at times seem neglectful of your family as time spent on friends cannot be measured in dollars and cents, but the whole world is not about money. Yes, you work hard for your money and value what it can do for you, but it is not the be-all to end all and if someone needs a helping hand they can’t go past the hand of an Aries.

However, you reveal your greatness at the darkest hour by demonstrating your faithfulness to those who need it. You may express it in your own inimitable manner, but your loyalty shines through.

Your commitment, energy and enthusiasm make your social life immensely colourful. You value social engagements, not just as a means of passive interaction, but also as a way of shining as a host. People are often awestruck by the sheer magnitude of your dynamism. You have a natural flair for carrying the crowd on your shoulders, and your exuberance is infectious. No wonder others feel enlivened in your presence.

Friendship with Aries is characterised by warmth and truthfulness. Though you are uncompromising in expecting absolute loyalty, you give back much more than what you take. You go out of your way to reciprocate with an astronomical degree of belief in your loved ones, and you prove to be a mainstay during their rainy days. However, people should be warned about your absolute intolerance for any kind of transgression. You are incapable of putting up with wrongdoing and have a strong tendency to voice your discontent in a manner that is too harsh for your peers.

Arians enjoy forging bonds with a diverse mix of people as monotony is something they refuse to put up with, either in their own lives or the lives of others. Boredom and lethargy, both physical and emotional, have the potential to enervate ties of deep friendship, regardless of how timeless your association may be. Those friends must be prepared to pull up their socks if they want to foster a happy relationship with you.

A burst of regular surprises and exciting activities are an easy way to earn brownie points with Aries!

In short, they find adventurousness to be one of the most attractive qualities in people.

If you could tame one personality trait, it would have to be your tendency to get easily upset. Doing so would dramatically improve the quality of your relationships. If you find a way to curb your edginess, arrogance and need to dominate others, your friendships will prosper and life will be much happier.

Even though people often accuse you of being self-centred sometimes and neglectful of your family and friends, when it comes to the crunch you do indeed put your money where your mouth is and demonstrate your loyalty to those who need you. You may have an unusual way of doing showing this which is part of your independent nature but your loyalty will never be questioned if only others didn’t judge you too soon or too superficially.

You are extremely active in your social life and passionate about all your social engagements. You like to get involved socially and inject a great deal of energy not just as a participant but as an initiator at functions, parties and other get-togethers of family and friends. Friends often ask you where you get your vitality from. It’s an inbuilt thing with you – probably genetic. One thing is to sure however, you had that sort of humour and vitality that is infectious and those around you can’t help but feel uplifted by your presence.

A friendship with Aries is warm and on the level. You expect absolute loyalty in friendship and in return extend a loving and strong hand. But people should never expect you to turn a blind eye when you realise they have done something wrong. It doesn’t work like that with you.  You need to tell them exactly how they feel and sometimes the words that come out of your mouth may not be all that pleasant or what your peers want to hear. But rest assured that your concern comes from a space of love and respect. By the same token you would expect your friends to reciprocate the same honesty, wouldn’t you Aries?

Arians sometimes like to look for diverse kinds of friends and you just as well as anyone that is the spice of life. Boredom is one of the characteristics you can’t tolerate either in your own life or in another person’s character. Apathy, laziness either physically or emotionally creates rifts between you and those you may even have known for years. They must lift their ball game if they are going to maintain a relationship with you. In order to grab hold of your attention, people should be exciting and surprising on a regular basis. Adventurous people attract you.


Aries Enemy 😠

If you happen to be unfortunate enough to become an enemy of Aries, it won’t be long before you know it. Aries are fiercely competitive and will spare no mercy when taking prisoners. And prisoners they will take if you cross their path and do the wrong thing by them. Even if you do not particularly want to make an Aries your friend, it would be wise to avoid making them your enemy. Neutral is a good place to be. They are highly competitive and will not take kindly to you signing your name to any work they do. They want the glory they deserve and they will do whatever is needed to get it.


You need to be wary of your impulsiveness and tendency to draw hasty conclusions.

You imagine the worst, even before getting all your facts straight.

Making accusations doesn’t work well for you; it alienates friends and robs you of the possibility of patching things up.

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Aries Light and Shadow 🌓


The light and the dark are part of human nature and each star sign exhibits this polarity. It is the yin and yang of life and once we confront these shadowy areas within ourselves the sooner we are able to break free of all self-limiting behaviours and habits.

Aries: The light side 🌕

People can’t help but be drawn to your enthusiasm and bright personality. You stand out in the crowd at a party and for this reason, you’ll never be short of friends.

You have a way with words and even your personal life seems to be a never-ending sales spiel; you definitely have the gift of the gab. People love it and are enthralled by your quick and interesting stories.

Even though you’re impatient and want your way at all costs, you are caring and loyal and will help people wherever you can.

Compassion is not your prime character trait, but if you feel someone needs assistance when the chips are down, you will always be there to help them.

You never beat around the bush and are completely honest about your feelings so people will take you or leave you. You have great self-confidence and the courage of your convictions and there’s rarely, if ever, any deception about the way you deal with others.

You’re not a pretender and your brutal form of honesty is often nerve-wracking to others, but you prefer to deal with the truth, even if others’ sensitivities are sometimes affected.

Aries: The shadow side 🌑

Whilst you make a fantastic leader in any situation never allow this to turn into bossiness. It will only make people resent and withdraw their support for you. Leading by example should always be uppermost in your mind and so only act in a way that you’d like others to also act.

You are highly opinionated and yes, you are right, but not always! You can be quietly assertive without running roughshod over other people’s attitudes. Adolf Hitler is the worst case example of an Aries with tyrannical viewpoints.

When ego gets the better of an Aries, it tends to overshadow the most beautiful parts of their character. You have an immense amount of confidence and your decisiveness is second to none, but when you make a quick decision you often do it without adequate consultation and this can undermine your personal relationships. Listen to what other people have to say as their contributions may enhance the process of your own success.

Astrologer’s Advice:

Don’t be so angry or impatient and don’t allow emotional manipulation to interfere with your relationships.

By becoming more aware of these shadow traits, you can let the bright sunshine of your personality remove these elements forever.

Aries – On the Home Front 🏠


Aries is a movable zodiac sign and is an indication of the way you live your life – always on the move. Conversely however you like to have a comfortable home to return to at the end of another busy day. Somewhere that you can retreat to to relax and unwind.

Your home will also give you a stable base from which to co-ordinate the myriad of activities that you schedule into every 24 hours so it needs to be an organised space as well. You will need to have a place for everything as mess really does your head in and your busy lifestyle couldn’t cope with misplaced items to be located before you rush out the door.

Even the act of a simple weekend barbeque at home gets you completely on your toes – from marinating the meat to ruling behind the grill and then serving each person present, you are a one man army and so naturally! You are a great entertainer who savors the company of friends, sharing jokes and narrating stories, of course with a bottle of the finest wine! These get-togethers are usually boisterous, hugely entertaining and always fun.

Aries undertake painstaking efforts into doing up their homes to perfection. You happily slog to create not just a comfortable environment but a home that pulsates with excitement perfect for relaxation and entertainment. Bold colors are your style as you want your house to be an extension and expression of your powerful and charming personality.

Astrologer’s Note:

Aries require plenty of scope for independent space and time for their own exploits.

A fast paced, lively mode of living is the type of home and lifestyle you work to create. You have a pressing need for spaciousness, capacious rooms, and fancy an attractive facade as an entrance to your domain.

Because of your ruling color being red, the best colors for decoration are of the autumn variety with dashes of yellow, orange and other striking contrasts. Shades that make you feel alive. You desire your house to plant an impact one can’t miss, and truly be a reflection of your identity – a statement in itself about who you are.

Straight lines, without embellishment suit your taste in furnishings coupled with room to play. You hate feeling cramped and if in a smaller apartment without enough space to spread your wings and fly, this will start to play out on your moods, creating an air of negativity within you. Bright colors lend stability to your life, lifting up your spirits to get you back in your element.

You are a gadget freak. Even a harmless thought of big LCD TV screens, CD players with stylized remote controls and a splendid collection of CD’s can pump an ecstasy burst in your veins. You’d give anything to flaunt these in your physical space. These add as supporter machines to your dynamic lifestyle when you decide to “relax”. Fire is your element and particularly in the cold months, you can be certain of enjoying one of the most relaxing moments comfortably seated aside a fireplace with warm flames of your ruling element easing off your stress and helping you unwind. Be sure to take a note of this in your diary for it otherwise may not happen!

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