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Career and Finance

Directions and Predictions for your Work Life.


Proper career and finance choices not only provide us and our family a stable and secure financial foundation but also determine how satisfied we can ultimately be in our work. This part of your journey gives you insights into the line of least resistance in choosing work suited to your temperament astrologically.

One of the most difficult things in life is to discover what your professional forte is. Sometimes there are several different career paths that you would love to pursue but can’t easily decide. Through the use of astrology and looking at your birth horoscope, the positions of the planets and the signs of the zodiac offer you invaluable insights into not only what career choice would be the line of least resistance but when you are likely to embark on that career and how successful you are likely to be.

In Western astrology, contemporary astrologers still tend to look primarily at the second, sixth and tenth houses of your horoscope along with the Sun, Mercury and also the rulers of the second, sixth and tenth houses to see what you are likely to pursue professionally.

In Hindu Vedic astrology the astrologers go further and also reckon these positions with respect to your Moon sign. They take the rising sign as an important clue to what it is you may do for a career. This reasoning is based upon the fact that the rising sign represents the way you are seen by others, how you would like to present yourself and therefore has a lot to say about your character and what it is you would like to do and more importantly what you’d be great at doing.

Being passionate about your work is one of the key ingredients to not only success but to being happy and fulfilled in life. There’s a saying which says “a man who loves his work never works a day in his life”. How true this is. Looking to the position of Jupiter we can see where you will expand, grow in wealth and reputation and Venus will tell us to a large extent what it is you love. It is therefore not always cut and dry when coming to a conclusion as to what your perfect career choice should be. Incorporating all the above factors simply prove that a basic Sun sign astrological view of what your best professional path is, may only be part of the story.

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