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The Ears

EarsThe ears fall in the mid-section of the head but represent the early, formative years of life between birth and

15. As such, look for the ears to determine the foundation of life and the potential for achievement especially during the mid-life ages 40 – 50.

The ears should exhibit good, fleshy inner and outer helixes. Thin and poorly shaped outer helixes may reveal diminishing health.

Some other general types of ears are as follows:-

  • Set Close to Head: Plans ahead and is thrifty. Doesn’t like to leave too much to chance.
  • Protruding: An original thinker. Lonely. Non-conformist.
  • Ears with small lobes: Not easy to achieve sexual fulfillment. Dependent and may lack initiative.
  • Ears with large lobes: Independent, strong minded.
  • Large ears: Intellectual.
  • Longer than wider ears: Keen, impractical.
  • Small ears: Instinctive.
  • Ears with no lobes: Unresponsive and lacks purpose.

Ear Shapes

Your Ears Unbeknownst to most people, your ears actually have a great deal to say about your character, both on a spiritual and a practical level. The upper third portion is known as the Wheel of Heaven which relates to your intellectual and mental faculties. 

The middle or Human Wheel which identifies your social and cultural needs and motivations and tastes is seen from that portion of your ear and thirdly, the lower or Wheel of Earth which is primarily concerned with your basic physical instincts of eating and procreation.


Because your ears are pleasing to look at and seem to be in balance with the rest of your face, they are referred to as ideal ears. Because of this fact you are generally very lucky and due to early, positive family support you now feel an overall confidence in life and naturally confidence breeds confidence as well as attracting success. Your ideal ears signify that you possess a good heart and are generous in friendship and equally so in love. Financially speaking your ears are also lucky and if you happen to possess a mole on one of your ears you will come into wealth quite easily. Health can be seen from the type of ear you possess and again having an ideal ear is an excellent marking of robust health and generally good long life.


Working hard for your success seems to be one of the key features of having small ears. You may feel mistrustful of those around you and will therefore tend to not delegate or hand over the reins of power to others whom you feel may abuse that trust or take advantage of you. Others misinterpret your motivations for this and could consider you mean spirited because of this. Shrewd and intuitive, you take your high level of energy and put it to good use and are known as a busy bee with an active and committed level of business that makes people wonder where you get all your energy from. Even if you don’t feel completely confident in the line of work you have chosen, you’ll work hard seeing it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. You have a sense of responsibility and the high energy levels to achieve the deadlines that people place on you. Whilst you don’t necessarily like to be in a submissive position, if this serves your ends you are happy for a while to simply bite your tongue and do what’s necessary to achieve your ambitions. You are resourceful and also an opportunist at the same time, using people for your own ends but not necessarily wishing them any malicious harm.


Your long ears and in particular if you possess a long lobe, are excellent features for wisdom and generally, good common sense. Noble in birth as well as in action, you have an innate sense of a higher power controlling things in this world and will live your life based on sound spiritual principles.

If you achieve a position of power, which is quite likely at some stage, you have a sense of fair play and mete out justice fairly and appropriately. If your lobe, which is also long, tends to protrude and turn up this is an amazing omen for financial stability and even amassing a small fortune. A long and fruitful life is to be predicted as well a robust health.


Your short ears signify your particularly narrow-minded view of life, even though you may be hard working. It’s incumbent upon you to open up your mind to the signs of human possibilities and not simply live life on your own terms in a vacuum or bubble as life doesn’t work like that. You may pretend to conform to popular views whilst all the while maintaining your own perspectives privately.

You do have an adventurous nature and love authority and power and the things that power can gain for you via the leverage you could possess. As such you are a self-made person but need to open up to the opinions of others if you are to find fulfilment in the romantic sense.


You have a shrewd business sense due to the fact that you possess squarish ears and though you may not be completely cunning or deceptive in your dealings with other people, you do like to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself. You have an unusual approach to problems which may be both systematic, lateral, and this is because you enjoy mental stimulation and prefer not to pigeonhole solutions into the same old boxes that other people do. In any of your relationships people find you particularly high maintenance as your elevated rate of vibration is not easily kept up with. You must be on guard against becoming easily distracted from the job at hand by focusing more clearly on your goals.


Your pointed ears are rare but due to the fact that you possess them, many unusual character traits come to light. Your pointed ears indicate a lesser degree of sentimentality and emotion than most people. Is this why Mr Spock of Star Trek fame was given pointed ears in his role of the purely intellectual Vulcan?

Perhaps it was sheer coincidence but strangely this is an accurate analogy of the truth. Having the larger pointed ears is far superior to the smaller type which would indicate your stubborn and even at times brutal personality. Your having pointed ears means that you’re quite capable of seizing opportunities that others miss due to their overlooking the subtleties of the situation.

You could also be called an opportunist and the problem here is that you may do so at the expense of others. Developing such traits as trust and reliability may be your life’s challenge but pointed ears aren’t all that bad. They reveal your thoroughly progressive and improvisational nature. .

Impromptu solutions to the most quirky problems seem to be at your fingertips as these improvisational skills highlight your rather intellectual brain. Careers in sales, advertising and marketing that require this sort of inventiveness, creativity and quick repartee are ideal for you with your pointed ears


Rounded ears that are pleasing to look at have a distinct meaning in themselves. Because you possess the rounded ear you actually have a taste for music and the arts in general. You love beauty in all forms and your social events may expose you to the more cultured side of human nature.

You tend to express your idealism in almost everything you do and need to maintain a consistent approach to worldly affairs so that windows of opportunity don’t pass you by. Your achievements may not be as enduring as most, probably because you seek variety and movement in the many lines of work you are drawn to – travelling, sales and artistic vocations and as is a well known fact, these are not necessarily as well paying as the traditional 9 to 5 desk jobs.

Still, in all, you’re a happy person and like to share your time and assets with others. Chinese face readers describe the later years of your life as years of dependency and the fact that round-eared people attract assistance from others through their optimism is a positive personality trait that will certainly counteract that fact. As a round eared person you are considered trustworthy, friendly and very much a socially active “Star”.


With your large ears, we see in you a strong intellectual development with a high order of aspiration, coupled with imagination. Many notable figures possess large-sized ears such as yours. Because your ears are an external part of the mechanism of hearing, you, like your other large-eared brothers and sisters, do tend to actually hear more than most. It means that you don’t usually miss much in terms of sound and content.

In conversation, you’re an active listener and absorb much of what is said. It’s interesting to see just how many spiritual masters and members of the clergy also possess large ears. You should therefore assume that with your large ears you have a higher than average degree of spiritual development and therefore the emotions such as compassion, sensitivity and philanthropy are also seen to be highly developed in you.

If your ear lobe is full and pleasing to look at this will enhance the traits of self-actualisation and spiritual seeking even more. If you choose to actively engage yourself in business or financial interests, your large ears are a distinct asset as you can dominate others and exercise your better judgement to your financial betterment.

If your ears are too large however, you may develop an insatiable drive for material security and an inability to share those resources with others. In this case your spiritual qualities will be lost or forgotten in your incessant search for more and more acquisitiveness. The moral of the story of course is to learn balance, as with all things.


The most notable meaning of thin and fine ears such as yours is that your health may be adversely affected. You must take appropriate measures early in life to build up your reserves of physical stamina and bodily power so that you can develop the basic building blocks of good health.

Thin and finely chiselled ears also tend to indicate a certain amount of business and financial risk and this is either due to a speculative streak or poor planning, but possibly even misplaced trust in others. You should never mix your business with pleasure and must consider getting professionals, others who are more capable in this area, to manage your finances.

There’s a certainly solitary quality about your personality that means there are periods in your life where you may withdraw from others and this could also result in you feeling a little lonely.

Ear Definition

After looking at the shape and consistency of your ears to get an insight into your character, we now move to the setting of your ears to get an even more detailed view of what the ears have to reveal. 

The structure of your ear which includes such things as the rim, the helix (inner rim) and also such things as the lobes, coupled with the colouring and setting will all combine to detail other nuances of your character.


Close To Your Head You’re a methodical individual and this is shown by the fact that your ears are compact and closely set to your head. Chinese face readers are of the opinion that this is a lucky omen and endows you with good fortune throughout your life, even from an early age if other features lend support to this fact.

It’s important that your ears not be pulled back too far, which could indicate coarse or even vulgar tendencies in your character. Be cautious of the attitudes of the company you keep and try to gauge people’s sensitivity to your views before airing your opinions. Your close-set ears, if well shaped and of a good colour, are also a great omen for good health and a long life for years to come.


Being a loner you have the tendency to do things based on your own experience rather than what others have to say. This essential trait of character is shown by the fact that your ears are extended or seem to stand out somewhat from your head. From an early age you set yourself apart from your peers or seem to simply be on the outside and this led to you becoming a non-conformist in your views. Your progressive thinking allows you to see things that others miss and this also tells the world that you prefer to work at your own pace and on your own terms. Some people with ears that extend from their heads, have a desire at some stage in their life to make a difference to the world and could find themselves in environmental or humanitarian operations trying to improve the quality of life for the greater community.


Your ears possess large lobes and this signals your independent and strong-minded nature. In life, you prefer to run your own race and will always feel uncomfortable if you’re placed in a position where others have to call the shots.

You need adequate space in which to express your views due to your strongly creative energies which when uninhibited by others who are less visionary, are rich and varied. Generosity and warmth of nature are some of the more positive emotional attributes you possess. The rounder and fuller lobes, if that is your additional characteristic, herald great wealth and fortune throughout your life.


Ear lobes represent the level of spiritual development and inner wisdom that you’ve gained throughout your series of lives and in your case, the small lobes mean that you’re probably a young spirit still gaining fresh insights into how to develop your inner self. You must learn more through experience rather than the information or knowledge of intuitive people who wish to share that information with you.

Through remaining open to what can be taught, you’ll avoid a lot of the pitfalls in life and grow much more quickly. Your capacity to earn money is constrained through your smaller ear lobes and even if you do earn well, there may be a problem in holding on to that. Money slips through your fingers and generally, you may need to work much harder than most for the security that you desire.


Because your ears tend to sit just above your brow line is a strong indication of early success in life. It reflects your high degree of intelligence and creativity. At times however you are in need of the approval of others and wish to display your knowledge wherever and whenever possible. Applause, flattery and other forms of “backslapping” are certain to win your heart when people shower you with that type of praise.

On some level you must learn to be more self-sufficient and less needy in this sense. Your work and vocation, as well as the attitudes you bring to your professional life fall into a category of their own as you tend to work in unusual and original arenas. In work this could pose a problem for you as attempting your newfound or progressive methods to tasks that are given to you are often done so without due consideration for the wishes of those who employ you and others who work alongside you in these projects. Having said that, you do work diligently, and execute any task very methodically as well.


Success in your case is likely much later in life due to the fact that your ears are low set. In other words, they fall below the brow line. You work very hard but don’t feel that rewarded, especially in the earlier part of your life. Some face readers are of the opinion that you prefer to let others do the work and this can be interpreted as a streak of laziness.

If you are a woman, you prefer a more domesticated role than a career in public life and therefore you are likely to be a good homemaker, wife and mother. If you are a man, your low set ears can presage your crafty nature and this is seen to reveal itself in your getting women to prop you up financially. Try to rely more on your own ingenuity to earn your income rather than expecting others to carry you through life.


A normal level of success may be expected in your cases, particularly in the middle part of your life, as your ears are in line with your brow line. You have a moderate appetite sensually speaking and good working ethics. Interestingly, some of the most prominent people amongst us have ears just like yours, set in line with the brow.

Luck is on your side with these types of ear settings so therefore you could have unexpected success due to this fact. This also tells us you are responsible in your business and financial affairs as well as being ethical in the way you deal with others. If your ears do happen to be long at the same time, your wonderful successes continue well into old age.


You have an open-mindedness and a willingness to learn from others and to also see things from their perspective and this is especially reflected in the fact that you have a large hole in your ear. This is a successful marking and promises long life and the development of wisdom as you grow older.

Salespeople, public relations consultants and generally any activities associated with social life and dealing with people on a one-to-one basis are finely suited to your nature due to this feature. You like to hear all the latest “hot gossip” and news that’s on the grapevine and should guard against getting caught up too much in these behind the scenes telltales. This could create divided loyalties at some point in your destiny. Nevertheless, you are a good listener.


Because you possess a small hole in your ear, face reading says that you are less receptive to what others think and may even miss vital clues to your own self-improvement and success due to that fact. You have a strong opinion about everything and tend to rely on your own experiences rather than listening to others and hearing what they have to say.

This comes from an inborn sense of mistrust of others and that they couldn’t possibly know more than you. In love and marriage these attitudes are particularly dangerous as they pose problems to the very fabric of your union. Do try to listen more and don’t assume that you know more than everyone else.


There’s a tendency to expect the best in life due to the fact that the outer wheel of your ear is thick or fat. This trait causes you to expect others to wait on you hand and foot and possibly due to being spoiled as a child this has continued into your adult years.

In fact, if you don’t receive the adulation and service that you demand you may react quite strongly by not getting your own way. It’s an interesting fact that face readers still maintain that you will be happy in life and somehow manage to have fairly good family relations. There’s always room for improvement.


Because of the thinner outer wheel of your ear, you have a shrewd nature and this is because you’re cunning in your observations of people whenever and wherever you’re able to meet them.

You’ve come to understand how the world works and you’ve become streetwise in developing your own knack of dealing with people and getting what you want through your own instincts. You may lack in willpower and resolve to follow through with your dreams but having the insights you do tends to compensate for these shortcomings.


You may develop intellectual arrogance and a sense of infallibility due to your oversized lobes as you are a most self-opinionated individual. Often you may well be correct in your assessments, but not always. You generally have good judgement and this will result in your amassing considerable wealth along the way, but you may also by the same token become caught up in status, looks and the otherworldly pleasures and things that money can buy. Use a little of your spiritual insights to counteract these purely materialistic tendencies as the oversize lobe offers you some benefits of a spiritual nature as well.


If your ears possess hair which is more likely if you’re a male, it’s a sure mark of arrogance and infers that you may need to listen to the opinion of others far more. We can’t always be right and the need to listen to ideas and opinions of others seems to tie in with the age-old saying that God has given you one mouth and two ears, so listen twice as much as you speak. It’s also been remarked by other face readers that if you’re offered business opportunities with others then your hairy ears should caution them to be wary of you.

You are the type who may use other people’s resources and capitalise on their ideas as a substitute for your own lack of abilities. This should be a warning that though some of these character traits seems extremely negative, they are only highlighted as a means for you to improve yourself. It’s not a great idea to be fully in control of your finances and you should rely on the expertise of others to help you manage your funds. You’re extravagant to say the least.


You consider yourself sophisticated and destined for success due to your wider than longer ears and will probably work dammed hard to attain your goals and to make a mark in this world. You have a wonderful ability to bring a spiritual philosophy to a practical level and incorporate your principles in the way you deal with others and the way you execute your duty.

This brings you great respect from others and highlights your mental powers which are strong in nature. You have a retentive memory and good deductive reasoning abilities. You are a distinct asset in any organisation in which these intellectual characteristics are required.


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