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Astrological Profile for Those Born on February 16

Your Star Sign is Aquarius

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Your personal ruling planets are Uranus and Neptune.

You have an incredible imagination. Number 16 is ruled by Neptune with a combination of the Sun and Venus. Many famous artists, musicians and dancers come under the power of this number. Travel too is strongly indicated for you, particularly by water, but there are some negative aspects of your date of birth that show you should always take care, especially with fast cars, firearms, and any sharp implements or objects as some dangers are foreseen through those particular things.

In your case, the spiritual energies may be dispersed into frivolous channels. At times you will find yourself moving around in circles. Clearly, define your objectives and work towards those goals using these psychic and spiritual talents to achieve some practical objectives.

The February 16th horoscope will reveal a man of great logicality, mindfulness, and dependability. The person described is sensitive, highly organized and holds a very high standard.

The person born on this day may have a strong need to be involved in charitable causes or fight for Mother Nature. 

There are several important features to the birthday horoscope of those who were born February 16. Aquarians thrive when they are surrounded by creative social supporters.

Your lucky colors are the darker green shades.

Your lucky gems are turquoise, cats eye, chrysoberyl.

Your lucky days of the week Saturdays and Mondays.

Your lucky numbers and years of important change are 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, 70, 79.

Famous people born on your birthday include Sonny Bono.


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