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Saturn Transits

SATURN PLANETWhen the Saturn transits your horoscope the likely effects that can be expected are numerous and depend on the type of relationship the Sun is having with other planets. There are the hard as well as soft aspects and also the conjunction which is sometimes considered a mixture of good and not so good. These aspects determine the effects that will be experienced in your life.

When looking at the Saturn square aspect to other planets you can include to some extent, the opposition, semi-square, quincunx, sesquiquadrate and other lesser-known hard aspects to arrive at a similar conclusion.

General effects of the Transit of Saturn

It’s important to study the transit of each planet by the degree wise movement over the other planets in the horoscope and the triangular positions to those planets.

Saturn’s transit is particularly important in giving us information as to the longer-term effect and influences over a person’s horoscope. The transit of Saturn lasts approximately 2 1/2 years move through a single Zodiac sign.

The unfavourable results of Saturn relate to the table planet or what we call the significator of any specific department of life, the houses owned by that particular planet which relates to the department of life but also the house occupied by that particular planet.

Each of the planets in the horoscope relates to specific things. Saturn’s transit triggers these elements in your life as follows-

The Sun: The Sun is the archetypal male figure or father. Because of this, Saturn’s transit either over the Sun or in trine, that is, 120° will result in negative influences on your father’s health,  male relatives and possibly even death. The Sun is also the significator of career. For this reason, you can expect hurdles in your work or even complete change in work practices or the locality of your work. Some astrologers believe that this will also produce a change in residence.

The Moon: Moon is the matriarchal archetype. Everything about your mother and the domestic elements of your life will be affected adversely by the transit of Saturn. There will be trouble and set back in your mother’s health, and concerns over your living circumstances. The Moon is also related to your mind which is why there may be emotional and psychological problems.

You won’t necessarily experience a great deal of peace while Saturn is influencing the Moon in your horoscope. The Moon relates to your general affairs so this indicates miscommunications not just with your mother but with others you hold near and dear in life. Property is under the jurisdiction of the Moon and this, therefore, signifies obstacles or problems in property matters as well.

Mars: If Mars is being influenced by Saturn and its transit great troubles arise. There may even be a danger to your life, accidents and health problems. The combined influence of Mars and Saturn relates to frustrations emotionally and confusion mentally. There will be difficulties in your business activities and you may expect some sort of problems with brothers and sisters and even neighbours.

Mercury: As Mercury is the significator of business and trade (mercantile), you should anticipate a decline in business and trading and profits. As Mercury relates to one’s thinking and intellect, educational pursuits are under the jurisdiction of this planet. Grades at school may not be as expected and there will be some problems in educational matters. You may feel mentally worried and high strung under this transit.

Jupiter: Spiritual activities may suffer as a result of Saturn’s transit either over Jupiter in trine. Changing one’s religion, problems with authorities of a religious major is also a hindrance in your spiritual activities are to be expected. You may lose interest in your faith and discontinue your spiritual practices. Children also fall under the rulership of Jupiter and therefore problems can be expected with these people in your life.

Venus: If you’re married, your wife may be undergoing difficulties during this Saturn transit. Health issues may arise and as it is often the case, personal differences resulting in a temporary or even permanent separation can occur.

Saturn: Saturn’s transit to its own position or from a triangular sign will cause health problems and will increase your dissatisfaction and frustration with life generally. You may have health problems or physical issues associated with this transit. Be careful when travelling mustn’t overexert yourself. In some systems of astrology, Saturn relates to fixed assets such as property. There may be hindrances associated with the land and house that you own or live-in.

North Node: As Rahu is the significator of culture and general trends, you may be out of step with your peers. This also causes problems with authorities and government officials. There may be unusual or not easily diagnosed health issues and any problems you already have physically may be exacerbated by this transit.

South Node: This is problematic for your family can cause disputes which can become unbearable. Some astrologers are of the opinion that health is especially the renal system may be affected by this transit of Saturn to the South node. You may have connections with hospitals or someone you know may fall ill during this cycle.

The important transit of Saturn should also look at the 12 houses of the horoscope it is moving through. Here are the 12 houses and the general influences of Saturn as it passes through them.

First house: There may be physical health problems under this transit. Difficulties with your competitors and relationships associated with your mother’s side can deteriorate. You may feel a sense of despair. There may be space issues either way you live or where you work. You feel completely constrained and unable to escape.

Second house: Finances are reflected under this transit as our things associated with your mouth, he, lips and digestions. The second house of the horoscope has to do with all of these things. Finance and income are also related to your profession, there may be changes at work afoot.

Third house: this may cause trouble with health but in particular the right ear and hearing. Journeys and travels being governed by the third house point to problems with journeys and possible injuries and accidents. There may be some inheritance under this transit but also that may accumulate.

Fourth house: The paternal side of your family may be adversely influenced by this transit. Employers are also governed by this but also there are problems in life. Don’t become embroiled in disputes. Be available to help where you can.

Fifth house: Children may suffer an account of the transit of Saturn either by conjunction or in trine to it. Government officials may cause problems for you as do your friends.

Sixth house: Relatives and in particular uncles and aunts will be under the hammer with Saturn’s transit here. They may some health problems or even serious injuries. As your workplace activities are governed by the sixth house, your co-workers may be a thorn in the side and maybe the source of problems with your employer. You may lose your position under this transit.

Seventh house: Try to avoid travelling if not absolutely necessary. You may find that your wandering about becomes absolutely futile. You can expect additional expenses and there may also be problems in your marriage or closest one-on-one relationships.

Eighth house: The eighth house is the house of longevity and relates to health. Yours or the health of others may be affected. For example, the transit of Saturn through the eighth house happens also coincide with its transit from the Moon, mothers health or life may be in jeopardy. If this eighth house transit happens to be from the position of the Sun, father’s health and life may be endangered etc. Your own life and health may be adversely affected by this transit. As the eighth house relates to shared resources and finances, be careful with your money and reassess your banking and investment portfolio.

Ninth house: Ninth house of the house of luck and is one of the karma houses of the horoscope. Big changes are likely to happen but in particular, your belief systems will undergo a radical change. You can expect to live a little more simply with your luck factor being diminished now. Work harder but also work smarter. Some astrologers think that your eyes and throat may be subjected to some sort of health problems. There may be problems associated with your family. Stay yourself and don’t become embroiled in petty arguments that can escalate.

Tenth house: There may be problems at work and additional expenses that have been unforeseen. There may also be issues surrounding your relationship with your employer. Understanding your true place in life may be problematic as the 10th house is the development of your ego. It is also the house of karma, therefore, expect some of your past negative deeds to come back and cause problems and obstacles for you.

Eleventh house: Friendships are governed by this house therefore, friends may be subjected to the problematic transit of Saturn here. Generally, most planets do well in the 11th house. So does Saturn but it still has its own natural effects, therefore, there may be some problems on account of this transit. Profitability is down and there may also be some foreign journeys on account of these friendships.

Twelfth house: The 12th house has to do with your site and therefore take care with your eyes. Many spendthrift people find that this transit causes them to reduce their expenses which are a good thing. Saturn may prompt you to go back into your past and analyse your karma past, present and future. The 12th house has to do with secrets and those things that happened previously that are affecting you now. It’s a great opportunity for you to resolve your karma and sat things straight.

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Time heals all wounds

Saturn Transits and Conjunction Aspects

When Saturn conjuncts Sun marks a period of hard work and responsibility. This transit could help salvage some goals which appear to be failing or is going in different directions. This transit only happens every 14 years and often indicates the end of an era.

When Saturn conjuncts Moon signifies a period of contemplation and evaluation of your long-term goals. There is a possibility of you feeling lonely and self-critical at this time however you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. Rather than sulking in loneliness why not focus your energy on self-discovery instead.

As Saturn conjuncts Mercury you will have a tendency to be single-minded if not narrow-minded on this transit. Please be careful because there is a chance that you may estrange others if you insensitively neglect their ideas. During this transit, it is a much better time to focus on a single task than it is for long-term planning.

When Saturn conjuncts Venus, you have a tendency to withdraw from others and start evaluating relationships. Make use of this time to spend some time alone and reflect. It’s healthy to sometimes distance yourself away from friends and loved ones.

When Saturn conjuncts Mars is a transit wherein you have great energy but you can’t find a constructive outlet for it. It is suggested to engage in vigorous exercise that will relax you long enough so that you can sit down, relax and discover that constructive outlet.

As Saturn conjunct, Jupiter signifies a time where restrictions either external or self-imposed will make you either restless or even pessimistic. During this transit, you must decide whether to endure in your current conditions or grab the initiative and change them.

When Saturn conjuncts Saturn proclaims the end of a major 29-year cycle in your life. This is the time when you might face dramatic changes in your life while still holding onto past memories. To survive this transit, hold on to faith and love and you will break free from nostalgia.

When Saturn conjuncts Uranus signifies a time when you might realize that you are not satisfied with your life and may suddenly desire abrupt change. Take note though that if you handle this tension well, it will be a transit when you can accomplish feats that will amaze your peers and loved ones.

As Saturn conjuncts Neptune marks a time where you will experience difficulty being objective because reality and unreality are colliding with each other. The resulting inner commotion and self-criticism could often lead to depression, otherwise, it may lead to wisdom.

When Saturn conjuncts Pluto it will signal a transformation in your life that is brought by outside limitations or restrictions. It is also a perfect time to snip the parts of your life which are fading. Be prepared because it may also indicate a time of hardship.

The power within

Saturn Transits and Hard Aspects (square, opposition, semi-square, quincunx, sesquiquadrate etc)

When Saturn squares Sun be prepared because this transit might put your inner strength into a test on how you manage minor obstacles. Make sure if you got difficulties not to keep it to yourself and be ready to open up or seek comfort from your loved ones.

Saturn squaring Moon expect a transit of conflicts especially towards members of the opposite sex. Make sure to put it as a priority not to put any form of strain or conflict at any level of personal relationships.

When Saturn squares Mercury this could lead to potential problems in communicating with loved ones. It is also at this stage where expressing your real feelings and hidden desires could greatly help your platonic relationships.

When Saturn squares Venus marks a time when you can expect a conflict with either a friend or loved one. Worrying too much will not help since anxiety can be paralyzing so it’s better to relax and breathe so you may approach the situation with a clear mind.

Saturn squaring Mars is an indication that you should be able to balance your goals or wants in life while not allowing close friendships to suffer. Spending your precious time with someone will be an amazing blessing for them.

When Saturn squares Jupiter is a transit where you can expect to experience a certain level of anxiety. You might question how stable your current relations with friends and family is. Despite this cloud of doubt, it is still advisable to be thankful for what you have.

When Saturn squares Saturn you might be inclined to spend some quality time alone and led you to search for long-term plans or the meaning of life. You should maintain a tightly knit bond with your friends during this difficult or confusing transit.

Saturn squaring Uranus you must be careful in deciding whether you will let go of an established relationship. You might be longing for freedom but try to reflect that your closest friends might also need you at this point.

When Saturn squares Neptune expect that you might start doubting how strong are you inclined in standing by your belief. Be careful though on new ways or beliefs that you might be influenced with and stick to your good old friends.

When Saturn squares Pluto you might feel a strong inclination to change how society is stereotyping you. However, take note that if you act or oppose hastily this could cost your relationship to those close to you.

Karma time

Saturn Transits and Soft Aspects (sextile, trine etc)

When Saturn sextiles Sun, it will drive you to succeed and accomplish much. As the famous line goes – “you reap what you sow.” By working twice as hard now it will pay off in the future by giving you more time to spend with friends and family in the future.

As Saturn sextiles Moon it will enhance your ability to control your emotions. Use this wisely as you interact with your loved ones. This is also a perfect time to be closer to a family member or friend without being afraid of emotions sweeping you away.

When Saturn sextiles Mercury, it will enlighten your thoughts allowing you think clearly and more logical. Be careful as you interact with your friends since you might have a tendency to be judgmental. You will go far if you are wise enough to withhold your judgment.

When Saturn sextiles Venus, it will restrain your ability to show your affections to friends and family. If you remain objective, you may only notice the traits which first attracted you to your friends.

As Saturn sextiles Mars, you will be driven to work hard and finally get things done. If possible, refrain from putting off what you can accomplish today, by doing so you will be more relaxed especially when you are around with your friends.

When Saturn sextiles Jupiter, your excess energy should be directed to matters related to finance. Even though work-life balance is important and engaging in social activity is fun, it is better to put it off at a later time and focus on more critical things.

When Saturn sextiles Saturn, make you appreciate everything that you have accomplished in life. Make use of this time to work in groups, especially soliciting the help of your friends in being part of a good cause.

As Saturn sextiles Uranus, you might expect a conflict between the requests of your long term friends and new ones. It might be pretty challenging but managing your time at this point is necessary if you wish to keep both sets of friends.

When Saturn sextiles Neptune could result to a serious or harsh mood. However, this is not the time to engage in social activities rather take the initiative to clear up any conflicts between you and a loved one.

When Saturn sextiles Pluto it will motivate you to do great things. This is a promising time to pull your sleeves up and get your work done. By working hard now, it will pay off a great deal in the future.




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