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The Shrinking Timeline

12 Karma Keys to Unlock your Hidden Powers

There are many facets of Karma including the way it’s bundled up and carried across different lifetimes through the transmigratory or rebirth process. Your karma has snowballed across not just one or two lives, but millions of lifetimes. In fact the simplistic view that we’ve been through 10, 20 or even 100 lives obscures the fact that human birth requires a lengthy evolutionary process for the soul.

Transmigration or rebirth occurs over and over through at least 8,400,000 species of births. That’s before the soul even makes it to the queue in heaven to line up for the womb of a human mother! This is when the human process of birth and death starts. The arduous process of working through the genetic and karmic maze in our individual and shared biology has to be dealt with.